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    The offline mode was indeed removed from all platforms except the Wii. Even if you buy an old Version 1 disk that has the offline mode files, the first thing the game will do is force an update that will patch the game and remove the offline mode. Unfortunately the game checks for an Internet connection and won't run without one, so simply being connected to the Internet won't work either. To restore the offline mode, someone will have to rig something up to either bypass the online check, or trick the game into thinking it's already up to date.
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    And here's what the Dragon Quest VII universe looks like in 2D mode.
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    As to your last point, it would do very well in Japan, and retro is kind of a thing here now. So it's not as far fetched or limiting in resources (plus they can do it with a team the size of Arte Piazza. They already have the build and basic tilesets, and SE uses a massive database for all assets now, so the workload would be much less than you might think. It would also give Japanese players (and everyone really) a new way to replay those old classics, and allow them to upscale from there in terms of content due to far less time and effort spent on visuals. So if they wanted to hire extra people, or bring in other internal teams to just work on new content, that would be much cheaper and easier for them. Hell they could even bridge those games with DQ11 as well, using other cameo's, maybe even work out a prologue to DQ3, like how Aliahan became sealed off, Ortega's initial quest, and cementing the loose tie-in from 11's true ending. Seems like a money printing win-win to me, since they could easily use the smallest/cheapest Switch carts, charge much less, and make far more profit per sale in both total amount and % of sale. Though hey, that's just an idea. The past worlds in the 3DS are as I listed them. Only 1~6 are 2D, 16 or 8 bit. 7~10 are 3D, but for the switch are changed to 2D. Dragon Quest VII: Dragon Quest VIII (I was wrong about 8's graphics...it's a crossbreed of 8 and 11 3DS' 3D system): Dragon Quest IX: Dragon Quest X @Erdrick The Hero yes, I know, but for this it's not streamed, it's fully rendered in-game, so the graphics are a downgraded version of what is streamed on the 3DS system for DQX...which I'm wrong about, it's just 11's 3D system, nothing directly ripped from 10, just remodeled:
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    It's rediculous the stuff they throw around and keep hidden. Perfect for $0.99 DLC, but it'll never happen. Jackarses.
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    Thanks. I couldn't find it on Nintendo's own website. I agree, but unfortunately, this isn't the 1st time. Remember when you can only receive the Slime Light, King Slime Light, & Slime Eyes and Mouth if you pre-order the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders from GameStop or from the Nintendo eShop (digitally)?
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    I believe the reason we’re getting so many ports on the Switch, especially of RPGs, is because it’s a popular system but not powerful enough for most AAA, big-budget games. The collective response to the port of Witcher 3 being, “what black magic are they using to run this thing?” kind of shows what the Switch can handle. But because it’s so popular, publishers still want a piece of the pie so they pump out lots of ports, no matter how little people want them (Elder Scrolls Blades and that pocket version of Final Fantasy XV). The more I think about the Collection of Mana, the more I get salty. Those should be $7 games on Virtual Console, not a $40 retail package. I like the Switch well enough but the Wii U’s robust VC library is ensuring it stays plugged in for a long time.
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    That may be true, but it’s the first time Square Enix has officially released Seiken Densetsu 3 in the west after 20+ years. It may be a port, but the fact Square Enix fully translated the game AND released it despite the fact they also announced its remake was coming to the west the exact same day is pretty damn awesome.
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    I have all 7 western released DQ mobile games on my phone. I’ve beaten 1-3 and have been very slowly playing through 4. I don’t game on my phone unless I’m away from the house, but I’ve found it a little hard to put some time into DQ4 mobile since you can’t quick save everywhere like you can in DQ1-3 mobile. I don’t want the feature to make the game easier, I just want to be able to quick save anywhere in the event I can only spare a few minutes or quickly need to get off my phone. Anyway, I thought DQ1-3 played fine with the mobile controls, but DQ4 did take a bit of getting used too. I still prefer the SNES version of DQ3, but I enjoyed the mobile version’s new English translation.
