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    So I was doing some digging on the summoning mechanics from the middle Dragon Quest games (VI, VII, Monsters 1 & 2) and via Google Image Search I discovered some neat moderately hi-res art from the DraQue Seal Collection which had been sold previously on Mercari, specifically of Terry? and Bazhoul. What I find interesting is that this version of Bazhoul is younger than the other art of him from the old V-Jump scan featured on Dragon-Quest.org. They've got other DQ merch there, but I haven't really dug through it.
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    surprised me most people found my Modpack because of this forum post
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    About 26 hours into Persona 4 and I'm enjoying it. Rescued Kanji and am currently farting around until the next incident happens. Other than Persona 4, I've been playing some random Game Boy games and got back into playing Picross games again after watching a friend on twitch play a Konami Picross game a few days ago.
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    Whoa, what?! I hadn’t heard about that! Man, that sucks! RIP Neil Peart. I’m going to have to listen to Moving Pictures tonight, as that’s my favorite Rush album. Rush was one of my dad’s favorite bands before he passed away, and it’s because of him and his records/CDs from the band that I became a fan.
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    Yes. Sky and it’s sequels is a good place to start. After that would be Cold Steel or the other games who’s name escapes me as they both have fan translations. The first games in Sky and Cold Steel move a little slowly, but they do a great job establishing characters, plot points, and the part of the world that game takes place in. Playing later games like Cold Steel, you’ll not only notice direct references to past games, but you’ll realize all of them are connected and how past games affect the future ones.
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    First episode of the Podcast is out now. It's available on itunes, Google play, spotify. Here is the link to the youtube version. First episode is long AF.... We probably should have broken it up into 2 parts lol. https://www.weeabuds.com/2019/12/weeabuds-official-podcast-episode-01-2019-year-in-review/ We talk about Dragon Quest XI and Builders 2 beginning at the 53:00 minute mark
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    Still playing DQ XI : S, and still having a freaking blast. This game is going to get a third and fourth playthrough guaranteed. But for now, I'm keeping with my current goals and taking my time as I play through. Trials of Mana is second. This little drop of heaven keeps getting better too. Very happy to have it as a Secondary. Diablo III. Hoping to jam a couple hours into this tomorrow, since I have the day off.
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    A Switch version that marries the best of both worlds would be glorious.
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    I'm going to call B.S. on that. You're totally pulling our leg, right?
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    Didn’t make any story progress last night playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions but took the opportunity, since I hit an Intermission, to do some side quests for party members and story characters. I like how, even doing stuff like this, the game still rewards you with stuff that powers up your party or makes traversing the Idolasphere easier and other stuff like that. My party feels like it’s constantly improving in some small way with every side quest or battle. The story is very whatever but there’s an inherent charm to the quirkiness of Tokyo Mirage Sessions that keeps a smile on my face. Stuff like having to run around the Idolasphere looking for ingredients for a hangover cure because the head of the company is still recovering from the night before or looking for someone named TikiIsMyWaifu is just so appealing to me. And a lot of the dialogue is just pretty funny too, even when it’s unintentional.
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    That is a Dwight alright. Good job.
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    I've only been playing in 2D mode on Switch, so I can't set a permanent costume. That said I actually prefer XI's default outfit over the Eight costume. Probably would wear the Dundrasil armour the whole game if I could. I do set the field music to DQ8 when Act 3 starts. Adventure is the weakest of all the DQ world map themes, and it gets old after a while. Wish I could set it back to The Hero Goes Forth with Determination.
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    She’s a great character by Dragon Quest standards, especially pre-XI. Controversial opinion, I think a lot of Dragon Quest fans overestimate the quality of some of the characters from a characterization level in these games.
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    I'll give it a try but don't see myself sticking around for too long. Never been into live service mobile games, or that kind of game to begin with.
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    Correction: I failed to start a mobile game months ago. It's been sitting on my iPad for ages. But I still intend to play Something, Something, Stars when it comes out.
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    ...and I’ve now resumed Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. It took a moment to get my bearings but I’m back in it. Man, I forgot how satisfying chaining attacks are. The camera in dungeons is ass though.
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    Happy Birthday, @Ashes! Hope it was a great one! Hope to see you again soon! Just got a new job so I see DQX in my future.
