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    I'm sorry that I just noticed this topic. #1 - I'm sorry, but no one here is going to be able to help. That's not me being a jerk, that's just the reality of it. I'm a teacher and have had some mild experience with this kind of thing before, but online help can make you feel better a bit, but there's nothing we're doing that's going to really help much. You need help IRL. Please, please, please, let someone at school know about this. Talk to a guidance counselor. Talk to a trusted teacher. There's going to have to be some sort of intervention (and I've got no idea what - family counseling, ...?) to make this in any way better. YOU need to be the one to start this as you're already showing signs of needing that attention. Get help. Get it today. Talk to someone you know today. Please.
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    There are certain game companies I don't support and it all comes down to how the heads of the company interact with people. I'm not talking about people like Kamiya, which is mostly done for persona and laughs. It's the ones that spew nastiness and insult fans on forums and Twitter. Not only does it hurt the product, it hurts the employees. Putting "my views are my own" or some jazz in a bio doesn't absolve you when you're the face of a company. That doesn't mean you can't be passionate or outspoken. There's a certain level of responsibility people seem to be missing. Arrogance and spite have replaced constructive dialogue. Sugiyama, however, doesn't act this way at all. If you want to know his views, you have to actively seek them out. As far as I know, he's never associated his views with the Dragon Quest brand. That's what people are doing lately. It would be like saying supporting DQ supports real estate fraud because of Toriyama being named in the Paradise Papers. Both are hugely successful independent creators that are contracted to work on this series. Now if Yuji Horii was going around and saying those things and insulting people, that'd be one thing! That's not the case. Horii has always been friendly with the producers and community managers positively representing the brand. Sugiayama's views, while sad and unfortunate, is a tangent, convenient way to mar the series. So many of the people who make this stand think they're being so progressive; so woke. It's all just empty rhetoric. It doesn't help anyone.
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    OK, that's enough. We've had thoughtful discussion on the topic, but this is what it always comes down to. And I'm sick of it. The Dragon Quest series has gone through so much to get to where it is today. Now you can't have a mainstream topic about it without shitposts like this. "DQ supports homophobia." No, it doesn't, and if you want to wish for his death, feel free to chant that all you want on ResetEra. I'm done seeing it here. Discussion is fine, but I'm going to start deleting ignorant and spiteful comments.
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    Ugh don't me started on this. Oh well too late. If you are easily offended please look away. So I'm guessing what happened is the following: Some nothing loser video game "journalist" NPC combs what xe considers far-right Japanese TV show for dirt to gain notoriety. Maybe it is far right but it's hard to get an objective look at things in another language, and I don't trust most "journalist". Plus one of those a-holes dissed my DQ5r translations so their taste is clearly questionable! Sugi baby said something bad about a protected class with a very powerful and rich lobbying group. (Bad move, should have said it about white straight males, you'd be a hero!) Said group agitates cowardly video game corporation. Corporation bends over and apologies like a #$*!. Dragon Quest has 99 problems, but Sugiyama isn't one of them. Most of the 99 is the shitty localizer (if it still 8-4) and the other issue is injecting western "values" so not to offend. I'm specifically talking about the changing of crosses and the censoring of a character in DQ9 physical appearance. I'm sure there's more but I don't remember them at the moment. When I play a game made by a Japanese company its partially to escape the current lameness and thinskinness of the US culture. The more DQ is sanitized, the more cookie cutter it becomes. I don't care about SJWizm and I refuse to be forced to care. Oh, and keep on whaling! Just in case this is TL;DR, here is everything I said in a nutshell: Get woke, go broke.
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    Hit mute. 1. On the game if you're so offended. 2. On the people who do that. Don't need to read so much negatively in life.
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    The other day on the DataHoarder subreddit, somebody posted an archive of around 90 GB of video game commercials dating backing to the 80s through to modern consoles. I looked through them and pulled out only the DQ ads as I thought someone here might want them. They aren't all very good quality, many of them having been captured from VHS and then compressed digitally, but for many of them I imagine they're the only copies in existence. There are Japanese as well as international commercials. Many of them, like some of the EU DQIX commercials I had never seen before. Here's an upload if somebody wants them, or if @Woodus wants them for the site. They're organized by game system in different directories. Around 180 video files at about 1.5 GB total zipped. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ucc8u3wx1wizd3p/DQ_Commercials.7z/file
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    Hi I recently started playing all of the DQ's because 11 was my first. The game is pretty enjoyable. It's a slow burn but in a good way. The summary is you basically play as a luminary to fight off the dark lord. If you've played DQ 1-3 those could essentially mean something of importance to you. My favorite character was Erik. Not only for his personality but because he is super OP when you have him in your party for farming metal slimes. You should really try it. I played it on ps4 and played literally nothing else until i finished it. The investment into the story is definitely worth it.
