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  2. The Lobster Grand Prix has come to a close. To get your prizes you need to claim them on Hiroba. Here is the link: https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/event/lobsterGP
  3. Outstanding find! Another puzzle piece in the early history has fallen into place! I'm sure we'll learn who "KIS" is someday. Can't wait to listen to the interview soon!
  4. And at long last... after all these years I finally feel like giving Final Fantasy VIII a second chance. So I guess I’ll boot it up on the ol’ PS1.

  5. I finally got my own copy of Dragon Quest VII after a very long wait. Can't wait to over grind all my characters again :P

  6. I have the entire weekend off, which I’m thankful for since I was sick all last week and early this week. Had a day off on Wednesday, but didn’t have much time to relax since I had errands that day. So I was pretty happy to have a full weekend off. Been taking it easy today. Got to enjoy some good food on the grill for lunch before the stormy weather kicked in again, made homemade punch, and finally managed to finish off Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon and platinum all three games in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Really enjoyed the trilogy, and after playing through it my favorites still go Ripto’s Rage, the original, and then Year of the Dragon. All three are as fun as I remember and I’m glad I finally got the trilogy. Tomorrow will be a good day too. I’m going to a Harry Potter music concert in the afternoon with my mom as a late Mother’s Day celebration since I had to work all day on Mother’s Day, and we’re planning on checking out one of the local restaurants that’s downtown in the city the concert is at. Should be a fun Sunday!
  7. New recipe time! This time I made homemade punch courtesy of my grandma’s recipe. It’s always a refreshing drink for the hot weather, and since summer is around the corner I figured today would be a good day to give it a try and make it.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Wow. The two covers are so different I wouldn’t think they were by the same artist. IV is so minimalist while III has so much stuff going on.
  10. Hey guys. I noticed a really old topic here on the den where folks were trying to find out who the artist behind the Dragon Warrior NES cover art was. This info was elusive for a while, but I finally managed to track him down. His name is Chris Hopkins, he’s a painter from Washington who has done a lot of interesting work over the years. He did the theme art for three separate Super Bowls and the main poster for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom among many other projects. I talked to him about his work and the DQ games he did art for. He said in a previous conversation that he only did the art for DW3 and DW4, so we still don’t know who did the art for the first two games. He was given instructions by a Japanese man from Enix along with a translator and they gave him samples of Toriyama’s work to base his paintings off of. Please check my full interview with him out, I worked very hard on it.
  11. Well thanks for that information but I can't have Terry at 74 because every person is all 99 & does the bunny tails need to be ice or anything like that
  12. A very belated Happy Birthday! I hope your day was great, food good, drink flowed, #$*!es moaned, friends frolicked and all that good stuff. Cheers mate.
  13. I have completed everything but I cannot find this QR code anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thank you in advance 😎 Installing Official Update v1.1 a) Launch FBI on your 3DS, and the load the 3ds title keys site on your PC/Phone b) Search for 0004000e0016ad00, and then click the "QR Code" Icon for the "Patch". The name should be "更新データ Ver. 1.1 DQM ジョーカー3" and it is serial "CTR-U-BJ3J" c) Within FBI, launch the "Remote Install > Scan QR Code" feature, and scan the QR Code. It will prompt you to install titles from the CDN (answer yes to all). d) You should now be able to launch version 1.1 of DQM Joker 3 in english, enjoy!
  14. Your birthday was yesterday so I guess I missed out on missing you a happy birthday. I guess the time for tacos has passed.
  15. I'd like all the DLCs to be on the cart, maybe post game but still not DLC as they originally were. However the biggest thing I want is them fixing the class and skill systems. Because magic is tied to class any spells gained won't stay with you so a Mage will be left out immediately because nothing you gain as a mage is of any consequence. There is also the problem with magic being too weak when compared to the physical hitters, especially in the early and late parts of the game, the lack of Sizz also hurts the mage as they lack a multihit fire spell. Overall the magic system needs to be overhauled to something like VIII or XI, where the characters know fewer spells overall but each one has more reason to be there. Also gaining the sage class so late is a problem long with the fact that they're a better healer than is the pure healer class with they're access to Kazing. With a system that gives access to "spell mastery" based on M.Might or M.Mending, giving classes more specialized spellsets would also make magic more interesting, where Buff can be learned by the Priest but Kabuff is only available to the Paladin class but mastering it and being able to have it on a different class requires the bonuses from Priest or Sage to get M.Mending high enough. Granted this system would eventually completely homogenize the classes but they're that way already with enough grinding. One other way to fix the classes would be to have the skill points be tied to the character rather than the class, that way you'd have to think what you want the class to learn, also assigning more spells to the skill trees would make it so that pure leveling isn't enough to gain the most powerful and useful spells. Kazing for example could be rewards for class mastery but also require investment into staves along with the Faith tree. Some ideas on spell distribution that would make each class have their own identity, with the mastery system allowing other classes access to the spells if the class that learns the spell is wise enough to master the spell. Mage: Sizzle/Ka-, Crackle/Ka-, Bang/Boom/Ka-, Deccelerate/tle, Sap, Oomph Priest: Heal/Mid-/More-/Full, Zing/Ka-, Buff, Squelch, Tingle, Insulate Sage; Zam/le/Ka-, Multiheal, Zing, Magic Barrier, Insulatle Paladin; Heal/Mid/More-, Buff/Ka-, Kamikazee, Kerplunk Armamentalist; Oomph/le, Accelerate/tle, Frizz/le/Ka-,
  16. Last week
  17. I don't think I did that much. I think someone (now I forget who) recommended the correct tool to ... I dunno ... unpack the text ? Anyway, I'm glad it's getting somewhere.
  18. No I don't, found this doing some googling if you haven't found it yet for zoma
  19. Can the 3-4 weeks from now pass, so I can get some more Dragon Quest XI S news, alongside other important gaming news? Thanks.

  20. Mostly just getting old, but also playing some DQ Builders, and trying to fish between these waves of ridiculous rainstorms we've been having the last couple months. I got pushed up to a desk job recently, so that means less overtime, which means more fishing and gaming time with my boy.
  21. ‘appy birfday, guv! Hope it’s a diamond of a day for ya, @Bururian.
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