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    One of my favorite reviews is the Dragon Quest XI review by Tim Rogers for Kotaku. I must have watched it at least 4 times, not only because it's a fun review but because he also helped me see things in a different light. My first Dragon Quest was Dragon Quest 1 and that was 2 years ago not 32, so Dragon Quest XI was my first party-based Dragon Quest. He showed me that I should be using the "Tactics" menu, that I should be taking my time through the game and play about an hour or 2 a day, kinda like watching a daily TV show. But I haven't yet experienced his response to anyone claiming that "Dragon Quest is too easy". He claims that there's fun to be had in fighting a boss underleveled. Given that the average player (myself included) grinding themselves to death by youtubing "DQ11 easy level 99" as soon as possible, I was wondering if anyone has experience with playing underleveled Dragon Quest and what's the general opinion about it. Do you agree with Tim or not? Edit: In case someone never watched it, this is one of the timestamps where Tim Rogers talks about it https://youtu.be/4iTbUGItU0s?t=633 and another one somewhat relevant to his "grinding" assertion https://youtu.be/4iTbUGItU0s?t=1284 (I still don't know what he means by counting cards).
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    https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2019-06-03/dragon-quest-producer-dragon-quest-xii-in-preparation-for-development/.147425 To nobody’s surprise, Dragon Quest XII is happening, later rather than sooner though, since they’re apparently still preparing to start development on it.
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    I believe the foreign master locations, as well as the lists of potential monsters, are also in the game-cap database I posted previously. If there's any info you're missing for the project, I can look through the website to see if I can find it in the Japanese text.
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    My mom got me 3 on GBC when I was younger. When I asked her what "d-a-m-n" spelled the game magically vanished. Luckily all these years later I was able to get a CIB copy and it's my second favorite game ever.
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    In Dragon Quest XI I was unable to tell what the intended level for any area or boss was due to the lack of level as a reference in the monster book (monsters have no levels). How can I learn to tell? Do I just say "I take a lot of damage, time to grind a bit"?
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