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    Hey everyone, I've had this magazine for a long time, but I've never seen scans of it anywhere, so I thought I'd share it here. This was the cover story for the November 2005 copy of Play Magazine. It even has an interview with Yuji Horii in it. Enjoy!
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    I would like to know a bit about the history of the den and what led him to make it, though that may have already been answered elsewhere. Sent from my LG-H871 using Tapatalk
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    Forward There was a group of Japanese screeners who were so horrified by the ending, they leaked it. Ever since reading it, it's just cemented my disdain for the movie. They also ignored one little nugget as well, though probably because not as many Japanese gamers would take an issue with it, due to social stigma and constant repetition of it:
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    No problem at all. Here you go: DQ1&2 DQ3 Hope that is what you were looking for.
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    So Nintendo of Europe made an announcement today that the Dragon Quest XI S demo is available now! https://twitter.com/NintendoEurope/status/1164163127023456256 And now, Nintendo of America has announced that the Dragon Quest XI S demo is available to download at the Nintendo eShop. https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1164175325783154688 And now if you excuse me, I'll be playing the Dragon Quest XI S demo. Feel free to give your impressions, screenshots, etc. of the Dragon Quest XI S demo.
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    Damn, He did a great job with the game. Sad to see him go but he needed it. I can see why he would feel burned out after Builders 2. It's a super massive game. Each island is a short game in itself. He really outdid himself on the game and deserves the rest. If Square Enix wants it made, they'll get it made. He was the director for two of them. That does not mean the series dies with him.
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    2D looks so beautiful, and like so many early DQ games, so so so much better at night time!
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    And here's 35+ minute gameplay footage of Dragon Quest XI S from Nintendo UK, featuring Yuji Horii and Hokuto Okamoto! And Nintendo of Europe has said that the Dragon Quest XI S demo is available now! https://twitter.com/NintendoEurope/status/1164163127023456256
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    In the middle of getting my Dragon Quest tattoo. Will update with pictures later. Edit: woohoo!
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    1-3 mobile ports are great, what are you talking about? Sent from my LG-H871 using Tapatalk
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    Yeah it was a good time walking around, checking out the sights and chatting about DQ. Glad your concert went well and it didn't rain
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    The iTunes/Apple Podcast application finally went through! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dragon-quest-slime-time/id1476103087
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    Whilst it's nice that Dragon Quest gets more exposure in the West due to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, there's still a long way to go before Dragon Quest becomes mainstream in the West.
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    Oh god, makes me remember all these "what if X eastern property received a Hollywood adaptation" jokes. Bad move T_T
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    If the Switch version weren't around the corner then I would say that they're allowed to spoil whatever they wish...its been a year, etc. But you're right, a lot of people have been holding off for this version. They should have had a spoiler section at the end of the podcast. That said, the DQ community is pretty insular, and I feel like Puff Puff Hour has been more of a "retrospective" look at the series. They're used to reviewing decades-old games...it's not every year we get a new DQ game. If you're new to the series then spoilers will abound for many of the games in DQ communities. Though I agree that, even though we're almost a year in since release, XI should be treated differently since the Definitive Edition has yet to be released. Sent from my LG-H871 using Tapatalk
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    I only have DQM1 for the monsters games. Here it is.
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    I thought I heard the sound of the Hallelujah chorus going off in someone's head.
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    I’d love to hear two people who really know and understand the lore discuss it clearly, at length and depth. I’d enjoy hearing how all the threads run through the games and how the timeline works. It would also be neat to hear the personal roller coaster ride of what it’s been like to be a DQ fan outside Japan, always hoping the next one is gonna break through, always knowing how different it is in Japan, knowing the legacy of so many more commercially popular games owes so much to DQ, trying to get friends into it, kind of enjoying your “private, secret” game. Like that. That sounds like a fun conversation to me. It might also be interesting to hear a discussion of innovations that really worked (and may or may not have returned) and those that didn’t. Of course this will be subjective, but it could be interesting to hear. Also, ideas for the future. For example, if DQXII was an action RPG with no menu-based combat, could that work? Could you have three to five AI Companions? Can the series continue without either Sugiyama’s music (or even his style), Toriyama’s design (or even his aesthetic), Horii’s vision (or even his approach and tropes)? Stuff like that?
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    I hope it's something more meaningful. Hell, there wasn't even a cutscene in the original one, was there? I felt I picked that to happen and suddenly it was true, zero interaction.
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    So jealous. I can’t play the demo cos I don’t have a Switch until the Roto Edition ships. I’m excited for the system, but I kinda wish they’d released it with the demo instead of the game.
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    Welcome to the game. Feel free to join up with us at any time. No problem to play together. Not really any English guides though. You can use Google Translate on some of the JP guides though. It's not perfect but it usually helps get the idea of what you need to do next.