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    I have it as at 35 MB RAW CR2 file as well if you would rather have that, bottom part is a bit out of focus and I can take again if you want.
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    Gameplay is interrupted every five minutes by a goony beard man who lectures you about feminism.
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    What I heard was that sexual orientation is mentioned a lot in what was perceived in a pandering way, but it’s hard to tell anymore if people are just being hyperbolic or if this is a real thing that happened. The dialogue honestly was just okay from what I played.
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    I saw the "SJW story" complaints as well but I have the memory span of a goldfish so I never remember story beats anyways. I play games for gameplay first and story second so I don't see it bothering me.
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    Hi there! Back in 2016 I posted an art thread with Dragon Quest themed Inktober drawings. In my excitement for the upcoming SSBU DLC I decided to draw some DQ-Kirbies today, and figured I might as well create a new art thread for my future drawings (as I REALLY need to start picking up the habit of drawing frequently again). This thread will probably mostly be DQ drawings, perhaps some other RPG/video game art as well!
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    I too yearn for the juicy story bits.
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    To celebrate the upcoming Legend of the Ancient Dragon expansion, I thought I'd post this topic detailing everything I know about DQX's story. Beware of spoilers. So, our story takes place in the world of Astoltia, known for its 6 main areas: Ogreed, Eltona, Dwachakka, Puku Land, the Wena Islands, and Rendashia. We start off as a random Human (we'll call him/her X) living in Etene, a small village in Rendashia. One day, the village is attacked by a strange guy with a scythe who calls himself Hades Nelgel. Wanting to get rid of a prophecied "heaven-sent child," the jerk burns down the village, kills everyone (including X), and seals Rendashia in a dark barrier. However, thanks to the power of a magic flower X had at the time, (s)he is brought back to life in the body of a random corpse that just recently died. (The Ogre froze to death. The Weddie was killed in a sword fight that was supposed to be a friendly spar. The Elf.....misfired a death spell? Someone correct that for me. The Puklipo......woke up in his/her coffin in a carriage. I'm pretty sure the dialogue did some explaining, but I can't read Japanese. The Dwarf........I don't know. I can't find the intro scene for Dwarves anywhere.) After some adventuring, X meets a sage who claims that he can help, but only after X gathers 6 sacred emblems. X does so, but is constantly tortured by visions of Hades Nelgel taunting him/her from afar. When the sage fails to break through the barrier, he tries to find help from a gal named Furukka, but she's a failure in whatever she does. Desperate, the sage pulls X from his/her body, which results in him/her meeting the corpse's original owner. X learns that the only thing that can penetrate Hades Nelgel's barrier is the Ark of the Heavens, a sacred vessel that was last seen 500 years ago. X travels back in time, witnesses some political problems between the Ogres and Humans, and despite defeating a demon named Razban, is unable to foil his ultimate plan (bringing Hades Nelgel to life). X finally makes it past the barrier, and climbs to Hades Nelgel's throne room, but doesn't account for the final trick up his sleeve. However, the trap fails, and the two finally battle square off, mano a mano. X wins and manages to escape, but Hades Nelgel's barrier remains intact. Using a magic compass, X makes it through the barrier into Rendashia, where (s)he has to find a "sleeping hero" who should, in theory, be able to ultimately destroy the barrier. On the way, X meets an (amnesiac?) girl who is trying to head to the kingdom of Gran Zedora. However, the road is blocked off to anyone who doesn't have 3 sacred butterflies, compliments of Princess Anlucea. X rounds up the butterflies, and meets the princess, who is actually an imposter, with the girl from earlier being the real Anlucea. The rest is mostly my guessing, but..........Anlucea turns out to be the "sleeping hero," and helps you defeat Hades Nelgel's boss, Great Satan Madesagora. If you have stuff to add here, don't be shy to post.
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    I've heard of pet rocks, but that's a different level.
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    See? Bob here gets it. He gets it gud.
