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  2. Any more chapters in the game yet or is it finished?
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  4. EU or US? Steam it doesn't matter, but it does for PS4.
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  6. Until they learn all this stuff from your side game
  7. That would be awesome if you do! I’m missing Vロン and Vロン強. I have サイキョーVロン, though I don’t know if one of the other ones shows up in his coin, and I beat 究極Vロン, who doesn’t have an entry in the monster book. Please let me know. Thanks!
  8. Not sure if you're looking for it in hiragana or katakana, so I put it in both. Hirigana is first. Katakana is 2nd. Akira あきら アキラ Tsubaki つばき ツバキ Tachibana たちばな タチバナ
  9. Looks like Dragon Quest Builders 2 will have some pre-order bonuses (at least for the PlayStation 4 version).
  10. Isn't he still sick and looking for that silly flower for his girlfriend?
  11. I really appreciate the answer. I was wondering if someone can help me write a name in Japanese? I want Akira Tsubaki as my name or maybe just Akira for the male and Tsubaki for the female.. someone mine helping me out? or write Tachibana maybe?
  12. Considering the Nintendo UK website mentioned Nintendo Switch Game Card for Dragon Quest Builders 2, I'd assume Europe's getting a physical release. Just saw the boxart on the website so guess that confirms it. Was worried because a few retailers (Amazon & Game) weren't listing the Switch version.
  13. Considering the Nintendo UK website mentioned Nintendo Switch Game Card for Dragon Quest Builders 2, I'd assume Europe's getting a physical release.
  14. Local coop for Switch typically means one person on the tablet and one on the TV, but we'll see.
  15. Wait, is Europe getting a physical Switch release, Nintendo UK were kinda vague about it?
  16. With the announcement of Version 5 and the likelihood that we'll be having people return to the game, or new players joining the team, I'd like to take a moment to cover proper etiquette with regard to Team Chat. Remember that Team Chat can be viewed by anyone in the Den Team, even if they are not online at the time that something is spoken. As such, please be careful not to put plot spoilers into Team Chat. This includes adding a spoilers warning before saying it. We really can't just choose not to see the chat, so a spoiler warning does not really work here either. So what is a spoiler? Here are some examples of spoilers: -Revealing that Character X is actually Character Y in disguise. -Revealing that Character X becomes something else, or gains some kind of special power. -Revealing that Location X is really Location Y. Use some better judgement here, and whenever possible try to refer to the version number rather than the specific world you are in. Version 2 and Version 4 please be especially careful about how you describe the maps you are on. Rule of thumb, if the information isn't obvious, don't reveal it. Example: The 5 Version 1 continents are not spoilers. They are clearly visible at the train station, the NPC's all talk about them. Everyone knows which races live on which V1 areas. Version 2 has a really big reveal, and talking about that reveal is a spoiler. Likewise, Version 4 has you visiting locations that you wouldn't expect to be able to visit, and stating what those locations are could be a spoiler. If discussing story with friends, please use Party or Friend chat rather than Team Chat. If any questions, please reach out to me. Thank you for maintaining the mystery of DQX for everyone on the team.
  17. Ignore whatever I said earlier. Square Enix is indeed relaxing the Expansion Pack to the PlayStation 4 and I have updated the original post.
  18. PS4 expansion pack will be released as well if that's you're asking
  19. No, I meant, in your first message you didn't mention this expansion being released on PS4. DQX is playable on Sony's console, and it would surprise me greatly for this expansion not to be commercialized on Playstation too. Surely SE wouldn't be dumb enough to make a DQ console exclusive. They would alienate their own Japanese fans. I ceased to hope playing this game a long time ago. I wouldn't count on a western release, not yet. SE would probably lose more money than they would win.
  20. If I'm not mistaken the older coin randomly pops up at the monster battle road. (Srank) Which one are you looking for? I might have one and can take you(If I have the coin)
  21. You can pre-order the #DragonQuest BUILDERS 2 Digital Deluxe Edition from the PS Store here! #DQB2 http://sqex.link/dqb2dde pic.twitter.com/ETxT3XjhMX View the full article
  22. Introducing the front cover (and reversible coversheet) for #DragonQuest BUILDERS 2! Check out the three #PS4 versions of the game; the physical, digital deluxe and digital editions right here, and pre-order now! #DQB2 Physical standard edition http://sqex.link/sy7 pic.twitter.com/hPmMlhL48F View the full article
  23. Thanks Yawara, I grabbed one of those silly V Ron Helmet codes. Though what I really want them to give us is coins to fight the old versions of him so I can fill those holes in my monster book... ^^;
  24. The top message says V2 is not installed. I don’t play on PC, so someone else might be able to chime in with where to get that, since I believe it is part of the trial nowadays.
  25. All I saw about the PS4 version is a reference that that version will also work on PS4 Pro.
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