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  2. Do you have to finish the demo unlock it in Smash Bros? As of now I have all 1336 spirits currently available.
  3. So apparently, Gemma has a thing for stepping on top of barrels.
  4. A new Spirit entirely. Can confirm it doesn't work with the demo.
  5. Thanks to Bururian for keeping at grabbing images for all of the monsters from Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS. The list is nearly complete now. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq83ds/monsters.php
  6. Thank you to dochalkos for sending me updated sprite info as well as the monster family and book number for Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart. Updated info is on the Monsters page: https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqm3gba/monsters.php
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  8. The Nintendo Switch version for Dragon Quest XI S is available for download from the Nintendo eShop.
  9. OH REALLY?! Is it a new Spirit or one of the ones already in the game that came with the DQ DLC? Also, I can confirm you can download the DQ11 Switch DLC. It contains the two special vests of EXP and Gold, the Trodain outfit for the hero, Erik’s Wolf costume (it’s the one from the manga starring him FYI), the Boar costume for Veronica, and 5 seeds of skill. It shows up as a separate icon on my Switch home screen for the full game and says “You must have the software in order to play,” when clicking it, so it must not be accessible in the demo.
  10. What's the DLC? Costumes and I think some supplies
  11. If you play the demo you can also unlock a spirit in Smash Bros.
  12. Nope. I was able to download it just fine without preordering the digital version.
  13. Only if you're purchasing the digital version of Dragon Quest XI S. Forget what I've said. I was able to download the Champion's Pack from the Nintendo eShop. I thought you have to pre-purchase the game before getting the Champion's Pack, but I was wrong.
  14. I REALLY need to get around getting Cross Tag. Had a lot of fun playing it, but I really need to get it for myself. Typically I don't care much for tag fighters, but EVO got me really anxious to playing it.
  15. It’s a shame the 2D mode will only be in the full version of the game, but I get it, you can’t put everything into the demo. I’m sure I’ll start a 2D file once the full game hits, but for now I’m more than happy to play in 3D mode with symphonic suite.
  16. Awesome, really glad we got the demo as well. Can't wait to play it later tonight. Also, the free DLC for Dragon Quest XI S is also available for download on the eShop as well.
  17. Apparently there's also no option to use the reformed version of the Scrolls in the demo outside Japan, so it looks like that's one feature we won't get.
  18. I thought I HAD done it before I got with my friend to get images of the bosses from the bestiary, only to find out I hadn't even started.
  19. Bosses start getting pretty hard after the Ruin fight. He’s the start of that sudden difficulty increase. It’s a tough fight, but having a Defending Champion is a good idea from here on out. I THINK Red can get it faster in her fisticuffs line than the hero can, but you may have to double check. Whenever you get back to it, good luck!
  20. I had used Poison Dagger to get me through both Leopold and Servant of Darkness. I had to deal with the Flame adds by using Kamikaze from the hero which took them out first round. Then Poisoned him and maintained healing while poison did the work for me. I'll have to go back and see what I have available. I kinda just jumped back into it.
  21. I have all the special monsters, I think. I know I have pictures of most of the ones you listed. I just didn't do anything 300 and after because we're still working on the Memory Lane bosses. They are...freakin' hard. The device is nice. I don't know how it all works, but being able to take screenshots and dump images directly is so nice. I wish I had it for my 3DS.
  22. Wow thanks for catching that I was missing a bunch and thank you for all the work you have put into this. I think I have everything updated that has been posted. I couldn't seem to find these still: Box of Tricks, Coffer of Death, Creme Caraslime, Golden Dragon, Juggerwroth, Santaclops, and the ones you mentioned above of course. How was using that device your friend has, I thought about getting one of those for this kind of thing.
  23. Does the hero or Red have access to Defending Champion? Having someone (or both) be the meatshields for the party in the first two party slots really helps. You’ll have to incorporate a lot of stuff you may not normally use as you play against the Memories Lane bosses. Toxic Dagger is an example of that, as it shreds through the dog boss like paper. You’ll find you need to change the party line up a lot and incorporate a Defending Champion and support character. Yangus’s slow speed helps out for the Trimble of tension if you have one and helps you deal some extra damage next turn.
  24. Well, I finally did it... I landed a huge new job. The pay difference is more than 15K, and I'm finally not on some kind of service desk/help desk/call queue. 6 years of struggling have hopefully paid off. I started the day after Labor Day.
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