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    The other day on the DataHoarder subreddit, somebody posted an archive of around 90 GB of video game commercials dating backing to the 80s through to modern consoles. I looked through them and pulled out only the DQ ads as I thought someone here might want them. They aren't all very good quality, many of them having been captured from VHS and then compressed digitally, but for many of them I imagine they're the only copies in existence. There are Japanese as well as international commercials. Many of them, like some of the EU DQIX commercials I had never seen before. Here's an upload if somebody wants them, or if @Woodus wants them for the site. They're organized by game system in different directories. Around 180 video files at about 1.5 GB total zipped. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ucc8u3wx1wizd3p/DQ_Commercials.7z/file
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    Hi I recently started playing all of the DQ's because 11 was my first. The game is pretty enjoyable. It's a slow burn but in a good way. The summary is you basically play as a luminary to fight off the dark lord. If you've played DQ 1-3 those could essentially mean something of importance to you. My favorite character was Erik. Not only for his personality but because he is super OP when you have him in your party for farming metal slimes. You should really try it. I played it on ps4 and played literally nothing else until i finished it. The investment into the story is definitely worth it.
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    No problem at all. Here you go: DQ1&2 DQ3 Hope that is what you were looking for.
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    And on today's episode of Hunting Atlas, I couldn't find any of the Wanted!, which is what I'm hunting (I must've seen three dozen of the brutes so far, and the only Wanted! I've seen so far killed me at the eleventh hour). I'd planned on mobbing one with about ten Multicoloured Mannequins I'd recruited (since I was trying to bump their hunted numbers up, which is a ridiculously high 300), but decided to spend them all on a regular Atlas instead. It was fun cruising around with nearly a dozen post-game critters mauling all the local slimes and what not, but I still need to kill a Wanted! Atlas. I'll try again later this week, --- Share your own Heroes-series tales below.
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    I actually have a Beta SP of a Dragon Quest VIII commercial that ran on MTV in 2005. I worked there at the time and when the commercial came in I know we typically junked tapes after they were digitized, so I asked the video team to return the tape to me when it was complete. I don't have a Beta SP player or a means to record the footage, though. At this point the tape is just some random DQ swag in my collection.
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    https://nintendosoup.com/rumor-more-dragon-quest-titles-could-be-ported-to-nintendo-switch-this-year/ I'm guessing that the Dragon Quest games in question is the ports of Dragon Quest I, Dragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III that was released in Japan on the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo 3DS. But who knows what might be ported over?
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    Releasing the rom files would definitely be a benefit to the community.
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    Just as a related story, there’s a bunch of songs from an unreleased Rilo Kiley demo tape out in the wild to download somewhere because a fan forum discovered it up for auction and assigned someone who could get the songs online to bid for them, and members donated towards it. That was a bit different though. Everyone got something out of it, and the person who did the legwork got a memento for their troubles. How can we be sure the community at large would benefit from this?
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    Dragon Quest Builders 2 coming to Nintendo Switch on July 12, 2019! Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition coming to Nintendo Switch with Symphonic Suite, 2D Graphics (as well as the 3D graphics), and new stories this Fall!
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    The best part about the reveal for the Definitive Edition? Your party members follow behind you. I sincerely missed this while playing DQ11 on my PS4. Seeing everyone in your active party follow behind you was awesome.
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    I love how we're so used to DQ never showing up to these things that we didn't expect it and they just dropped a megaton and completely surprised us this time.
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    I was going to post about this. I'm not sure what to expect of this. But I hope it turns out a good moovie. V is the best one for such an adaptation.
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    Hey thanks man. It makes me happy I can do this for people. Believe me, I'd LOVE to jump ahead and do the SNES remakes. I think you're right in that if I did do that, the other games wouldn't get done. I'm still a novice to rom hacking so I like to stay with what I know and what I'm used to, learning as I go, than jumping systems and having to learn new procedures, tools, etc. And I know people aren't exactly foaming at the mouth to play Dragon Warrior 2 of all games, but I don't want to leave gaps for possible newcomers who insist on playing the originals. Sounds great! I honestly don't know much about that stuff, just keep in mind with the rom expansion needed to accompany the script this definitely won't work on the original cartridge. Anyway, progress update. The script is pretty much finished and updated DW2's strange dictionary system mentioned a few posts back. The intro is definitely a conundrum for me. It's not just the text (DW2 had the third person narration, the monsters speaking) that's completely different, but the "choreography" of the sprites. I'm thinking of dumping the third person narration just for the intro and use the modern style *: labeling (there's no parenthesis in the game like DW1 so I'm going to use the asterisk for the various emotes in the game like sob or sigh). I hope to really capture and compare both versions side by side and see if it's possible to match them up. Oh and if you haven't checked, version DW1 1.3c featuring a ton of fixes based off reports and feedback is out. I think there's one little typo and another little title screen tweak by Chicken Knife for a future update otherwise it's pretty final.
