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    Oh @Plattym3, I made something for you. Warning DQXI Post-game spoilers
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    And it has arrived, folks! I got the blu-ray set.
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    10/10 picture. You can get a lot of funny pictures in the 3DS version. Shame DQ11S’s camera mode feels so limiting by comparison.
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    Here is the first of the interviews. Interview Riku Sanjo What was it like hearing that there was to be an anime adaption the first time? I was surprised. Kind of like, "What, you can make an anime of it?" This was because, at the time the popular works in Jump would normally get an anime adaption, but I thought that "Dai" could not be an anime since there was the original "Dragon Quest" productions that it was based on. Then, once it was decided, I was shocked at the unusual speed that everything progressed. But at the time besides writing the script for "Dai" I was also writing articles for Jump, and I was writing the articles about articles about other anime so my impression was just that "My work has kind of increased". I was spending the whole day at the Jump Editorial department so it did not feel that difficult. My entire workload was too much. I was young (laugh). How were the meetings between you and the anime staff for things like script writing and series composition? We often had meetings with me the producer, the director, and the script writer discussing the larger direction of the story. Particularly I would do things like offer suggestions for things like new characters for content that was not in the manga such animated movies. It is at this time that I met Nobutaka Nishizawa, who years later I would meet up with again when I did script writing work for Toei Animation. When I was young, the animated movie that I found the most provocative was "Mazinger Z tai Ankoku Daishōgun". So I was very excited to meet and talk with it's director. The contents of the movie "Shinsei Rokudai Shoguo" highly reflect those emotions. At the time that the anime was aired toys were also being sold, and things were exciting across various media. I liked character toys from the start so I was touched to see the characters for a series I was involved with lined up on store shelves. In discussions with the toy producers, Takara (Now known as Takara Tomy) I was asked, "Sanjo Sensei, is there any type of goods that you would like?" So I said I would like something like the Star Wars figure line that was sold overseas. Since Dai is a party battle manga I wanted to keep the taste that "everyone is the main character" and wanted a toy series that had a lot of side characters released. After hearing this they made the "Adventure Hero Selection" toy series, which is the one I am most fond of. It is the only one that has Hadler and his 6 Commanders in color. I excitedly explained to the person in charge "There is even a toy of Carbonite Frozen Han Solo" which I think even now was the hint to the Frozen Leona campaign (laugh). In the anime (Both TV series and Movies) please tell us an episode that you most closely empathized with. The memory that is most vivid is the first movie. Since we were attempting trial of "anime debut through a movie" I collaborated with the staff as we puzzled over everything starting from the plot creation. If we started from "Derupa! Iruiru!" like in the manga then we could not show Dai's heroics. If we did "Dai Explodes!!!" then the final boss was a bit weak. So to deal with these sorts of issues we had the evil idol if Hadlar as an original feature to the anime, mixing elements from the one shot stories and the serialization. With the addition of Toshiko Fujita's lively voice to the finished work, I remember feeling extremely touched watching Dai moving around. This is the only animated work of "Dai" that has not been released to any home video product before, so along with my personal emotions it makes me especially happy. Please give a message to the fans who have purchased the Blu-ray Box. Everyone, thank you for the purchase. I thank you from my heart for not forgetting Dai over all these years, and for taking this Blu-ray Box into your hands. It's been so many years since the original broadcast, and we jumped over a laser-disc and DVD release (laugh), to go straight to a Blu-ray release. It is kind of like "Dai" to do that, and I think it is thanks to all of your continual support. Please keep your emotions over from these 30 years running, and continue to support the developments of "Dai". I am counting on you.
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    Terry was under Dhuran's influence for the entirety of Dragon Quest VI. That's why he didn't recognize Milly, and that's why he got so much weaker, and forgot all his magic in SNES & DS. There's nothing to prove that, but nothing to deny it, either.
