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    OK, I moved the file from the Joker section and removed from that menu. Added to the main site menu called it "Friend Codes - 3DS". I will make it a subsection if we add more types of codes. http://www.woodus.com/den/site/friend_codes.php
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    Damn, that's really good. Better than my stick figures.
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    I've been drawing and writing and learning = u= I'm really trying to push myself this year and challenge myself to grow. And I'm proud to say I am really sticking to my resolutions so far and its paying off! I also dyed my hair so I feel cool. XD Now if only I could learn cooking. But that might result in me poisoning somebody < .<;;
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    Added a WIP. I gotta finish coloring his bodeh and make teh background and effects but I think I did an okie job.
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