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  1. No worries! My only regret is I released the early release beta here in hopes people would test it and find these before the wide public released. No big deal. The more ironed out and perfect I can make these patches, the better! So feel free to post anything and everything you might come across that might be off. I added pauses in the text based on the mobile version, but if you feel there’s more needed (too much text goes by before you have a chance to read it), let me know! I really appreciate it! For the spell problem was something I never properly tested. There’s a byte that’s supposed to be for spell casting. I thought I could use the same byte for new spells, but apparently it doesn’t work that way. It just seems to reuse the MP Increase value. That’s an easy fix!
  2. I’m in the same boat. It makes too much sense, I really WANT it to happen, but since it’s just rumor I don’t want to get my hopes up. So annoying. As for colors, I think it’s possible. From the sounds of this rumor, it seems like there’ll be a bit of a Bowser Jr. like setup with 4 unique character models with 2 color schemes each. Male Erdrick, Female Erdrick, Luminary, and Ann Lucia. I could see 2P Male Erdrick possibly being the DQ1 redesign hero. I mean yeah, the classic armored design is more well known, but thinking of 3D models, the “Super Saiyan” redesign is closer in design to III’s Erdrick. Even just a quick recolor would look like the real deal. I couldn’t think of a better 2P Female Erdrick color than a Sofia color scheme, though it wouldn’t match as close as Male Erdrick. Then have “Evil Ann Lucia” as the 2P color for her and IM NOT FAR IN XI YET SO I DONT KNOW WHAT THE LUMINARY’S COULD BE (alternate armor maybe?).
  3. I like “Ann Lucia” but yeah, we’ll see. Her being in could be a sign of us getting the offline version of X they keep teasing. There was, oddly enough, a 4chan rumor a while back about getting the new FS and her name was going to be changed to Sonia. Guess we’ll see.
  4. Announcement came from Persona Central as the same leaker seemed to accurately report on some Persona and Granblue Fantasy stuff. https://personacentral.com/rumor-persona-5-arena-development-p5r-complete-edition-2019-super-smash-ultimate-leak/ I don’t want to get my hopes up, but that sounds all sorts of plausible. I’ve been saying that DQ in Smash would be the best way to help get the series more attention in the US. It’s one of the last big third parties missing.
  5. I’m starting a play through of II mobile (to better make sure I can reference and compare versions for my hack more directly) and at the beginning, of COURSE, there’s the random name choices for the Prince and Princess. I realize, “Oh yeah! Those names should be in my rip.” I even went as far as to look up the Japanese version. Prince: For reference according to wiki And according to my mobile rip (Japanese on the left, English on the right) ランド (Rand) / Randolph カイン/Kain アーサー /Arthur コナン (Conan)/Conrad クッキー (Cookie, his Fortune Street Special name)/Caradoc トンヌラ (Tonnura)/Thomas すけさん (Sukesan)/Sigurd パウロ (Paulo?)/Paul And for the Princess アイリン/Eileen マリア/Maria セティア (Setia)/Fleurette (both names reference the same character from Dragon Quest Swords) ユーイ (Yui?)/Isolde プリン (Purin/Flan/Pudding, her Fortune Street name)/Peronel レナレナ (Lenalena? Renarena? I get stuff from DQX when I look her up)/Ginny リンダ (Linda)/Lynda サマンサ (Samantha)/Elaine Anyway, thought you might like to see these. The mobile was much closer to the Japanese than Dragon Warrior II was, but even the Japanese version has a few curve balls. Also, the previously thought NES exclusive item, Dragon Potion IS in the game. At least it’s listed in the game data. It’s called Rebirth Stone.
  6. Just want to say I'm starting work on Dragon Warrior 2. Credit to Chicken Knife for putting in my logo. The subtitle is a Photoshop Edit that I HOPE to put it in, but Chicken Knife is working on an uncensored/de-localization of the DW NES games, and with our projects being so similar, we're helping each other out where we can. We agreed that if we can put the subtitle in III and IV, we'll make sure II has it too. If not, we'll drop it because we'd hate to be inconsistent. New items and spells went in perfectly for me with over 30 bytes leftover! Yeah, the mobile translation really removed redundancies that really saved on space. Stuff like Erdrick's Armour instead of Armor of Erdrick. And of course the biggest difference is Yggdrasil Leaf instead of Leaf