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  1. JaybirdC

    Items of Interest

    Penguin #$*!: You Can See It From Space
  2. JaybirdC

    New Topics Section of Home Page

    It works fine, thank you. True, as far as it goes, but it's not actually seeing that's the main point -- it's reading, which takes time and effort in a way that simply looking at something doesn't. If the guy were actually that keyed-in to avoiding spoilers, he should have been more circumspect, and he should have at least known better than to hop onto a Dragon Quest forum and start reading whatever happened to be in front of him. I haven't played XI yet and I can avoid spoilers well enough.
  3. JaybirdC

    Movie thread

    I see these posters and all I can think is that there's some poor lost soul who is generally trying to make this movie as cool as he can, he just has no idea how to accomplish it.
  4. JaybirdC

    Is Dragon Quest IX beatable in single-player?

    To be fair, nobody looks at IX and says "Aye-Ex". They say "Icks" or, if they're numerate, "Nine".
  5. JaybirdC

    Items of Interest

    Estimation of Destructive Power of Meteorites and Meteors Bonus: Middle East was partially destroyed by cosmic airburst 3700 years ago, possible candidate for the fire from Heaven that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. (HT for both to http://wmbriggs.com/post/25893/)
  6. JaybirdC

    Music stuck in your head?

    The Daily Double:
  7. I was looking over this thread and this one occurred to me to post at the end. I'm glad I came all the way back to the beginning so I could realize you beat me to it a year and a half ago.
  8. JaybirdC

    Music stuck in your head?

    Personally I think the electronic elements are the weakest in the song. It's the banjo riff and variations that're catchy as Hell.
  9. JaybirdC

    Movie thread

    Beat me to it!
  10. JaybirdC

    Movie thread

    What we can tell from the image: there's an artiste on board who has determined not to use the appealing and established designs in favor of something more "realistic"; the new design creates dissonance with the established image in the public eye which will only nudge it further towards the uncanny valley; there's a loss of the inherently cartoony spirit that makes the Sonic concept work,
  11. JaybirdC

    Items of Interest

    Kevin Hart left the Oscars after being accused of being too offensive, so now the committee is scrambling to find someone as a replacement. Since nobody's volunteering to stand up in front of the social media mob, they're considering going hostless this year.
  12. JaybirdC

    Movie thread

    How many movie threads do we have besides this one and the Bad Movies thread?