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  2. *Ambles into the conversation a week late, whistling cheerfully* Whoa, Nelly, there's a lot to break down here. Just to point out, because it really bares mentioning, you seem not to know just how big Dragon Quest is in its home country. Dragon Quest in Japan is a cultural phenomenon on par with, say, Star Wars in America. Not to be harsh against you, but you really should have more "in the West" qualifiers here. And Dragon Quest has had memes for a long time, just not in the west. Here, have some all-JP Dragon Quest shitposting. And here's some Google Image search results, but be ye forewarned, I make no assertions as to how SFW any of it is. But as to this question, Dragon Quest has been on an upward rise in the west for the past few years, with the Heroes games, the Builders games, and lately DQ XI. Smash was another step into the limelight, even a big step, but it's only another bump in a line of respectable bumps. Smash didn't save the series, and the series wasn't in need of saving. We didn't see a lot of it in the west because SQEX has been making bank with DQX for half a decade and so didn't really see any need to take it overseas (which sucks). DQXI is recent and Smash earned some attention (some of which is negative -- more than a few Americans are whining about still more swordsmen in the games), on the whole things are looking up. With DQXI being recent, if SQEX's history is any indication, we'll probably get a few spinoffs over the next few years, maybe updated remakes of the Monsters games we've been missing out on or even another installment in the Rocket Slime series. On the other hand, this could happen, too. DQ has a small library of potential remakes to pull from for games that never made it overseas (Slime Morimori, Caravan Heart, anything released between Monsters Joker 2 vanilla and Dragon Quest Heroes) and the potential for sloppiness in the upgrade to newer systems is always lurking. To a certain extent, I kinda hope any spinoffs released will be new titles entirely, if only because then they'll be obligated to stand on their own and put extra pressure on the developers to make a good impression rather than a quick buck.
  3. This is SUPER over due, but I finally got around to adding the maps to the website, in case anyone was still waiting for them. https://www.dragonwarriorclassic.com/dragon-warrior-classic-2
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  5. My day off was pretty nice. While I haven’t been doing a new recipe every week like I originally wanted to for my New Year’s resolution, I’ve kept up my search for new recipes. Today I cooked something I new but have eaten several times: lasagna. It actually didn’t take as long as I thought it would to put it all together, and when I cooked it this evening for supper it was a success! I’m pleased it turned out so well, but moreso I’m happy I was able to surprise my grandparents with a smaller batch. My grandma’s birthday was last week, so as a belated birthday surprise I took it out to her house. She and my grandpa were pretty tickled by it, so fingers crossed they enjoyed it! Other than that, I got some albums rearranged on my iTunes/iPod (namely some song names being named incorrectly for one reason or another), had some time to just sit and enjoy some games for a good bit of the day, and started looking for places to go in Des Moines. I’ll be visiting family up that way starting Friday night and will be there over the weekend. I’m hoping to go to some of the special restaurants around the city and see what kind of unique shops/businesses there are, but mainly I’m just happy to spend some time with them since I barely get to see said family members.
  6. To be fair even with say Mario All-Stars (the original SNES and Wii port), the Super Mario Advance series on the GBA or even that Mega Man Powered Up game, you still get distributions of them in their original 8 Bit glory. But yeah I can't say that it's necessarily a bad move at this point to go for the polished releases when you consider that a main reason the game didn't take off is because the first four games were released later than their Japanese Version, by which time other RPGs learning from early DQ flaws were released (i.e. having to walk onto stairs and open a menu choosing stair as opposed to just walking on a staircase). And while I can understand reservations for III and VIII, not really seeing a problem for the other installments. I is about the same as the GBC and V even added that Monster Magnet item through app update. The rest for the most part is better than the previous US releases: II: Okay, reduced intro a minus, but gameplay wise I don't see how it's that different than the GBC release (aside from a Crest being relocated to Tantegal from Rendarak Cave), plus Zoom having the same function as later games helps remove unnecessary tediousness. IV: Party Chat included, especially with 7-8 companions, plus the temporary party characters and being able to complete the Pioneer Town sooner with earlier access to some top gear. VI: Okay this I understand too going from the SFC version, but if you enjoyed the DS Version, I'd say it's easily much better. Mainly because you don't have to compromise on grinding prior to Murdaw (which I'm still not sure if that was an oversight with the SFC/DS Version or an intended jerk move:-)), Terry is better leveled and has some more classes mastered and you can get the Gospel Ring sooner due to the Mercury recruitment requirement being changed. And yeah VIII aside, yeah we even got some symphonic music which wasn't a deal breaker to me, but not really something I consider from ports considered cheap.
