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    There is a story/translation reason for calling him the Luminary! You'll see when you get it all in context, I think. Veronica is the same, as seen in the comparison screenshot. Delcadar is actually Heliodor - the king of Heliodor is King Carnelian. ---- It's been so hard not to say anything and I'm so glad these posts all finally went up. Lots of fun things planned. I'll do my best for my beloved DQ. <3
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    I had an inkling of the 3DS version being passed on in the West. I can't think of too many games that had entirely different builds on different consoles. Square Enix probably didn't want to take sales away from the PS4 version since they seem to be using that as their push to get Dragon Quest into the Western market. Shame too because the 3ds version has a few interesting exclusive features people would've loved.
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    While I am happy it's getting localized at all... God ****ing **** it, SE. Business and all, I get it. But this is the one I would have liked to see the most in English. At least the localization adds some improvements. Hard mode was definitely needed.
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    Man, voice acting, huh. I was hoping for it, but I was definately not expecting it. Would have prefered orchestrated music over voice acting, but I am not going to complain about this. This is great. As for the 3DS version, I don't want it as much as the console version. But I hope we get it. I know some of you really wanted that version.
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    Exactly. I told my wife it's the first mainline game release since my last wife!
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    We are in fact getting fancy collectors edition, it's coming to the Squenix store. No details on its price or what's in it though.
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    I've been busy losing my #$*! over the fact I had a dream last night about missing some localization news and lo behold, we get some news! While I am sad about the 3DS version, it is what it is. Now a Steam version? I never dreamed of that! I'm holding out to see if we will get any fancy collector's edition first, then deciding which version I'll get. I know there's a lot that can be nagged about but considering how we have Michi as our SE representative, voice acting for those picky folks, and a PC version, I feel on top of the world.
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    Amazon Japan has been great for ordering them on my end. Ordered DQ7 and 11’s Symphonic suites at the same time in January and they arrived 3 days later!
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    If its not too mush to ask, could somebody make a comparison of the JP menus vs the localized menus?
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    I’m going to keep thinking optimistically and stubbornly. I’ll hold out hope for the official western release of the 3DS version, and no one will change that until I give up hope on it like I did with Dragon Quest 7’s 3DS release. Of course, that one saw the light at the end of the tunnel 3 and half years later, and while the same may not happen with DQ11’s 3DS version, I’ll be holding out hope for it no matter what anyone else thinks. That’s just how I am. One stubborn, optimistic bandit.
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    Just happened across this news on IGN. I'm a little sad about the 3DS version not coming here, but I'm not surprised, and the PS4 version is the one I wanted more anyway.
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    I'll be the one to #$*! immediately that we're not getting 3DS. Screw Squeenix. That said, I finish my masters degree 11 days before release. Happy graduation gift to me.
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    What bizarre localization changes. I'll probably just buy the PC version. No reason to get the others since I've purchased the other two already. Damn shame about the lack of 3DS version though. It's the best one in my opinion.
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    Parenting (partial) win: After sadly (yet unsurprisingly) learning it'd be over $5k for Plattym4 to attend the private school I work at, the wife and I started double-checking the local schools. Oddly enough, we're zoned for one in a 1 traffic light town 10 miles away. But we're surrounded by local charter schools. After failing to meet the deadline for one that doesn't deny anyone in our neighborhood or town, we were devistated to realize we had 0 local backup plan. Whew! Luckily at 3pm today I got a call from one of our top 2 choices and where Plattym4's girlfriend will be attending next year and he got in! Will find out about the other one Thursday, but at least we didn't get bit by lack of backup plan! That'd been weighing on me for a month.
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    Congrats on leveling up!
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    I didn't vote for that one, but it would have been my second choice. Very excellent! I liked them all, really. Quality side quests.
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