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  1. I think he completely misunderstands what a Puff-Puff is (AKA in American terms a Motorboat). He made a reddit posts about it and apparently he thought it was sex.
  2. Reddragon18

    What RPG's are you currently playing?

    Did I win? And why am I amazing for that, do they suck?
  3. Reddragon18

    What RPG's are you currently playing?

    Never played a single FF game though I do hear a lot about them.
  4. Reddragon18

    What RPG's are you currently playing?

    Haven’t played FF8, but I hear it’s the worst.
  5. How do you put something in a spoiler tag, I wasn’t trying to be ridiculous.
  6. I’m just hoping it’s DQ3. ERDRICK THE HERO, please don’t look at this thread I really want to talk about this?
  7. I can’t spoil you unless you want me to.
  8. HOLY #$*! ERDRICK? From DQ3, hell yea! Wait it’s Erdrick from DQ11 or 3?
  9. Reddragon18

    Is Dragon Quest IX beatable in single-player?

    I used to and still say "Aye-Ex". Then I also say "Nine". I guess I say both?
  10. Reddragon18

    Music stuck in your head?

    It’s alright try listening to Brother of arms from Mad Max that #$*! will stick in your head.
  11. Reddragon18

    Dragon Warrior Online -

    DW3 is also my favorite and I love the NES version. (Surprises me so many people said no in the polls.). Yea 8 bit MMO would be awesome! I hope you go through with it.
  12. Reddragon18

    My review of DQXI after beating it

    Having problems keeps crashing on my phone. I’ll read it later then. Thanks for taking the time to review DQ11 anyway.
  13. Reddragon18

    Dragon Warrior 7 vs DQ7?

    Oh absolutely I get the portability and how games fit into people’s time. However, I’m not in the position yet that I don’t have super limited time to play games. I’m 17, and still have plenty of free time. I think 7 on the DS fits better for people who are adults and are busier with life and don’t have the time to play the PS1 version. However, the problem I have is most people who I tried to have a discussion about this with IMMEDIATELY #$*! and push away the PS1 version without giving it a chance. I respect people’s time and life, however, I don’t believe games should be stripped down just to fit their needs because there busy. But, this is an equal case: “Want a longer, non linear, more complex game? Play the PS1 version, Want a faster streamlined easier expierence? The DS version is for you.” So I like that we have two options fitting for both sides. Unfortunately other series have suffered majorly from this issue and have not found good balance.
  14. Interesting. Perhaps, however, battles moving faster and getting levels quicker might have to do something, however, I still can’t get by the notion. I’m playing the GBC version side by side and I have to grind extensively to survive early on. Mobile I can breeze through the area’s instantly. Thanks for the info.
  15. Very disappointing, again. I just am interested in knowing if the enemies got weaker or your characters got stronger. I don’t want my DQ games brutally difficult but I don’t want them easy these mobile remakes are way to easy.