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  2. They also have the game code, and it's clear Builders 2 is based on Builders 1, they just expanded from there. Given the sheer volume of changes, there isn't much left for them in terms of tools and methods for building. More in the storyline, combat system, types of enemies, perhaps even a party system (I wouldn't be surprised if we see a Luida's Bar). Given Ramia's story, I wouldn't be surprised at 3 having easter egg visitors from other DQ worlds. Though there is one core problem with DQ3 in DQB's world. How would that fit? It's only a hundred years or so between the end of DQ3 and the beginning of DQ1. Given DQB1 establishes nothing changed prior to the evens of the Scion of Erdrick's choosing to join forces with the Dragonlord, they can't exactly use DQ3's story given it's past-tense, without creating massive gaping holes. Then again, Hargon exists in DQB2, and Hargon shouldn't be alive in DQB1, as that's about a 50~70 year difference, with DQ2 being the grandchildren of DQ1's hero. DQB1 implies hundreds of years have passed, so at least 200 years, so Hargon would be another 130~150 years older than in DQ2 at least, unless he's a monster or used his magic to remain in existence. It's never explained from what I can find. So I guess it's more about suspension of disbelief and ignoring general plotholes, or maybe better yet, parallel timelines in parallel universes. It isn't like DQ11's true ending gives real context to the connection between the worlds, beyond the storyline and the dialogue with a certain massive NPC about the future events to transpire. Horii is nothing if not averse to giving absolute context in continuity...how does the world change in DQ11 to the upper world (this world) in DQ3, though the dragon queen's connection is a reasonable association, as well with the design of said certain NPC (where the fudge is Xenlong in all this in 11?...laughing in amusement at what transpires below no doubt, but then Xenlong is the God-head overseer of all universes, so what's one troubled place versus another for a being beyond space and time?). ==== As to the topic at hand. He's onto greener pastures. It kind of reminds me of Arte Piazza, and I have to wonder if they'll craft the next DQ remake. They worked tirelessly from DQ4 DS -> DQ5 -> DQ6 -> DQ7, then did nothing for like 6~8 months after 7. 7's timeline was also the worst for them. They were able to get to work on 5 and 6 within a month or two after the previous project, and had ample time to complete them. 6 had like 11 months of work, while 7 had like 3 months only, for such a large game, and with so many ambitious ideas. It's a wonder they didn't up and quit the industry. So I can't blame Niinou. That type of hectic scheduling and deadline forcing has to be difficult, but I can't wait to dive into DQB2, it fills in everything, just about anyway, that I wanted to see in the building and construction side of things. The number of variable building materials to work with as well, and the number of furniture and items to place in homes, etc. is kind of fun. I really can't wait to finish my FAQs, get it, then really dig in. Lego's were my thing as a kid. So I have to thank Mr. Niinou for his hard work. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next. I mean going from Etrian Odyssey to Builders? I'm really excited to see his next project. As per his loss...well, it isn't like SE treats their staffers like Konami does, and shits all over them publicly. It isn't just SE either. There have been massive leavetakes in SEGA, Capcom, and other major companies in the West of late. Blizzard is in worse condition. They've lost ALL of their good developers in the last 3 years. All of their good management. About the only two large companies that seem to retain staffers are Atlus and Nihon Falcom. It's not easy with the hectic scheduling, and given the nature of larger corporations, their first priority is to the investors, who are always, and I do mean always, shortsighted in goals. SE seems to be the most long-term in their thinking however. Look at Mana. They're not taking on Mana in a heavy handed way. They're going about it lightly, trying to rebuild an audience, and see if there even IS an audience, and doing releases more similar to Atlus in that they're not expected super numbers, but rather slow growth. Though quality control isn't nearly as high on the low end, it's a start. So there is some sense of realism in their outlook and approach to development. Tokyo RPG Factory is another good foot in the right direction. So even with lost talent, it also seems like they're not practicing what they did under Yoichi Wada, where they publicly humiliated former key staffers who built the company during its critical formative years (Sakaguchi anyone?), causing rifts that may never be mended.
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  4. Hooray! Hope you enjoy it! It’s one of my favorite RPGs/Mario games. The naming scheme of all the areas in the Beanbean Kingdom will make you laugh, chuckle, and woohoo! (Hopefully someone gets what I mean by that joke.
  5. Thinking more on it, IF they want to make another one, it will cover Dragon Quest 3, Japan's favorite Dragon Quest, so if it was in the cards of happening even before the director left, they'll find a way to get it made.
  6. Well I got soft locked in West of Loathing and since there's one save slot per character I'm out. Onto Superstar Saga.