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    I ended up deciding to do 1 disc worth of episodes per week. Disc 1 is done, however I'm making some changes to Disc 2. I decided to downsize the Blu-ray encodes for Disc 2. 1920x1080 (4:3 extra black bars) > 1440x1080 (4:3 no black bars) plus FLAC audio. https://nyaa.si/view/1260840 (Disc 1 Episodes 1-9)
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    Trying to get the Champion's Time for the Black Cup (on Easy) feels downright impossible. But because I'm a sucker, I'm not going to give up quite yet. Anyway, this managed to happen to me. I don't know about you, but can the Luminary make up his mind already?
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    God I hate her. Anyways, I'm 'rona free. I felt fine the entire time waiting for my results but people in my family circle started getting results before me when I had tested at the same place 20 minutes before them. Needless to say, I have new outlook on all of this and I won't be lazy and think "I don't need a mask here, it'll be quick.".
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    In my experience, it can be a variable. I’ve gotten some things slightly over a month, other things in two weeks. But like Platty said, it’s almost pointless to try and answer this question because 2020 is a mess in general in regards to shipping, overseas shipping especially.
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    I only own two Amiibo-related items, and one is a pack. I has my 8-bit Link, going to eventually get 8-bit Marios to go with him... I'm also eventually gonna grab a Link's Awakening Link. I absolutely LOVED the art style of that game, it just felt so... clean. And I have a pack of Amiibo cards for my copy of Breath of the Wild. $25, compared to buying 20+ amiibos. Sorry Nintendur, but ya'll should've done more reprints.
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    You've got to be pretty careful with some of those fireworks
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    My understanding is that the save corruption is caused by particular (but unknown) actions. I had been playing with only save states until the point in the game when you need to reload your save file, so I don't know when the corruption occurred for me. It seems to be rather rare, though; I've only seen three other people who have had this issue. That being said, if you could upload your working save file I'd be very thankful.
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    Squenix and Level5 should do an HD upgrade instead of a full rebuild with 3D graphics similar to, say, DQ11. Akin to how Level5 handled the Switch upgrade of Yo-Kai Watch 1. It would keep the charm up. I've been playing a lot of both games recently and you can definitely see/feel Level5's fingerprints all over DQ9, the games are so alike in some aspects. Also some QoL improvements like, adding online capabilities to the multiplayer aspect, a dash function and equipment slots for appearance only, because some of the best a gear is not always aesthetically pleasing.
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    DranzerX13 and Mimas: You are gifts to humanity. Thank you.
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    Throws me back to the days when I literally went to every store that sold video games back in the early 2010s looking for DQ V, but IX had just come out and made the search harder when you asked for Dragon Quest V and they thought IX was what you were looking for. I think there was only 1 copy within 30 miles according to a GameStop employee during my search. I ended up buckling and just buying it new for a good price on eBay. They we’re selling new copies on the Square Enix store fairly recently.
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    Add PS4/PS Vita Itadaki Street to games owned list, please.
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    As actually Dragon "Quest" monsters you mean, as the DW ones are there.
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    Here are 1300+ sound effects from the Japanese rom, you can listen thru them and see if you can find it. DQ 9 Sounds I made a pass thru them, but they all started to run together in my head so I am guessing I just missed it. The file is 110 MB
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    Ah! Thank you so much dude! I worked yesterday so I could have today off and it's been a pretty great day.
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    Sorry this took so long, you're looking for the Critical Hit song? Don't worry, I got you.
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    Some of these would be great for a redbubble store or something!
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    My oldest son did some new Slime designs for our redbubble store! Check 'em out! http://alefgardhero.redbubble.com
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    A lot of teachers default to the high risk demographic. Nobody's even talking about the threat posed to them if schools open up again. Things need to just stay online. I totally understand that a lot of kids probably just don't learn anything remotely compared to in-class but dems da breaks. I'd rather that than have more people die en masse. But I dunno. I don't have the answers I guess.
