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    @AustNerevar Sorry, took a while to make the MP4, I have the MP4 and MP3 on the Slime Time Episodes list now https://www.woodus.com/den/slimetime/episodes.php And on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZEy1uZ61wQ
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    Hey guys, My friends and I have launched a new gaming website called Weeabuds. We're going to focus mostly on Japanese and indy games, as well as manga and anime. Next month we plan to start a supplemental podcast as well. Let us know what you think! I'm definitely planning on a lot of DQ coverage for the site, since it's my favorite series. What do you guys want to read about?
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    Hi all! I'm pretty sure I created an account here AGES ago. But I don't know what e-mail I was using back then. I'm pretty sure I might've been the user "Brian", because when that user signed up and last visited, was before I had moved over to Gmail. ANYWAY, I decided to sign up with a new username, from my very first playthrough of Dragon Warrior for the NES. (Because like a newbie, I thought you had to use ALL the available spaces for one's name to get rid of the *s! LOL) Anyway, I've been a HUGE fan of the site since at least 2000, probably before. I think I was still in high school when I happened across Dragon's Den for the first time, and I graduated HS in 2000. I've been especially a fan of the original 4 NES Dragon Warrior games. In fact, writing about them helped me win me a contest on DeviantArt last year! (4 total TOP winners) lol It was a contest to celebrate the release of DQ XI. Hard to believe, but I kept the entry "short". Even got some physical swag from the win! Pretty excited because while they chose 4 winners, I've never been counted in the top of ANY contest I've ever entered. So that made it a little extra special for me, especially since it's one of my all-time favorite game franchises! Anyhoo, I'm presently back to playing Dragon Warrior III. Probably my favorite DW/DQ game of the first 4. Back in the day, I'd rented DW IV, but I didn't really care for the AI. So if I play it, say the DS version, I turn the AI off. I much prefer the manual command type of play than to rely on the AI. That being said, if I lose, then it's on me and I don't have to get angry at an early version of AI. It took me 5 weeks to beat the original Dragon Warrior, which I got as a promotional thing for subscribing to Nintendo Power magazine. Not bad for a kid! I think I was 9, or 10... maybe. I'm terrible with years. lol Anyway, granted there were maps and such in the game box, but I think it was pretty good. Not like I could play it all day every day. What with school, chores, etc. But yeah! I was ready to take on the Dragon Lord but couldn't hardly scratch his scales until getting up to around level 22, and then I had to go another few levels to inflict any meaningful damage on him. I tried DW on an emulator a number of years back, and managed to get the best items by level 13! I didn't go further than that, because I knew I'd have to grind for another 10 levels or so. How did I get Erdrick's sword from Charlock? A WHOLE LOT OF RUNNING! LOL That was ages ago, and I don't have that anymore. Still have my cartridges though. I actually never completed DWII. If I recall correctly, my levels were pretty decent, but I couldn't beat "surprise boss" that's after Hargon. I've beaten III a few times, and IV on the DS version. I've made progress in some other Dragon Quest DS and Wii games too. I had a mostly fun time with DQ Swords. I wish they'd release a port of it for the Switch or something. Though maybe they could make the Tombola a little easier? I sort've threw my shoulder a bit out while trying to get a gold ball from it. It's never been the same since. ^^; I beat Swords, but never got around to doing all of the post-game completionist stuff. DQ VIII for the PS2 is one of my favorites too. While I'm glad it got some love with a 3DS release, I think the censorship was kinda dumb, considering the PS2 release had a lot less of that. Anyway, I'll stop with the into here. It's gone pretty long so, yeah, and I COULD go on sooo.... lol Later!
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    Took my girlfriend to see Jojo Rabbit, and let me tell you, nothing in a movie made me laugh harder this year than a scene where a little boy is talking to another boy about who is and isn’t on Germany’s side in the war, and he basically goes (paraphrasing), “we have the Japanese, but between you and me, they don’t look very Aryan.” I was really surprised by this movie’s ability to bounce from silly humor to total seriousness. I felt like Taika Waititi did a better job here then he did in Thor: Ragnarok. The German accents were hit-or-miss. I could hear Jojo slip back into an English accent occasionally, but it’s impressive he managed at all considering he’s like 10 or 11, and his acting was pretty good overall, so he gets a pass. Sam Rockwell seemed to slip into his regular accent at points when his character was exceptionally drunk and he was struggling to do a drunk German accent. Overall, it was a funny movie with a positive message taking place in Nazi Germany, which is impressive on its own, so give it a watch.