  7. Want to be featured on #FanMadeFriday? Make sure you're uploading screenshots of your #DQB2 creations to the in-game noticeboard! They'll be sent to the Builders' Gallery and we'll post our favorites every Friday. Check it out here: http://sqex.link/dqb2bg pic.twitter.com/YTM7fM29LL View the full article
  8. The original PC/PS4 release wouldn't let you zoom in on only 2 monsters in the bestiary: Krystalinda and the bat demon girl thing. Those two entries were the only ones with ample bosomage on display.
  9. So Alex Battaglia and John Linneman (mostly Alex Battaglia) from Digital Foundry gave their impressions on the Dragon Quest XI S demo, which starts at 7:04.
  10. Yeah, this is old news. The Switch has Senran Kagura Reflextions, a literal groping simulator (and no, I’m not being hyperbolic on this), Panty Party, where you play as a pair of women’s underwear, and Omega Labyrinth Life, a game where your character’s boobs get bigger as you progress (and I heard those rubbing mechanics from the canceled one are in this game).
  11. Hey I'm brand new to this forum and DQX, I was hoping to find some english players who'd be able to help me along アーカナ YZ927-699
  12. I didn't see it that way, given the time lapse, and the story only has ONE several day to week long period with Bianca as a child. That's like meeting a girl at 10 over a weekend, she builds up the greater feelings, being a young girl dreaming of marriage, and you're the first boy she's shown a liking to, while for you, it's another adventure, and sure she means something, but it isn't like the game reminds you of her at any point until she pops back into it. So I cannot agree. If anything, I see it bending over backwards to guilt trip the Hero into Bianca, and Nera at that point is more normal in the general sense. I can see Deborah as being a tad forced, but it's not easy to write someone like that in, and your goal is to marry for the shield, and on top of this, gain a rather stunning bride. The only real established hard connection gained with Bianca, is in the water cave, where Bianca makes it clear over time she fell in love with your memory and has always wanted to see you again. Anything implied in the Hero's desire for her is just in our own minds. So in that sense of adventuring, it does build up a stronger connection, and one made at a point where the Hero is already embroiled in getting married, making the choice about love or access/money. Where it's implied that because Bianca's feelings are so strong, and because of the past adventure, and new fangled adventure, something has to stir in the Hero's heart. That said, I feel the way it's handled makes the choice fairly open for both, as there's no hard reason for the Hero to prefer Bianca, only for Bianca to prefer the Hero. It's not handled in any meaningful way. I do wish the remakes added a little more padding. You have to remember, when Harry mentions marriage, it's not Bianca the Hero brings up, according to Harry's response, but the woman Harry ends up marrying. Like they're having a friendly competition, and she's the first thing on their minds for bride worthy material. However, unlike Harry, the Hero can't afford yet to settle down, but it's meant to bridge the gap of focus on Pankraz's quest for Martha, to the focus for his own love life, allowing for the acceptance of potentially settling down, and the luck of having the shield, the further enticement, that ties in with his father's quest for the legendary hero and through that quest, saving Martha. So in a way it's still treated more like a side dish than the main course...a bonus element that could potentially lead to a similar love bond that the Hero's father has for his mother. Though it is true that we're meant to desire Bianca, and she is designed as the focal point because she's the only one with any connection at all, and going from Harry's connection to his wife, and the Hero's initial desire for the same woman stemming from hardship due to fighting together, we're meant to make that transition stronger in the bonding over the Water Cave's super sized length, and the Hero bridging a connection through that to their earlier childhood adventure. Combined with Bianca's literally walking away from ALL other suitors for years and years because her heart was always set on the Hero, we're supposed to feel like it's the right thing to do, that it's not so much fate, but a connection that makes more sense. However, there isn't anything in Bianca's dialogue that indicates the Hero shows her any return in her obvious flirtations, and instead treats her like a long lost friend, while she desperately attempts to get some response indicating he feels something for her beyond that. Which is why she's so flirtatious. He's just really good to her and they reconnect in friendship. So in lieu of his behaviour, and her natural shyness whenever she attempts to communicate she has more feelings...it feels like a forced guilt trip to marry her because Bianca would end up alone. Then there's the constant suitors for Nera, and Nera's own childhood friend, who nearly kills himself. A man she already has strong feelings for, but not quite romance, though he's head over heels. It's made plainly obvious that in picking Nera, the troubadour will likely end up alone, heartbroken, and regardless of his demeanor, possibly suicidal because of his lifelong obsession with marrying her. It's also made plainly obvious that in marrying Nera, she will definitely pick the man she already has feelings for, and nurses his burns daily out of concern and longtime friendship. So we're meant to feel guilty not just for Bianca, but for the troubadour. As in marrying Bianca, everyone is happy...yay! In marrying Nera, two people are left miserable and likely alone for life, or at least well past the point they'd have children. This is further impressed upon us by Bianca's father and the parents of the troubadour. In marrying Deborah, the troubadour is happy, but Bianca still ends up alone...you leave your childhood friend to her fate. So is it really a choice of love, or being forced into something to please another person, for something that should have been about love in the first place? Sure the Hero is happy in any situation, and the outcome is always positive in the story, but the nature of the approach seems to favour Bianca, and heavily downplay Nera and especially Debora.