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    Still going through Persona 4; Rise and Teddie joined the team. I also maxed out my first social link (the strength one). From playing random GB games, I got in the mood to play Wario Land II again and decided to play the Japanese copy I got last year since I had already 100%d the English Game Boy version. As fun as it is seeing penguins throw beer at Wario in an attempt to get him drunk in some levels (and having drunk Wario burp on them to kill them), I prefer the original Game Boy version over the Game Boy Color version. The colors look kinda washed out and for some dumb reason your save file isn't cross compatible between certain iterations of the Game Boy family; like I have to choose if I want to play the game on a Game Boy/GB Pocket/GB Light/Super Game Boy/Super Game Boy 2 OR on a Game Boy Color/Advance/SP/GB Player. I don't have to worry about this issue with the Game Boy version of Wario Land II or any other black cart GBC game to my knowledge. Regardless of that issue, the game is still fun and like with Dragon Warrior I-II on GBC, the game changes borders depending on where you are when being played on a Super Game Boy.
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    Alright who is "A Pinkie" lmao. @Democrobot? It was pretty funny having it be right next to Twinkie. Added all of you lads.
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    Why on Earth does refusing Gwaelin's quest not result in "But thou must!"?
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    I added you both. My FC is 8311-5219-3813.
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    Yep. It’s why even though Dhuran/Nokturnus share a general design, Nokturnus has elements to his design that make him stand out a bit more, particularly in the DS version of DQ6. Calasmos just straight up looks like a big baby faced guy wearing a Cell outfit with some modified arms.
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    Also, no co-op, and the final boss of the Dimensional Dungeons will tear you limb from limb.
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    Dog Of Zahan casts Zing on this topic! A game-by-game list of my favorites and least favorites in DO history! Starting with the favorites: DQ1: Dragonlord. The villain has, hands down, the most character of the entire game. I mean, he introduces himself as "King of Kings" and "offers" you half the world, so he can murder you and delete your saved game. Gotta say, I like his ambitions and gotta shout out to his cleverness. He knows you fought your way to him and he knows you're the descendant of Erdrick that can hand him his tail in tail in a bloody bag in a one-on-one combat. His deception is the only way he stands a chance, and he knows it. DQ2: Princess of Moonbrooke. Poor girl gets her home burnt, her family slaughtered, and to top it off, she's been turned into a dog. While being a dog works out fine for me here in Zahan, she had to hobble around the town next to her own ruined home and birthplace, whimpering away for the fate of her charred remnants of her family. No wonder she spends the rest of the quest Sizzling and Kabooming everything in sight. Girl's got a lot to fight for. "No more meaningless destruction. Never again. Not to anyone else." DQ3: Zoma. Master Archfiend. Shadowy mastermind. Collector of entire worlds. Truly the General Zod of the series. Why do you struggle to live? His joy is thy destruction. His beauty, thy death. DQ4: Torneko Taloon. Affable fella who broke out of the drudgery of being an NPC weapon shop owner to be a world-famous treasure hunter. Married man, dream chaser, father, friend. Also, if he appraises a lady's garment for you, by his own admission, he MIGHT be feeling crazy enough to try it on if you push him, so mind yerself! DQ5: Bianca Whittaker. Fine, firey, spirited lass. Steadfast childhood friend. I owe her better than I gave in my first playthrough. I married Deborah, for the sheer comedic value, and it didn't deliver as keenly as I'd hoped. Bianca is where my heart lies, the road not taken. DQ6: Carver. A no-nonsense stand up fella. