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    Saw this on the foursome channel. Perfectly sums up why I stick with the DQ fans.
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    I hope you all don't mind a little shameless self promotion, but I finally got around to begin editing my first play through of DQ11 when I was able to snag an early copy back on Sept 2nd 2018. Don't worry, since this is a long ass game, I won't reply to the chain every time a new video is posted. But if you're curious about the play through, all videos will be located in the spoilers section below. And if you like what you see, feel free to like, comment, and subscribe! (sorry... Had to... )
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    Our dreams came true and it's better than we could have hoped for.
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    Today, 33 years ago the first Dragon Quest was released! This series is still going on strong with 3 new Dragon Quest games being released later this year, Dragon Quest Monsters (with Mia and Erik), Dragon Quest Xi S, and a new mobile game (and DQBII for overseas).
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    999 North Pacific Coast Highway, El Segundo, CA 90245
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    If anyone feels down over seeing people being apathetic towards Dragon Quest in general, here's a video of people at the Nintendo NY Store going (positively) crazy over the announcement of the Dragon Quest Hero(es) as Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters.
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    https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2019-06-03/dragon-quest-producer-dragon-quest-xii-in-preparation-for-development/.147425 To nobody’s surprise, Dragon Quest XII is happening, later rather than sooner though, since they’re apparently still preparing to start development on it.
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    I think this is pretty fresh news, but a Pokemon Go like app for Dragon Quest called "Dragon Quest Walk" Looks pretty interesting to me!
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    The dude with the coffin behind him = awesome!
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    Wow, can we just appreciate how good this ad looks. The monsters are incredibly well done, especially the golem, rockbombs, and the knight errant! And Estark at the end was the cherry on top. As far as the game goes it looks quite interesting. From what we can see, there might not be any monster taming/scouting which would be a shame, as in my opinion, games like these thrive off of having more to collect. The graphical style is reminiscent of some 3DS titles like Joker 3 and XI and the combat seems simple enough. I also hope that it has a few things to make it different to Pokemon Go, as I only managed to play that game for a couple of weeks before becoming bored.
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    The offline mode was indeed removed from all platforms except the Wii. Even if you buy an old Version 1 disk that has the offline mode files, the first thing the game will do is force an update that will patch the game and remove the offline mode. Unfortunately the game checks for an Internet connection and won't run without one, so simply being connected to the Internet won't work either. To restore the offline mode, someone will have to rig something up to either bypass the online check, or trick the game into thinking it's already up to date.
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    And here's what the Dragon Quest VII universe looks like in 2D mode.
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    The main benefits of the PS4 versions are a constant 60 FPS (in very select areas this isn’t the case), 4K graphics on a Pro, all DLC is included (item and cosmetics DLC), extra English recorded audio from the Steam release and Japanese language tracks, and a turbo mode to double the speed of the game. Truthfully you’ll be set with the Vita originals. I bought the PS4 versions because I wanted to play them on a console instead of a handheld, but after playing Cold Steel 1 on my PS4 I was hooked. To me they work better as a console game experience since I like playing a good long RPG on my TV, but the Vita version of 1 was a good time for as long as I had played it. I eventually bought the Vita versions since I found them for a good deal, and whenever I go on a trip they’ll make for good reading since Falcom games have tons and tons of text! Haha If you like the Vita versions you can transfer your save data to the PS4 version (but not the other way around), so if you do end up getting the PS4 versions down the road you can make a copy of your saves and transfer them to the PS4 and play on there too. So TL;DR - You’ll be just fine with the Vita versions. You won’t have access to some of the perks of the PS4 version, but the games are still very good on the Vita.