  13. DQV also really suffers from the whole wife-choice deal, which is opposed in spirit to the story it wants to tell, where all these plot threads from your childhood all directly end up tying up into your adventure as an adult. Nera and Debora aren't part of your childhood, and the story bending over backwards to accommodate them is silly.
  14. (A Russian voice screams in the distance).
  15. I thought the main concern was the fact that, should a tournament is held in a country, like Japan for example, a US player would have to play with a Japan Hero. And therefore to read his spells in Japanese too. Which would prove equally difficult to use for a US player of the Hero, or to avoid for a IS player fighting a Hero player.
  16. That's my point. DQV is probably the DQ that had the most potential, and which has the most compelling story arc, but imo it's kinda ruined with a bunch of blank companions. Had the game had characters like the wondrous cast of IV, of even less interesting ones like VI, it probably would have been a favourite of mine. I like the story arc, but the only character I like in the game is the silent protagonist. Hard for me to really enjoy the game in this condition. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  17. I am rather new to this game, so I'll ask a new question: Where do I locate my ID number? :] Thanks in advance.
  18. Best game? Ehhh Best DQ story arc? Sure! [emoji112]
  19. Just to keep everyone abreast of developments, Nintendo doesn't give a #$*! about that anymore. They've got Moreo Chronicles on Switch where every monster is a dick and all the games with rubbing mechanics are releasing unsensored while Sony is going very very conservative.
  20. I was in a video game club in college a few years ago and during our brief introduction circle, I indicated that Dragon Quest was my favorite series. I got a bunch of blank stares and one nod of mutual acknowledgment.
  21. I thought I heard the sound of the Hallelujah chorus going off in someone's head.
  22. Thank you. So then it’s not about stopping players from zooming on “boobies”… Except… Nintendo, so maybe. If it’s concern about the graphics, that’s ridiculous. The game looks gorgeous! If, like me, you never played PC/PS4, you are not gonna feel anything other than delight about how this game looks! Why would they do this? It’s like not including 2D in the demo. Why remove the opportunity to hook people with the most charming features of this particular game? I really don’t get it.
  23. I’d love to hear two people who really know and understand the lore discuss it clearly, at length and depth. I’d enjoy hearing how all the threads run through the games and how the timeline works. It would also be neat to hear the personal roller coaster ride of what it’s been like to be a DQ fan outside Japan, always hoping the next one is gonna break through, always knowing how different it is in Japan, knowing the legacy of so many more commercially popular games owes so much to DQ, trying to get friends into it, kind of enjoying your “private, secret” game. Like that. That sounds like a fun conversation to me. It might also be interesting to hear a discussion of innovations that really worked (and may or may not have returned) and those that didn’t. Of course this will be subjective, but it could be interesting to hear. Also, ideas for the future. For example, if DQXII was an action RPG with no menu-based combat, could that work? Could you have three to five AI Companions? Can the series continue without either Sugiyama’s music (or even his style), Toriyama’s design (or even his aesthetic), Horii’s vision (or even his approach and tropes)? Stuff like that?
  24. I’m shocked now by two things I’d assumed to be true that were a lot of the basis for how I was planning to experience this game. Is there really… …no zoom in Photo Mode? …no first-person view? Not even just no zoom, but no first-person camera at all? I heard about the no-zoom Photo Mode early yesterday. I was very disappointed, but I could deal with it. No first-person view, though, completely destroys the level of immersion I have been anticipating for this game. I have been planning to fill up my SD card with screenshots of city streets, beautiful vistas, cats on roofs, butterflies, fruit bowls, charming interiors, light on water, light through trees, etc. I don’t care if there’s a “graphical downgrade” from PC/PS4. What I want is to be able to photograph my journey through a DQ game, especially this one, with the freedom and intimacy of a real road trip. I think FFXV does this? Though, for my personal tastes, FF has lost a lot of the “fantasy”. I thought this was a sure thing in this game. It’s not even really about the graphics; it’s about pulling me in to the world. It was literally a lifelong dream come true for me to experience a traditional JRPG world in this way. The closest I ever got was Lea Monde in Vagrant Story. It irked me every second of play through FFXII and Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon that I could not view and photograph in first-person. I’m truly devastated by this news. Is there a first-person view on PS4? What about PC? I bought a Switch for this game, but without this functionality, I’m afraid that virtually every moment of the experience, I’m going to feel limitation, frustration, disappointment, and regret. For me personally, the ability to screenshot and photograph the journey through my personal point of view was the heart of the experience I was paying for.
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