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    Saw this on the foursome channel. Perfectly sums up why I stick with the DQ fans.
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    Our dreams came true and it's better than we could have hoped for.
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    Today, 33 years ago the first Dragon Quest was released! This series is still going on strong with 3 new Dragon Quest games being released later this year, Dragon Quest Monsters (with Mia and Erik), Dragon Quest Xi S, and a new mobile game (and DQBII for overseas).
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    I hope you all don't mind a little shameless self promotion, but I finally got around to begin editing my first play through of DQ11 when I was able to snag an early copy back on Sept 2nd 2018. Don't worry, since this is a long ass game, I won't reply to the chain every time a new video is posted. But if you're curious about the play through, all videos will be located in the spoilers section below. And if you like what you see, feel free to like, comment, and subscribe! (sorry... Had to... )
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    If anyone feels down over seeing people being apathetic towards Dragon Quest in general, here's a video of people at the Nintendo NY Store going (positively) crazy over the announcement of the Dragon Quest Hero(es) as Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters.
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    https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2019-06-03/dragon-quest-producer-dragon-quest-xii-in-preparation-for-development/.147425 To nobody’s surprise, Dragon Quest XII is happening, later rather than sooner though, since they’re apparently still preparing to start development on it.
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    I think this is pretty fresh news, but a Pokemon Go like app for Dragon Quest called "Dragon Quest Walk" Looks pretty interesting to me!
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    The dude with the coffin behind him = awesome!
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    Wow, can we just appreciate how good this ad looks. The monsters are incredibly well done, especially the golem, rockbombs, and the knight errant! And Estark at the end was the cherry on top. As far as the game goes it looks quite interesting. From what we can see, there might not be any monster taming/scouting which would be a shame, as in my opinion, games like these thrive off of having more to collect. The graphical style is reminiscent of some 3DS titles like Joker 3 and XI and the combat seems simple enough. I also hope that it has a few things to make it different to Pokemon Go, as I only managed to play that game for a couple of weeks before becoming bored.
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    Penguin Random House Publisher Services announced a multi-year sales and distribution agreement with Square Enix to introduce a new line of English-language manga, novels, and art books starting fall of 2019. Hope this means we will see some more Dragon Quest manga, etc! Full Press Release below:
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    @Dwaine @Plattym3 Here's the thing, we all know that when a series goes mainstream, you will have people who are utter nutters, or who like to flail about like idiots. It should be celebrated not for them, but because there will be more of us added to the larger roster of overall fans through Nintendo's action and pushing DQ through adding to Smash Bros. There were already plenty of annoying posters for DQ11, even here, who popped in, had a silly question, didn't like the answer, or was outright rude...and that's how it works. For all of those, we've also seen a few new members and even on GameFAQs, new and older fans who haven't played in awhile, or who didn't spent any time on other DQ forums but are participating now, coming out of the shadows so to speak, because it's a new age. So I'm happy to see the child-like behaviour as it's a sign DQ is heading mainstream, or starting down that route, and will become recognizable as a series. It's rather frustrating entering a game store, saying Dragon Quest, and getting a blank stare, or a "you mean Dragon Ball?," question. That will change. It happened with Final Fantasy, and the various online message forums I was part of back when AOL message boards were a thing. FF7 changed the game. DQ11 is the FF7 (or the closest thing to it) of the DQ world. Clearly the growth change is different. FF7 took the fanbase from 500k to nearly 4m people in the US alone. That said, for all the BS I deal with on FF fansites or GameFAQs forums, there are a lot of cogent and good discussions and helpful people. More than before. More people code diving to find out mechanics...for me as you both know that's like finding gold and platinum in a hidden room underground...just bars and bars of the two metals. Then you have more people making FAQs, more people contributing in other ways. Imagine Woodus being behind, or having alternative fansites crop up that are serious, and fill out the details in everything. That's huge. So I would say be happy knowing there will be more people like yourselves (and me...yeah, I know, that's a scary thought) that come with the dumbassery. Just trying to give you two a booster is all. Anyway, cheers gentlemen.