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    I only have DQM1 for the monsters games. Here it is.
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    Thanks! I had a lot of fun. I'd consider doing a podcast again if anyone is interested.
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    They just announced it here: Prize is a Slime plushie and a poster signed by Yuji Horii. There was eight winners total. I think I’m the only Den member who won? Either way, REPRESENTING.
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    People crying "greed" are funny. How new are they to JRPG's? Did they somehow missed: Persona 3 -> Persona 3 FES -> Persona 3 Portable Persona 4 -> Persona 4 Golden Trails of Cold Steel -> Trails of Cold Steel Kai Final Fantasy XV WINDOWS EDITION? JRPG industry runs on reusing assets and re-releasing on another platforms.
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    Playing through DQIII without a priest is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
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    https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-02-13/dragon-quest-xi-s-switch-game-heads-west-this-fall/.143357 Game will feature... * New scenarios for each main character * English and Japanese Voices * The ability to switch between classic retro graphics and modern style graphics * The ability to switch between original soundtrack and orchestra symphonic suite soundtrack any time.
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    I can assure you that as a vast collector of physical goods of Dragon Quest games, this won't really make a difference. I buy every version of the game that is released.
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    I'll buy the switch version and play it again in the SNES style graphics. I don't mind. Dragon Quest is about the only money I spend on video games anymore.
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    I am darknight 97 and I have played dragon quest since 5 years. I plan to do let's plays and hopefully improve over time.
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    Welcome to our own little slice of the Internet! Stay and enjoy!
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    Very nice Aust. I love finding this stuff and looking back at the level of corn and fluff padded into the message of "buy me please." That's a treasure. Great someone was collecting them. There were some really funky 80's VG commercials, lol, I should check out the main thread and see what's there.
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    I've been playing too and have a general idea what's happening. I can send some things if it helps
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    Took me two tries (Mac level 30) to get through the painting on strong enemies. That boss fight is pure luck. I got multi-thrust now which helps immensely. I always forget about Erik's boulder attack spells and that helped me out as well in this one. I'm dreading the dragon fight coming up fairly soon. That guy knocked me out the first time last game even without the Draconian Quest options.
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    I'd like to cut down the recording time but since there are around nine games (I have nine games).I still think around 30 minutes is a good time since there is a lot of content to be made. Tho I will definetly cut down the grinding as much as possible.
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    I was referring to people in the Facebook group Platty and I run having meltdowns about the Switch version with my post above. I should have mentioned that before, but like most Saturdays when I have to work I kind of have to blurt out what I want to post, which is not a good habit. I haven’t bothered looking anywhere else on the internet for reactions but I’m sure it’s about the same depending where you look. I’m hoping they’ll do what they did with World of Final Fantasy when it came to the Maxim version and offer a means to download and enjoy the new content. Maybe do what Dakhil said and make it available after so much time for the PS4/PC version.
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    The same reason people were upset that the 3DS version wasn’t coming and wanted to play that specific game, but still wanted to play Dragon Quest XI so they settled for the PS4 version.
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    yeah I will follow your advice
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    I finally got Platinum in Bloodborne.
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    @Plattym3 When's the pre-order quests happening for DQB2 and DQXIS? XD
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    Walmart. Last month Target had some huge sale where a number of games were $5-25, even Pokémon games, which was the big thing to tip me off to them trying to get rid of stock, and since then every store I’ve gone to has had a hollowed out 3DS section. I went to a GameStop with like three “new” games. My guess is making room for Switch games, since practically every game comes out for it now on top of having healthy first-party support, so they need extra space. Wish they’d extend that to the remaining Wii U games though. They still have a few games I’d like below $60. Repetitive is good. I’m slowly turning into a “plays games while listening to podcasts or YouTube videos” type of person so repetitive actions are good, so long as it’s fun to do.
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    So the newest Scooby-Doo movie is out and it's the finale to the 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, of all things. It's only alright so far. There's a distinctly millennial after-taste in the script, with a camped-up Vincent van Ghoul and using Fred and Daphne's imposed role-reversal to emasculate Fred.
