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    Hey guys, My friends and I have launched a new gaming website called Weeabuds. We're going to focus mostly on Japanese and indy games, as well as manga and anime. Next month we plan to start a supplemental podcast as well. Let us know what you think! I'm definitely planning on a lot of DQ coverage for the site, since it's my favorite series. What do you guys want to read about?
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    Looks like there are some damn good animations in Sword and Shield.
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    Completed the 3rd trial of the trial isle after using most of my pep pips to farm some seeds of skill. Figured "what else am I gonna do with em?" My party is starting to look final boss worthy, though somehow Serena is significantly under-leveled compared to the rest of my team. Apparently I forgot that I was missing a pastword for DQ2 and after obtaining it I now officially have all the pastwords. Haven't touched this new DQ2 one yet, and still haven't figured out the last DQ1 quest, but I'm getting there. A close friend of mine is also playing through DQ11SDE, having not played the PC/PS4 version. I find it fun seeing his reactions to it. (Act 2 SE story spoilers ahead).
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    Sorry to necro-post this, but I've added (and will continue to add) the DQXI-S bonus material leading into Act 2, in case that is more interesting to people.
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    Ahh well that explains it then, if it shows my emails are coming from zarniwoop.dreamhost.com (instead of woodus.com) there could be some other website that is sending spam out and getting the whole server blacklisted.
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    Eh, as long as people can do cosmetic mods like I’ve seen for DQ11 that would be cool. Add in some alternate looks for blocks to make them a bit better for creating stuff or just to look silly. Or a symphonic music mod like DQ11 has would be cool. Really I just want to see what the PC crowd can do with the game, mods or otherwise. It’s amazing seeing all the cool stuff people have created with the Builders games, and computer/PC audience will surely bring in some more creative talent.
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    I don't use Gmail much, can you whitelist the address? I just checked the blacklists and "woodus.com" isn't on any of them
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    Sounds like you've been watching my most recent playthrough.
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    Pokemon is the one franchise I just can’t quit. I started with the show and was able to leave that behind after they changed the voice actors, and also realizing that no actual plot progression will ever happen. Ash literally on the Pokemon League for the first time THIS YEAR. But the games have been impossible for me to shake. I’ve had harder times playing newer games, even remakes of older games, but I can easily pick up Pokemon Crystal or Sapphire and play them for dozens of hours.
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    Yeah, seems like a rip-off to buy the combo pack for the full price of both games. Usually combo packs like that have some kind of dollar discount on them. As far as I know too it’s not like the combo pack offers any sort of bonuses that make the price tag worth it. Usually combos like that give you something to make it a bit more worthwhile.
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    Your best bet would be to network with translators by sending out emails. Lots of translators take commissions but be prepared for a hefty fee due to the size of the volume. Bakamanga updates would be a good directory to start with, and then it's just a matter of finding the next available person.
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    Reminds me of that one time I revived at post from 2005 to say “thanks.”
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    I have decided to part ways with The Den...for 5 minutes. It wasn't an easy decision, but one that has been weighing on me for quite some time...over the last 30 seconds. I want to thank everyone here for the fun times we've had and wish everyone good luck in the future....5 minutes from now.
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    After i get Switch, i was planning to sell PS4 version and get Switch one, is it worth it? I dont really mind slight graphic downgrade.
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    Stopped the Divine Beast Naboris and completed the Gerudo portion! Only one more Divine Beast to go in Breath of the Wild!
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    Hoping for a $40 sale on the Switch version myself. Looking to give my nephew a copy for Christmas. We're a cheap family & don't usually spend that much, but my sister shot down my first 5 suggestions for his birthday gift and then never got back to me about what to get him for his birthday, so boom. Makes it better since his sister's birthday is within a couple days of Christmas so she always gets her 2 gifts from us or a big one at once. This year, he will too!
