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    Hello, hello! Once again, I'm playing through a Japanese DQ game and building a database of information about it. This time, I'm tackling Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru & Luca's Marvelous Mysterious Key on the 3DS. So far, the data I'm including are a comprehensive Monster List (including common and rare drops, scouting locations, breeding recipes, from which eggs they hatch, whether it must be traded, or WiFi gifts), Area-based monster lists, Egg hatching lists, Dream Egg hatching lists, the monsters owned by Other Countries' Masters, Monster Arena battle list, Mini Medal rewards, Costumes, and Scout Q challenges. This process is, of course, immense, as DQM2 on 3DS has 802 monsters in it; after about two weeks, I'm at 28.4% of that total (219 monsters). Also...my Japanese is rudimentary, at best. But, I managed to 100% DQ VII 3DS, DQ VIII 3DS, and DQ XI 3DS, so...I have faith I can complete this undertaking. At any rate, know that it's coming, and will hopefully be finished before DQ Builders 2 hits the shelves.
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    I just picked up Dragon Warrior for the NES this week and was doing my first casual play-through. I thought it would be fun to try the game blind, rather than following a guide, but I encountered something that I am nearly certain is highly unusual. I was farming gold and exp (currently level 10), and I was farming enemies south of Rimuldar. Upon saving up 1500 gold I stopped in town to get the broadsword and then began farming gold for armor. After finishing a fight I noticed my controller was acting a little buggy, so I gently unplugged it and plugged it back in. When I plugged my controller into the console a text-box appeared on top of the over-world. It read: "Please wait, I wish to go with the on thy journey. May I travel as thy companion?" Another text-box appeared, giving me the options Yes and No. I thought: "How cool, I didn't know you had a companion in this game, I wonder how that impacts fighting." So I hit yes. The stranger replied "I'm so happy!" walked onto the same square I was on and half of my sprite merged with her sprite. Then the credits rolled. I was completely shocked to suddenly win the game in the middle of a field... I thought you were supposed to fight the "DragonLord" or something... I'm assuming I somehow caused a credits-warp and won far earlier than I ever was meant to, and being a fan of speed runs, I wanted to post this discovery so that someone who knows this game, or just a member of the community may be able to use it. I'm going to find out if I can recreate the event on my own, and will post more findings if I am able.
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    I don't think Square Enix will actually remake Dragon Quest IX in the coming years because I think they would rather remake Dragon Quest I - III using Dragon Quest XI's engine or a similar graphical style. The reason for this is because earlier, I recall a topic saying that they wanted to remake Dragon Quest III in the previously mentioned style but then said that they'd first work on Dragon Quest XII which, if the last game is a sign, is still a good few years away. However, a Dragon Quest IX remake for switch does have excellent potential.
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    this dj-druin is mad! are the beats too fresh??
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    First, all thanks should be directed to aerynb, who did the hard work of ripping the files in the first place. None of this would be possible without their breaking down the tech barrier. As for the thread title, I call this the first draft because while it's organized by character and chapter I have yet to add context for each line. About three more weeks or so to do a casual playthrough and get the information ought to be enough to properly set up the dialogue. Once I have that organized I'll edit the thread and replace the rough draft. I didn't want to leave anyone waiting for longer than I already have, so contextless word document is better than nothing for the time being. 4 party chat.zip 4 party chat.odt
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    Technically I graduated in January from my college in London. But the diploma took forever to arrive. So I did a whole phitoshoot today of the mail arriving/my graduation. Did the program online so I took some shots "around campus" in my favorite study spots.
