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    Thanks guys. I forget to come here often anymore, but you guys were the only people to remember my birthday outside my SO and parents so thanks for that.
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    It was hard not to vote for the team that had Minwu, but I did it. My vote is yours!
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    Voted for your group Platty. It was hard not to vote for my boy Sylvando, but I SUPPOSE I’ll support you. 😜
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    Today, 33 years ago the first Dragon Quest was released! This series is still going on strong with 3 new Dragon Quest games being released later this year, Dragon Quest Monsters (with Mia and Erik), Dragon Quest Xi S, and a new mobile game (and DQBII for overseas).
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    It's okay, boss, we all know we're just warming up for the real anniversary on the 35rd.
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    I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with Alltrades Abbey. Perhaps I need to study up and become a sage at Dharma Temple, then I might have a clue.
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