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    Pokemon is the one franchise I just can’t quit. I started with the show and was able to leave that behind after they changed the voice actors, and also realizing that no actual plot progression will ever happen. Ash literally on the Pokemon League for the first time THIS YEAR. But the games have been impossible for me to shake. I’ve had harder times playing newer games, even remakes of older games, but I can easily pick up Pokemon Crystal or Sapphire and play them for dozens of hours.
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    We definitely plan more coverage for RS3. That game is dope.
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    After playing Dragon Quest Builders 2 Hargon and Malroth are way more interesting especially the fact that from the beginning of the game Malroth is in a human form and acts as your ally.
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    I’m referring to this particular topic. I should’ve clarified on that. It’s been bustling pre-Sword and Shield but has gone quiet.
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    I don’t think Pokémon Sword and Shield coming out has anything to do with the Den being quiet. I love this place, but it’s not necessarily the busiest place most days. 😜
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    Your best bet would be to network with translators by sending out emails. Lots of translators take commissions but be prepared for a hefty fee due to the size of the volume. Bakamanga updates would be a good directory to start with, and then it's just a matter of finding the next available person.
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    Funny how this topic was bumped. I wanted to record a little anecdote for the podcast, but might as well post it here. I was making my way through the series. Finally getting to watch the entire thing! I'd made it to the end. Watched episode 40 on Friday. Watched episode 41 on Saturday. I'd cooked my dinner and was going to sit down and watch the final episode. Waited 30 years for this. This series was the reason why I started putting DQ stuff on dem innanets. Selected the episode and... Video was removed due to copyright claim from Toei Animation.
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    Erik, Sylvando, Jade, and Rab are all prior to the "Fish" scenario in Act 2. All back to back. The 8th's extra content isn't until Act 3, in Heliodor, after unlocking the Trials. It's by far the shortest. You have to enter the outside area on the first floor of the castle, where the Yggdrasil root is. Serena and Veronica have no extra scenarios, unfortunately.
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    Would it be possible for someone to tell me when to expect the extra content in the Switch version of DQXI? I’ve gotten the Platinum Trophy on the PS4 version and so I am replaying this Switch version in 2D. Howwever immediately following the end of Act 1 there was some bew content and ot wouldn’t let me switch back to 3D so I could enjoy it fully until after I had already completed it all. So would someone be able to give me a heads up as to when more of this content will happen; just so I can quickly switch to 3D before it starts next time. Thanks!
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    After i get Switch, i was planning to sell PS4 version and get Switch one, is it worth it? I dont really mind slight graphic downgrade.
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    I purchased and began playing the Switch version just a few months after I finished the PS4 version. It is ABSOLUTELY worth it. There a many upgrades and plenty off added content. I am confident you wont regret it.
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    Are you sure that wasnt a different Tube? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Not movies involving heavy usage of 2/3 of my favorite things. Or Song of the South.
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    Full disclosure, I was a few beers in for this record, after a work event that night. I haven't listened to it sober yet. This is gonna be a trip! Listening on Spotify now.
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    I think it's a case of the games likely being 3DS games for a very long time into development. Stuff game out today , I guess, that makes it look like they just sort of through HD sheets over the 3DS models. I hope they kind of leave Sword and Shield behind instead of doing an Ultra version like you had mentioned and just move onto Gen 9. That way they can focus on Switch assets and graphics from the start.
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    Trading in some stuff later to preorder Pokémon. I can hopefully pick it up at 9pm on Thursday. They got me boys...