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    So the Switch version has managed to get my wife excited to play the game. Man, took long enough for me to convince her to play a Dragon Quest
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    Hey, I've been making Dragon Quest quizzes on Sporcle for a while, and I thought that I could share them here if anyone was interested. Enjoy, I guess. https://www.sporcle.com/user/dragonquester/quizzes/
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    Hello guys! So I have been working on a translation guide on how to play the mobile game 星のドラゴンクエスト/Hoshi no Dragon Quest/Dragon Quest of the Stars. Not only am i working on a guide but also have a Discord server where we can plan multiplayer quests, discuss about the game, where i post my guides, talk about the series as whole, etc. I welcome everyone to join. The main mission is to bring current players together and have newcomers join and help eachother on quests, using the multiplayer feature. Id like for fans to give this game a try if they haven't yet. It is not region locked or IP locked, you do have to either change your play stores region or download QooApp application to download the game since it may not be available to your country, but as far as opening the game and playing it requires no VPN or any sort of trick to playing it. https://discord.gg/GhaWysV I am also looking for people who would like to help with Translation and being Discord Mod. Message me for details if you have free spare time and would like to have a fun project to collaborate with, have ideas youd like to share, or just want to give to the DQ community in any way.
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    No problem at all. Here you go: DQ1&2 DQ3 Hope that is what you were looking for.
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    this was one of my fave monsters from the ol' Dragon Warrior Monsters!
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    Heyo! Heh, long time no see! So I made a DQ doodle and thought I'd share. It had a cuss in it, but I made it decent, don't worry. Be lucky (PS-I've never uploaded a file onto here, I hope it works)
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    Hey guys. I noticed a really old topic here on the den where folks were trying to find out who the artist behind the Dragon Warrior NES cover art was. This info was elusive for a while, but I finally managed to track him down. His name is Chris Hopkins, he’s a painter from Washington who has done a lot of interesting work over the years. He did the theme art for three separate Super Bowls and the main poster for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom among many other projects. I talked to him about his work and the DQ games he did art for. He said in a previous conversation that he only did the art for DW3 and DW4, so we still don’t know who did the art for the first two games. He was given instructions by a Japanese man from Enix along with a translator and they gave him samples of Toriyama’s work to base his paintings off of. Please check my full interview with him out, I worked very hard on it.
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    Spyro 3’s progress has been the slowest of the three games for sure. I’ve reached Evening Lake (the third hub world) and have completed Bentley’s level. Man, I don’t remember if he was like this in the original, but Bentley’s little brother is a turd. Not gonna lie, it was fun smacking him with the club Bentley uses as a weapon. 😈 Anyway, I need to backtrack to a few levels now that I have several of the animal characters unlocked, namely ones that require Sgt. Byrd and Bentley. Gotta get those 100% ratings. I’ve platinumed the other two games in the trilogy, so what’s one more, right?! RIGHT?!?!?! (Actually getting trophies and whatnot in the games are pretty easy. Most of them are things you’d do normally anyway. A few oddball ones I had to look at the trophy lists for, but nothing ridiculous or totally out of the way.)
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    I wrote up my last WP page explaining my solo quest up to the end fighting and defeating Zoma. My journey journal has ended. Please remember, this refers to the original American NES Dragon Warrior III. Thank you everyone. It feels good to give back to this board and share my experiences of this solo run that it might help someone and give new insight. https://mikeatventionsx.wordpress.com/2019/05/14/dragon-warrior-3-solo-journey-journal-2-defeating-zoma/
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    I've got six different Japanese wikis up, right now, along with 22 Dragon's Den Monster List tabs open (at least one for each main-series game to make sure I get the name translations right), five Dragon's Den item pages up to make sure I get the right item name translations. I'll admit, I am the ABSOLUTE worst at capturing images for the monsters (primarily because I use Excel, and incorporating photos in that program on a Mac is like unanesthetized urethral surgery). But, I'm willing to work with you guys on that. 🙂 Which leads me to the next idea: we need a standalone Item Index, with the following information: 1.) Japanese name; 2.) English name; 3.) Image; 4.) Game appearance; 5.) Purchase price; 6.) Sale price; 7.) Harvest points; 8.) Drop data; 9.) Use; 10.) Alchemy recipes. That'll be my next contribution, perhaps. 🙂
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    You're still doing the hard work, I just "massage" the data into the Den's database
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    https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/9495674?fbclid=IwAR0_0slwzDlHGfXFqf0biIRLzrpTknZkMJrUrqi-4MfQd1flqipbyHEFcVQ I was a guest on the Puff Puff Hour podcast to talk about Dragon Quest IX multiplayer, and the DQ franchise in general. It was a ton of fun to record and it was my first podcast (outside of the SlimeTime one I did with Tesla a few years ago that never got produced.) Ultimately I just wanted to convey that DQIX local multiplayer is worth exploring and still holds up to this day. If you're able to find other players passionate enough about DQ to gather together and try it I strongly recommend it. #Absolutely
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    I live just south of Baltimore and work in northeast DC so I could possibly hook you up. I haven't fired up the game in years but I believe I have all the DLC quests, as well as some of the busted maps like the Locker one and the one with an all MKS floor.