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    Hey thanks man. It makes me happy I can do this for people. Believe me, I'd LOVE to jump ahead and do the SNES remakes. I think you're right in that if I did do that, the other games wouldn't get done. I'm still a novice to rom hacking so I like to stay with what I know and what I'm used to, learning as I go, than jumping systems and having to learn new procedures, tools, etc. And I know people aren't exactly foaming at the mouth to play Dragon Warrior 2 of all games, but I don't want to leave gaps for possible newcomers who insist on playing the originals. Sounds great! I honestly don't know much about that stuff, just keep in mind with the rom expansion needed to accompany the script this definitely won't work on the original cartridge. Anyway, progress update. The script is pretty much finished and updated DW2's strange dictionary system mentioned a few posts back. The intro is definitely a conundrum for me. It's not just the text (DW2 had the third person narration, the monsters speaking) that's completely different, but the "choreography" of the sprites. I'm thinking of dumping the third person narration just for the intro and use the modern style *: labeling (there's no parenthesis in the game like DW1 so I'm going to use the asterisk for the various emotes in the game like sob or sigh). I hope to really capture and compare both versions side by side and see if it's possible to match them up. Oh and if you haven't checked, version DW1 1.3c featuring a ton of fixes based off reports and feedback is out. I think there's one little typo and another little title screen tweak by Chicken Knife for a future update otherwise it's pretty final.
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    I also have to agree with this group as well. Sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone just to chat, let me give you a list of numbers that really might help you out In the United States, contact Your Life Your Voice: 1-800-448-3000 Text VOICE to 20121 http://www.yourlifeyourvoice.org/ email For other countries, contact Befrienders: 1-800-448-3000 http://www.befrienders.org/about-self-harm For Eating Disorders In the US, contact the National Eating Disorders Association: 1-800-931-2237; info@myneda.org; www.NationalEatingDisorders.org Suicide Prevention If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please contact your local law enforcement or a suicide hotline immediately. Please see below for suicide hotlines by country Worldwide Befrienders http://www.befrienders.org United States National Suicide Prevention Lifeline http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org http://www.facebook.com/800273talk/ (chat support) 1 800 273 TALK (8255) Veteran/Military Crisis Line (for active U.S. service members, veterans, and family members) http://www.veteranscrisisline.net 1 800 273 8255 SMS: 838255 The Trevor Project (for LGBT youth, friends and family members) http://www.thetrevorproject.org 1 866 488 7386 Crisis Text Line http://www.facebook.com/crisistextline (chat support) SMS: Text "HERE" to 741-741 Canada Kids Help Phone (for youth under 20) 1-800-668-6868 For people over 20, find a crisis center that serves your area: http://suicideprevention.ca/need-help/ First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line 1-855-242-3310 (toll-free, 24 hours) United Kingdom Samaritans http://www.samaritans.org 116 123 jo@samaritans.org PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide https://www.papyrus-uk.org/ 0800 068 41 41 (weekdays 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, weekends 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM, and Bank Holidays 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM) SMS: 07786 209 697 pat@papyrus-uk.org Ireland Samaritans http://www.samaritans.org 116 123 jo@samaritans.org Pieta House - Suicide and Self-harm Crisis Center http://www.pieta.ie/ 1800 247 247 (24 hour Freephone helpline) SMS: Text HELP to 51444 (standard message rates apply) mary@pieta.ie Jigsaw – the National Center for Youth Mental Health http://www.jigsaw.ie/ 01-4727 010 info@jigsaw.ie Germany Telefonseelsorge http://www.telefonseelsorge.de https://chat.telefonseelsorge.org (chat support) 0800 111 0 111 0800 111 0 222 Nummer gegen Kummer https://www.nummergegenkummer.de 0800 111 0 550 (adults) 0800 111 0 333 (teens) Argentina Hablemos de Todo http://www.hablemosdetodo.gob.ar Australia ReachOut Australia https://au.reachout.com/urgent-help 13 11 14 Kids Helpline http://www.kidshelp.com.au 1800 55 1800 Headspace (ages 12-25) http://headspace.org.au/ beyondblue http://bb.org.au/1lmergR (email any time or chat online between 3:00 PM - midnight AET) 1300 22 4636 Austria Rat auf Draht http://rataufdraht.orf.at 147 Diözese Linz http://www.telefonseelsorge.at/ 142 Belgium Centrum Ter Preventie Van Zelfdoding http://www.zelfmoord1813.be 1813 Centre de Prévention du Suicide http://www.preventionsuicide.be 