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    Don’t play KoF ‘95 by the way unless you want to pull your hair out. It’s CPU hits for twice the damage no matter what difficulty you set it on, and the last two bosses can read your inputs. I’ve been stuck fighting the final bosses for almost an hour, and that’s not counting being stuck on the final team battle before the bosses for a good 40 minutes. And that was all on the easiest difficulty I might add. KoF 95’ is definitely from an era of quarter stealing arcade games. 🤬 Luckily SNK didn’t pull the double damage crap with KoF 96’ onward when in arcade mode. Bosses are still a-holes, but that’s a standard for SNK games.
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    Switch to fighting games. You can beat another game every 30 minutes. 😂
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    Nice! I’m glad to hear that! Hopefully this will encourage SNK to bring some of the other non-Arcade Archieves KoF games to the Switch. I’d love to have KoF XI and/or KoF XIII for the system. Or maybe the Ultimate Match versions of ‘98 or 2002. XIII got me into the franchise back in 2012. I knew about SNK and some of the characters like Terry before that, but just never played a King of Fighters game until then. Been a big fan ever since, played plenty of other entries and other SNK fighters/games and can’t wait to learn more about The King of Fighters XV!
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    I noticed that Garou and several other KoF games were actually on the top selling for digital games. I probably won't pick them up, but that makes me very happy to see them selling that well.
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    I've noticed a lot of people complain about them, and to be honest, I don't get why. They're really good re-translations/ports of yore, and they're still visually pleasing. Just because they might not upscale on some stuff doesn't mean a thing. They could be so much worse. Like FF6 mobile worse. EDGAR DON'T HAVE EYES YO
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    Haven't updated in a while. Just been busy playing Terry in Smash and playing DQXI a bit at a time. I managed to complete Act 1 in full Draconic. The game is defiantly more easy once you get passed Gallopolis. Tentacular was a pain as always. The condor fight at The Earie Eyrie was honestly harder then just about all the other boss fights at the end of Act 1. So I had to grind there for a bit. I went overboard with grinding right before Dora and managed to complete that fight just fine. I was worried Draconic was going to be a lot worse then this. Not that I am disappointed by it. Still have a lot of fun with this playthrough. I also noticed that with no experience for lower monsters, Electro Light is worthless at certain points. I believe Yangus mentioned something about it earlier. But the Metal Slimes are counted as "low level" at some point. So you don't gain experience from them. The only way to go around this is to fight them when they show up with normal enemies that you are not over level for. Monster EXP adds up in total at the end, and if one monster is at level or higher then you still get the experience points. Even if several monsters were too weak for experience. There is only one fight I am worried about at this point. The Gatekeeper of The Fortress of Fear. I am really not looking forward to it.
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    Totally forgot about that part, so thank you for mentioning it. Grand Master Pang talks about in some detail how many people entered the void (or Limbo) and couldn’t move on, thus their souls disappearing from existence all together.
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    Not to mention that all the people who died couldn't carry their souls over and were stuck in limbo.
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    I have considered doing exactly that! At my current rate I play about 10-15 hours a week and complete about 3-4 games a year. In an ideal world, I would like to double that. Or, like you said, maybe I should take some leave for that, "Personal mission," you spoke of.
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    I don't remember all my characters, but my Hero Minstrel had revocated 9 times and is around level 70 I think.
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    To be fair murder and genocide are two very different things. DQ11 is very much lacking in murder. It also doesn't help that
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    finally...missed delivery so I had to drive across town to the FedEx office.
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    The story is about 10 hours. It’s basically a visual novel. Each song is tied to a part of the story. For example, they’re going through the Midnight Stage and they end up at on a stage and the way they fight Shadows is dancing, so Yukiko goes, “I’ll handle this, guys!” and then you do a remix of Snowflakes with Yukiko as the dancer. I’m going to be honest, the first two hours of story is rough because it’s mostly introducing you to the plot without much gameplay, but you can pretty much unlock every song in Free Dance or whatever the mode is called, including the final boss song, except for a few hidden songs. I feel like the story picks up and starts to legitimately get fun to play as soon as you transition to the Dojimas and Kanami Mashita. Also, I’d say the music is better than what was in the other two games.
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    Please do, the Saga games have come to interest me more since Alliance Alive Romancing Saga 2 is very difficult. Well, at least the Seven Heroes are (the rest of the game seems easy enough). I’m currently taking a break from RS2, for a while, so I don’t get burned out from all the skill level grinding. I will eventually come back to it, though. Currently playing Outer Worlds, and will probably play Star Ocean:First Departure R, next.