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    As to your last point, it would do very well in Japan, and retro is kind of a thing here now. So it's not as far fetched or limiting in resources (plus they can do it with a team the size of Arte Piazza. They already have the build and basic tilesets, and SE uses a massive database for all assets now, so the workload would be much less than you might think. It would also give Japanese players (and everyone really) a new way to replay those old classics, and allow them to upscale from there in terms of content due to far less time and effort spent on visuals. So if they wanted to hire extra people, or bring in other internal teams to just work on new content, that would be much cheaper and easier for them. Hell they could even bridge those games with DQ11 as well, using other cameo's, maybe even work out a prologue to DQ3, like how Aliahan became sealed off, Ortega's initial quest, and cementing the loose tie-in from 11's true ending. Seems like a money printing win-win to me, since they could easily use the smallest/cheapest Switch carts, charge much less, and make far more profit per sale in both total amount and % of sale. Though hey, that's just an idea. The past worlds in the 3DS are as I listed them. Only 1~6 are 2D, 16 or 8 bit. 7~10 are 3D, but for the switch are changed to 2D. Dragon Quest VII: Dragon Quest VIII (I was wrong about 8's graphics...it's a crossbreed of 8 and 11 3DS' 3D system): Dragon Quest IX: Dragon Quest X @Erdrick The Hero yes, I know, but for this it's not streamed, it's fully rendered in-game, so the graphics are a downgraded version of what is streamed on the 3DS system for DQX...which I'm wrong about, it's just 11's 3D system, nothing directly ripped from 10, just remodeled:
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    I can host a New York chapter for the 9th Anniversary and do a July 11th meet-up event at NintendoNY, which is the official day that the game debuted in both Japan and the US. Release JP: July 11, 2009 NA: July 11, 2010[1] July 11th is a Thursday, which works better for me to host because I work just a few blocks from NintendoNY. If I can figure out the WEP connection on my phone I may even be able to offer the DQVC shop download to event attendees in real time (but as of now that's a big IF.) Let me get back to the DQIX: Tag Mode Tuesday regulars and see if we are aligned for that Thursday.
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    @Dwaine @Plattym3 Here's the thing, we all know that when a series goes mainstream, you will have people who are utter nutters, or who like to flail about like idiots. It should be celebrated not for them, but because there will be more of us added to the larger roster of overall fans through Nintendo's action and pushing DQ through adding to Smash Bros. There were already plenty of annoying posters for DQ11, even here, who popped in, had a silly question, didn't like the answer, or was outright rude...and that's how it works. For all of those, we've also seen a few new members and even on GameFAQs, new and older fans who haven't played in awhile, or who didn't spent any time on other DQ forums but are participating now, coming out of the shadows so to speak, because it's a new age. So I'm happy to see the child-like behaviour as it's a sign DQ is heading mainstream, or starting down that route, and will become recognizable as a series. It's rather frustrating entering a game store, saying Dragon Quest, and getting a blank stare, or a "you mean Dragon Ball?," question. That will change. It happened with Final Fantasy, and the various online message forums I was part of back when AOL message boards were a thing. FF7 changed the game. DQ11 is the FF7 (or the closest thing to it) of the DQ world. Clearly the growth change is different. FF7 took the fanbase from 500k to nearly 4m people in the US alone. That said, for all the BS I deal with on FF fansites or GameFAQs forums, there are a lot of cogent and good discussions and helpful people. More than before. More people code diving to find out mechanics...for me as you both know that's like finding gold and platinum in a hidden room underground...just bars and bars of the two metals. Then you have more people making FAQs, more people contributing in other ways. Imagine Woodus being behind, or having alternative fansites crop up that are serious, and fill out the details in everything. That's huge. So I would say be happy knowing there will be more people like yourselves (and me...yeah, I know, that's a scary thought) that come with the dumbassery. Just trying to give you two a booster is all. Anyway, cheers gentlemen.