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    Coworker is really really sick and possibly has it. So now I'm doing the job of two people, plus my own. I haven't been this tired since I worked in a warehouse. Also, my state is led by a bunch of dumb #$*!s that still have not implemented a masking order and will more than likely not close again once the second wave hits.
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    It didn't arrive until yesterday due to me changing the delivery address and DHL ignoring my date request. Binged disks 2 & 3 yesterday. Glad I finally got to see how the fight with Crocodine concluded. 😄
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    You usually see stuff like that when it comes to total bombs like Fallout 76. And speaking of, my local Best Buy has literally dozens of copies of Fallout 76 steelbooks and a local Walmart’s entire bottom row was piles of it. But Pokémon Sword and Shield sold 16 million copies in a matter of weeks. It was certainly no flop.
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    Here’s my check in: 1. I’ve been working on finishing games I’ve left on my Limbo List. Breath of the Wild and all the DLC I’ve finished, finished Dragon Quest XI S except for the post game, working on beating Dragon Quest Builders 1 and Fire Emblem Three Houses, and I’ve completed a number of the Indie games I have bought when they were on sale. I still have others to get through like Octopath, but all in good time. Haven’t touched other systems I need to, but I’m just going for one console right now. Still have too much Switch stuff to play! 2. Haven’t really done anything with the podcast idea, but it’s still there and I still want to do it. Even if it’s something super simple like “Let’s talk about this series,” or switch up talking about games or movies or music. Just keep it simple and chat with folks here on the Den or with others whenever possible. And while I didn’t mention it in my first post, I’ve done pretty good about not spending excess money on fun stuff. Most things I’ve boughten game or movie wise this year has been with Christmas/gift money, and what stuff I have boughten with money out of pocket has been on sale or was something I absolutely wanted. Been trying to do better about not spending so much on fun stuff and really weighing how much I actually want said fun item. I’ve found that I’ve been able to put extra money into my savings and cover my phone and student loan bills, so so far so good.
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    What I couldn’t believe was that the usual Nintendo games weren’t present. No Mario Odyssey, no Breath of the Wild, not even Kirby! Meanwhile at Wal-Mart (which I ran to just after) had copies of all the current Pokémon games on Switch. Usually the Best Buy has a better selection, not the other way around!
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    Um...the rabbit holes of the internet. I did not watch the video so I have no context.
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    Seems like another 90s RPG from Square could be on the way for a western release. https://www.siliconera.com/square-enix-trademarked-live-a-live-in-australia/ Back in 1994, Square released a Super Famicom RPG called Live A Live. You select from one of seven characters and experience their respective story, each have their own gameplay and story style, with some new ones unlocking as you progress through the others. I don’t know a lot of details about the game, but it’s one I’ve heard enough that I’ve wanted to officially play it for years. I’m hoping with the trademark claim outside Japan we will indeed see an official western release for the game. With Square Enix giving western releases to stuff like the Romancing SaGa games and releasing the original version of Seiken Densetsu 3 back with the Collection of Mana, I think the chances are good!
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    And now we have a European trademark for the game! https://www.siliconera.com/live-a-live-european-trademark-filed/ Looks like it’s happening! Quick @Plattym3, use your “It’s Coming,” version of your stamp for good luck! Haha 🤣
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    Turns out, the game has a stupid amount of new flavor text after Murdaw's defeat; Enough to break Something Awful's character limit several times over. So instead of the Part 9 Recap, I'll be posting this "Intermission"; All the stuff I found relevant/interesting/funny/what-have-you. All the towns are included except Amor (you'll see why later). The rest, you can find labeled by section with CTRL + F. Highlights include... 1) Party chat hinting that Captain Rusty may be alive (Castle Somnia, Real World) 2) Carver reconciling with his father (Port Haven) 3) Ella & Johan about to have sex (Port Haven... Seriously, I'm not joking) 4) A farmer and his dessert (Ghent) 5) King Somnus the playboy (Castle Somnia, Dream World) 6) Tania's darkest fears (Weaver's Peak) https://lpbeach.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=99&p=1563#p1563
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    Usually when this stuff goes up on Netflix, it *appears other places on the internet*. I'd prefer a Blu-Ray too of course. But that doesn't seem likely.