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    I have a suggestion. One that's been percolating in my brain for a good 6 months now. As many of you know, I've been a staff member over at RPGamer for almost a year now. It's fun, it's sometimes a lot of work, it's like any volunteer thing: pluses and minuses. One big plus has been doing podcasts over there for the past year. I have no one that I regularly speak to IRL that plays RPGs. Before I started listening to a lot of podcasts the past 2 years, there's a boatload of game names and character names I've never heard spoken aloud before that now I'm finding rolling off my tongue (Shin Megami Tensei, Atelier _______, etc.). Whatever, I'm getting off topic. The point is, I'm loving podcasting. Here's the thing: is there a DQ podcast out there that's done by long-time DQ fans? I know I've chatted with @Woodus and @Liamland and we listen to Puff Puff Hour & a couple others. But the ones in the past couple years have been from people new to the series. They're great, but they're playing stuff for the first time and typically playing the newest versions and they've left me wanting more reminiscing about the original games and the changes made for remakes and remasters and sequels and the like. I'd love to hear a podcast by people who've been playing and replaying and chatting about DQ games for decades and knows all the stuff that many of us here at the Den know. The inside jokes, the annoyances, the fixes, the growth of the series. Blah blah blah, all this talk, no suggestion yet: I'd love to host a DQ podcast, by long-time fans. I'd like to get a fixed format together to slowly work our way through the entire DQ series over the course of a few years. Maybe we'd record an episode every month or two, maybe longer/shorter depending on people's schedules. I've got the basic outline of a show, one I'd love to stick to so we don't forget things episode to episode, but of course be somewhat flexible. What I've found most interesting about the podcasts I've listened to are the people doing the podcast and their reactions to the games they play. I don't want a 20 minute plot summary of a game. I want to hear what my favorite podcasters thought about plot points and what was interesting challenging/what was not. I want to hear some of insane number-crunching trivia that @ignasia would be able to rattle off, I want to know some of the stories and artwork stuff @Dwaine knows a ton of (or the obscure artist @Sackchief dug up). I want to hear about the time @Woodus got flown out to play a DQ game early (Joker, right?) I want to know what @Pendy has experienced with all his trips to Japan and @Liamland too plus all his DQIX multiplayer stories! I want long-time fans to tell stuff, not just the new guys reading a Wiki and just having experienced it for the first time. I've got a ton of little thoughts & issues I'll just bullet point below & sit back and just hear from you all over the next couple of days. I'm in no rush to do this. I'm about to go on vacation for a month, so it's not anything I'd set up ASAP, I'd like to really flesh out an episode Ideas: Have a set order to each episode: Staff intros, character intros from selected game (just a couple mins), brief summary (5-10 mins tops), go around the staff and each tell some of things that really impressed them or they loved about the game or annoyed them - all staff jump in and interrupt the hell out of each other to keep the conversation flowing for a good hour at least for an episode, have a round table at the end where we all get 5-10 minutes to tell what we're playing currently so listeners kind of get to know us better. Sure, these episodes might last 2-3 hours each, but that's fine. Use Skype or Discord to record Hosted on Den A dedicated subforum for this, a specific topic for each show up weeks before we record one where the people that are going to be on start taking notes and any other forum member is free to chime in to remind us of stuff Not necessarily go in game order! Why not start with DQ1, but then this December let's talk DQXI because some of us will have finished our 2nd time through on DQXIS version. Not just cover main games, let's do DQM and Joker and DQ Swords Not just do main games first: DQ1, DQ Swords, DQ5, Joker 2, DQXI, ... Pick something like First Monday of the month at 9pm EST or 9pm Central time so everyone can plan and likely be free of noise and other responsibilities Limitations: Would need someone to record the podcast & do light audio work/mixing. I think I'd be able to get some of the mixing stuff down eventually, just some musical transitions mainly, nothing heavy. But with a longer podcast, it'd be good to stop and save recordings every so often and they'd need to be mixed together. How do you get a podcast on iTunes...? Are there enough people interested in talking? So, it's now 3am here and this idea has kept me up a great part of the night. I'd love to hear from you all good or bad about this and if it's even feasible!
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    In fact, they tossed it to you twice!
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    Well Seiken Densetsu 3 is finally in the west. Waited 21 years to say that. I'll be picking it up physical when it releases in August.
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    I’m stoked they chose the hero of IV as one of the playable ones. He’s always been my favorite hero from the series. And of course we have Erdrick, which is also excellent. III was the first main series game I played, so it’s always nice to see him show up, and in this case he’s a well deserved playable character. The Hero and Banjo-Kazooie getting announced on the same day has really raised my spirits after a long (and still going) stretch of work days. Now more than ever I need to pick up a Switch and Smash Ultimate.
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    Dragon Quest XI S will be released on 27 September 2019! And the Luminary, as well as other Dragon Quest heroes, are confirmed as the next Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters!
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    OMG people losing their minds over seeing an HD version of Tifa. I could swear she’s been in tons of spin-off games looking just like she normal does though. (Also, I heard a dude scream “Take my wallet!”)