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    Orchestrated Soundtrack for all of the people who wanted that, but also MIDI as an option? And 16-bit mode? Japanese voices in the USA version? Man, I'm glad I waited for this version, it's like a special edition. Very hyped right now
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    Here’s my guild card. Behold, the Legaciela guild! I chose the name Legaciela as a play on the word “legacy.” One that works for the legacy of my five protagonists and their accomplishments in the past games and the legacy of the series up to this point since there’s a huge combination of elements. The end bit of the name was just me trying to put some flair on the guild name, like it did with Runestus and Ferolgaun. No idea if they mean anything, just made up something I thought sounded cool! Anyway, if anyone has trouble scanning the QR code let me know. I’ll try and take a better picture if that’s the case.
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    The lack of an English dub is annoying, but personally I don’t use voices in EO games so it’s not a huge deal in my case. However, I completely get the disappointment with that decision, especially because Atlus pulled that same stunt with Strange Journey Redux and is going to do it again with Persona Q 2. EO games don’t have much voiced dialogue; usually just a few specifics lines from NPCs/player characters in Untold’s story modes and then battle cries or expressions from party members. Personally I think Sega is to blame for Atlus’s cutting corners approach with games. Yes. That certainly didn’t help. I purposely invested in Guard Order right away for my Sovereign to help with damage control, but no armor + difficulty level + no real healing = dead.
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    I lost that battle because, right after I found Birgitta’s dog Laika, I found the shortcut in the same area. I took it, ended up going to the dead end where that trap was...and well, you know the rest. Basically I was at the point where half of my TP was gone for party members, and the two who still had most of their HP and TP (Nightseeker and Sovereign) couldn’t dish out damage fast enough to deal with the 3 enemies. I’ll just have to try again after work and do some extra exploring/use Birgitta’s free healing and gain an extra level or 2. I’ll admit I got a little overblown with my post last night, but that trap being in the very first labyrinth (and on the very first floor no less) is a bastard move from the devs.
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    I'm sorry that I just noticed this topic. #1 - I'm sorry, but no one here is going to be able to help. That's not me being a jerk, that's just the reality of it. I'm a teacher and have had some mild experience with this kind of thing before, but online help can make you feel better a bit, but there's nothing we're doing that's going to really help much. You need help IRL. Please, please, please, let someone at school know about this. Talk to a guidance counselor. Talk to a trusted teacher. There's going to have to be some sort of intervention (and I've got no idea what - family counseling, ...?) to make this in any way better. YOU need to be the one to start this as you're already showing signs of needing that attention. Get help. Get it today. Talk to someone you know today. Please.
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    I put in a japanese address and use an American credit card on Amazon.co.jp for downloading DQ X and its upgrades. I never had an issue. But its possible if you do this, it can trigger an alert that you do not live in Japan but I never received one.
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    Made a boatload of pasta sauce yesterday (2 gallons). Had an extra Mason jar for beer!
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    That will get you versions 1 through 3. Version 4 will have to be purchased separately if you want the Version 4 content. There is no all in one that includes Version 4 yet (It'll probably come in a few years). The disk might have more than one installer on it. You may have to run a few installers to get everything. There is going to be a product registration code which should be inside the game box. If you don't buy Version 4, you can still play versions 1 - 3. Some content such as the 100 level cap will require version 4 even if you aren't on the Version 4 story yet.
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    They do fit the bill as the perfect bickering couple haha. Add Maribel in the mix and everyone would want to bang their heads on walls.
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    Holy cow, that's all so awesome! I especially loved the trying to board the boat with a coffin comment!
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    In fairness, Dragon Quest itself has always been iffy on worldbuilding and flavor (there was next to no flavor text in a mainline DQ game until VIII); this thread is in no small part an attempt to fix that. (It irks me, for example, that one of the bigger cosmic problems of IX goes decidedly unresolved even if you obtain 100% completion).
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    Ah, Orgo Demira, the true Demon King. I dunno, but he does have some weird fusion-gone-wrong thing going on. Edit: Then again, now that I know who he is, he's always got something going wrong with his transformations.
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    I visited a used game store and they had a ton of Nintendo Power magazines. Most of them were from 2000 or newer, but they had one issue, from May/June 1989, and it had a two page preview spread of Dragon Warrior for the NES. I can't remember if I included this when I found a bunch of the DW stuff before that Nintendo Power repository went down last year, but I scanned the 2-page spread for people to see, since it's been nearly a year since that anyways. I love the western spin on the art. Toriyama's style would have been just fine, but Trying to catch the D&D players for this series in the west, I understand.
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    Pretty sure it's Katsuya Tenada. Yeah, despite how weird some of his interpretations were (FFIV being a prime example), he did some great work. https://www.kotaku.com/5905598/nintendo-power-sure-had-some-amazing-artwork-inside/
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