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    I've been checking Dragon's Den out for awhile but never noticed that there are those who attempted solo runs like I have. If you like DW THAT much, I feel like we're siblings. I wrote up a WP page explaining my solo quest so far up to Baramos. (I'll get to Zoma later.) It's like a journey journal. Maybe something in my write-up can help others achieve Dragon Warrior/Quest III solo completion. Remember, this refers to the original American NES Dragon Warrior III. The SNES and GBC, although great, I prefer the original. https://mikeatventionsx.wordpress.com/2019/04/29/dragon-warrior-3-solo-journey-journal-defeating-baramos/
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    I totally expected Mordegon to be a demon like most DQ villains, so when you find out he was actually human and Erdwin’s best friend I was a bit mindblown. I don’t really like Calasmos all that much though, but the foreshadowing leading up to Calasmos was brilliant. The game tricked you into thinking the “Dark One” was Mordegon when it actually wasn’t. The only hint is the painting in Arboria of Calasmos.
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    It takes a lot of tweaking to get the classic DW font (or any font that the default text boxes weren't designed with) to work. It's a very involved process and requires going into the scripts for each text box and adjusting the pixel sizes of the text areas themselves. It's really silly. So the reason text get stretched is because there is more room allowed than there are characters, and vice versa when it gets smushed is because there are more characters than allowed space. It was a really grueling trial and error process I had to go through for both DWCs to make things look right and not fun at all.
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    A while back I posted a line-in rip of Dragon Quest II's Android/iOS soundtrack. I'm finally following through on my pledge to provide the same for Dragon Quest III. My efforts were delayed by life distractions, a tablet that died mid-way through my first playthrough, and of course the release of Dragon Quest XI Unfortunately, some major songs were left out of this version's soundtrack: Prologue -- 'Small Shrine' is used in its place during the game's opening Distant Memories -- the Ortega prologue is skipped in this version, and the song isn't used during a key scene in Zoma's Castle Rolling Dice -- no Pachisi, no 'Rolling Dice' Memories of Love 2 -- sound effects are used instead of this jingle The Archfiend's Castle -- this was the most disappointing elimination to me; the game just reuses 'Dungeon' as you explore Zoma's Castle Dungeon of Alefgard -- reuses the DQIII Dungeon theme, rather than the DQII Dungeon theme Despite these omissions, I hope you enjoy! mega.nz Dragon Quest III (Android/iOS) Soundtrack 320 kbps 01 - DQ03 - Overture.mp3 3,866 KB 02 - DQ03 - Intermezzo.mp3 2,367 KB 03 - DQ03 - Town.mp3 5,687 KB 04 - DQ03 - Town (Night).mp3 3,324 KB 05 - DQ03 - Castle ~ Rondo.mp3 9,672 KB 06 - DQ03 - Castle (Night).mp3 4,613 KB 07 - DQ03 - Adventure.mp3 6,883 KB 08 - DQ03 - Battle.mp3 3,051 KB 09 - DQ03 - Requiem.mp3 6,706 KB 10 - DQ03 - Dungeon.mp3 7,191 KB 11 - DQ03 - Village.mp3 9,008 KB 12 - DQ03 - Village (Night).mp3 6,742 KB 13 - DQ03 - Tower.mp3 6,312 KB 14 - DQ03 - Small Shrine.mp3 6,371 KB 15 - DQ03 - Boogie-Woogie.mp3 6,098 KB 16 - DQ03 - Sleeping Village.mp3 4,339 KB 17 - DQ03 - Wake Up Powder.mp3 461 KB 18 - DQ03 - Pyramid.mp3 5,238 KB 19 - DQ03 - Sailing.mp3 5,687 KB 20 - DQ03 - Jipang.mp3 4,652 KB 21 - DQ03 - The Palace of Himiko.mp3 3,160 KB 22 - DQ03 - The Phantom Ship.mp3 4,459 KB 23 - DQ03 - The Song of Sadness.mp3 371 KB 24 - DQ03 - Memories of Love 1.mp3 438 KB 25 - DQ03 - The Reverie of