0800 32 123 Brazil CVV http://www.cvv.org.br http://www.cvv.org.br/chat.php (chat support) 188 atendimento@cvv.org.br Bulgaria Национален център за безопасен интернет (Bulgarian Safer Internet Center) https://www.safenet.bg/bg/ 124123 Национална телефонна линия за деца (National Child Helpline) http://116111.bg/ 116 111 Chile Todo Mejora https://todomejora.org/apoyo/ (email or chat support) Croatia HRABRI Telefon (for teens) http://www.hrabritelefon.hr/ https://www.facebook.com/HrabriTelefon/ 116 111 (Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM) Czech Republic Linka bezpečí http://www.linkabezpeci.cz 116 111 Pražská linka důvěry 222 580 697 Linka důvěry Ostrava http://www.mnof.cz/linka_duvery 596 618 908 737 267 939 Linka duševní tísně Most http://www.mostknadeji.eu/linka-dusevni-tisne 476 701 444 (from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM) Skype: ldt.most Linka důvěry DKC 241 484 149 Skype: ld_dkc Denmark Livslinien http://www.livslinien.dk 70 201 201 (11:00-23:00 daily) BørneTelefonen https://bornetelefonen.dk/ring 116 111 (11:00-23:00 daily) Estonia MTÜ Peaasjad https://www.peaasi.ee/ http://peaasi.ee/kysi-noustajalt/ (online counseling) https://www.facebook.com/Peaasi.ee/ Finland Suomen Mielenterveysseura http://www.mielenterveysseura.fi 010 195 202 France S.O.S Amitié http://www.sos-amitie.com 09 72 39 40 50 Net Ecoute (for teens) http://www.netecoute.fr/ 0 800 200 000 Ghana Step To Life Foundation Ghana 0244239629 Greece Suicide Prevention Centre Klimaka NGO 1018 Hamogelo (for teens under 18) http://www.hamogelo.gr/37.1/Ethnikh-thlefonikh-grammh-gia-ta-poidia-SOS-1056 1056 Hong Kong The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong (香港撒瑪利亞防止自殺會) http://www.help4suicide.com.hk http://www.sbhk.org.hk 2389 2222 soulbox@sbhk.org.hk The Samaritans Hong Kong (香港撒瑪利亞會) http://www.samaritans.org.hk 2896 0000 Hungary LESZ http://www.sos-116-123.eoldal.hu/ https://www.facebook.com/eOldal.hu/ 116 123 sos@sos505.hu Kek Vonal http://www.kek-vonal.hu/index.php/hu/lelkisegely-vonal http://www.kek-vonal.hu/index.php/hu/interaktiv-kapcsolatok 116-111 Iceland Rauði krossinn (Red Cross) https://www.raudikrossinn.is/polski https://www.facebook.com/raudikrossinn/ 1717 (open 24/7) India AASRA http://www.aasra.info 91-22-27546669 aasrahelpline@yahoo.com iCall 022-25521111 icall@tiss.edu Israel ERAN http://www.eran.org.il 1201 SAHAR http://www.sahar.org.il (Hebrew) http://www.sahar.org.il/?categoryId=63068 (Arabic) Italy Telefono Azzurro (for teens under 18) http://www.azzurro.it http://consulenzaonline.azzurro.it/xchatty/chat.html (chat support) 19696 Telefono Amico http://www.telefonoamico.it 199 284 284 Japan Tokyo Suicide Prevention Center(東京自殺防止センター) http://www.befrienders-jpn.org/ 03-5286-9090 (open year round from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM / (Tuesday only) from 5:00 PM to 6:00 AM) Inochi-no-Denwa(日本いのちの電話連盟) http://www.inochinodenwa.org/lifeline.php 0570-783-556 (Navi dial from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM) Kenya Befrienders Kenya https://www.befrienderskenya.org (chat support) Call or text +254 722178177 (from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM) Call or text +254 736542304 (from 7: 00 AM to 9:00 PM) befrienderskenya@gmail.com Latvia Skalbes http://www.skalbes.lv 371 67222922 (from 9:00 to 17:00) 371 27722292 (from 9:00 to 17:00) Lithuania Lithuanian Association of Emotional Support Lines http://www.klausau.lt Vaikų Linija (Child line) http://www.vaikulinija.lt 116 111 (from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM) Jaunimo Linija (Youth line) http://www.jaunimolinija.lt/laiskai/ 8 800 28888 Vilties Linija (Hope line) http://www.kpsc.lt/vilties_linija.html 116 123 vilties.linija@gmail.com Pagalbos Moterims Linija (Women’s line) http://www.moteriai.lt 8 800 66366 (from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM) pagalba@moteriai.lt Linija Doverija (Trust Line) 8 800 77277 (Monday - 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11:00 PM) 116 000 Linka detskej dôvery https://www.linkadeti.sk/linka-detskej-dovery (chat support) 055/234 72 72 Skype: linkadeti odkazy@linkadeti.sk Linka dôvery (for adults) 055/622 23 23 (Monday - Friday, 7:30 - 19:30 and nonstop Saturday - Sunday) Linka nádeje (for adults) 055/644 11 55 (Monday - Friday, 7:30 - 19:30, nonstop Saturday - Sunday) Liga za duševné zdravie (for adults) https://www.dusevnezdravie.sk/online-poradna/ 02/638 15592 IPčko 0907 404 291 ipcko@ipcko.sk South Africa The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) http://www.sadag.org 0800 567 567 0800 70 80 90 0800 12 13 14 SMS: 31393 South Korea HopeClick http://www.hopeclick.or.kr 중앙자살예방센터 (Korea Suicide Prevention Center) http://www.spckorea.or.kr +82 2-2203-0053 spc@spckorea.or.kr 보건복지부 보건복지콜센터 (Ministry of Health & Welfare Call Center) 129 (24시간 위기상담 / 24 hour hotline) 정신건강증진센터 정신건강위기상담전화 (Mental Health Center Crisis Counseling) 1577-0199 (24시간 위기상담 / 24 