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  1. Ver 5.00 is out https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/crafting-warriors.895959
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  2. Hopefully you subscribed to this topic so you can get this and sorry for the late reply. The code that I have is E20001B000000038,E1D00EF2E59FC014,E59CC004E1DCC0B0,E31C0C04159FC008,158C0000E12FFF1E,022322C4020001E8,E59F8008E3580C02,21DA80B0E12FFF1E,52043488EB06576F,02043490EBFEF350,D000000000000000,5221467CE59F0030,02214680EBF7AECA,D000000000000000,94000130FCFF0000,020001E8FFFFFFFF,D000000000000000 ;ENCOUNTER LIBRARY MONSTER press x on monster. Desume format so the , are supposed to be new lines. Edit: Other codes that go with Encounter Library Monster 94000130FFFB0000,E21C0A0400000078,BF
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