Phoenix 1.mp3 604 KB 26 - DQ03 - The Reverie of Phoenix 2.mp3 1,421 KB 27 - DQ03 - Heavenly Flight.mp3 8,138 KB 28 - DQ03 - Grueling Fight.mp3 11,567 KB 29 - DQ03 - Unknown World.mp3 3,434 KB 30 - DQ03 - Tantegel Castle.mp3 12,208 KB 31 - DQ03 - Fairy Flute.mp3 518 KB 32 - DQ03 - Rainbow Bridge.mp3 429 KB 33 - DQ03 - Hero's Challenge.mp3 4,766 KB 34 - DQ03 - The Light Returns.mp3 463 KB 35 - DQ03 - Into the Legend.mp3 7,146 KB 36 - DQ03 - Victory.mp3 120 KB 37 - DQ03 - Levelup.mp3 122 KB 38 - DQ03 - Resurrection.mp3 219 KB 39 - DQ03 - Inn.mp3 166 KB 40 - DQ03 - Save.mp3 248 KB 41 - DQ03 - Important Item.mp3 98 KB 42 - DQ03 - Six Orbs.mp3 563 KB
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    I’ve been trying to think of what to say for this topic, so I’ll just go with this: All I want from a DQ9 remake is a game I enjoy from start to finish. I’ve never straight up quit a DQ game before, but something about DQ9 just rubs me the wrong way. Even when I first started playing it, it just didn’t really click with me, which is hard to believe for a DQ game! It’s the only mainline game I haven’t beaten (aside from DQ10 for obvious reasons), but I hope a remake would get me invested enough to at least finish the main game. I jokingly pick on DQ9 at this point, but I honestly hope at some point if a remake happens I’ll get it and enjoy it.
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    A blessed Easter and Eastertide to the forums!
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    It was hard for me to take Calasmos all that seriously when he looked like a giant version of Cell from Dragon Ball Z with a goofy fat baby face. However, I do like the way his text is presented, and the brief moment in the final battle where you hear how his text sounds with that incredibly ominous deep sound to it was perfect for a villain. Honestly it made me wish we had the option for voices or text speech sounds because I would turn it to the latter just for that. Jaspar was okay. He’s a villain I hate because his boss battles were some of the more difficult ones in the game (might be just because I was playing with strong enemies, but who knows) and I did like his human design. I feel like they were going for an Angelo/Marcello story with him and Hendrik, but it didn’t quite hit the mark. Their confrontation with each other in ruined Helidor castle was a great cutscene though, along with the reveal of their past. I just got hope the Switch version goes into more detail on there past. Now Mordegon, honestly, is one of my favorite DQ villains. The big reveal of who he was and how he became the monster you know was unexpected, and actually seeing a DQ villain succeed in taking over the world was pretty unexpected. True, Orgodemir before him managed to fool the world, but Mordegon’s rule had such a huge impact on the entire world. With most DQ games, I always felt like while the big bads are powerful and a threat, they never do much to actually flaunt their powers and the worlds are usually pretty well off looking despite monsters running around. With Mordegon’s rule? Most of the world/landscape is torn up somehow, monsters have become much more violent, you see his forces decimate towns and see how the world has a more muted feel to it with the ever present brown sky during the daytime hours. Heck, him showing up to fend off the Lantern was pretty unexpected and demonstrated he was willing to go beyond his castle to actually do something if he wanted to, unlike say Nimzo or Mortamor who sit on their asses waiting for their minions to do their dirty work or how Baramos was such a “threat,” when Ortega went after him but didn’t do ANYTHING really evil and just waited for another hero to show up. So yeah. Calasmos and Jaspar were okay, Mordegon I really liked.
