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    Here’s an example: the map on the left shows the red chests, Masters spawning locations, and towns/dungeons; the map on the right shows the random item spawns.
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    Heya - sorry, for not getting back to you in a timely manner. I’ve literally had the reply E-Mail sitting at the top of my inbox since the 16th, but between work and grinding this game (I just hit 200h, 02m and STILL have reached only 71.1% bestiary completion), it just keeps evading me. Once I finish up the Post-Game section, I’ll shoot you a copy of my spreadsheet that I’m using as a baseline. Send me a PM with your E-Mail address, and once I’ve completed Mistletoe Tower, I’ll send you what I have, so far. I anticipate that some monsters will no longer be available, which SUUUUUCKS, because I’ve been hitting the daily key downloads and trying desperately to beat the Asian online players in the GP tournaments (to date, I’ve won only a single battle). Also, Platty and Woodus - I have two of the Japanese strategy guides for this game (as well as several others) that have maps detailing treasure and Other Countries’ Masters locations. I know it’s a copyright grey area, but what is the likelihood that I could scan them and send them to you for uploading, so long as we use proper attribution?
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    I just watched all of Funimation's English Dub voice videos for Nichijou. I've only ever watched clips of the Japanese version, but the English voices are great.
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    Penguin Random House Publisher Services announced a multi-year sales and distribution agreement with Square Enix to introduce a new line of English-language manga, novels, and art books starting fall of 2019. Hope this means we will see some more Dragon Quest manga, etc! Full Press Release below:
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    Thanks guys. I forget to come here often anymore, but you guys were the only people to remember my birthday outside my SO and parents so thanks for that.
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    First, all thanks should be directed to aerynb, who did the hard work of ripping the files in the first place. None of this would be possible without their breaking down the tech barrier. As for the thread title, I call this the first draft because while it's organized by character and chapter I have yet to add context for each line. About three more weeks or so to do a casual playthrough and get the information ought to be enough to properly set up the dialogue. Once I have that organized I'll edit the thread and replace the rough draft. I didn't want to leave anyone waiting for longer than I already have, so contextless word document is better than nothing for the time being. 4 party chat.zip 4 party chat.odt
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