hour hotline) Spain Teléfono de la Esperanza http://telefonodelaesperanza.org 717 003 717 Sweden Mind https://mind.se/ https://mind.se/sjalvmordslinjen/ (chat support) 90101 Switzerland Tel 143 http://www.143.ch https://www.143.ch/Beratung/Chat-Kontakt (chat support) 143 Taiwan Taiwan Suicide Prevention Center (台灣自殺防治中心) http://www.tspc.tw 0800 788 995 Ukraine Ла Страда-Украина (La Strada Ukraine) http://www.la-strada.org.ua/ 0 800 500 335 (free calls from fixed and mobile phones all over Ukraine) 386 (free from mobile phones) National Child Toll-Free Hotline (Monday - Friday 12:00 - 20:00, Saturdays 12:00 - 16:00) 0 800 500 225 (free calls from fixed and mobile phones all over Ukraine) 116 111 (free from mobile phones) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where’s my Sylvando figure? No Sylvando, no buy.
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    I thought it would be nice to share some Japan exclusive stuff with the Western audience.
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    Yeah, I’d have to echo this. While I didn’t play a main series game until 2010 since I wasn’t really in the know about Dragon Warrior returning to the Dragon Quest name, I consider myself a longtime fan since I first played Dragon Warrior Monsters on my GBC. It and both versions of Monsters 2 were the only games related to the series I had for along time and I loved most everything about those games (especially 2), but I felt right at home when I finally started playing the main series with III (GBC version) and IV (DS version). I felt kind of dense since it took me so long to finally play a main series game/learn about the name change, but I’m glad I did start playing many more games from the series the past 9 years, have enjoyed many great DQ experiences old, new, and imported and found this wonderful website/forum/group of DQ fans.
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    I don't think I'll ever stop being a DQ fan lol. This game is my LIFE.
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    I guess it's like DQV, given Gemma and the Hero grew up together, and all the statements indicating she wants no one else, and wants her Luminary to come back to her, Gemma is in a way a far more strongly connected Bianca. Though given the events that transpire, it isn't like Horii didn't write in each female as though there could be a stronger connection due to their travels and surviving trials and tribulations together. I am surprised that the option for multiple wives wasn't available from the start, nor a greater emphasis, like actually witnessing a wedding. It isn't like he didn't set the story up for this to happen. There's at least 3 different points foreshadowing the likelihood of such an event. Then the way it works out is a little ridiculous. I mean it isn't like after having saved the day Gemma would need a wish to marry him...that made no sense. Literally no sense. It also takes away the idea of a fun fiesta in between the first set of major events in Act 3, and right before the true final boss reveals himself. That could easily have been written in. Or wait until Cobblestone is complete, then top it off with a wedding celebration. It's not like Cobblestone's mayor doesn't double down on the Luminary marrying his daughter "when" he returns or anything. Or his adoptive mother indicating that your character and Gemma are essentially a married couple already given how close you two are, and obviously wanting to make that a reality so you'd have extra reason to return or anything... So given that it would make sense to do a whole setup, have a special event, and you pick your wife under certain circumstances in the midst of it. Maybe another night restless night under the tree... It really surprised me especially given 11 takes a lot from 8 as well, and there's even more foreshadowing for marriage in 11 than 8 ever had! Long before I spoiled myself on it, just walking back into Cobblestone in Act 2, seeing everyone alive, and the language and dialogue has a lot of hints and focus on marriage...and how great it is that Gemma has the Hero...and how you two should get together, and how Gemma's waiting for you to return and will keep the village in great shape until your return...to her, specifically her, not the village, not his mum, but HER! I want to shake Horii, ask him wtf he was thinking making it a wish. That would have been so much fun seeing a proper wedding party.
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    Oh, I will never run out of things to make fun of regarding Jessica. For @ignasia, since he asked, and for the rest of you: whenever I get Jessica's puff-puff, her skirt glitches, and so I get an interesting shot of her leggings. The main character's dialog is too funny for the scene.
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    ^ He probably just thinks DBZ fans suck. I feel the same way of plenty of fandoms. I’m sure we all do.