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    OK, I made a bunch more, starting with #123 - https://www.woodus.com/den/site/userbars.php?tp=userbar&grp=general&current=120 Here is Sylv, and buy Buildrick I assume you meant builders one hero?
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    Thank you for the compliment, jay! I've been a fan of DQ since the olden days, and it's fun to experiment/practive with DQ dudes. I hope you continue to enjoy! Let me know if there's anything specific you wanna see.
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    Was it this one? If so that one should be on the page below https://www.woodus.com/den/site/userbars.php?tp=userbar&grp=general&current=20 All the rest of them should be there as well, I should probably make some for builders and XI
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    Doh, just realized it has been 3 years since I looked at this (dang time flies). Thanks to @Jimmu_Dudeski for updating the Dragon Warrior 2 GBC Breeding info based on the Jimeous info. I have cleared out the database of the info I had and imported the data that was gathered. Here is the link for Beast, use the navbar at the top to select the other families. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dwm2gbc/breeding-details.php?fam=beast
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    Ahh, it was a 5th member, OK, I thought the names got mixed up, I did see Bilche on the deck so I knew that character existed. And no worries on the end of demo message Great work!
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    So I assume the end of the demo is when you meet Burr and Princess and cannot access any of the castles, etc? I liked the type changing monsters in the tower of Garuda (spelling). I definitely enjoyed playing thru it, cannot wait until you release more of it.
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    Full WiFi multiplayer, not just local would be nice
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    Honestly I'd primarily just want sprite consistency. One of my biggest gripes about that game is how jarring it looks for NPCs to be 2D sprites while your character and field monsters are full 3d models. That and even more postgame content will serve me another million years.
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    I don’t know, DQ8 does have some funny moments with the protagonist just off to the side. Specifically the bar fight scene in Simpleton where he just stands there awestruck while bottles and other whatnot objects going flying in front of him. But I get what you mean though.
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    Subreddit is strong and good but as long as Reddit has this abhorrent downvote/upvote system it dilutes any kind of discussion to popularity contests.
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    Laugh and continue using it. I ad block and NoScript for one reason - every piece of malware I've ever received has come from a site's ad network. Every piece of malware I've had to clean from family and friends have come from ads. And not even ads from questionable or porn sites. Regular, everyday sites. Sites for news, weather, art, etc. Not only do I not trust ad networks, they block content, interrupt browsing, mislead users, and...they never, ever work! Nobody clicks on them. The only time someone will is if it's one of those "you've won gift card" iPad ads that blocks everything and you can't back out of. So to all the people that whine about users using ad block - deal. Find a better way to run your site. Find an advertising method that's safe for users. Until then I'll gladly stay safe by blocking your ads and crypto miners.
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    By translation department do you mean localization for the games? Each game is kinda handled differently. For DQ specifically, actually, message me! Haha, I'm very satisfied career-wise but it's a lot of hard work. It's interesting seeing the inner workings and seeing how fans comes up with their own conclusions as to why things are they way they are.
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    I got a new job. I’ll be starting at the end of this month so I can finish my two weeks at my current job. I’ve been looking for new work since my current job has been stingy on hours, so I’m glad my search has finally ended in success.
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    Sorry to kick up an old thread - apparently I have not been on the forum in months... I started working for Square Enix a little over a year ago. Started just on DQ, and now I work on almost all of the Japanese titles.
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    I imagine if Square Enix decides to put the exclusive features of Dragon Quest XI S as paid DLC for the PlayStation 4 & PC versions, you'll probably have to wait for a minimum of a year after Dragon Quest XI S is released on the Nintendo Switch. I wouldn't expect future Dragon Quest games (or any future JRPGs in general) to have the same amount of content no matter what console it's being played on, if I were you, since there's always going to be definite versions of JRPGs released on consoles other than the consoles the games were originally released on.
