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  1. JaybirdC

    Nimzo and Murdaw

    I've never thought about it before, but the resemblance is quite striking. Thanks for sharing!
  2. JaybirdC

    Items of Interest

    This is meant to be in the same vein as the What's New with You thread, but skewed to the world around you. Basically, post about neat stuff you run into but don't feel like using the status-update bulletin board for. For example, I just happened upon an item about how a 4Chan poster helped solve a 25-year-old math problem with a proof offered when he analyzed how many episodes you'd have to watch to see every possible order of episodes for the Haruhi Suzumiya anime.
  3. JaybirdC

    Happy Birthday Redneckpride4ever!

    Ah, but are you classic?
  4. It's been a while since I had a serious Digimon argument.

    1. RyuKisargi



      Gatomon is my waifu.

      Gatomon was da bes!

  5. This is pretty cool! I honestly am kinda surprised they didn't go with Beet the Vandel Buster (which was drawn by Dai no Daibouken's artist; I forget whether the writing is the same), which would be on the whole more known by the western audience if only because it got an actual localization -- if we assume they're catering to Westerners that way, anywho.
  6. JaybirdC

    Happy Birthday Redneckpride4ever!

  7. JaybirdC

    Happy Birthday, RyuKisargi!

    @RyuKisargi And many happy returns!
  8. JaybirdC

    I present myself...

    Welcome to the forum! Watch your step, don't fall off the thread, and you'll do fine. We need someone with a Morrie account to do this justice, ragazzo.
  9. JaybirdC

    Movie thread

    Hey, look at that, an actual sequel, maybe.
  10. JaybirdC

    Items of Interest

  11. Aren't we blessed? Google's gonna tamper with the local news industry out of the goodness of their hearts. https://www.cjr.org/the_media_today/the-media-today-report-for-america-national-service.php

    1. ignasia


      So the company that says never do evil, but only does evil...depends on ones definition of blessed.

  12. I'm proud to say it only took me until Lv 50 to beat Erinn's Lv 30 Dungeons.

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    2. JaybirdC


      DQH2, which is I'm pretty sure the only game she has dungeons in.

    3. solo


      i thought it might have been dqh2 i am also playing through that game so tell me how does one get new maps i only got a lv 3 map and has just retaken accordia

    4. JaybirdC


      She gives them out to you as the story progresses. You'll get a couple more during the final chapter of the game (right about where you are now) and then she'll add to the list again after you beat the game. From there, she'll give you more maps for beating the ones she's already given you.

  13. JaybirdC

    Jessica's Looking Purposeful

    What makes you a slimeball is the fact that your avatar is a kind of Dragon Quest slime, which are literal slimeballs. The only excuse I have for that pun is that we were talking about jiggling and It sounded clever in my head.
  14. Oh, I will never run out of things to make fun of regarding Jessica. For @ignasia, since he asked, and for the rest of you: whenever I get Jessica's puff-puff, her skirt glitches, and so I get an interesting shot of her leggings. The main character's dialog is too funny for the scene.
  15. JaybirdC

    Jessica's Looking Purposeful

    In hindsight, I think this may be another unfunny joke of mine. No harm meant, Plat, and I'm sorry if it seemed like it was.
  16. JaybirdC

    Jessica's Looking Purposeful

    You're surprised that a slimeball like him would talk about things that jiggle?
  17. JaybirdC

    Movie thread

    So, just rewatched a portion of Brother Bear and I realized it's just an inferior version of Pocohantas that ends with the main character going native, because love.
  18. JaybirdC

    Movie thread

    Good to know Miss Ōtani has voice work of more than three syllables.
  19. JaybirdC

    Movie thread

    Finally watched Pokemon's The Power of Us movie and I was pleasantly surprised! It was immensely sappy -- the kind of sappiness that cannot be merely described but must be experienced firsthand (I didn't cry, but I may have sniffed) -- and I won't be submitting it to any masterpiece list, but it displayed an interest in character arcs that I haven't seen in the franchise in a good while. I'd recommend it to y'all for at least one watch.
  20. JaybirdC

    Items of Interest

    Found this today, warning for morally repugnant subject matter.
  21. JaybirdC

    Jessica's Looking Purposeful

    Easily, that's how.
  22. JaybirdC

    Jessica's Looking Purposeful

    Indeed. It's not even in the top five worst video game companies! "he commented." (Ignore me, only joking).
  23. JaybirdC

    Jessica's Looking Purposeful

    After I said that, and I went back and looked at the graphic and I think my impression of her shortness is actually caused by the way that skirt ends up in that picture; it makes it look like her waist is a little lower than it is, which made her seem more deformed. She's short in general, of course, but that particular graphic threw me off and distorted my impression. And I agree regarding DQVIII, but, then again, Yangus is there to offset everyone's expectations.
  24. So I finally beat the game and felt like discussing the story. Not to analyze it, though -- the story's too thin for that, dancing around the ideas of kingship and prophecy without really examining them, outside of a briefly initiated and dismissed "are we wrong for fighting the prophecy?" The legacy characters are the best part, and the game was quite smart to do some set up by setting up relationships between the characters from multiple games (though not sufficiently, I think it's fair to say -- I'd loved to have seen more of Carver & Maribel in particular). Cesar has a fair-to-middling character arc, which is nice. It trips at the ending, though, punting the original plot into the distance and abandoning a plot about investigating the cause of multiple wars and a certain mysterious seer in favor of the sudden fulfillment of a prophecy and a metric ship-ton of lore. There's no real set up for the sudden interest in all things twinned, and I'm annoyed with how the game introduces a certain King of Accordia's twin (introducing new characters at the beginning of a story or arc is just fine and natural -- introducing new characters at the ending, not so much), especially considering it comes with a change in motive and goal for the King himself. Fun boss fight, though; one of my favorites. I do think this might have been saved, mostly by expanding the final arc into a few more story arcs (and a retool of a few things, admittedly) -- the gameplay-to-story ratio nearly capsizes, giving you nothing to sink your teeth into until the final boss. I have mixed feelings about Fractos, who is overflowing with style (the voice acting in the game is all around solid, but Fractos' delivery is one of my favorites; if he weren't a consummately evil fellow, I'd like to have him for a friend), but who must carry the shame of architecting the lousy ending. He also carries some weird, underexplored ideas about his own appearance, given he knowingly is an ex-human and considers his transformed monster self beautiful, which last point has no real bearing on anything and makes me wonder why the game brings it up. ...Okay, so there's some analysis here. Leave me alone, I can't help it!