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    I’m from the Midwest and I thought it was hilarious whenever Sylvando called the hero honey or darling.
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    I think the only two monsters that are missing are the two cell phone monsters.
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    And on today's episode of Hunting Atlas, I couldn't find any of the Wanted!, which is what I'm hunting (I must've seen three dozen of the brutes so far, and the only Wanted! I've seen so far killed me at the eleventh hour). I'd planned on mobbing one with about ten Multicoloured Mannequins I'd recruited (since I was trying to bump their hunted numbers up, which is a ridiculously high 300), but decided to spend them all on a regular Atlas instead. It was fun cruising around with nearly a dozen post-game critters mauling all the local slimes and what not, but I still need to kill a Wanted! Atlas. I'll try again later this week, --- Share your own Heroes-series tales below.
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    I actually have a Beta SP of a Dragon Quest VIII commercial that ran on MTV in 2005. I worked there at the time and when the commercial came in I know we typically junked tapes after they were digitized, so I asked the video team to return the tape to me when it was complete. I don't have a Beta SP player or a means to record the footage, though. At this point the tape is just some random DQ swag in my collection.
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    I was going to post about this. I'm not sure what to expect of this. But I hope it turns out a good moovie. V is the best one for such an adaptation.
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    I'm considering making some custom NES carts to practice soldering/working on boards. I might do a Dragon Warrior > Dragon Quest (Re-Quest) conversion. (I'd only use a donor board if the cartridge was damaged and I already had to repair it.) If I can't find a DW1 board that needs repair (or another game using the same mapper), I'll get some aftermarket boards. There's a website that sells brand new boards for homebrew, I think they support a few different mapper types, and have slots where you can drop in EEPROM chips. They're made for stuff like this and homebrew.
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    Hello, Choppasmith! This is my first post here. This project is so amazing it convinced me to join and post to thank you for your amazing efforts. I just recently got into the Dragon Quest series, and have been plugging away at the original Dragon Warrior on NES. This version of the original game will be great to have alongside the official versions. I really appreciate your stance on tackling the games in chronological order, instead of just immediately jumping into the fan favorites first. I think it's more productive to do it the way you are now. Otherwise, one might lose interest and never get around to doing the less favorite games in the series. Doing them in chronological order is fair for everyone, I think. I will be following this project closely. Thanks again for your amazing work!
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    Thanks to a tip from a certain member of the slime family @Plattym3 RPGamer has bestowed Dragon Quest XI with their Game of the Year award! https://rpgamer.com/2018-awards/game-of-the-year/ And subsequently best Turn-Based RPG https://rpgamer.com/2018-awards/best-turn-based-rpg
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    Gotta get back in time! *cue Huey Lewis music*
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    Another update! Someone who knows what they're doing is finally stepping in, and I am hoping to get this actually off the ground!! Hopefully this will be up and going! I'll try to update with some videos and things
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    So many gamers are like children. Honestly, there's going to come a time when there needs to be a reckoning. I know some AAA companies and titles pull some stupid #$*! and there are ample reasons for a lot of gamers to get pissed, but it's individual, not industry-wide. I get if people want to move away from EA or Activision (WoW accounts are actually going downhill now, with quite a few major players who stuck it out since the start making videos about leaving, which is very bad for Blizzard...very, as WoW has been their consistent money maker, and Fortnight is not going to remain popular given the genre, but who knows). There's so much ridiculous anger, and people not willing to even pay attention to other games. I guess for the companies they feel they have to put up with it, as these are their audiences. Granted it's probably a very small minority of gamers, but it is a sizeable vocal group that just gets pissy over anything. There's a huge DQ fan who predicted certain things concerning a Dragon Quest...I think 7. Anyway, some gamers took it to heart when he was wrong (no e3 announcement when he said there would be one, back in 2016 I think?), and he's had death threats, and people drive by his house after being doxxed. It hasn't happened for years, but for a few months the guy was terrorized because some gamers took to heart that Dragon Quest 7 3DS would be announced, because he claimed insider info, and was wrong. Whether he had info or not isn't the point, the point is that some people took verbal abuse online to a whole new level. I seriously think there are some gamers who need a good spanking, or a tar and feather...publicly so they feel shamed (hopefully), and calm the fudge down. I wish I were joking, but I feel bad for that guy. Ace Combat is a really good simulation series too, but regardless, the man definitely did not deserve that. I brought up something similar on gamefaqs, and I was accused of being abusive and a monster. I did carry it a bit far though, but the intent was to make the point that there are some gamers who just have no sense of self-control, and they make the rest of us look really bad by comparison, especially when they take matters in to their own hands over emotional hurdles. Though in my case it was due to someone not caring about making major story reveals in every post. Granted after the whole exchange he stopped, and I did carry things a bit far, but for me it's just unbelievable either the apathy for certain things or the childish emotional bullshit. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/twit I sometimes get the impression Twitter was created on purpose for this reason, to showcase to the world how stupid and annoying some people can be by giving them a platform and limiting their vocabulary, so they naturally degrade themselves in smaller bytes...or maybe to encourage the dullwitted amongst us. Not saying that most or all twitter users are themselves twits, but I get the impression that was the intention for the platform...afterall I would be saying I myself am a twit given I use it, and I don't think I am.