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    Well as nice as a physical release with subtitles would be, a Netflix translation would be better than nothing. So I do hope that those English descriptions are a sign that Netflix will put out a version for North America. It would be nice though if we get a more conventional Anime company for a North American release of the upcoming anime though.
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    I ordered mine from Rakuten using Buyee. It arrived at their facility, and we will see how long it takes to get to me now. (I did not realize until after my order that the version I purchased does not have the Rakuten bonus, but with it being nearly $100 cheaper I decided I could live without a small wooden sword keychain.)
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    Modding is kind of difficult for XI. I doubt you'll ever see something that complex, sadly. This was achieved by using CheatEngine to copy the Hero's hair texture onto the other characters. It doesn't work perfectly, as you can tell which is why it looks longer for some characters.
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    Yeah, I think the first and second ones had all the same issues. It's been a while since I played, but I definitely remember the camera controls and optimizing characters issues. As for me, I got the Pokemon Badge in Mauville City and got the Mod Rod in DQ III. ....Oh and I rescued a weapon-inventing chick from a Castle in DQ Builders. As I write this, I realize it is time to pop Rune Factory 4 in again.
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    Ha, yeah. Romancing SaGa 2 may not have a lot of major named characters, but I have gotten a few. Two different versions of Gerard (one pre-emperor and the other post emperor), his older brother Victor, and the leader of the wind spirit people who live in the southeast part of the world. Most of them have been class characters from RS2, and it seems like the different versions of the “character,” are repped by the different generation versions depending on if you have the SS version, A version, etc. This game is reminding me I need to get back to Romancing SaGa 2. I have made some progress when I played it a few days ago, and am on the hunt for a Minstrel who can help me teach the wind people. I also reached a new town in the desert where one of the Seven Heroes seems to be hiding out.
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    Oh my, I now have 2, yes 2, of the characters from other houses who have joined the Golden Deers in FE Three Houses! It’s clearly a Christmas miracle guys. This time it was Caspar, and he seems to similar to Raphael personality wise. However, Raphael is more of a gentle giant take on the guy who likes to train type, while Caspar is the hot headed “LEROOOOY JENKINS!” sort. On my phone I started playing Romancing SaGa Re:Universe. Seems to have that name due to characters from all the different SaGa games showing up to help the world. No reason given yet though. It is cool you can see what all games every character comes from as you obtain them via free draws or from using gems/tickets. The game has been VERY generous with handing out bonuses and freebies, much like DQ of the Stars. No doubt it’s thanks to the global release of RS Universe. But even with that, I’ve gotten several SS ranked heroes from the free pulls. Pretty happy some of them have been from Romancing SaGa 2!
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    It feels like every time I go on my phone there’s a new article about some gross creeper getting caught and called out for being a terrible person. I’m glad the most involved I am in a community is this forum.
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    It and the other status ailments are useful in the mobile and Switch versions of the game. My guess is from the Super Famicom version onwards they realized they needed to improve on the effectiveness of ailments. I don’t know how useful they are in the original version of II, but I would guess since it was only the second game at the time the use of Surround, Sleep, and so forth may have been a bit more limited. I’ve found whenever I replay DQ games I try and use stuff I never used much before, and from there found stuff like ailments being really helpful. DQ is one of the few RPG series where ailments are actually useful to use on everything, kind of like in Etrian Odyssey. Can’t tell you how many times stuff like Dazzle and Snooze helped me out in Dragon Quest XI with stronger enemies on. It’s why Rab is one of my favorite characters from that game thanks to his versatile spell and ability sets.
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    That’s the correct reaction to Episode 1 but not Pod Racing
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    What he’s getting at is that it’s a misleading title. I came in here thinking it was coming out in English.
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