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    I only have DQM1 for the monsters games. Here it is.
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    While fiddling around trying to update my old chat monitoring program, I happened across something in memory that lets me easily get the current dialog (i.e. what's printed in the large boxes at the bottom center of the screen) at any given time. As a result, I thought I'd go ahead and slap together an app to expose that to those players here who need help with Japanese and would like to at least be able to analyze the text, such as looking up a particular word or kanji compound or even put it through machine translation if that's your desire. I've tested it on two of my machines and it works fine and produces correct results, so hopefully it'll work for everyone who's interested. I want to make it clear that this program only reads strings from memory, it does not write anything so you're not at any risk of detection or banning if you use this. Known issues: every once in a while, it will fail to find what's on screen. In this case, just press the reset button and it'll find it after that. Also, when you talk to some NPCs, the regular towns people in particular, it will load all of the lines they'll say before the window closes at once rather than as they're displayed on screen. I might be able to address this, but it'll have to wait. Download dq10dm-v0.1
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    Manga adaptation I'm not familiar with, so I'll take your word for it. However if it does say that and Horii had actual input, I would dismiss it as it's not possible for that to be the case. 1) the creator of 2's world, Alefgard (which is both the name of the island and the whole world from what I can tell), is Rubiss. 2) the creator of 7's world, which has no given name, is God. There is nothing in the lore that would suggest anything else. 3) that doesn't mean that Kiefer's family did not somehow come from Alefgard and warp into 7's world sometime in the past. We already know Estard isn't nearly as old as most of the other kingdoms, as some do not recognize it. So that is possible, but nothing in the actual game suggests this, or even hints at it. What sword are you talking about in Dragon Quest VII? The only castles with Swords you can find in DQVII are Gracos', with the Rippled Rapier, which looks and functions nothing like Erdrick's Sword (though is has similar attack stats if we're comparing DQ2's Erdrick's Sword), the Kings Blade in Estard Castle, which looks and functions nothing like Erdrick's Sword (though it's the closest sword in DQ7 to Erdrick's Blade, and is FAR in excess of power even comparing Erdrick's Sword in DQ2 to the Thunder Sword in DQ2 and Kingsblade to Okeanos Sword), and the Okeanos Sword in Orgodemir's palace, the strongest sword in the game, but it too is not relatable to Erdrick's Sword at all (it's special function is nothing like Erdrick's Sword in any appearance except maybe the FF12 easter egg Wyvern Hero's Blade). Looking through all the different weapons, nothing either looks like Erdrick's Sword, nor functions like ANY version of the weapon from 1, 2, or 3. Also...what place are you referring to with the name "Melyor", as I can't find any reference to that, nor place it. I'm assuming a transliteration. My point being there is no reference in DQ7 to DQ2 at all. Horii himself stated DQ7 is a stand alone world, and the context of the world of 7 has nothing in common with 1~3. There's no Rubiss either. There is a Sea King, which correlates somewhat to DQ6's Poseidon, but not directly, even in function. Rubiss is in DQ6 however, and the remakes of DQ3 have Zenithia, though in that sense it's implied Zenith is a spiritual overseer and thus it's castle is present in all worlds. Rubiss' function in DQ6 is more of an overseer than a Creator/God-like figure. It's never implied by her that she is the creator, only a spirit that lives underwater that needed to awaken the Hero so Murdaw could be defeated and the Hero was the only one with the power. ---- What are you basing Joker being tied into 7? That wouldn't fit at all. Hell, even Caravan Heart and the original DQM suggest the monster's worlds are distinct worlds tied into the mainline worlds. Your usage of descriptions makes no sense. They're talking about the DQ historical context, and that would also include the other bosses present, such as Psaro. You're cherry picking what bosses you want tied in together to force a narrative that you want. That's fine, but it's not accurate, as ALL the bosses present in the Joker series make the same bloody references to their history and actions in their own original respective games. The point being we ignore that as it has no context or meaning in lieu of Joker's world itself and any direct connection to that