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    Thanks so much for the heads up! This is actually something I've wanted to bring up for some time. I'm very much interested in collecting things like this, old press kits, and such to preserve the history of the early days. I don't know if I've got the spare cash for it. If I snagged it, I'd like to dump the rom to see if anything has changed. There was a version at CES with a title screen similar to the original logo.
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    Shameless plug for my Amazon account Volume 1 - https://amzn.to/2sz17LZ Volume 2 - https://amzn.to/2AQLS5B Volume 3 - https://amzn.to/2sCNuep
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    Haven't been playing games for the past years, but I'm still big fan. The game was on sale on Steam last on christmas week and surprisingly my laptop was able to run it on low settings. I'm addicted to it, but soon I won't be able to play for a long while again so I'm just rushing through the post game. Just an amazing game. The big plot twist really suprised me, it's one of the best games in the series for sure. I love the characters and the gameplay. That's all I can say.
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    Happy to help! This is turning out to be a great experience. I've found a lot more in this guidebook than I ever have online. I'm honestly surprised I'm the first one to do this. I found some more event monsters while reading the walkthrough chapter, I'm adding those right now before I get into the scoutable monsters that are only listed in the walkthrough chapter. Finally I will go through the monster data chapter again, this time looking for events rather than scouts. I think I will edit the original post in this thread with a link to my table when I'm done for ease of access because I think it could be pretty useful to see all the monsters you can get without synthesizing in one place.
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    My number one feature, alternate marriages, is already in... so I’d have to go with Monster taming and maybe more casino games. I would also love to see more outfits from all the heroes of Dragon Quest like they did with VIII. Also a new ending and final boss would be sick as hell.
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    Made a boatload of pasta sauce yesterday (2 gallons). Had an extra Mason jar for beer!
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    The first two DWM games were severely underrated with the Pokemon hype train running around. DWM2 is absolutely fantastic, but there are a few things in DWM1 that are really cool and are missed in DWM2. I liked the concept of the Traveler's Gates and that the last room of each gate had the gate's boss and the room was thematically tied to whatever game the boss was from (for instance, the green dragon had the princess in the room and the golem was standing in front of a town). I liked the additional traveler's gates hidden all over GreatTree. I also thought it was cooler to play as characters from mainline DQ games... not knocking Cobi or Tara, but getting to play as Terry was a really cool touch and having Milayou (Milly) as your rival was icing on the cake.
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    Monsters 2 was always my favorite of the Monsters related games. Tara’s Adventure was the one I ended up playing the most back in the day.
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    It is odd. It’s kind of like a flip of what DQ11’s handheld and home console versions were like: the 3DS version of 11 has a lot more exclusive content, while the PS4 version looks nicer but lacks the additional stuff. They are still the same games for the most part, but handle a few things differently from one another. I suppose we don’t have to worry about the handheld versions of either game since we never got them, but at least now the DS version of Ni No Kuni has the full fan translation now, including the spell book they included with that version being fan translated too ( @Plattym3printed out the whole thing too!). Hopefully DQ11 3DS will follow in the next few years. Anyway, I haven’t been RPGing much the last two weeks. I’ve been so absorbed with Red Dead Redemption 2 I haven’t really thought about RPGs! I have been messing around in Dragon Quest IV mobile recently when I’m not home and so far I’m halfway through Torneko’s chapter (hence him being my current profile picture). I forgot how much money you can earn in his chapter, and while you can’t take his gold amount to chapter 5 I may take advantage of the gold earning and buy some extra Cautery Swords to sell off later. There’s always room in your bag, as the merchants of Dragon Quest say.... 😏
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    I’m glad others find that movie funny in places. Sorry, but while I like Star Wars....boy, A New Hope just has some weird #$*! in it. Did you notice how some characters (especially Leia) has a British accent but then loses it? Then you have the light saber “fight,” between Obi Wan and Darthy Boy. The prequel trilogy may be pretty meh, but all three of those movies have much better fight scenes. At least Emprie Strikes Back had the much better fight between Luke and Vader. That’s pretty cool. She and the guy who voiced Brock/James from the early seasons were some of my favorite voice actors as a kid. And Dan Green. Dan Green is another favorite since I watched YuGiOh a lot as a young’un.