  7. I haven't beaten the demo, so I am not sure. I haven't unlocked it either. My guess is that it will be available in the next update.
  8. So Spawn Wave posted a video about his impressions about the Dragon Quest XI S demo; and it seems very positive (at least to me).
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  10. It will probably be the regular opening/CGI opening. When I played the 3DS version and swapped to 2D mode, all in game cutscenes were in the 2D style. But when it came to the CGI cutscenes, those were all the same as we saw in the PS4 version.
  11. Does anyone know if the cutscenes are different in 2d mode in the full game? Like will we see the opening with the spirit of time walking down the streets of Dundrasil in 2D or will they just show the regular video. Sent from my LG-H871 using Tapatalk
  12. Hey-- I have put a few hundred hours into this game almost completely on my own and have just completed the v3 story. As I make my way closer to recent content, I figure it would be really nice to play with some other real people, so I was curious if anyone could give me an estimate of how active the people here actually are in game? I would like to join the team if it is likely that I'll be able to play with other real people lol.
  13. Good news for those who don’t like voice acting (which I think it like one or two people here on the Den): if you turn the voices to “Off,” in the options menu the cutscene dialogue will be in the classic DQ font speak sound effects. Honeslty I’m happy about this because of one late game character and how damn threatening his “font voice,” sounded the one time you actually get to hear it in the PS4 version. I’ll probably stick with voice acting on, but it’s pretty sweet we have the option for the classic text sound effect in cutscenes.
  14. Do you have to finish the demo unlock it in Smash Bros? As of now I have all 1336 spirits currently available.
  15. So apparently, Gemma has a thing for stepping on top of barrels.
  16. A new Spirit entirely. Can confirm it doesn't work with the demo.
  17. Thanks to Bururian for keeping at grabbing images for all of the monsters from Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS. The list is nearly complete now. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq83ds/monsters.php
  18. Thank you to dochalkos for sending me updated sprite info as well as the monster family and book number for Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart. Updated info is on the Monsters page: https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqm3gba/monsters.php
  19. The Nintendo Switch version for Dragon Quest XI S is available for download from the Nintendo eShop.
  20. OH REALLY?! Is it a new Spirit or one of the ones already in the game that came with the DQ DLC? Also, I can confirm you can download the DQ11 Switch DLC. It contains the two special vests of EXP and Gold, the Trodain outfit for the hero, Erik’s Wolf costume (it’s the one from the manga starring him FYI), the Boar costume for Veronica, and 5 seeds of skill. It shows up as a separate icon on my Switch home screen for the full game and says “You must have the software in order to play,” when clicking it, so it must not be accessible in the demo.
  21. What's the DLC? Costumes and I think some supplies
  22. If you play the demo you can also unlock a spirit in Smash Bros.
  23. Nope. I was able to download it just fine without preordering the digital version.
  24. Only if you're purchasing the digital version of Dragon Quest XI S. Forget what I've said. I was able to download the Champion's Pack from the Nintendo eShop. I thought you have to pre-purchase the game before getting the Champion's Pack, but I was wrong.
  25. I REALLY need to get around getting Cross Tag. Had a lot of fun playing it, but I really need to get it for myself. Typically I don't care much for tag fighters, but EVO got me really anxious to playing it.
  26. It’s a shame the 2D mode will only be in the full version of the game, but I get it, you can’t put everything into the demo. I’m sure I’ll start a 2D file once the full game hits, but for now I’m more than happy to play in 3D mode with symphonic suite.
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