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    Happy to help! This is turning out to be a great experience. I've found a lot more in this guidebook than I ever have online. I'm honestly surprised I'm the first one to do this. I found some more event monsters while reading the walkthrough chapter, I'm adding those right now before I get into the scoutable monsters that are only listed in the walkthrough chapter. Finally I will go through the monster data chapter again, this time looking for events rather than scouts. I think I will edit the original post in this thread with a link to my table when I'm done for ease of access because I think it could be pretty useful to see all the monsters you can get without synthesizing in one place.
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    Is it though? I mean they forgot to put n/a on some of them early on for ones that you can't scout (they left it blank instead) but my guidebook doesn't mention the Dark World or the Light World as locations for whatever reason. Edit: on closer inspection yeah it actually is missing some information, like cyber slime and imp for example. I guess I'll just finish my table and you could combine the data from the two, because it seems that I have information it doesn't, and it has information that I don't. Edit 2: Actually I'll just add data from the wiki into my table. Sorry for all the edits, I just woke up and I'm not all there yet.
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    It is so far! I actually was at a buddy's house in Altanta some of the day, he had DQXI on his PS4. I cried. ;-;
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    These guys are all breedable in my hack. You could say the vaguest goal of my hack was to make the game take twice as long. Lately I've been strongly considering making a hack to adjust and rebalance the monster stats by rarity. It was always a bit ridiculous how some guys were super difficult to make but had terrible stats.
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    At 16:23 I beat the starry night tournament with a SpotKing (Slib), Roboster (Ross), Whipbird (Whip). I have now beat the Monster Master tamer at 23:45 with a Kingleo (BOSS), and a Goldslime (Slib, as poetic justice Slib has been apart of a long +18 breeding tree and finally reached his final form a Goldslime!) I hadn’t killed any Legacy/Postgame bosses before I beat the master which I just attempted and won with only 2 monsters! So, my new goals are to beat all travelers gates and make every monster. Then my plans after that is to move on to the second game and do the same. Another funny thing was I made a MetalKing around 5:26 but it was to hard to level so I made it into a spotking and eventually got HellBlast and Ironize for him, discovering making boss monsters before the 2nd floor of gates is a terrible idea.
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