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    Hello, hello! Once again, I'm playing through a Japanese DQ game and building a database of information about it. This time, I'm tackling Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru & Luca's Marvelous Mysterious Key on the 3DS. So far, the data I'm including are a comprehensive Monster List (including common and rare drops, scouting locations, breeding recipes, from which eggs they hatch, whether it must be traded, or WiFi gifts), Area-based monster lists, Egg hatching lists, Dream Egg hatching lists, the monsters owned by Other Countries' Masters, Monster Arena battle list, Mini Medal rewards, Costumes, and Scout Q challenges. This process is, of course, immense, as DQM2 on 3DS has 802 monsters in it; after about two weeks, I'm at 28.4% of that total (219 monsters). Also...my Japanese is rudimentary, at best. But, I managed to 100% DQ VII 3DS, DQ VIII 3DS, and DQ XI 3DS, so...I have faith I can complete this undertaking. At any rate, know that it's coming, and will hopefully be finished before DQ Builders 2 hits the shelves.
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    Last night I rode the train home playing DQIV on my DSi XL. Glancing to my right I saw the dude sitting next to me playing Dragon Quest Builders on his Vita. I was about to tell him, "great game. I'm looking forward to the sequel on July 12th," but we in the "quiet car" on the train, so neither of us said anything to the other.
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    Hey guys. I noticed a really old topic here on the den where folks were trying to find out who the artist behind the Dragon Warrior NES cover art was. This info was elusive for a while, but I finally managed to track him down. His name is Chris Hopkins, he’s a painter from Washington who has done a lot of interesting work over the years. He did the theme art for three separate Super Bowls and the main poster for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom among many other projects. I talked to him about his work and the DQ games he did art for. He said in a previous conversation that he only did the art for DW3 and DW4, so we still don’t know who did the art for the first two games. He was given instructions by a Japanese man from Enix along with a translator and they gave him samples of Toriyama’s work to base his paintings off of. Please check my full interview with him out, I worked very hard on it.
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    "KIS" is the signature on the box art for Dragon Warrior II. It's at the bottom right between the Princess of Moonbrooke and the dragon.
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    Thanks guys. I forget to come here often anymore, but you guys were the only people to remember my birthday outside my SO and parents so thanks for that.
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    I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with Alltrades Abbey. Perhaps I need to study up and become a sage at Dharma Temple, then I might have a clue.
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    Better yet! Square Enix will go through the trouble of making it so that players outside of Japan can't even play the game, if we're lucky they'll also temporarily release an English version for some people in Asia (looking at you Super Light)! That aside, I'm actually interested to see what this 'new king of Dragon Quest experience' this is.
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    https://www.siliconera.com/2019/05/27/a-new-dragon-quest-game-will-be-revealed-for-smartphones-on-june-3/ More mobile junk we'll never see. Surprise!
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    Ohh, Heroes III would be cool too
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    And you’d get an Erdrick figure, in the form of an Amiibo, out of it.
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    June is around the time of E3 so I’m betting Erdrick for Smash.
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    this was one of my fave monsters from the ol' Dragon Warrior Monsters!
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    Outstanding find! Another puzzle piece in the early history has fallen into place! I'm sure we'll learn who "KIS" is someday. Can't wait to listen to the interview soon!
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    Wow. The two covers are so different I wouldn’t think they were by the same artist. IV is so minimalist while III has so much stuff going on.
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    First, all thanks should be directed to aerynb, who did the hard work of ripping the files in the first place. None of this would be possible without their breaking down the tech barrier. As for the thread title, I call this the first draft because while it's organized by character and chapter I have yet to add context for each line. About three more weeks or so to do a casual playthrough and get the information ought to be enough to properly set up the dialogue. Once I have that organized I'll edit the thread and replace the rough draft. I didn't want to leave anyone waiting for longer than I already have, so contextless word document is better than nothing for the time being. 4 party chat.zip 4 party chat.odt
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    I have had a lifelong fascination with Birds of Prey.
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    Well today had a bad surprise at work. The girl who was supposed to show up to help close was a no call, no show, so I had to stay until closing. Ended up working a 10 hour day, and with this being day 5 of a 9 day work stretch I’m feeling a little exhausted. Thank god I get to hide out in the warehouse tomorrow and work on my freight and other projects I started. I’m annoyed I won’t be able to watch the Nintendo direct tomorrow when it goes live. Guess I’ll have to try and avoid the internet like the plague until I can watch it when I get home from work.
