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    Ugh don't me started on this. Oh well too late. If you are easily offended please look away. So I'm guessing what happened is the following: Some nothing loser video game "journalist" NPC combs what xe considers far-right Japanese TV show for dirt to gain notoriety. Maybe it is far right but it's hard to get an objective look at things in another language, and I don't trust most "journalist". Plus one of those a-holes dissed my DQ5r translations so their taste is clearly questionable! Sugi baby said something bad about a protected class with a very powerful and rich lobbying group. (Bad move, should have said it about white straight males, you'd be a hero!) Said group agitates cowardly video game corporation. Corporation bends over and apologies like a #$*!. Dragon Quest has 99 problems, but Sugiyama isn't one of them. Most of the 99 is the shitty localizer (if it still 8-4) and the other issue is injecting western "values" so not to offend. I'm specifically talking about the changing of crosses and the censoring of a character in DQ9 physical appearance. I'm sure there's more but I don't remember them at the moment. When I play a game made by a Japanese company its partially to escape the current lameness and thinskinness of the US culture. The more DQ is sanitized, the more cookie cutter it becomes. I don't care about SJWizm and I refuse to be forced to care. Oh, and keep on whaling! Just in case this is TL;DR, here is everything I said in a nutshell: Get woke, go broke.
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    I just completed the second visit to Sniflheim. I loved the conclusion to Erik's arc. Makes me think of how much better Jade's could've been... but I digress. With that out of the way, I can say that my experience with this game has been a cut above. It's won me over. If it's able to keep this up it's a contender for favorite game of all time. Also when Erik unlocked more of his sword abilities I was really surprised. If I'm not mistaken, I think he gets the highest amount of attack boosts from swords in the game.
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    You need some music for that dance:
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    Since this is the place where I’ve been talking about the Persona dancing games, I figured I’d mention I started playing P3 Dancing in Moonlight in earnest yesterday (I played a song or two on Wednesday), and while the songs aren’t as good and I don’t like the visual style of P3 as much as I do P5, I’m doing really well so far. I’m actually very proud, I got a King Crazy on Heartfelt Cry on Hard, which was actually on the tougher end of the Hard difficulty songs and is super fast, the second fastest song, in fact, for some reason (P3 has a lot of fast songs compared to P5).
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    Just finished the second Octagonia section in the game.
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    Just got my final grades from last semester: A- in Calculus I B+ in Discrete Structures and Japanese 201 B- in Intro to Comp Sci II *does a little dance*
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    I hope 2019 will begin with a big bang.
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    I just got beat twice from that damn Slayer of the Sands on strong monsters. I think I almost got him the first time. I gambled and lost attacking instead of healing (after Serena died) when he was sapped and tried to sleep him and get the finisher before I got overwhelmed. The 2nd time Serena got critical hit against on the first round and it all downhill from there. I'm probably going to grind until I get to the next level (17 or 18) or until I have pepped attacks ready.
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    I’m from the Midwest and I thought it was hilarious whenever Sylvando called the hero honey or darling.
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    I've heard several people in person say they won't buy Dragon Quest because of Sugiyama, and that his music has gotten more and more terrible as the franchise has gone on. Some have said they couldn't even play DQXI because of this. It's sad to hear that, of course. I wish they could look past it because of what Dwaine expanded on above. edit: I've found at least twice that the "bad music" stance is just a strawman for how they feel though.
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    Thanks to Erdrick The Hero for the in game music for Dragon Quest XI. I have uploaded it and added the menu item to the Dragon Quest XI submmenu and to the Music and Sounds page. Music and Sounds Page Dragon Quest XI Section
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