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    What would need to be done to get this game 100% complete and fully polished? Can we start with the translation available as a jumping off point (NoPrgress I believe)? Would we have to start over from scratch? Could we use the DS translation as a base and just boil off some of the puns (even though I like them, I might be in the minority)? I think the bottle neck problems are translators and hackers, correct? EDIT: Sorry for being out of the DQ loop for so long. I've been consumed with Zelda: BotW for 'bout a year 'n a half. Found this link in damarsman's signature (Help us translate Dragon Quest games!! DQ WIKI), but it seems to be dead, http://ww2.0wnag3.biz:82/mediawiki/index.php/Main_Page
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    Awesome! Along with the hard mode added in this definitely makes the 3rd purchase worth it.
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    I think eal was referring to my comment about how I hope Square Enix doesn't half-ass the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest XI.
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    EDIT: I can't read apparently. I hope that Nintendo does advertise Dragon Quest XI hard.
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