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    I go into this dungeon thinking there will be Metal Babbles but I went into the wrong dungeon. I get to the end and fight Baramos. I have a lot of seeds on me because I ran out of space in the storage area. Once I start fighting I tell one of my monsters to use Mega Magic. I didn’t know this would use all my mp. I still have a monster that knows heal all. I tell one of my monsters to summon another character and he does so. The battle is draining because I have only one character left with healing magic and positive mp. With one solid stroke of good luck the extra summoned character doubles the attack power on my monster that knows Quad hits. Eventually, two of my non summoned monsters die along with my summoned monster. I am down to around a hundred HP on my remaining monster and then it takes Baramos down with the fourth Quad hit.
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    I'll have to look into it once I unlock Paladin, then! The amount of defense earned from the class specific line does sound nice to have in the future. I'm close to getting to Stornway, and I've already beaten the Hexagoon. Currently Reiki (main hero) is at level 8 because I had too much fun slapping around the weak monsters in the Hexagon, to say the least. At the moment I have 9 skill points in shields, and have around 884 gold, which will probably head towards better upgrades once I reach Stornway. For my party I do plan on having a Mage and Priest in the party, I'm leaning towards having a Warrior but I'm either or at the moment.
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    I'm going to make an attempt to actually beat this game because I've only beaten it once and I kind of want to try playing it without giving up halfway? Idek, I'm replaying DQ7 since I finally have my own copy of it but I'm taking a break from it so eh. Only reason being my sister wants to play more DQ games and she's actually trying to play DQ4 by herself (long story short I ended up beating the game on accident for her), and I do plan on getting a copy of DQ9 for her so she can play it for herself (she'll probably beat DQ4 before then though). So this is kind of going to be a log for my game progress as I don't think I saw any other threads for general game progress on here and to keep up motivation to keep playing the game while taking brief breaks from it. And so I can feel productive. I won't be surprised if I manage to finish the game before the end of July, but we'll see. I'll just edit this every so often for the team and stats of each member, me and my sister might play multiplayer from time to time if I manage to get the game (I have the money for it atm, I just can't find it). Current team (put under spoilers because it will be a lot): Currently I'm just slogging through the intro and making my way towards actual combat, hoping to finish it sometime tomorrow as I'm in a writer's block and artist's block atm. (I'd work on my stories more but I'm just not feeling inspiration atm, and my small motivation for working on my Miitopia fanfic is because I was very disappointed by the lack of Miitopia fanfictions outside of tumblr. Working on a contest entry involving Dragon Quest, but otherwise, not really motivated.) Anyways let's just hope I succeed in actually beating the game for once
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    I would have liked to see the "hero" from V, (ironically DQV and FFV are my favourite entries in their respective series thus far.) Also, while it's awesome to see Erdrick, he looks a bit...dated. (He is from games from over 25 years ago after all) I think he could have been modernized a little better, but to be honest I can't put my finger on how....
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    I did the first on Vita and will do the second there as well. It's a bit slow sometimes, but excellent series all-around! Picked up a Vita copy today. I'll give it a try once I get through Chrono Trigger.
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    Someone on the Dragon Quester Facebook group posted a clearance copy of DQ XI they got for $10 from there...
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    Since you're already thinking so far ahead, look into the permanent bonus you get for maxing out the class specific skill line for Paladin! I belive it was something like +80 DEF of HP. It was worth it!
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    There's the What RPG are you playing thread that's been going for years that some of us post what we're up to, but I've done plenty of posts like this before too. Enjoy the greatness that is DQ9!
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    For what little I’ve been able to play of Smash Ultimate, I’m happy I got to hear this new remix of the World Map/Bonus Level themes from Donkey Kong Country not long after I unlocked King K. Rool (who is quickly becoming a new favorite, SOOOOO glad he’s finally in Smash Bros.). I enjoyed the faster paced versions of the songs they had put in Brawl (and now back in Ultimate too) but this new remix is excellent. Very fun and makes me want to go play some DKC!
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    Interesting. I've pre-ordered and am Prime. I hope I get that price. Their pre-order guarantee is supposed to cover that. I think if you keep your current pre-order, Amazon will refund you the difference after your pre-order is delivered. You could also cancel your current pre-order and pre-order it again, and you should pay only $51.99 (without sales tax), given you're already an Amazon Prime member.