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    The Final Stretch. 300-331 I posted 302-305 or something in the first post, but I'm placing it all here again. 300 Creme Caraslime 301 Dead Bowdy 302 Morrimp 303 Gold Nugcat 304 Cherrevil Blossom 305 Santaclops 306 Box of Tricks 307 Coffer of Death 308 Juggerworth (1st form) 309 Juggerworth (2nd form) 310 Geyzer in Memoriam 311 Tortured Soul in Memoriam 312 Skeleton in Memoriam 313 Walking Corpse in Memoriam 314 Trap Box in Memoriam 315 Don Mole in Memoriam 316 Soul Mole in Memoriam 317 Great Argon Lizard in Memoriam 318 Captain Crow in Memoriam 319 Gemon in Memoriam 320 Darkbird in Memoriam 321 Dark Turkey in Memoriam 322 Sir Leopold in Memoriam 323 Dark Servant in Memoriam 324 Dancing Flame in Memoriam 325 Ruin in Memoriam 326 Evil Jessica in Memoriam 327 Shadow in Memoriam 328 Marcello in Memoriam 329 Dhoulmagus in Memoriam (1st form) 330 Dhoulmagus in Memoriam (2nd form) 331 Estark @Woodus @Plattym3 @YangustheLegendaryBandit Two and a half years and the journey is finally at its end. I'm so glad I was able to finish. Thank you for your patience in everything. I want to give a serious shout out to my friend PStart at his twitter @pizzastart for helping me procuring and exporting the final images. I would not have been able to complete this without him.
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    I'd say it depends what you consider Canon or not. The novel adaptation of DQI, II and III, as well as the manga Emblem of Roto (and its sequel), both supervised by Yuji Horii give a pretty solid background to the Dragonlord however, which would probably contradict your take on the story. But hey, Nintendo recently said that Canon is free of interpretation in their most recent Zelda encyclopedia, so your take is probably as Canon as it can be if you only consider the games I guess. As for the background of Erdrick/Roto, I can only recommend "Spirit Rubiss Legend", a novel (turned into a 7 volume manga) retalling the past of, well you guessed, Rubiss. The books came out in the early 90s, and were announced canon by Horii himself. Of course none of it was ever localized, but you can find résumés of it rather easily online.
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    Well, I finally did it... I landed a huge new job. The pay difference is more than 15K, and I'm finally not on some kind of service desk/help desk/call queue. 6 years of struggling have hopefully paid off. I started the day after Labor Day.
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    Makes sense. Tomoko and I were thinking of buying up a bunch of $20 Kubota sake in Japan that sells for $100 a bottle in the US, but ultimately we ran into that issue as well. We would be bootleggers if we did that.
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    Let's begin with 15+ minutes gameplay footage of 2D mode in Dragon Quest XI S courtesy of GameXplain at gamescom 2019.
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    @Dwaine Auditory rape aside...yeah, that works.
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    I got absolutely destroyed. I survived the pools but ended up getting knocked out by two really good players. One of the players that knocked me out is room mates with one of the best Smash players in the state. I didn't stand a chance lol On the bright side, he did compliment me for my King K. Rool play. So at least I had that going for me.
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    I found this on Twitter and I think it's goopendously fabulous.
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    Aahh I wanted to read the next part so badly! I wanted to read the novel adaptation of the Chapter 2 in the game. Well I hope you'll continue this one day… :')
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    Thanks for all of this, Ignasia! That google doc alone will be tons and tons of help!
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    ^ I second your choices for the guys.
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    You can emulate the Wii remote or any other standard input device compatible with the Wii using the keyboard, mouse, or a USB/Bluetooth keyboard. If you plan on playing games that utilize motion controls, it's possible to play without a Wii remote, but would be much better if you paired a real one via Bluetooth. You can emulate the Wii remote pointer with the mouse, but if you're already using a real Wii remote you might as well use a sensor bar as well. You don't need any particular brand (such as "dolphin bar"), any battery or USB powered one will work (even the one that comes with a real Wii would work, if you really wanted to leave your Wii powered on alongside your computer). "Sensor Bar" is a misnomer as it actually contains no sensors - it just houses a pair of infrared LED lights which the Wii remote's built in IR sensor picks up and uses to triangulate it's position.
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    Hey guys I just started a few days ago on PS4. If anyone wants to add me on PSN my name is RotoDew and my dqx ID is MM 744 293. Cranberry, Nawaria, Project Coe and Saigancats videoes have helped me out a bunch. I hope people on here add me because this has been a game I've been wanting to play since it was first announced on WII.
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    Great. I applied there last night too. Glad one way or the other it went through!