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    For sure. Eventually caffeine just adds to headaches and the general fog effect from overdosing on the drug start to kick in. Nevermind the general feeling of lethargy due to lack of sleep over extended periods. It's one thing to have Insomnia, quite another not to, and force yourself to stay up. I may not have kids at the moment, but I can't do MMO grinds like I used to. So it gets frustrating meeting people on the ones I do play, and the time it takes to get certain quests done....we're talking several hours. This sort of game is even worse, because of the nature of the planning, it just engrosses me and absorbs all my time, leading to 3, 4, 5 hours going by like they were nothing. Over time, combined with that groggy feeling, it's just not fun because I can't really engage on the same level, or the level I really want to.
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    I beat him last night before passing out (was already in bed), woke up and the game had crashed. I don't remember saving.
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    Most of my nicknames are references. Axel (Cinderace)- Named after Axel from KH. Lancelot (Corviknight)- Arthurian legend, and famous knight. Galahad (Sirfetch'd)- Same as above. Roxie (Toxtricity)- Named for the Virbank City gym leader in B2/W2. Misako (Pangoro)- Named after Misako from River City Girls. Would've been called Bancho had it been a male. That's just a few of my nicknamed mons.
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    Wow, that’s cool a PC version is coming out. I’ll be curious what kind of mods people create for the game.
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    Hi all! I'm pretty sure I created an account here AGES ago. But I don't know what e-mail I was using back then. I'm pretty sure I might've been the user "Brian", because when that user signed up and last visited, was before I had moved over to Gmail. ANYWAY, I decided to sign up with a new username, from my very first playthrough of Dragon Warrior for the NES. (Because like a newbie, I thought you had to use ALL the available spaces for one's name to get rid of the *s! LOL) Anyway, I've been a HUGE fan of the site since at least 2000, probably before. I think I was still in high school when I happened across Dragon's Den for the first time, and I graduated HS in 2000. I've been especially a fan of the original 4 NES Dragon Warrior games. In fact, writing about them helped me win me a contest on DeviantArt last year! (4 total TOP winners) lol It was a contest to celebrate the release of DQ XI. Hard to believe, but I kept the entry "short". Even got some physical swag from the win! Pretty excited because while they chose 4 winners, I've never been counted in the top of ANY contest I've ever entered. So that made it a little extra special for me, especially since it's one of my all-time favorite game franchises! Anyhoo, I'm presently back to playing Dragon Warrior III. Probably my favorite DW/DQ game of the first 4. Back in the day, I'd rented DW IV, but I didn't really care for the AI. So if I play it, say the DS version, I turn the AI off. I much prefer the manual command type of play than to rely on the AI. That being said, if I lose, then it's on me and I don't have to get angry at an early version of AI. It took me 5 weeks to beat the original Dragon Warrior, which I got as a promotional thing for subscribing to Nintendo Power magazine. Not bad for a kid! I think I was 9, or 10... maybe. I'm terrible with years. lol Anyway, granted there were maps and such in the game box, but I think it was pretty good. Not like I could play it all day every day. What with school, chores, etc. But yeah! I was ready to take on the Dragon Lord but couldn't hardly scratch his scales until getting up to around level 22, and then I had to go another few levels to inflict any meaningful damage on him. I tried DW on an emulator a number of years back, and managed to get the best items by level 13! I didn't go further than that, because I knew I'd have to grind for another 10 levels or so. How did I get Erdrick's sword from Charlock? A WHOLE LOT OF RUNNING! LOL That was ages ago, and I don't have that anymore. Still have my cartridges though. I actually never completed DWII. If I recall correctly, my levels were pretty decent, but I couldn't beat "surprise boss" that's after Hargon. I've beaten III a few times, and IV on the DS version. I've made progress in some other Dragon Quest DS and Wii games too. I had a mostly fun time with DQ Swords. I wish they'd release a port of it for the Switch or something. Though maybe they could make the Tombola a little easier? I sort've threw my shoulder a bit out while trying to get a gold ball from it. It's never been the same since. ^^; I beat Swords, but never got around to doing all of the post-game completionist stuff. DQ VIII for the PS2 is one of my favorites too. While I'm glad it got some love with a 3DS release, I think the censorship was kinda dumb, considering the PS2 release had a lot less of that. Anyway, I'll stop with the into here. It's gone pretty long so, yeah, and I COULD go on sooo.... lol Later!