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    They're probably referring to the 8-bit audio.
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    Ohh ok didnt know this was a thing! Thanks!
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    I haven't played a SMT game before but having played Persona 4 & 5 makes me interested in the games. I know they're super hard but I would give it a look. I'm not into hard games but I might give Cuphead a look one day and probably on Switch.
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    Wow, Smash Ultimate sure is a considerate game. Very first character I unlocked was Ness. It’s like the game knows Ness is my go to character for the series. Edit: Guess it depends on what you play/do first. Thank you then to whoever decided the first character to unlock is Ness via Smash mode! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.polygon.com/platform/amp/super-smash-bros-ultimate-guide/2018/12/6/18123674/character-list-unlock-fast
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    I scratched the itch and bought a Switch. And Super Mario Odyssey. And Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Looking forward to finally playing on the system.
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    It’s not uncommon for the final boss of an RPG to be some giant creature or monstrosity borne from the efforts of the subordinates. The idea is to face an enemy that goes beyond anything you’ve faced yet. Sometimes they can manage to make it a character you’re familiar with, like Dr. Snapped in DQM:J, but I’m just as fine with it if they don’t. So long as this enemy is foreshadowed earlier I’m okay with it.
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    Chapter 3 started out hard because Torneko is really weak at level 1. I was averaging 1 battle per time I needed to go home and sleep for awhile until he got to level 2, and that's with consuming the packed lunch. Humorously, I crit'd a few times at level 1, with no weapon and did 4 damage. Eventually when he's strong enough, around level 3 you can venture long enough to get some decent weapon and armor drops that he can equip. I got a Chain Sickle and eventually an Iron Spear that way. Also got a chain mail drop, making this no-shop quest relatively easy. I had to run from a bunch of battles this chapter, though, especially before I found a strong weapon because monsters with heal spells were near impossible to take down, solo. Healslimes actually have 255 MP. I kept waiting for it to run out, and eventually bailed. By the time I had my chain sickle and a few more levels I could take them out in 2 hits. Eventually the no-shop quest became pretty easy and there's no boss fight in this chapter so I bought my shop and tunnel and moved on. Chapter 4 for the no-shop quest is pretty easy too. Things are going smoothly because Meena starts out with a copper sword and Maya's magic is strong enough to best most of the early monsters with a single hit of Frizz. There's also their hometown inn, which lets them stay for free, in the center of the available map in Chapter 4. I just picked up Oojam as an NPC so I've got some extra muscle for awhile. I don't anticipate this to be too hard until I get to Balzack's first form, but we'll see. I may be leveled enough by then and with the sphere of silence it should be fine.
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    When you're all done, I'm interested to hear your final verdict on the game. Last night I made it past the point I had gotten to in all my other attempts (the future). I'm really enjoying it and am looking forward to finishing it. The music is fantastic.
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    Had you ever played it before? I mean before the Vita? Nope just the Vita. Long after I bought it is when I found out it's the worst version of the game.
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    Been job hunting for a week so far. Apparently getting my first offer tomorrow morning. Have a few interviews for the next few days so I'll have to wait and weigh my options. I guess the three years of stress of where I am now kinda pay off.
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    Ok, that’s the first trailer I’ve watched for DQ Your Story...I’m totally sold. I love animated movies (and animated stuff in general, there’s SOOOOO many good shows nowadays) so seeing some of the DQ movie in action is pretty sweet. There’s a lot of cool details on character models like the Killing Machines and Golems, and the design of Ladja’s outfit is crazy. And those eyes, good lord! If I wasn’t a fan of DQ, I could definitely tell Ladja is either insane or brainwashed. I’m liking the way the characters move, and while I think the human characters could look a little closer to Toriyama’s artstyle, I’m not against how they look in the trailer. As a DQ, it’s pretty sweet to see moments from DQ5 in a new way. The hero giving Saber a big hug and reuniting with him, the hero and Pankraz having some one on one moments, the choice of Bianca or Nera...looks like it will be a good take on DQ5. Also, I’m digging the Slime who seems to tag along with the hero. Yeah it’s the mascot, but it’s cool to see anyway. Reminds me of how I always try and keep a Slime in the wagon and see how powerful it can become when I replay DQ5.
