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  1. Just got Jessica's Puff-Puff in DQH2 and her skirt glitched so it's riding up and I can see everything from the waste down. First thing out of the hero's mouth: "You're looking purposeful."

    1. ignasia


      The only pertinent question: Do you have pics?

    2. JaybirdC


      So fully leveling up a fan-user gets you a party skill where you get a stat boost to compensate for teammates dying. Your primary fan-user is Maya.

      Subtle, game.

      EDIT (because for some reason I can't double post on this status):

      EYY, Robbin' 'Ood's back! Best character.

      @ignasia Alas, I do not. If it happens again, I'll try and remember.

    3. JaybirdC



      Cool, so my browser misbehaves when I'm playing Stream, so live updates (that only I care about, anyway) are going to be obnoxious.