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    I've never really been interested in nicknaming. Mostly because for all my life I've identified specific Pokemon by their species name, both in the TCG and the video games. I've got nothing against it though.
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    I think that Baramos has to be one of the best villains in the series. He's already a threat from the get go, your entire journey is to kill him, and he WILL wreck you if you are not prepared, eating poor Hero's entrails while he writhes to death because someone didn't get Insulatle.
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    I think we need to rename Zelda Breath of the Wild to “Breath of the OOOOO LOOK A DISTRACTION!” Because that’s what I feel like keeps happening, but in a good way! I was trying to work on getting the Gerudo story done, but then one side quest led me to going out of my way and then another distraction caught my eye and then another thing I could do popped up and then I wanted to figure out where I missed a piece of armor so I went searching for that and then...well, you get the idea. I was able to play the game a lot today, and like Super Mario Odyssey, it was fun to just explore and discover stuff. Worked in some of the necessary steps to progress the story, but was having as much of a good time just seeing what I could find and do.
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    Changing topic apparently there is a random mouse cursor in the end credits. Its in this video: As well as this one at around 12:20 What the hell GF? So I'm guessing they rendered the cutscene in whatever CAD software they use, but instead of exporting it to a file they used screencap software? And on top of that left cursor capture on??
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    Yeah, I knew one was there. That's the first one, correct? Hopefully a nice Christmas release. Yep Zero is the first of the duology...eben the older translation is very playable.
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    (cue eal saying play Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky if you want story in a Pokémon game) I’ve never seen capturing every creature as the end goal of any of the games. Once you beat the Elite 4 it’s up to you on what you want to do. Train teams to battle friends or online, explore new areas that open up, tackle a Battle Frontier equivalent, or if you are inclined, get all the Pokémon. The end goal beyond defeating the Elite Four is up to the player.
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    Yeah, I knew one was there. That's the first one, correct? Hopefully a nice Christmas release.
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    I still remember how much of a nightmare trying to complete the Pokédex was in Gen 3 and 4. I finally finished Gen 4 last year after over 200 hours, and even then I took a shortcut and did online trading back when it was still a thing for those games. As for Gen 3, there were some Pokémon you could only get through Pokémon Colosseum or XD, which required a GameCube and GameBoy Advance Player. I never did Gen 5 so I don’t have a frame of reference on the challenge to complete a Pokédex for that generation. For generation 6, I don’t know about X/Y (though I think some you could only get from transferring from older games), but I read that you can complete the Pokédex with just ORAS. I remember playing Omega Ruby and doing all this weird #$*! to catch a cartoonish number of legendaries through various strange methods and thinking to myself, “this is untenable.” There were just too many Pokémon. Cutting the Pokédex in half, removing nearly every older legendary, and making it so that you can complete it with just Sword and Shield, takes me back to the simplicity of the first two generations. Nearly all my favorites are gone, and I wish they had included at least one starter from each generation, but I’m finding myself enjoying filling my Pokédex. And I’m not some fanboy apologist sucking off Game Freak. I didn’t really have much fun with Omega Ruby despite being a remake of a game I love, I’ve grown to really dislike X/Y, and I didn’t touch Moon all that much, but I get really excited just thinking about jumping back into Shield when I’m not playing it. Maybe my opinion will change over time, but I’m enjoying it a lot more than I have some of the more recent games. P.S. I’m aware people would hypothetically complete the Pokédex in Sword and Shield by transferring Pokémon from their older games, but I’m of the opinion that this method of completion should be considered a shortcut for people that can, so this wouldn’t resolve the situation of integrating 800-900 Pokémon into Sword and Shield as Pokémon that you can capture and evolve from within just the two games, which, as I mentioned seemed like a nightmare in ORAS.
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    I'm pretty sure the 100%translation for Zero is done and ",testing" before a full release...
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    I never nickname Pokemon either but I’m feeling pretty casual with this playthrough so I thought I’d experiment because people say they’re closer with their Pokemon when they’ve given them nicknames.