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    Yeah, that’s true. It’s still regarded as a main series game despite no numbering to it. Same with Shin Megami Tensei If... for the Super Famicom. Fun fact: in the Japanese version of Strange Journey the protagonist comes from Japan, while in the English translations of the game the protagonist comes from America. The change was done to help players attach to the protagonist a bit more and to show off how the cast of humans in the game come from different countries of the world.
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    Strange Journey Redux would make sense. Like you said you have all the spell and ability names already in your head, plus you’ve already been playing your 3DS. And Strange Journey is one of the top SMT related games, so it’s a good experience.
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    I feel like the dialogue repeats itself too much in other games. P5 had that problem too where it got to the point I just skipped a lot of dialogue between the main characters. Anyway, you could play Cold Steel 2 since you guys are experiencing a “cold front,” where you live. Haha 😜
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    First time posting in this topic. I just beat the game. Took me 118h. It's my second completed DQ game after playing through Dragon Warrior on the NES earlier this year. I completed every side quest and got through to the true ending. The only thing I didn't complete was the Secret Trial at Angri-La or any of the Tockle quests after the first (mandatory?) one. I doubt I'll ever try to complete the Secret Trial because all successful attempts I've seen online don't have any characters below 99, and some don't even hit the minimum 50 move limit. The Final Trial was hard enough. I am eager to play through the Tockle missions after I've played through the rest of the main series, though.
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    Should I change my avatar? I'm afraid people will cease to recognize me. It's kind of become the same for all my accts across the entire net. On this forum it feels a little generic-y, but everyone else it's kind of original.
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    Heads up to anyone interested, Nawaria should be streaming DQX tonight at around 4PM CST. Her community is super welcoming and positive, so drop by if you're curious about DQ10. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Very fun and addictive game, for those who love platform games, this is a must! the best 2D Mario game! Having not been able to play on Wii U, I am very happy to be able to play on Switch.
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    This was my thought. Eventual 3rd playthrough will be my time to explore 2D mode.
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    2D mode has now been completed. So glad we got this definitive version on Switch. The extra content on 3D mode, and the whole addition of 2D mode have just been real joys to play through. As excited as I am for the future of Dragon Quest, I feel like it's going to be really hard for them to top this in the future. There's just something really special about this one. Now excuse me while I go figure out what to do with my life.
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    I was wondering about those crossbow target things! I thought I had just missed a trigger or something. I never bothered with them in the PC version anyway. I got the Tickington statues for III, IV, V, VI, VII, IX, and X. Those quests have been pretty hit and miss in my opinion. A lot of them are just joke lines from previous games that they stretched into a whole quest. I'm also disappointed that many of the pastwords lead to the same areas as others. TFW no DQ3 Ghost Ship Pastword About to dive into (minor act 3 spoiler) I wonder if there's anything new to Definitive Edition there. I'm pretty sure there aren't any new party members as someone hinted to earlier. If there are then it's pretty dang late in the game. Sorry fans of (super spoilerific name ahead)
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    What could you possibly have against Phnom Nomh? There's a very nice mural there you should check out. By the way have you seen mi Papi?
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    I didn't get far last night since I was working late but I decided to fart around in 2D mode just to see what the ruined world is like in 2D mode. I have to say...I prefer the look of the ruined world in 2D. Call me crazy, but the world just seems more...ruined in the 2D mode. The sea is an odd toxic/purple color and the battle mode screens show a gray sky with dead/gray grass and hills. This is the area where my old school gamer self kicks in. Sometimes less is more and I think what makes me prefer this ruined world in 2D is the fact that it requires much more imagination. You see a purple sea and think "the waters are poisoned". You see a gray sky and gray grass background and think: "the grass is dead and the sky is full of ash". I know a lot of people probably don't agree but that's just how I feel. It reminds me a bit of the ruined world from Final Fantasy VI. Anyway, I'm probably in a minority opinion here but I feel the 2D mode demonstrates the destruction/ruin better than 3D.
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