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    EDIT: Wrong thread. My bad! To make up for my mistakes, have a video of some Japanese reactions to the Hero(es) of Dragon Quest III, IV, VIII, & XI coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate as DLC characters.
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    I can host a New York chapter for the 9th Anniversary and do a July 11th meet-up event at NintendoNY, which is the official day that the game debuted in both Japan and the US. Release JP: July 11, 2009 NA: July 11, 2010[1] July 11th is a Thursday, which works better for me to host because I work just a few blocks from NintendoNY. If I can figure out the WEP connection on my phone I may even be able to offer the DQVC shop download to event attendees in real time (but as of now that's a big IF.) Let me get back to the DQIX: Tag Mode Tuesday regulars and see if we are aligned for that Thursday.
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    I know the news today was X-I-ting, but in the future keep your Roman numerals straight
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    Erdrick in smash brought me back to the forums. I waited over 10 years for this since I got introduced to DQ in 2007. This is amazing and Ive never been more of a smash fan than I am now.
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    Sounds like this guy. Also Ubisoft:
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    But why would you waste your time going there when you could go to Target?
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    Yeah, but I would definitely feel the same about anime, even without a son who is half Japanese. 😀 With exception to Macross Plus and Howl's Moving Castle (which starred Brian Cranston and Billy Crystal, respectively) I've preferred subs to dubs since the early 90s. For a Blu Ray release I'd just like to have the option for both.
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    I’m starting a play through of II mobile (to better make sure I can reference and compare versions for my hack more directly) and at the beginning, of COURSE, there’s the random name choices for the Prince and Princess. I realize, “Oh yeah! Those names should be in my rip.” I even went as far as to look up the Japanese version. Prince: For reference according to wiki And according to my mobile rip (Japanese on the left, English on the right) ランド (Rand) / Randolph カイン/Kain アーサー /Arthur コナン (Conan)/Conrad クッキー (Cookie, his Fortune Street Special name)/Caradoc トンヌラ (Tonnura)/Thomas すけさん (Sukesan)/Sigurd パウロ (Paulo?)/Paul And for the Princess アイリン/Eileen マリア/Maria セティア (Setia)/Fleurette (both names reference the same character from Dragon Quest Swords) ユーイ (Yui?)/Isolde プリン (Purin/Flan/Pudding, her Fortune Street name)/Peronel レナレナ (Lenalena? Renarena? I get stuff from DQX when I look her up)/Ginny リンダ (Linda)/Lynda サマンサ (Samantha)/Elaine Anyway, thought you might like to see these. The mobile was much closer to the Japanese than Dragon Warrior II was, but even the Japanese version has a few curve balls. Also, the previously thought NES exclusive item, Dragon Potion IS in the game. At least it’s listed in the game data. It’s called Rebirth Stone.
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    It’s extremely frustrating not seeing Final Fantasy 8 or Dragon Quest 7 along side their brethren on my iPhone and iPad lol. I ordered a 2DS XL on Friday (I got the Pikachu one because it looks awesome lol 😂) and it will be in on Tuesday, according to Amazon. I’ve been 3DS-less for about a year now which is why I haven’t played it. I gave my New 3DS XL to my step-stone last summer along with my Pokémon games (I kept DQ 7 and 8 and my Zelda games though lol) because his got stolen and he was upset about it. I had hoped that DQ 7 mobile would be a year or a year and a half after the 3DS release so I didn’t rush out and buy a replacement 3DS. I’ve been replaying DQ 6 on my iPad and I said “Damnit I want to play the DQ 7 remake already.” So I went to Amazon to look at 3DS models and saw the Pikachu 2DS XL and said “Okay I’m buying that one.” I will probably get halfway through the 3DS version and SE will release the mobile version lol.
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