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    A while ago, some dedicated fans used Google My Maps to make a map showing real-world places in Terranigma. This inspired me to do something similar with Dragon Quest III. So...here it is, or at least what I've done so far. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1iR34saV4YL-xHYH9mLtJNqA94lPAdcvh&ll=43.04208693582048%2C7.068989106250001&z=6 Any comments, suggestions, or corrections are welcome.
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    I just splurged on myself and picked up a new guitar recently, but unfortunately my practice as of late has been very inconsistent. : ( I've been wanting to practice and learn a couple songs as well but nothing has really stuck on me and kept me interested for long. But! On the brighter side, I backed up my computer so in the scenario that it croaks at least all my data is safe, so yay! I have that going for me at least LMAO. Does anyone know where to pick up good ol' Dragon Quest plushies? There's a Malroth on eBay that's seriously tempting me and I know I shouldn't go for it... but self-control is something I lack!
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    One thing that I would also love to see return in the next monsters game would be legacy boss fights, like those in DQIX. There were some sort of legacy bosses in the first monsters game, I think, and I would like to see a system of legacy boss fights return. Probably as post post-game content or something like that. However I guess it's not very likely that all legacy boss fights will be included as it would be weird to see Erik and Mia fighting the final boss of DQXI before DQXI.. Likely scenario is that we get Estark and some other monsters.
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    Just Beat DQ5 again. This time on mobile. Last time I didn't get to play any of the postgame because I was trying to get through the whole main series so I'm putting more time into it this time. So far it's TNT Heaven.
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    DQXIS DQB Cold Steel 3 Rune Factory 4 & 5 Pokemon S & S That's about all the releases I know of coming up in the next year + So anything else will be news to me. One can hope.
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    Dann, you've gone far! It was a fun game to play. It’s the ultimate, Playing-While-Listening-to-a-Podcast/Watching-TV game, for me. I basically played through the whole thing while listening to episodes of The League before they were pulled from Netflix. I caught like 90% of the Pokédex just going through the game like normal. I got lucky and encountered Latios, Latias, and Jirachi while still trying to get Rayquaza. I only needed to use a guide for Illumise just to figure out where to find her.
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    Rpgamer.com is doing a contest styled on the NFL draft. It took a full week, but staff drafted 4-person parties of RPG characters. Now it's time to vote for the best. I filled my team with DQ characters, so by definition, it's the best! I just need your help now to prove that to everyone else. https://rpgamer.com/2019/05/the-jrpgl-division-1/ Got 5 seconds to vote for the Alltrades Abbey Apollos? Thanks! (P.S. - don't be distracted by Sylvando and his traitorous group of non-DQ party members [emoji12])
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    It was hard not to vote for the team that had Minwu, but I did it. My vote is yours!
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    It's okay, boss, we all know we're just warming up for the real anniversary on the 35rd.
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    With the announcement of Version 5 and the likelihood that we'll be having people return to the game, or new players joining the team, I'd like to take a moment to cover proper etiquette with regard to Team Chat. Remember that Team Chat can be viewed by anyone in the Den Team, even if they are not online at the time that something is spoken. As such, please be careful not to put plot spoilers into Team Chat. This includes adding a spoilers warning before saying it. We really can't just choose not to see the chat, so a spoiler warning does not really work here either. So what is a spoiler? Here are some examples of spoilers: -Revealing that Character X is actually Character Y in disguise. -Revealing that Character X becomes something else, or gains some kind of special power. -Revealing that Location X is really Location Y. Use some better judgement here, and whenever possible try to refer to the version number rather than the specific world you are in. Version 2 and Version 4 please be especially careful about how you describe the maps you are on. Rule of thumb, if the information isn't obvious, don't reveal it. Example: The 5 Version 1 continents are not spoilers. They are clearly visible at the train station, the NPC's all talk about them. Everyone knows which races live on which V1 areas. Version 2 has a really big reveal, and talking about that reveal is a spoiler. Likewise, Version 4 has you visiting locations that you wouldn't expect to be able to visit, and stating what those locations are could be a spoiler. If discussing story with friends, please use Party or Friend chat rather than Team Chat. If any questions, please reach out to me. Thank you for maintaining the mystery of DQX for everyone on the team.
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    In the style of the Joker games, preferably with a wider variety of monsters, and not just stuff like multiple gem slime recolours (although platinum king jewel's return would be nice), and even some monsters not previously covered in any proper DQM game to date (the manguini family of DQIX and toady of DQIII come to mind).
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    Full WiFi multiplayer, not just local would be nice
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