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but a sturdy one! DQ7: Aishe. The descendant of Prince Keifer. More accurately, like Prince Kiefer, but pretty, and more tolerable. DQ8: Yangus. Stout-'earted bloke, never lets ya down. Reformed thief and bandit turned legend'ry 'ero with no shame about his past, or for that matter, public nose-picking. He could never hide his good nature behind his initial gruff exterior for long. Eight turned him back from the precipice, quite literally, and made a loveable rascal and hero out of him. Gotta love redemption stories. DQ9: Goresby-purrvis. slim pickings for memorable or likeable characters here, so I gotta go with the most well composed, appealing character designs here. It's not like I was going to pick STELLA. DQ10: No experience with this yet, thank you SquEnix. Pass. DQ11: Sylvando. The boisterous bon vivant who bleeds style and sass, and hides a past that makes him very nervous. He's devoted entirely to one thing in life: making people happy, whatever needs doing. His devotion to preserving joie de vivre, not only in himself but his adoring public, is wonderful. The Luminary is fated to SAVE the world, but friends like Sylvando make it worth living in. Least favorites: DQ1: Keeper of the southern shrine. Seriously? No bridge to the evil one, and I'm LITERALLY the ONLY one with the guts to go after him. Is that a "NO", I hear you say, kicking me out of your stupid house until I fish a golden trinket that any damn fool could dig out of that stinking bog in the southern lands? DQ2: Hmmm... tough one. Have to pass on this one too. DQ3: You know, not enough people with enough personality besides the big villain, so pass this one too. DQ4: Taloon's boss. Bet he's trying to wring every coin and ounce of free marketing he can out of his former employee turned celebrity. Leech. DQ5: Bishop LAdja. this guy almost made favorite villain for how evil he is, but he takes things WAY too far. The protag of DQ5 loses a total of 18 YEARS of his life to this jerk. 10 in the slave pits, and 8 turned to stone while his kids are growing up without him. There was no death bad enough or more goodly deserved for him. DQ6: Not enough experience with this one, and it's too easy to join the Ashlynn-bashing bandwagon. Pass. DQ7: God. Just... lazes around letting you do his dirty work, after he failed to put the Demon Lord away properly and let him fracture all of the world in space and time. Then when you're done doing his job for him, to rub salt in the wound, he tries to kick your butt, and when you are done taking him out... continues to laze about on your monster farm. Philosophers have debated the true goodness of God in our world for millenia. THIS version of God, there is NO debate. Worst. Creator. Ever. DQ8: Dhoulmagus. What a pity... that this Baramos-wannabe mask for the REAL threat wasn't more appealing. I mean, yes, he's a cold-blooded murderer, but... the evil clown thing... ugh. Been done better. DQ9: Stella. Chastises you at every turn, as if she could save the world better. Ugh. Just.. No. DQ10: Again, never played, can't say. DQ11: I'm still forming an opinion as I play, but at the moment, have to go with.. Veronica. For claiming not to be a child - and I DO believe her on the "stolen years" story - she certainly does act less her age than her prettier, more agreeable sibling. I swear, when they stole her body's age, they MUST have stolen her emotional maturity along with it. Runners -up for favorites: DQ3: Ortega. Father of Erdrick. Deserved better than he got. I'd accept "thrown into a volcano, and lost in an alternate reality" as a valid excuse for an absentee father. DQ7: The entire town of L'arca. Come on. TRY and work out why. DQ8: Godbird Empyrea. When she revealed in another world she was called Ramia, and blew open my perceptions to a DQ shared universe beyond the first 3... it was fantastic. DQ9: Any NPC played by my friends. Multiplayer DQ9 was fun. DQ11: Erik. His accent reminds me of my father-in-law in a good way. First friend the Luminary has on his way down to rock bottom, and helps secure his destiny early on.
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    I would be pretty content with the Capcom GBC games getting the Link's Awakening treatment.
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    Started up South Park: The Stick of Truth today. Don’t know how I feel about the combat, but we’ll see. I heard reports online that Normal difficulty is too easy so I bumped it up to Hardcore to see how far I can get on that level. My class is Jew, since I read they’re OP on Hardcore.
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    Hard to argue against either valid point.
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    Cool! That sounds like a lot of fun.