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    People taking extreme offense to Sugiyama's personal politics to the point where they hate the music out of spite make up the tiniest portion of gamers who even know what Dragon Quest is. I don't think they make any type of impact at all, and their arguments that try to connect musical quality and game quality to politics are completely trivial. If the actual quality of the compositions for mainline DQ games have wavered recently it's because the man is extremely old and is well past his prime as a composer. This is evidenced further by his or the developer's willingness to reuse tracks from older games in larger quantities rather than use new compositions: beginning with DQVIII and gradually increasing to the numerous reused compositions found in DQXI. Bottom line: Hate the guy. That's fine. I don't agree with his views either. But his views have nothing to do with the music composition, the music quality or the game. If you don't play DQ because of the music composer's personal politics that's entirely your choice and your loss.
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    One of the things that made Stan Lee so great is that he well represented both sides of a creative personality. Creators like Kirby and especially Ditko were introverted. Without Stan's enthusiasm and casual writing style, the books never would've caught on the way they did. He was a fun, witty, and welcoming personality. He was always excited about Marvel and wanted you to be just as excited as him. It's such a stark contrast to the Marvel of today.
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    I first heard about Sugiyama being a part of the Washington Post advertisement from a random comment by Jeremy Parish. That was back in 2007. Can't say if he's patient zero, but he often writes about DQ. He eventually wrote an article and it slowly snowballed ever since. I started seeing it pop up more and more. Not from players, but yes, from journalists. Was it news? Yeah. Was it relevant news? I don't know. Like I said, Suigiyama has never associated his views with the Dragon Quest brand. It's awful, but nothing I would've reported on. Though sometimes it's good when things like this are reported on so misinformation can snuffed out. ...Then again, I see so many articles that blatantly ignore facts. All the more reason to research and come to your own conclusion. Sugiyama's views stem from the typical nationalist "Japan is perfect and does no wrong" mentality. Only amped up to Ultra Instinct level. When Japan itself thinks his views are too extreme, yeah, that's a problem. Sugiyama was pushing revisionist history hard. He was saying extreme acts of violence and forced prostitution never happened, when they had long been documented and even acknowledged by the Japanese government. Not only does he thinks these events never existed, he believes they're all tall tales made up by us gorgeous red-blooded Americans to smear them. It's unclear if Sugiyama was always so passionate about this. The Washington Post advertisement was apparently his idea. His stance is given no more weight than Flat Earther or holocaust denier. The real facts far outweigh those with similar beliefs. There's not a chance of them convincing anyone. I'd no idea he even had a TV show, so if he was such a monster, you'd think we'd hear more about it. That was pretty much it for the past decade. The shitstorm really didn't start until a random fan on Twitter recorded and subtitled the interview. A better translation was posted later. Kiwi Farms content generator ResetEra heard about the interview on his show, flailed its arms, and began calling for his death. No, really. While their reaction was over the top, there were legitimate reasons to be upset. Sugiyama was laughing with a politician over LGBT suicide rates. The suicide rate in Japan is disturbing alone, and I'm sure it's much worse for LGBT folks in a more conservative nation. This interview went beyond forgivable ignorance. It was heartless. So where do we go from here? We all know he has these views. Do we keep bringing it up with every release? What good does that do? The western audience can't nag Horii and Square Enix into dropping Sugiyama. They're not going to pretend 30 years of work, music that defined the franchise, garnered numerous accolades, made history, and the millions earned from all the soundtracks and concerts was for nothing. Let's say Horii and Square Enix do try to push him out or give him a window job. Sugiyama will fight back. And win! He owns all the music. One one hand, It's an unprecedented victory for creator rights. On the other, his strict licensing control is hurting the series. We're not hearing many symphonic compositions overseas. It's too expensive. He wants so much that people can't stream some of the games. Square Enix would have to buy his entire catalogue. Every piece of music. Every single composition wherever it appears, games, albums, concerts, etc. His contract would have to be renegotiated, because I'm sure he has several clauses for all of that, plus his involvement in future titles and ventures. And that's if he'd even be willing. It would cost millions. The company probably wouldn't be able to afford it or the time it would take to earn it back would make it not worth the trouble. So yeah, I'd have PR toss out an apology too! Sugiyama is a cog in a massive machine. He will always be a part of it. Personally, I don't find it fair to the countless producers, writers, artists, designers, coders, testers, and everything inbetween. While I certainly don't agree with views, they don't pose a direct threat to anyone. Some people don't shop at Walmart. Some people won't eat at Chick-fil-A. If you don't want to buy the games, it's your choice. Make it and move on. REEEing on ResetEra isn't changing anything. Take that money and support an artist you love. Donate to a reputable charity for LGBT, suicide prevention, war relief, or rape victims. Or all of the above. That was the head of 8-4. He looked at a couple screen shots and trashed it on a forum. Didn't even play it. That's why I don't support 8-4. The localization staff they have now is great. The sheer volume Shloc has done in the past few years has been amazing. Quality stuff. They even went in and touched up DQ VI. And I'm glad there are good people working at the company now who are dedicated to the game's success. The crosses were changed to the Goddess symbol back in VIII and have been implemented in all of the games. I'm OK with it. It fits. Plus I'm OK with changing a face to avoid another PR nightmare. (Remember Oil Man in Megaman Powered Up? Oh, Capcom... You know everyone in the US office was like, "Why? Whyyyyyy?!")