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    I try to write about games every now and then and Dragon Quest III was the last game that was special to me so I had to write about it. I'd like to make a full write up about the series when I've finished it all but the link here is to my blogger write up on DQ3. https://drippyslimestar.blogspot.com/2019/02/dragon-quest-3.html
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    I have a suggestion. One that's been percolating in my brain for a good 6 months now. As many of you know, I've been a staff member over at RPGamer for almost a year now. It's fun, it's sometimes a lot of work, it's like any volunteer thing: pluses and minuses. One big plus has been doing podcasts over there for the past year. I have no one that I regularly speak to IRL that plays RPGs. Before I started listening to a lot of podcasts the past 2 years, there's a boatload of game names and character names I've never heard spoken aloud before that now I'm finding rolling off my tongue (Shin Megami Tensei, Atelier _______, etc.). Whatever, I'm getting off topic. The point is, I'm loving podcasting. Here's the thing: is there a DQ podcast out there that's done by long-time DQ fans? I know I've chatted with @Woodus and @Liamland and we listen to Puff Puff Hour & a couple others. But the ones in the past couple years have been from people new to the series. They're great, but they're playing stuff for the first time and typically playing the newest versions and they've left me wanting more reminiscing about the original games and the changes made for remakes and remasters and sequels and the like. I'd love to hear a podcast by people who've been playing and replaying and chatting about DQ games for decades and knows all the stuff that many of us here at the Den know. The inside jokes, the annoyances, the fixes, the growth of the series. Blah blah blah, all this talk, no suggestion yet: I'd love to host a DQ podcast, by long-time fans. I'd like to get a fixed format together to slowly work our way through the entire DQ series over the course of a few years. Maybe we'd record an episode every month or two, maybe longer/shorter depending on people's schedules. I've got the basic outline of a show, one I'd love to stick to so we don't forget things episode to episode, but of course be somewhat flexible. What I've found most interesting about the podcasts I've listened to are the people doing the podcast and their reactions to the games they play. I don't want a 20 minute plot summary of a game. I want to hear what my favorite podcasters thought about plot points and what was interesting challenging/what was not. I want to hear some of insane number-crunching trivia that @ignasia would be able to rattle off, I want to know some of the stories and artwork stuff @Dwaine knows a ton of (or the obscure artist @Sackchief dug up). I want to hear about the time @Woodus got flown out to play a DQ game early (Joker, right?) I want to know what @Pendy has experienced with all his trips to Japan and @Liamland too plus all his DQIX multiplayer stories! I want long-time fans to tell stuff, not just the new guys reading a Wiki and just having experienced it for the first time. I've got a ton of little thoughts & issues I'll just bullet point below & sit back and just hear from you all over the next couple of days. I'm in no rush to do this. I'm about to go on vacation for a month, so it's not anything I'd set up ASAP, I'd like to really flesh out an episode Ideas: Have a set order to each episode: Staff intros, character intros from selected game (just a couple mins), brief summary (5-10 mins tops), go around the staff and each tell some of things that really impressed them or they loved about the game or annoyed them - all staff jump in and interrupt the hell out of each other to keep the conversation flowing for a good hour at least for an episode, have a round table at the end where we all get 5-10 minutes to tell what we're playing currently so listeners kind of get to know us better. Sure, these episodes might last 2-3 hours each, but that's fine. Use Skype or Discord to record Hosted on Den A dedicated subforum for this, a specific topic for each show up weeks before we record one where the people that are going to be on start taking notes and any other forum member is free to chime in to remind us of stuff Not necessarily go in game order! Why not start with DQ1, but then this December let's talk DQXI because some of us will have finished our 2nd time through on DQXIS version. Not just cover main games, let's do DQM and Joker and DQ Swords Not just do main games first: DQ1, DQ Swords, DQ5, Joker 2, DQXI, ... Pick something like First Monday of the month at 9pm EST or 9pm Central time so everyone can plan and likely be free of noise and other responsibilities Limitations: Would need someone to record the podcast & do light audio work/mixing. I think I'd be able to get some of the mixing stuff down eventually, just some musical transitions mainly, nothing heavy. But with a longer podcast, it'd be good to stop and save recordings every so often and they'd need to be mixed together. How do you get a podcast on iTunes...? Are there enough people interested in talking? So, it's now 3am here and this idea has kept me up a great part of the night. I'd love to hear from you all good or bad about this and if it's even feasible!
