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  2. There were others. I’m sure you’ll give me #$*! for it, but another RPG that had that happen was Etrian Odyssey III. That game got a mediocre 6/10, and while it’s not my favorite entry in the series it’s definitely not deserving of that low of a score. All the comments from the writer spelled it out that he was definitely not an RPG fan, and especially not a dungeon crawler fan.
  3. Elimination of bias is mostly impossible. The drive to reduce bias is what most should strive for. But the second part of your post is more or less what I was saying above. Bias, in media review at least, has its value.
  4. I think trying to eliminate your personal bias from a review is foolish. Your opinion can not be unbiased. Jim Sterling made a brilliant video where he reviewed FF XIII with only objectivity, no subjectivity: Also, just me personally, I’d sooner take someone’s extremely biased opinion if I know their taste well enough that I can understand where they came from. Watch enough of a single person’s videos and you’ll understand why they gave something a 7/10 even when you disagree.
  5. Had both sides of that last year. Gave SteamWorld Quest a try and absolutely loved it. Gave it a 4.5 when our site hadn't done a 4.5 in 17 months. Then I tried really hard to like Super Neptunia RPG. It was trash.
  6. Bias is, of course, an inherently negative thing in any kind of review if it causes you to regard the content unfairly. However, don't discount the value of reviewing a game you dislike. Totalbiscuit hated 3D platformers and mostly avoided them. However, he tried to remain impartial when he did review them and oftentimes the criticisms he had, even if colored by his bias, would often communicate valuable info. If Platty hates linear level design and goes on a rant about all the aspects of a linear game, then it might convince somebody who enjoys that linearity to purchase the game. If you dislike a mechanic that I like, your negative criticism if fairly constructed could still be informative to me. But I get that it's hard to be unbiased and doing what I suggested above isn't always possible. I don't like sports and I can't give you a valid, analytical reason why I don't. I just don't.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Somebody should create an "official" discord then.
  9. To be fair, I think this only happened to Dragon Quest VI, and they were right in retrospect. I was sold on IV and V exclusively based on IGN reviews, and I watched the IX review multiple times because I was so hyped for it.
  10. Reminds me of how on IGN several DS RPGs got really mediocre reviews when the games themselves were praised by fans and other reviewers. Turns out the people who had to play said games had no interest in RPGs anyway and were handed the review just because.
  11. You can't go wrong with that. I love the GBC and their 8 skill slots where I could build my perfect monster.
  12. Yeah, sometimes I'll jump on something that's been passed around for a week or two.
  13. I’ve heard it that the way it works in a lot of cases is reviewers request games they’re interested in, but this can lead to some games being left behind. But there needs to be a review written for it, so they end up being forced on a reviewer who might not be into that kind of game. This leads to half-hearted reviews that end up being generally negative and ignorant of the appeal.
  14. He’s a dude on here who has that fairy type Eevee evolution as his profile picture. I think he no longer posts on the den though.
  15. The pigeons told him to. And he loved a pigeon "as a man loves a woman." Nikola? And because he was mad Edison fried an elephant.
  16. We get a group email and "who would like to do..." and a half-dozen times I've been specifically offered things I've mentioned.
  17. At this point I’m just trying to rush it (somewhat) so I can finally beat the damn game. Thankfully with chapter 2 all building plans still exist in your status menu, so at least it’s easy to level up the village quickly to get some extra HP. Only problem I’m having now is the lack of certain materials to build specific stuff, namely the Colossal Coffer so I can collect stuff like crazy without having to run back to town all the time. Going away from Builders talk, I have finished chapter 3 of Bug Fables. We’re getting to learn more about Vi, and it seems she has a strained relationship with her sister and the rest of her hive. Things weren’t as bad as she made them out to be, and it does seem like the other bees are proud of her. What I’m confused about is Vi’s relationship with the Queen Bee. By the way the dialogue made it out to be, the Queen sees Vi as her child and comments that “Mothers know best,” or something similar. Then when you meet Vi’s sister, Jaune, Leif comments about how all the bees are technically sisters, so it’s weird that Vi singles out Jaune as her (only) sister. Now admittedly I don’t know how a bee colony works in real life so all this is probably on me, but it’s a tad confusing. I figured Vi was secretly going to be the sister to the Queen due to their exchanges, or that the Queen was her mom and Vi was making things out worse than they were due to her personality. Oh well. I now have the three artifacts needed to find the Everlasting Sapling, but with so much of the world to still explore I wonder if we’ll discover more artifacts or if the game will go a bit more free roam from here on out and I can go to any of the other unexplored areas I want.
  18. Yeah, I'll definitely goof around with the classes in subsequent runs. ...Actually...probably when I get to the Dharma Temple
  19. But even the tracks that aren't rearranged sound bland nowadays. I'll see if I can find an example. EDIT: Damn, the specific instrument sample I'm trying to compare goes unused in DQ6 mobile, but I know it exists, because it's been used in other modern DQ games. I could pick another track, but it then wouldn't compare directly to anything in DQ6 SFC. For lack of a better term, everything sounds like it's played with purpose and "oomph" in the SFC version, and the samples sound more dynamic. It also sounds much more staccato. In the remakes, everything blends together and despite being at a higher bitrate sounds very fake.
  20. Oh yeah. I'm totally digging Chapter 2 right now....and taking my time.
  21. Yeah that is how I'd imagine I'd be too. For some reason I just thought you randomly got sent review codes.
  22. Have you ever attempted Zoma without the Light Orb? Yes, Divine Dragon/Divinegon/Xenlon/Dragon God is definitely a rough boss battle. He's made relatively easy though if all three compatriots have Kazing and over 150 MP. Assuming over 180 Strength for each member, and 510+ HP, he can be taken down. 600+ HP, and you've got a nice cushion as he can dish out over 200 damage to each party member with his roll attack. That one is definitely devastating. Just going into that fight with normal HP and above level 50 is really rough going (so like 300's for the mages, 400~500 for your Hero + Physical class/es), as those Mages become extra squishy vs the physicals. He kind of needs seeding, or heavy reclassing to get that magical 500+ HP naturally for even a Mage (they can hit that, but it takes manipulation of stats to the point where they're hitting their caps...Sage and Priest are easier to manage for this). At least DQ3 makes seed farming very easy. Of course there's also the hurdle of beating him within a certain round limit just to get his wishes. Which makes things even harder as the first three times he's fought, win or lose, the round count requirement goes down. 35 -> 25 -> 15 (and at least it stays at 15)
  23. *headboops* Nerd :P

  24. It's gone for me as well. @Democrobot What happened to the server?
  25. Bring on the warm weather and sunshine. I’m prepared.

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