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    I read this first post and laughed so hard while slimeltaneously thinking, "C'mon, let common sense prevail." My guess is the OP has never listened to Puff Puff Hour before...? They're quite up front that they're going to summarize the entire game. Like it's literally "what they do". Lots of podcasts that look back at games do. RPGamer's RPG Backtrack tells you each episode they're going to tell everything. RPG Fan's Retro Encounter breaks most games into 2 episodes and goes beat by beat through the plot. They just had their 200th episode that basically spoils all of RPG-Dom. They even have awards for biggest plot twist & characters that betray you and list all the ones in all the games that do. If you're looking at a 1-2+ hour podcast about a single game, it's going to be filled with spoilers. Honestly I think this topic is quite inflammatory and is the podcast equivalent of screaming to the skies: "don't listen to the news: they tell you what goes on it the world!" Hint: don't listen to most of DQ FM or Slime Time either. They spoil stuff as well. [emoji849][emoji849][emoji849][emoji849]
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    I’m starting a play through of II mobile (to better make sure I can reference and compare versions for my hack more directly) and at the beginning, of COURSE, there’s the random name choices for the Prince and Princess. I realize, “Oh yeah! Those names should be in my rip.” I even went as far as to look up the Japanese version. Prince: For reference according to wiki And according to my mobile rip (Japanese on the left, English on the right) ランド (Rand) / Randolph カイン/Kain アーサー /Arthur コナン (Conan)/Conrad クッキー (Cookie, his Fortune Street Special name)/Caradoc トンヌラ (Tonnura)/Thomas すけさん (Sukesan)/Sigurd パウロ (Paulo?)/Paul And for the Princess アイリン/Eileen マリア/Maria セティア (Setia)/Fleurette (both names reference the same character from Dragon Quest Swords) ユーイ (Yui?)/Isolde プリン (Purin/Flan/Pudding, her Fortune Street name)/Peronel レナレナ (Lenalena? Renarena? I get stuff from DQX when I look her up)/Ginny リンダ (Linda)/Lynda サマンサ (Samantha)/Elaine Anyway, thought you might like to see these. The mobile was much closer to the Japanese than Dragon Warrior II was, but even the Japanese version has a few curve balls. Also, the previously thought NES exclusive item, Dragon Potion IS in the game. At least it’s listed in the game data. It’s called Rebirth Stone.
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    Thanks! I had a lot of fun. I'd consider doing a podcast again if anyone is interested.
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    Just listened to it last night, good job
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    Unfortunately, many people who bought Dragon Quest XI on the PlayStation 4 and/or PC are very angry at Square Enix (and presumably Nintendo as well) since the new features that Dragon Quest XI S is getting (switching between 3D and 2D mode, switching between English and Japanese dub, etc.) is likely to be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version and may not come over to the PlayStation 4 and/or the PC version. And many people are demanding that Square Enix put a DLC patch (even it requires payment) that brings the new features of Dragon Quest XI S to the PlayStation 4 and/or the PC version; I'm guessing that many people would want that DLC patch to be released on the day Dragon Quest XI S is released.
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    Link is in my signature. Tesla set one up a while back
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    I won't post it as a spoiler, but just note that at some point in (Woodus is correct) Act 3 where those same items taken in that particular snapshot are copied from Act 1. So essentially, you're playing along in Act 3, and after certain very particular events, quite a few people have found certain items that were one-time are suddenly doubled. The most notable one being Belle's Bow, which almost everyone would have on Jade in Act 1. This led to discovering that the game takes a snapshot of all items at that certain point in Act 1, and without spoiling things, this event is called-back during a critical event in Act 3, and in the process of this those same snapshotted items are carried over again into the present day of the game, and end up in your inventory. I don't know the details of the relationship or significance of these events or what unfolds or how it unfolds, so anyone who does don't talk to me like I do. I haven't spoiled that aspect for myself, but it's gameplay related so I had to know and pursue the research.
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    Trode and Stella bickering is an amazing idea. Keep it up!
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    Well the problem is that we cannot do what Pokemon is doing and make them duel families. That would be fun to think about Rigor Mortex is Material + Boss Leonyx is Beast + Boss Nokturnus is Devil + Boss Atlas is Beast + Devil Orligon is Material + Dragon
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    In fairness, Dragon Quest itself has always been iffy on worldbuilding and flavor (there was next to no flavor text in a mainline DQ game until VIII); this thread is in no small part an attempt to fix that. (It irks me, for example, that one of the bigger cosmic problems of IX goes decidedly unresolved even if you obtain 100% completion).
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    That's cause sites like these are made by goddamn competitive battlers.These never appreciate the world flavor >< I mean, as far as I've seen, that site has no monster pics to begin with! Only endless text and numbers...
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    Pretty sure it's Katsuya Tenada. Yeah, despite how weird some of his interpretations were (FFIV being a prime example), he did some great work. https://www.kotaku.com/5905598/nintendo-power-sure-had-some-amazing-artwork-inside/
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