world or interconnectivity in a literal sense between DQ worlds, as we would be ignoring any and all context, any and all statements made prior by Horii, such as 11 is connected to 1~3, but nothing was or has ever been even hinted at that 7 is...let alone 4~6 being connected, and his statements made when creating 7 and after 7's release that 7 was a stand alone world, and the same with 8, with the hints in 8 that the only connection between 3 and 8 is Ramia and Ramia outright indicates she came from a DIFFERENT WORLD, and the Ragnar + Torneko semi-easter egg implying they're from a completely different world, and the start of Monsters 1, 2, and even Caravan Heart indicating a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORLD. 8's ties into 3 are based on a similar theme. Ramia is able to traverse worlds and connect to worlds. This was first presented in DQ3, where the underworld is tied into the overworld through Zoma's ripping a hole between them, and once he's defeated, there is no connection, meaning it was not a literal underworld, but only served as such due to magic. That Alefgard is indeed its own world, its own universe, with its own sun and moon, and was only sealed off from its normal course due to Zoma taking over. So worlds are tied by magic and portals, but they are separate worlds. The easter eggs do exist to indicate there are portals between worlds, and some people know how to access them, such as Mori and his ability to communicate with Torneko and Ragnar, and that both of them have been back and forth. Then with the Heroes games, and again the Monsters series. There really isn't much more than that between worlds. 1~3+11+Builders 1+2 is one world. 4+5 is one world, 6 is spiritually connected to 4+5, 7 is its own world, 8 is its own world, 9 is its own world. Joker 1+2 is its own world, Joker 3 is its own world, Monsters 1+2+Caravan is its own world, Heroes 1 is its own world, Heroes 2 is its own world. All worlds are interconnected dimensionally, and many have their own dark-world, where it's distinct depending on the world: 1) 3's dark world is not a true dark world, it was forced into that position by Zoma's power 2) 4 and 5's dark world is a literal underworld, with a literal physical presence, though in 5 it takes on some distinct form in terms of taking its own space almost like an alternative universe, and yet it's physical. 3) 6's dark world is a subspace of reality created in Morty's mind and manifested into reality due to his power, and thus it changes on his whim, and cannot exist without him. 4) 7's dark world is like 4 and 5's in that it's a literal real underground world that is dug out of the dirt, and like 5, also has subspacial special properties, and there are alternative dimensions as per the post game dungeons. 5) 8's dark world is a mirror world that is a physical place, but is a dimensional world on the other side of a coin, existing on top of the normal world, only everything is literally black and white. Totally new and cool concept. 6) 9's doesn't have a dark world, much like 1, 2, and 11 does not. However 11 does have a series of testing grounds that function similarly to a dark world, that were crafted by the good guys as a permanent testing place. However this wouldn't carry into the Erdrick trilogy. I'm sorry I'm getting pissy, but I get really pet peevy when people start making #$*! up whole cloth to fit what they want. I get hints and drawing conclusions based on subtle nuance, but that's different. I get getting #$*! wrong at times because I do that a lot, but in this case, no. I mean if you want to write fan fiction and claim it as your own creation to connect storylines together, sure, knock yourself out. This however is gross misrepresentation of the story and that drives me up the bloody wall nuts. So not asking to excuse my behaviour, just saying for me it's like someone taking a fork to a chalk board over and over and over and over again. So for me, this is a tame approach. So I apologize for being a total dick in my presentation. ===== @NeoDevilbane a few things 1) Yes 11 is a prequel to 3's storyline. This was stated in Japan and the initial interviews in the US/EU prior to the game's release in both territories. It's not exactly a secret. Just don't ask how, and play the game to find out. The how is the biggest reveal. 