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    I have the MP3 uploaded of this episode, waiting on Liam for some images for the MP4 version, but he has been a bit tied up the last few weeks
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    Doh, just realized I hadn't uploaded these to the Den yet. I have the MP4 and the MP3 for these two episodes uploaded, along with the MTPP
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    Whoops. I'm sure this has passed. Wish I could help more but I'm sure I played on easy and barely changed my team up. I've been considering it since it launched but the reviews I saw didn't sell me too much on it. It's $10 on the Eshop so it wouldn't be my worst purchase if I ended up not liking it. I absolutely love Stardew Valley, though. I got my PS4 copy signed by the developer. I beat EarthBound tonight and the game continues to be amazing. I can now put my full attention on Dragon Quest 7 as my JRPG.
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    Well my sister in law tested positive for the ol' 'rona so my wife and I got tested today as a precaution. We both feel fine (other than my wife being pregnant and dealing with that) and my wife only saw her a couple days before she started feeling symptoms but ya know... I'm supposed to go back to my office for work on the 13th this month but that sure as #$*! isn't happening if I get a positive.
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    Btw, the episodes of Dai on Netflix are based off the Blu-ray masters and are in 1440x1080.
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    The hope for me would be for Discotek to pick it up. Not only do a lot of their licensed shows end up on Crunchyroll for streaming, they put a lot of effort into making their Blu Rays high quality.
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