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    So, to promote Dragon Quest and the interest in it, a small team of people have come together to dub the games, make fan art, translate comics and what not. We're looking to get more voice actors and our current plans are to dub the "major cut scenes" of the games and fully dub the comics. Eventually, our long term goal is to made full dubs of the games, voice the comics, and put out audio dramas. The current game we are working on is DQ VI, we then plan to move to IV and go from there. We have a total of four voice actors right now and are looking to add more to the team. I know that Team Four Star did a parody, but I feel like TFS helped to make Dragon Ball as big as it is today. The goal of the Dragon Quest Project is it inspire new young gamers to try the "older" games, and to get more people interested in Dragon Quest. If nothing else, it will be really fun to have a voiced piece of media to watch for some of my favorite Dragon Quest games.
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    My head cannon is that once she's returned to the castle she gets all cleaned up and given new clothes.
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    Another update! Someone who knows what they're doing is finally stepping in, and I am hoping to get this actually off the ground!! Hopefully this will be up and going! I'll try to update with some videos and things
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