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    Forgot to mention this yesterday, but I picked up some of the new Smash amiibo. Got Young Link, Ken, and Daisy. Of the three, Young Link is my favorite.
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    I don’t know, DQ8 does have some funny moments with the protagonist just off to the side. Specifically the bar fight scene in Simpleton where he just stands there awestruck while bottles and other whatnot objects going flying in front of him. But I get what you mean though.
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    Subreddit is strong and good but as long as Reddit has this abhorrent downvote/upvote system it dilutes any kind of discussion to popularity contests.
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    I thought a pet peeve was a small thing that a certain person finds annoying. Anyway, in most Dragon Quest games I like to finish off most boss monsters with an unnecessarily powerful move. It makes me feel like I'm delivering deserved retribution to a villain or antagonist... Also I just like dealing large amounts of damage.
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    Laugh and continue using it. I ad block and NoScript for one reason - every piece of malware I've ever received has come from a site's ad network. Every piece of malware I've had to clean from family and friends have come from ads. And not even ads from questionable or porn sites. Regular, everyday sites. Sites for news, weather, art, etc. Not only do I not trust ad networks, they block content, interrupt browsing, mislead users, and...they never, ever work! Nobody clicks on them. The only time someone will is if it's one of those "you've won gift card" iPad ads that blocks everything and you can't back out of. So to all the people that whine about users using ad block - deal. Find a better way to run your site. Find an advertising method that's safe for users. Until then I'll gladly stay safe by blocking your ads and crypto miners.
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    I've put up a few more videos: https://youtu.be/MUyrNEmSiKg https://youtu.be/CVQ3tXQ9wbM
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    Haha. And eight years later I see this. Over 22,000 subscribers strong now. More than half have joined in the past year.
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    No problem at all. Here you go: DQ1&2 DQ3 Hope that is what you were looking for.
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