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    In fact, they tossed it to you twice!
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    Well Seiken Densetsu 3 is finally in the west. Waited 21 years to say that. I'll be picking it up physical when it releases in August.
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    I’m stoked they chose the hero of IV as one of the playable ones. He’s always been my favorite hero from the series. And of course we have Erdrick, which is also excellent. III was the first main series game I played, so it’s always nice to see him show up, and in this case he’s a well deserved playable character. The Hero and Banjo-Kazooie getting announced on the same day has really raised my spirits after a long (and still going) stretch of work days. Now more than ever I need to pick up a Switch and Smash Ultimate.
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    Erdrick in smash brought me back to the forums. I waited over 10 years for this since I got introduced to DQ in 2007. This is amazing and Ive never been more of a smash fan than I am now.
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    Dragon Quest XI S will be released on 27 September 2019! And the Luminary, as well as other Dragon Quest heroes, are confirmed as the next Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters!
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    OMG people losing their minds over seeing an HD version of Tifa. I could swear she’s been in tons of spin-off games looking just like she normal does though. (Also, I heard a dude scream “Take my wallet!”)
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    Forbes did a review: https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2019/06/10/bring-arts-erik-and-erdrick-toy-review-past-and-present-dragon-quest-characters-brought-to-life/#6b66ab377873
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    Last night I rode the train home playing DQIV on my DSi XL. Glancing to my right I saw the dude sitting next to me playing Dragon Quest Builders on his Vita. I was about to tell him, "great game. I'm looking forward to the sequel on July 12th," but we in the "quiet car" on the train, so neither of us said anything to the other.
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    Penguin Random House Publisher Services announced a multi-year sales and distribution agreement with Square Enix to introduce a new line of English-language manga, novels, and art books starting fall of 2019. Hope this means we will see some more Dragon Quest manga, etc! Full Press Release below:
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    "KIS" is the signature on the box art for Dragon Warrior II. It's at the bottom right between the Princess of Moonbrooke and the dragon.
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    Thanks guys. I forget to come here often anymore, but you guys were the only people to remember my birthday outside my SO and parents so thanks for that.
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    I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with Alltrades Abbey. Perhaps I need to study up and become a sage at Dharma Temple, then I might have a clue.
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    Better yet! Square Enix will go through the trouble of making it so that players outside of Japan can't even play the game, if we're lucky they'll also temporarily release an English version for some people in Asia (looking at you Super Light)! That aside, I'm actually interested to see what this 'new king of Dragon Quest experience' this is.
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    https://www.siliconera.com/2019/05/27/a-new-dragon-quest-game-will-be-revealed-for-smartphones-on-june-3/ More mobile junk we'll never see. Surprise!
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    Are you planning on doing some sort of breeding database at some point? Every single combination is of course impossible, but showing how the generic breeding chains for each family up to rank A could be useful, especially showing how non-generic monsters fit into that. That would be somewhat arduous of a task I'm guessing. I'll be very excited to look through this when it's finished.
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    Tah-dah! Here’s the video of The Hero (and a Slime!) and Banjo & Kazooie being added to the Smash Bros. Ultimate mural!
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    Grant Kirkhope (the composer for the Banjo-Kazooie series) was really excited about the reveal of Banjo and Kazooie for Smash Ultimate on Facebook. He said it was an honor to see the two appearing in Smash, and he composed the new rendition of Spiral Mountain featured in the reveal trailer. Seeing Grant super excited about the announcement and music was really awesome, and the new rendition of Spiral Mountain has some real love put into it. The full version linked below features musical nods to various other levels from Banjo-Kazooie, such as Treasure Trove Cove, Freezezy Peak, Rusty Bucket Bay, and a snippet of Gruntilda’s Lair too! Man, I’m so excited to see what other music from the games will be featured in Smash! I hope we get music from levels like Jolly Roger’s Lagoon, Cloud Cuckooland, Hailfire Peaks, and the Isle o’ Hags. Oh, and Jinjo Village. That’s a good one from Banjo-Tooie.
