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Interesting discovery: Cannock and Moobrooke’s Name choices!

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I’m starting a play through of II mobile (to better make sure I can reference and compare versions for my hack more directly) and at the beginning, of COURSE, there’s the random name choices for the Prince and Princess. I realize, “Oh yeah! Those names should be in my rip.” I even went as far as to look up the Japanese version.

For reference according to wiki

Based on the name you choose for the Prince of Midenhall, the Prince of Cannock's name is selected from a list of eight names. They are Bran, Glynn, Talint, Numor, Lars, Orfeo, Artho, and Esgar. In the GBC version, the possible names are: Frey, John, Art, Gary, Karl, Eric, Drew, and Paul. It is possible to manually change his name by putting in a code at the title screen.

In the Japanese version, the possible names are Tonnura, Arthur, Cain, Cookie, Conan, Sukesan, Paulos, and Rand.

And according to my mobile rip (Japanese on the left, English on the right)
ランド   (Rand) / Randolph
 アーサー  /Arthur
コナン  (Conan)/Conrad
 クッキー (Cookie, his Fortune Street Special name)/Caradoc
 トンヌラ  (Tonnura)/Thomas
 すけさん  (Sukesan)/Sigurd
 パウロ  (Paulo?)/Paul

And for the Princess

Her name and stats are determined by the name the player chooses for the Hero. The Princess' name is selected from a list of eight names. They are Varia, Elani, Ollisa, Roz, Kailin, Peta, Illyth, and Gwen. In the GBC version, her possible names are: Erin, Mary, Nana, Beth, Fran, Gwen, Lynn, and Sara. Her name can be changed manually by putting in a code at the title screen.

The Japanese options for her name are Eileen, Akina, Samantha, Nana, Pudding, Maiko, Maria, and Linda.

セティア (Setia)/Fleurette (both names reference the same character from Dragon Quest Swords)
ユーイ (Yui?)/Isolde
プリン (Purin/Flan/Pudding, her Fortune Street name)/Peronel
レナレナ (Lenalena? Renarena? I get stuff from DQX when I look her up)/Ginny
リンダ (Linda)/Lynda
サマンサ (Samantha)/Elaine

Anyway, thought you might like to see these. The mobile was much closer to the Japanese than Dragon Warrior II was, but even the Japanese version has a few curve balls.


Also, the previously thought NES exclusive item, Dragon Potion IS in the game. At least it’s listed in the game data. It’s called Rebirth Stone.

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