2) 4 and 5's world are directly connected. However they're thousands of years apart. They both have Esturk as their original big bad. They both have the secret of evolution as the core basis for growth. They both have distinct landmarks. Zenithia tower + Zenith castle + Zenith Dragon. Zenith tower is in the same physical location in both games...roughly, with the center island in 5 being substantially larger than in 4. The underworld access dungeon in 4 leading to the lowest point is replaced by the tallest mountain in the world, leading to the highest point, but in 5, like with 4, it's a place of abject evil, and a direct link to the dark lord in 5 in a physical sense, so that is an interesting link and one has to wonder what happened...maybe Zenith Dragon filled in the dungeon then pilled on as much dirt as possible to seal off the physical access route, thus 5's only access to the underworld is a portal. There are three other direct linking elements. OH, right, the nature of the Zenithian equipment. Their form, design, and function. Much like Erdrick's equipment they look similar (only DQ2 has some odd changes like how weak Erdrick's equipment is). 6 however, is not directly connected to either 4 or 5. It does take place in the past, and they both have Zenithia, only the translators intentionally distinguish it by calling 4+5 Zenithia, due to the Zenith Dragon, and that Zenithia in 4 and 5 are PHYSICAL presences that imply a single castle in a single continuous world, and Cloudsgate whenever King Zenith is running the roost, and it's a purely Spiritual castle that interconnects all realms. 6's hero equipment is also distinct from 4 and 5. The Zenithian Equipment looks like a redesign but lacks the same functionality. Such equipment wouldn't change form and design for 4, then remain identical for some odd reason for several thousands of years. That just makes no sense. Especially when the connection to Cloudsgate Castle is a spiritual portal to the Spiritual realm, not a check at the top of the tower for the inhabitants (see: Zenith Dragon) to assure the hero is worthy by gaining all the Zenithian Equipment. 6's world is also metaphysical in nature, and the bad guy is metaphysical in nature, being a natural demon lord, rather than a being who uses a physical process to perfect himself. Even his world in 6 is purely of his mind. The connection to 6 from 4+5 is that 6's world is free of blight, and Zenithia's Dragon's birth heralds a new dawn of a split in the castle's nature from a pure spiritual overseer that links between worlds (as seen in 3), to a physical castle that oversees a single world. The disappearance of the castle from 6's world even after the birth of the dragon implies the castle emerges physically in a completely different realm. The nature of this meaning that 6 in terms of time is prior to 4 and 5, but in terms of relationship, are only spiritually connected. The reason for this is Yuji Horii indicated he wanted to move away from trilogies when making 4~6, so made the links tenuous compared to 1~3 which are direct. When he made 7 however, he wanted to completely split off from that format, so 7 was made a standalone world. There are easter eggs though. Oh right, there is one prophecy in 6 that alludes to the world of 4+5, and the remake of 6 has a special village where you can tie-in later on with characters from 4 or 5 by choosing to make that village like those future scenarios. So the remake does emphasize the connectivity, but again, it's spiritual more than literal physical.
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    Just listened to it last night, good job
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    Ack! Literally setting a reminder to myself to download and play this demo this weekend! Super stoked!
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    Hey @foxfirenelli, since you don't seem keen on using the old Dragon Warrior NES font, I thought I might share this with you: https://fontzone.net/font-details/garrick-bold Garrick Bold is the font used in Dragon Quest XI and maybe even VIII (not sure but it's not in front of me).
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    I disabled the gallery temporarily, see if that speeds things up. Also made some changes to the database.
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    For those who aren't aware, Wiimmfi is a project from a group of talented/passionate developers that are striving to revive wifi functionality for Wii/DS games. Mostly known for their work with Mario Kart Wii, there are now plenty of games getting the same treatment, most recently DQMJ2! DQMJ2 just went into public testing about a week ago, and is avalible for anyone interested to use! At the moment, the wifi tourniment doesn't work (I'm guessing that required a specially build server), but wifi battles with friends and random players is fully functional. For anyone interested, it's actually really simple to set up these days. It doesn't require an AR/patch or anything, just setting up your DS wifi settings. Here's a video that goes over how to set it up. Even though the game's pretty old at this point, it's really exciting to see a game I loved given a breath of life like this.
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    Good catch, should be fixed now.
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