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    I never thought that I'd see the day a Dragon Quest character would make it into Smash! Also I'm happy with that release date, gives me enough time to finish Builders 2 and a couple of other games!
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    I'm engaged. I'm going to see Yellowstone National Park this coming weekend. I worked 24 hours straight last Friday. I'm going on a 4 day cruise in August. I got a dog. I want to game more (I guess this is not new) I like coffee (also not new)
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    The only one I've bought is a blue slime from Amazon.
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    I’ve been watching a lot of sketch shows and bits of comedian acts lately, mainly because I need a quick something to watch on my breaks at work. I’m on a roll with the Carol Burnett Show, and have really been enjoying this particular video. It’s hilarious how much Tim Conway cane get Harvey Kormen to crack up from the tiniest things. Definitely a funny watch.
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    Well, so far Cold Steel 2 has been pretty sweet. Looks like Platty’s guess from elsewhere that it would take me a long time just to get out of the Prologue was right, because I’m moving pretty slowly! Got a good 2 hours in and am almost done exploring the town of Ymir, Rean’s hometown. I’m glad we finally got to see this place in game, and it’s really interesting to see where the main character hails from. The look of the mountains reminds me of my European trip back in 2012, particularly in Switzerland and it’s huge mountain ranges. Anyway, I’m liking the improved character animations, the new music, and the nice carry over bonuses from playing and completing the first game. Characters animate very well now (some were really stiff in the first game), and actually getting some nice rewards for going the extra mile with the first game is so nice to see! And there’s been dialogue that references some of my choices from the first game, such as becoming a Red Angler fisherman and getting Rank A0 at the academy. Honestly, stuff like that needs to be in games more often. Anyway, I’m really glad I can finally continue the story of Cold Steel. I have a feeling it will be a long game since I love to read all the dialogue and explore every nook and cranny, but with how much I ended up loving the first game I think the second game will be just as awesome, if not more so!
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    FINALLY! Time to play Trails of Cold Steel II! Woohoo! Got home from work and found the PS4 version waiting in the mail! After a long (and rather shitty) day, this is just what I needed. Looking forward to spending another 100+ hours in Erebonian Empire again and see where the heck the story goes next! Edit: Ha! The character Celine has the same voice actress as Laxia von Roswell from Ys 8. I guess this actress has a knack for playing helpful, high class female companions who help the main character when it comes to Falcom games!
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    I don't agree with your lack of familiarity. Perhaps you should remake that. Nah, I prefer it when all my classes are worthwhile.
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    And from other fandoms. Because I'm bored and it's going to be a long summer break for me, so why not? I'm just going to try drawing random characters and monsters from the Dragon Quest series as cats because it's easier to draw cats but I'm also practicing drawing. I'm just going to put all the characters I've drawn so far underneath a spoiler for convenience. (I'll take requests for Dragon Quest characters/monsters, but don't expect me to get on them right away unless I have sudden bursts of inspiration) Les images~ I'll probably be drawing these at random, but I want to try and aim for finishing most of the DQVII and DQV cast since I've been playing those two on and off lately along with Pokemon Y.
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    I wrote up my last WP page explaining my solo quest up to the end fighting and defeating Zoma. My journey journal has ended. Please remember, this refers to the original American NES Dragon Warrior III. Thank you everyone. It feels good to give back to this board and share my experiences of this solo run that it might help someone and give new insight. https://mikeatventionsx.wordpress.com/2019/05/14/dragon-warrior-3-solo-journey-journal-2-defeating-zoma/
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    A question in the amazon comments brings to light my only hesitation, is there a possibility of a collectors edition that hasn't been announced yet? Cause if so I have to hold out for that haha.
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