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    Started up Fire Emblem Three Houses this evening. Currently I’m at the Monastery Academy place thingie (honestly I’m not really sure what to even call it since they call it a monastery then a military academy then a bakery then a strip mall...) and am now getting to know all the characters/leads of each house. I almost wish there was a 4th house with the color green because then I could have named the main character Harry Potter and jokingly pretended it was Hogwarts or something. All that nonsense aside, I’m at the beginning portions of the game, and it sounds like I’ll be choosing my starting route pretty quickly. Going for a Hard Classic run, but maybe I’ll switch to Casual in the event this game doesn’t have a Mila’s Turnwheel type function to try and fix any mistakes. So far so good with the game, and I’m thinking I may go with the Golden Deer house first due to the country it’s for: the Leicester Alliance. The way it’s pronounced is “Lester,” which was my grandpa’s name who passed away 2 years ago. It may be a sign to go with the Golden Deer route first, but we’ll see what happens! One nitpick I must admit the animations for characters are rather stiff. It’s weird to see characters move their heads or clothes around but there’s not any movement to them. Perhaps it’s just the jump to using 3D models all the time again instead of what IS did on the 3DS. I am really liking how all the dialogue is fully voiced, and by some pretty good voice actors and actresses so far. I was really impressed with that in Shadows of Valentia, so I’m glad they did it again. I’ve recognized several voices already but I’m trying not to think about it and just enjoy the game.
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    Happy birthday! Your choice in sports teams still sucks but I'll allow it just for today.
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    I’m indifferent to either way. If it’s shown after battle, great. If not, I can usually check the status menu or go to a certain location to find out. Every game handles it differently, so I just roll with what they have present.
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    #2: I usually only use one Sizzly Puff. #3: I usually stop when I'm relatively close to getting a gold mark, but am still in the green mark.
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    That would be a lot of work that they aren't likely to do. I agree that the original tone of the PS1 opening dungeon was much more mysterious and immersive than the 3DS remake, but...I think we're gonna have to accept it's gone. They are not likely to revisit VII ever or at least for a very long time.
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    id love the dq11s content to go multi plat would love to pay for it as dlc on the pc release loving it on my switch lite but still id also love a new monsters title and maybe dq walk lol
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    As well it should be. I spent 100 hours to get to the end of that on 3DS and this will have a bit more. I didn't even touch the post game. Wow. I remember conversation about the 3DS version sparking my interest, but it quickly escaped my mind. After reading your last posts about it, I happened to have a few moments and actually researched the game. It certainly seemed like something I would enjoy. And....Long ass games like these are how I only beat a few games per year XD
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    We had inventory at work last night, and as one of the managers I had to be there for it the whole time. It actually went pretty quick despite how large our store was. We started at 6 PM and got done just before 1 AM. Some of the people on the team who came in to help sure needed to learn about this wonderful thing called deodorant though. 2019 was a good year overall. My job I started back in April was hit or miss for awhile, but things picked up in the second half of the year and I’ve liked it. Kept up with my cooking New Year’s resolution (though not quite at one new recipe a week) and found some great new dishes to make, and have enjoyed my Nintendo Switch since buying it in June. Definitely a great system. Here’s hoping 2020 will be a great New Year!
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    I missed you, Ignasia. Love you, my guy. Starve a fever, sleep a concussion.
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    It’s really not as bad as people make it out to be. I played both on my tv and in handheld mode and I never noticed anything super bad. The worst the game got was when I was traveling around with BowWow and reached Goponga Swamp. That’s when the game had some noticeable slowdown.
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    I have returned to enjoying DQH2, and the post-game is interesting enough to keep me working on new things. (The story wasn't that great, but I made a whole thread about how much I hate the story a long time ago). I'd easily put it in the front of the list I've made, but the other offerings weren't all that impressive (Alphadia for one). I've played Let's Go Pikachu, which is gorgeous, but I'm still emotionally acclimating to all the changes.
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    Ditto! Not ditto. Definitely not ditto.
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    You can't finish that DQ9 quest for a while.
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    One of my gaming goals is in line with a real life goal of shedding some of my belly fat, so I want to put more time into my workout games: Fitness Boxing and Ring Fit Adventure. I have a generous space in the bedroom for doing these things, thankfully. Another goal I have in 2020 is to clean a few specific games off my backlog. DQ11S is top priority now. In summer, I plan to resume Atelier Ryza and the other Atelier games I've downloaded. I'm waiting til the warmer weather hits, for proper theming. In the meantime, I'd also like to give Caligula Effect Overdose another chance to wow me. I kind of like the setting and premise, hokey though the game may be. Also, I like the fact that the battle system shows you projected outcomes before you finalize each more. It does drag the fights out a little, but it adds a layer of planning that gives me the "mastermind" feeling I love in RPGs. I love games where I can concoct an optimal strategy for myself and see it implemented. Disgaea, Shin Megami Tensei, Etrian Odyssey, Bravely, and Octopath Traveler all give me this feeling. Caligula Effect feels like it wants to do the same, I just need to invest more time past the first chapter. I also like how every NPC in Caligula Effect is classified as having a neurosis of one kind or another. It's like I have a relatively cheap substitute for a Psych 101 class in my Switch download library. To summarize, I need to work out more often, quest for dragons, perform amateur psychology on Japanese teenagers, and clean out my barrel-ful of Atelier games.