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    Started Shield a couple hours ago. One thing I didn’t like about Y was how you couldn’t enter a town or walk around a route without your rival or some other random person halting your progress. I’m hoping that this is just early stuff and I won’t see much of Hop soon. I’m nicknaming everything I catch, because what better way to remember Pokemon names like giving them new names lol.
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    I'm constantly changing my team up. Trying to use new dudes as opposed to ones I've used before.
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    now about 15 hours into DQ XI S, planning on restarting FQ XI DS, and Zero no Kiseki
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    Took my girlfriend to see Jojo Rabbit, and let me tell you, nothing in a movie made me laugh harder this year than a scene where a little boy is talking to another boy about who is and isn’t on Germany’s side in the war, and he basically goes (paraphrasing), “we have the Japanese, but between you and me, they don’t look very Aryan.” I was really surprised by this movie’s ability to bounce from silly humor to total seriousness. I felt like Taika Waititi did a better job here then he did in Thor: Ragnarok. The German accents were hit-or-miss. I could hear Jojo slip back into an English accent occasionally, but it’s impressive he managed at all considering he’s like 10 or 11, and his acting was pretty good overall, so he gets a pass. Sam Rockwell seemed to slip into his regular accent at points when his character was exceptionally drunk and he was struggling to do a drunk German accent. Overall, it was a funny movie with a positive message taking place in Nazi Germany, which is impressive on its own, so give it a watch.
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    We definitely plan more coverage for RS3. That game is dope.
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    They come with two Dynamax Crystals, which still isn’t a good deal lol.
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    After playing Dragon Quest Builders 2 Hargon and Malroth are way more interesting especially the fact that from the beginning of the game Malroth is in a human form and acts as your ally.
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    I’m referring to this particular topic. I should’ve clarified on that. It’s been bustling pre-Sword and Shield but has gone quiet.
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    I don’t think Pokémon Sword and Shield coming out has anything to do with the Den being quiet. I love this place, but it’s not necessarily the busiest place most days. 😜
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    Funny how this topic was bumped. I wanted to record a little anecdote for the podcast, but might as well post it here. I was making my way through the series. Finally getting to watch the entire thing! I'd made it to the end. Watched episode 40 on Friday. Watched episode 41 on Saturday. I'd cooked my dinner and was going to sit down and watch the final episode. Waited 30 years for this. This series was the reason why I started putting DQ stuff on dem innanets. Selected the episode and... Video was removed due to copyright claim from Toei Animation.
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    Erik, Sylvando, Jade, and Rab are all prior to the "Fish" scenario in Act 2. All back to back. The 8th's extra content isn't until Act 3, in Heliodor, after unlocking the Trials. It's by far the shortest. You have to enter the outside area on the first floor of the castle, where the Yggdrasil root is. Serena and Veronica have no extra scenarios, unfortunately.
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    Would it be possible for someone to tell me when to expect the extra content in the Switch version of DQXI? I’ve gotten the Platinum Trophy on the PS4 version and so I am replaying this Switch version in 2D. Howwever immediately following the end of Act 1 there was some bew content and ot wouldn’t let me switch back to 3D so I could enjoy it fully until after I had already completed it all. So would someone be able to give me a heads up as to when more of this content will happen; just so I can quickly switch to 3D before it starts next time. Thanks!
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    I purchased and began playing the Switch version just a few months after I finished the PS4 version. It is ABSOLUTELY worth it. There a many upgrades and plenty off added content. I am confident you wont regret it.
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    Are you sure that wasnt a different Tube? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Not movies involving heavy usage of 2/3 of my favorite things. Or Song of the South.
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    Full disclosure, I was a few beers in for this record, after a work event that night. I haven't listened to it sober yet. This is gonna be a trip! Listening on Spotify now.
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    I have a few Level 99 characters with 10 revocations (Gladiator, Paladin and Priest), but I know RPG Wizard from the DQIX NYC Meet-up has ALL classes at 99 with the 10 revocations.
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    Yeah, you're right. I already knew the facts, I just wanted to make them sound more appealing but Malroth showing up and get beaten up to pulp, you're kinda right on the money cause I already seen it myself.
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