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    There's not many entries. I should throw my hat in. Side Quest Title:James and the Giant Pear Side Quest Sequence: Step 1:In Kol's inn, go the second floor and speak to the kid by the table. He'll ask if you you're a warrior. Respond yes and he'll introduce himself as James, a upcoming Monster Master but that his only monster, a Gigadraco he calls Pear Dragon, has gone out of control. He'll ask if youll help pacify the monster. Step 2:From Kol, go around the mountains to the forest in the south east. In the top right square of the trees is a hidden cave where you can find the Gigadraco. Beat it. Step 3:Go back to Kol and speak with James. He'll ask you to escort him to to cave. He'll begin following you, but won't participate in combat. Once in the cave he'll explain how his brother is a big name in the taming circuit and he's trying to follow suit. His brother gave him the Gigadraco, and James lost control due to his inexperience. He then says he'll be staying in the cave, saying he doubts he can go to town with a monster in tow. Before you leave the cave, James will stop you and give you... Side Quest Reward:Monster Munchies. Using them on the field increases the encounter rate for a while. Using them in battle will sometimes make monsters not attack for a few turns. Can be used infinitly. Can't be sold. Artwork under spoiler tag
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