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  1. Woodus

    DQXI Monster Wiki Broken

    I can dump the monster database to a spreadsheet and we can try to figure out the missing monster relations, but I don't have the book that AerynB was using to get most of that info (which probably doesn't include XI anyway). And I don't know if she just assigned numbers to each monster and kept adding +1 or if there is some sort of master list she was going by.
  2. Woodus

    Maribel Sucks

    Socialed this out today, hearing the 'Happy Holidays' song I always here the lyric in my head this way
  3. Woodus

    New Topics Section of Home Page

    I turned the topic feed back on, but left the posts one off, looks like the topics one only puts the item title and not part of the post, so maybe that will work. I have it showing the last 8 that were recently updated. Let me know how that works out.
  4. Woodus

    New Topics Section of Home Page

    Yeah, sorry for the short answer was in a hurry. Some spoilerifc info popped up in the short blurb of the a topic that would show on the home page and spoiled some of the ending of XI. And you beat me too it on the credits shot with Michi in there, I was going to do it last week, but kept forgetting my drive with my recordings
  5. Woodus

    New Topics Section of Home Page

    Removed because of spoilers
  6. Dragon Quest Illustrations: 30th Anniversary Edition Amazon link to it - https://amzn.to/2EhHSxz
  7. Woodus

    USB 3.0 Issue

    Yeah the speed difference is huge, but it can be so unstable, we have problems at work with devices the refuse to even work with 3.0 ports, use a 2.0 port works great
  8. Woodus

    Movie thread

    If there are a couple that need merged let me know
  9. Woodus

    USB 3.0 Issue

    USB 3 can be a pain to get working correctly
  10. Woodus

    Name Changes

    There you go
  11. Woodus

    Dragon Quest XI - New Items Added

    Good point, I will start working on those and the other fixes
  12. Woodus

    Dragon Quest XI - New Items Added

    I have it, figured I should give it some time before I put that up since the game is new.
  13. Added List of Casino Prizes Horse Race Prizes Ingredients List Recipe Book list Recipe List Working on the weapon armor lists, but the way the spreadsheet is this will be a nightmare to fix to make it importable.
  14. Woodus

    Dragon Quest Builders 2 Demo

    I didn't play the demo my "translation station" so I really have no clue what is going on with the story, but it seems intriguing from watching it. The water effects are pretty cool now that water can flow and spread. Not sure if it was the demo, new feature, or early story feature, but my weapons never degraded. There were only slimes on the island in the demo so not much battling. I did a little swimming, and dying swimming ;), didn't get into the flying at all because I couldn't craft what is needed. Lots of blocks I couldn't break with the equipment I had, couldn't activate any of the portals. Cooking isn't instant now, that is a bit different, you have to wait for items to cook, so I made 3 campfires so I could cook 3 things at a time. After playing it, I will probably import one of the versions and play thru a bunch of it Hell, since we don't have a release date it could be a year away still for us, really wish they would get off their asses and do a worldwide release for once. I think so far it takes what was good with the first game and expands on it, can't wait to play more of it.
  15. Almost 90 minutes of play that I recorded downloading the Switch version of Builders 2