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    You're not kidding. That was a really hard shift. Breaking news: Old man says controversial #$*!. That reminds me of a Bill Burr bit.
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    Take a look at this video. This is normally a good channel. It's a perfectly fine piece until about the last third when her tone significantly shifts. She comes off overly snotty and snide. By the end she sounds like the type that would say, "He's, like, a total garbage person!" unironically.
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    Merry Christmas to the forum and its members. May God & Christ bless you all today and for the Christmas season to come.
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    Merry Christmas to you Mefista (and everyone else here). ---- So let's see, you have people who have an opinion and wish to express it by not buying a game? Ok, that's their loss. It's stupid because as mentioned by Dwaine one individual's outlook and views on certain topics is then impacting everyone else, and regardless of opinions, it's the actions taken within the context of making a product itself that ultimately should count towards whether something should be respected or not. Benjamin Franklin was not opposed to slavery for most of his life. Owning 6 until 1781, when he changed his mind after being exposed to a school with black children. That altered his perception that black people were inferior to white people. So should we ignore his personal research and dump his inventions, and all inventions made since then based on his work? Should we toss out electricity as his kite experiment predates his position on slavery, by a good 29 years, when he felt blacks were inferior and it was in their best interest to work in bondage (and the Irish, as there were ample Irish slaves at the time in the US)? Most of what our modern world is today is as a result of Franklin, including most of modern medicine (where I do have issues with certain practices, but in general terms he applied the scientific method first to medicine before it was done in Europe), because he was paying for bodies to be dug up and helped to craft and map the human body? Leading to understanding of organs and tissue, and biological science as an actual science? Most of which, again, was done during the period where he felt Blacks should be slaves? I could give examples of scientists behaving badly, of swathes of them in the 1900's and 1800's who felt society were merely cretins, and should be enslaved by governmental forces. Of inventors with opinions today that would be problematic. Not a single invention today that we take for granted doesn't have the hands and mind of someone who could easily be considered "problematic," and just as bad if not far worse in their beliefs and even practices that they themselves partook in or directly supported that would be considered abhorrent by general society today. It's one thing to shun an opinion, it's another thing to shun the work of the holder of that opinion, and it's no different to toss away the work of one individual because it's art as it is for another because it's science as it is for work that is deemed merely as entertainment. I wonder what people would think of cars if they had any clue what Gerald T. Ford thought of the general populace, and why he decided to pay his employees just enough to buy his automobile, and no it's not because he like the American worker, it's because he realized rioting and picketing isn't productive for business, but he certainly didn't think highly of his employees by his personal statements. Same with the Rockefeller family. Standard Oil might be the life blood of modern society, and has helped develop a plethora of items that most of us cannot live without (even if there are far superior alternatives today and big oil has a hard time letting go, and governments are deeply in bed with them), but the majority of the heads of these companies care little for their workers or the people who purchase their goods. Nevermind the number of powerful professors who have done a huge service to the sciences that have been part of societies bent on world domination and technocracy, like the Fabian Society. So in the end, yes, as consumers they have this right, and they should express it if they feel a need to, but it doesn't alter what happens to the series. It just hurts the games in general, it harms SE in general, it ignores Japanese culture (where the series might tank for such treatment), and it ignores the issue that all of DQ would require rewritten songs to avoid contract disputes and being sued, nevermind the fact that what a person says and their opinions in their personal lives are separate from their work and privacy and the freedom to speak and have a different opinion should be respected (the hypocrites on the left, right, and even the center should realize the "shoe is sometimes on the other foot" before opening their mouths about controversial opinions). Plus he is one cog in a larger wheel, and it harms sales for a game for people who would like it. Thankfully most people don't care what they think anyway, so, it isn't like it matters. Ignoring idiots is often the best action, as loud-mouth brats tend to prefer the spotlight, and denying them this is often the equivalent of putting them in the corner and placing a pinwheel hat on their heads. Or maybe just laughing at them and realizing they're extremists with extreme opinions, so why do they matter? You can't stop them from having their opinions, but laughing and/or ignoring is often a good remedy to shut them down, and hope maybe they rethink their position or are more willing to talk about it. If they want to talk, then just be ready with good thoughtful arguments. Certainly has helped me with some friends to at least get them to question their beliefs and chill out. I haven't done that in awhile, though the internet is a really poor forum for that type of discourse, as you can't see eye to eye and thus it lacks that human connection, irl is great.
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    Guess who only JUST discovered DWM2's Sky World has wild Robosters? It is my third playthrough! T_T
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