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    I think this is pretty fresh news, but a Pokemon Go like app for Dragon Quest called "Dragon Quest Walk" Looks pretty interesting to me!
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    Wow, can we just appreciate how good this ad looks. The monsters are incredibly well done, especially the golem, rockbombs, and the knight errant! And Estark at the end was the cherry on top. As far as the game goes it looks quite interesting. From what we can see, there might not be any monster taming/scouting which would be a shame, as in my opinion, games like these thrive off of having more to collect. The graphical style is reminiscent of some 3DS titles like Joker 3 and XI and the combat seems simple enough. I also hope that it has a few things to make it different to Pokemon Go, as I only managed to play that game for a couple of weeks before becoming bored.
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    The dude with the coffin behind him = awesome!
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    https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2019-06-03/dragon-quest-producer-dragon-quest-xii-in-preparation-for-development/.147425 To nobody’s surprise, Dragon Quest XII is happening, later rather than sooner though, since they’re apparently still preparing to start development on it.
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    Oh man, the first Dragon Quest game I ever played was Joker for the DS way back in 2010(?). I heard of it from a friend who heard of it from a friend and then I just kept playing it and hogging the DS all the time until I beat Estark and on the same day that my friend did and we went up to each other and said at the same time that we beat Estark. Then I forgot about the series until I saw ads for Dragon Quest IX and then after that I got Joker 2. I didn't play much Dragon Quest (just monsters and I) until I found out about VII for the 3DS and have been playing a bunch of DQ games ever since.
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    I think it was Dragon Warrior II borrowed off my half-sisters boyfriend when I was 9. My older sister, whose big on RPGs, got pretty far into it. She got stuck waiting for the cloth to be made. I was not into RPGs so much. The first Dragon Quest/Warrior game I ever got into was Dragon Warrior IV for the NES, I was 14-15ish at the time, spent all of July through November of 97' beating it. I borrowed it from a friend who later sold his NES collection to me but had lost that cart (doh).
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    For me, probably Dragon Warrior 4 for the NES. Impressive what a huge story that is packed on a tiny cartridge. And so much to still do and find even though I've beaten it twice. I'm more a fan of the old chunsoft 80s/early 90s graphic style as well.
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    One thing that I would also love to see return in the next monsters game would be legacy boss fights, like those in DQIX. There were some sort of legacy bosses in the first monsters game, I think, and I would like to see a system of legacy boss fights return. Probably as post post-game content or something like that. However I guess it's not very likely that all legacy boss fights will be included as it would be weird to see Erik and Mia fighting the final boss of DQXI before DQXI.. Likely scenario is that we get Estark and some other monsters.
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    Dragon Quest Walk, Pokemon Sleep. What’s next? Final Fantasy Eat?
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    Just Beat DQ5 again. This time on mobile. Last time I didn't get to play any of the postgame because I was trying to get through the whole main series so I'm putting more time into it this time. So far it's TNT Heaven.
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    It definitely is. China having a long standing control over video games in their country (before they finally lifted it) could be why the game wasn’t the success SE was hoping for. Shame it’s getting shut down. This is why the game needs an offline version of some kind so people can experience the game for years without fear of services being shut down or always needing to be connected to wifi and other stuff like that. Maybe one day it will happen for Japan and we’ll see a full fan translation.
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    DQXIS DQB Cold Steel 3 Rune Factory 4 & 5 Pokemon S & S That's about all the releases I know of coming up in the next year + So anything else will be news to me. One can hope.
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    Dann, you've gone far! It was a fun game to play. It’s the ultimate, Playing-While-Listening-to-a-Podcast/Watching-TV game, for me. I basically played through the whole thing while listening to episodes of The League before they were pulled from Netflix. I caught like 90% of the Pokédex just going through the game like normal. I got lucky and encountered Latios, Latias, and Jirachi while still trying to get Rayquaza. I only needed to use a guide for Illumise just to figure out where to find her.
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    Dragon Quest V Prologue in a nutshell. (Click to my profile to see attached image)
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    Full WiFi multiplayer, not just local would be nice
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    Link is in my signature. Tesla set one up a while back
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