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    Last year I created the hack Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate I created it as a way to bring purpose to the grinding potential I was hooked on as a kid. What's the point of getting your stats super high if you no one can challenge your team? This resulted in a very difficult and grind heavy hack. I would like to try to make a different version of the hack with a level of difficulty that could bring new people to the series. However, the original game is already pretty great. Aside from simply making the enemies in my current hack much weaker, I'd like to know what kind of challenges and new ideas could mix up the game without making it too grind heavy. I have all the tools I need to make this new version fairly quickly, but to do this well I will need testers interested in trying this hack. Please, check out my discord: https://discord.gg/BZYxkHz
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    I was actually thinking about this the other day! I’d like to narrow my focus on specific systems. I don’t want to bounce from Switch to Vita to 3DS to PS4 and so on. I would like to just stop and play a lot of games on one system. I’m also getting rid of junk I don’t ever intend on playing. Just added Mario Party Island Tour and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy to a pile of games I’m gonna sell. I’m also not letting myself be intimidated by big games. I’ll go to play something, realize it’s 20+ hours long, and then not touch it because I could play shorter games and shrink my backlog faster that way. Those games aren’t going away if I really want to play them, I should just play them. 2019 was a great year in gaming for me. I finished more games then I have in the past and I even completed a few (Pokémon Diamond being the notable one). Looking forward to 2020.
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    It most likely had to do with marketing. Or they discovered something that had to be reworked. Who knows. I wouldn't call it shady though.
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    Sounds like a plan. I think it’s going to be like what happened with Bloodborne. I had reached the point where you defeat a major boss named Rom the Vacuous Spider. Boss fight was difficult, but it felt good to get past it. I reached the next area - Yar-hargul, the Unseen Village - and it was such a pain to deal with. Enemies dealt high damage and could be respawned via Bell Witches, a one time enemy that will constantly call reinforcements until you can kill them. I could only get to the first Lantern in that area (your check points) for a LONG time and just couldn’t deal with #$*! the game was throwing at me. I put it aside for about 2-3 months and went back, wanting to give the game another go. Started playing again and found I was better prepared to handle what was coming my way. Still ran into problems, but stepping away for awhile helped freshen my interest and got me wanting to finally finish the game. I’m not saying RS2 is going to be exactly like that, but I get the impression this is a series where it’s not a bad idea to just step away for a bit when things are getting tough and then head back in to tackle the challenge again.
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    I haven’t played much either, but I’m not going to give up on the game. I was admittedly distracted by Smash Bros for awhile and now with my Christmas game goodies I may be occupied, but I kept wanting to get back to RS2 for sure. I’m going to put my progress on hold for a month and pick back in February. I’m at a good stopping point so I’ll resume from there eventually. It’s had some rough moments, but as I’ve said in other topics, I’m kind of a glutton for games like this. Games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Darkest Dungeon can be punishing but are super rewarding, and that’s the same kind of satisfaction I’ve gotten from Romancing SaGa 2. There are times where I flat out hate the game, but I was still having a good time. I know I’ll be distracted with other games, but I’m not giving up on Romancing SaGa 2. I think it’s just going on hold for awhile. I did the same with the other 3 games I mentioned, and when I went back to them I felt a renewed vigor to finish the game and enjoyed my time with the games.
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    If y'all do not get back on topic, I'll post a picture of Kill-vearn with his peepee out*. Seriously, it's irritating to see tread update, only to open it and get offtop that is not even tangenially related. *blah blah canon whatever
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    It was 18 years ago today I first heard this version of the overture and got both versions of this game. Crazy how it’s nearly 20 years since I first became a DQ fan. Merry Christmas guys!
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