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    Sounds like you used BitTorrent to download the mod. I got a message from my ISP about illegal download of DQ11 when I tried to download DQ11 using BitTorrent (I didn't fully download it due to lack of space on my hard drive at the time, and deleted the incomplete file before I even got the notice). BitTorrent is being tracked by IP holders. There is encrypted BitTorrent, but not all torrent downloaders support encryption. With encrypted torrents, the IP holder has to download the file in question themselves to figure out what it is. Of course, if they do that, they can easily snag the IPs of everyone downloading said file. I would recommend not using BitTorrent to download files. Unless you use a VPN that doesn't log your activity.
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    There's always going to be saltiness. There's a LOT of people pushing the notion that after Ike was given codename Brave's stats, he seems a lot like Sora. Watching the video of it, I can't see anything that indicates it's either or, given the movement is not explicitly identical to Sora. Plus the height stat given means nothing, as the nature of it is universal, not specific to actual Height, suggesting it's a function that intakes a parameter that breaks it down based likely on a number sequence for each aspect of total size within the parameter. Point being it's going to be a slim build model, and the movement indicates this. So it could be Sora, however there are no guarantees on KH3 Switch, and if so it won't be for a very long time, so correspondence is low as SE is more likely to announce it in March or April if it will come, depending on whether they can get a build working they're satisfied with. I think that will definitely come out, but who knows on the timing. While Dragon Quest 11 S is right around the corner, and would make more sense to correspond it. Plus it isn't like KH is as substantial for SE as DQ is. MUCH higher development costs for core games, and much higher due to much larger teams for spin-offs, remakes, and remasters. It's surprising how many people work on those smaller projects. Nevermind Erdrick started on the NES. The first remake was on the SNES. The second remake was on the GBC. Erdrick is a nostalgic symbol in Japan....Sora is not. Even for newer generations there's less connection to Sora I imagine than Erdrick, especially given DQ3 mobile's numbers. Nevermind the 3DS release of the first trilogy (PS4 as well, but the point is 3 appears again on a Nintendo system). Then there's DQ11 going 3DS as well, the ties the Luminary has to Erdrick, that the first major and more credible leak indicated the Luminary as a costume change, which makes sense, if not an unlockable character THROUGH using Erdrick. There's a lot of buzz in Japan about DQ3 being remade. A lot of buzz here. At least there was when the DQ3 test for DQ11's design was fully discussed and unveiled. Plus at this point they would have to fully remake the original trilogy if they're going to release it again given sales numbers are increasingly slowing with each new port. Some people say DQ1 is too small to be remade...christ that's beyond stupid. It's because it's so limited that it offers a LOT of room for development without overwhelming players with an excessively long quest. Nevermind DQ2. If Builders 1 isn't proof of this, I don't know what is. Plenty of mechanics to expand upon, nevermind story direction (hell Builders 1 seems to expand the story quite a bit). Plus Erdrick and the Luminary are the most agile of the heroes, and compared to other classes/characters, are fairly agile and often go first or second (unless you've a team of Fighters). Brave can relate to a few games and characters, but as discussed and pointed out, it's tied to EVERY DQ since the original game, and was cemented with DQ3. All Hero classes in Japan are called "Brave," rather than Hero. So definitely looking forward to Erdrick in Smash.
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    It’s totally because of Sugiyama Kobo for sure. With how protective he is about his music, it’s not all that surprising the old man found out about the mod and is trying to get it shut down somehow. Honestly it’s amazing the mod has even been around for as long as it had. I figured once the mod was announced and released he and anyone working for him would have done ANYTHING to shut the orchestral mod down.
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    Direct feed screens from Twitter Also agreed @Sackchief
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    Finished Chapter 1 of Trails in the Sky. Due to the weather around here I had a few days off from work this week so I got a lot of extra playtime in. Story was getting interesting, though I’m not sure how I feel about Estelle and Joshua being like, “Let’s just go on a big adventure now and maybe find out some more info on our dad! YEAAAAAAAAAH!” Seems odd.
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    I heard it was a birthday. I'll send you wishes then disappear for another 5 months
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    Oh I almost missed this, thank you guys
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