of the World Tree. Interesting discovery is that it seems the NES exclusive "Dragon Potion" is in the mobile version, dummied out as "Rebirth Stone". At least I can't find any indication that people have found it in-game. It's not even on the Wiki! Only downside is, even with all the leftover space, I was about 40 bytes over the limit with the new monster names. But after some light trimming (mostly of the single-named enemy names longer than than 10 letters like silvapithacus), I got them all in, with no space leftover. I just trimmed things down like Killing Machine is now Kill Machine, Muddy Mannequin is now Mud Mannequin, Liquid Metal Slime is now L.M. Slime. Hope you guys aren't too disappointed by that. The actual story dialog is one crazy monster though. It uses a crazy compression routine using a dictionary of pre-programmed terms. So instead of typing out R o g e F a s t f i n g e r taking up 15 bytes, you just use two bytes, one for the dictionary (there are 4) and the second for which entry. This is from an extraction script # Define the dictionaries. # B44B to B49A = Text compression word-length nybbles # B49B to B686 = Text compression words # # Text control codes: # [F2] = <S> # [F3] = ? # [F4] = ? # [F5] = <AMOUNT> # [F6] = <SPELL> # [F7] = <ITEM> # [F8] = <NAME> # [F9] = <STRING> # # [FB] = <PROMPT> # [FC] = <END> # [FD] = ? <-- Related to menus? # [FE] = <NEWLINE> # [FF] = ? dict_Main = { 0x00 : "<END>", 0x01 : ".<END>", 0x02 : "?'[FD][FD]<END>", 0x03 : ".'<END>", 0x04 : "[FF]", 0x05 : "y", 0x06 : "c", 0x07 : "o", 0x08 : "d", 0x09 : "e", 0x0A : "f", 0x0B : "g", 0x0C : "h", 0x0D : "i", 0x0E : "j", 0x0F : " ", 0x10 : "l", 0x11 : "m", 0x12 : "n", 0x13 : "<NEWLINE>", 0x14 : ".'", 0x15 : "'", 0x16 : "r", 0x17 : "s", 0x18 : "t", 0x19 : "u", 0x1A : "a", 0x1B : "w", 0x1C : "[C0]", 0x1D : "[C1]", 0x1E : "[C2]", 0x1F : "[C3]" } dict_C0 = { 0x00 : "A", 0x01 : "B", 0x02 : "Ca", 0x03 : "D", 0x04 : "E", 0x05 : "F", 0x06 : "G", 0x07 : "H", 0x08 : "I", 0x09 : "J", 0x0A : "King", 0x0B : "L", 0x0C : "Moonbrooke", 0x0D : "N", 0x0E : "O", 0x0F : "<ITEM>", 0x10 : "The ", 0x11 : "Rhone ", 0x12 : "S", 0x13 : ";", 0x14 : "U", 0x15 : "\"", 0x16 : "Water Flying Cl", 0x17 : "C", 0x18 : "Y", 0x19 : "Z", 0x1A : "x", 0x1B : "Village ", 0x1C : "z", 0x1D : "<STRING>", 0x1E : "\"", 0x1F : "K" } dict_C1 = { 0x00 : "v", 0x01 : "q", 0x02 : "'<PROMPT><NEWLINE>", 0x03 : "R", 0x04 : ".", 0x05 : "[FD][FD]", 0x06 : "P", 0x07 : "b", 0x08 : "T", 0x09 : "!", 0x0A : "<SUN>", 0x0B : "<STAR>", 0x0C : "<MOON>", 0x0D : "W", 0x0E : "k", 0x0F : "p", 0x10 : "?", 0x11 : ",", 0x12 : "[F4]", 0x13 : "....", 0x14 : ":", 0x15 : "'", 0x16 : "-", 0x17 : "'", 0x18 : "<SPELL>", 0x19 : "[F3]", 0x1A : " ", 0x1B : "<PROMPT>", 0x1C : "M", 0x1D : "<NAME>", 0x1E : "<AMOUNT>", 0x1F : "[FD]" } dict_C2 = { 0x00 : "Thou hast", 0x01 : "hest", 0x02 : "Midenhall", 0x03 : "hou ", 0x04 : " of ", 0x05 : " is ", 0x06 : " thou has", 0x07 : " and ", 0x08 : "to th", 0x09 : " thee", 0x0A : "ast", 0x0B : " do", 0x0C : "hat ", 0x0D : " shall ", 0x0E : " was ", 0x0F : "hou has", 0x10 : "d the", 0x11 : " has ", 0x12 : "gon", 0x13 : ".<PROMPT><NEWLINE>", 0x14 : " have ", 0x15 : "come to ", 0x16 : "ing", 0x17 : " hast", 0x18 : "ost thou", 0x19 : "this", 0x1A : " of the ", 0x1B : "Hargon", 0x1C : "in the ", 0x1D : "thing", 0x1E : "he ", 0x1F : " with" } dict_C3 = { 0x00 : "reasure ", 0x01 : "'Hast ", 0x02 : "Erdrick", 0x03 : "come", 0x04 : "ere is ", 0x05 : "Welcome ", 0x06 : "rince", 0x07 : " great", 0x08 : "arr", 0x09 : " for th", 0x0A : "piece<S> of gold", 0x0B : ".'<PROMPT><NEWLINE>", 0x0C : "But ", 0x0D : "here", 0x0E : "can ", 0x0F : "ove", 0x10 : "hee", 0x11 : "not", 0x12 : "for", 0x13 : "one", 0x14 : " any", 0x15 : " to ", 0x16 : "descendant", 0x17 : "Roge Fastfinger", 0x18 : "all", 0x19 : "thy", 0x1A : "'W", 0x1B : "thank thee", 0x1C : " it", 0x1D : " tha", 0x1E : " thou ", 0x1F : " the" Thankfully, it's just II, that does this. IV is compressed in a different way, but I'm not working on IV initially. Focusing on just the trilogy.
  7. Oh don’t get me wrong, I have the same dream. Giving ALL the games the “Re-Quest” treatment is definitely in the long term plan (you could say I came up with the term “Re-Quest” because I know fans have requested it a lot ) . I don’t plan to stop at the Erdrick trilogy. I still need to ACTUALLY PLAY VI and VII. I’ve already done some looking into the GBC versions (didn’t plan to originally, but it looks possible now). It’s just pretty far off right now is all.
  8. Yep, I know the remakes are what people want most, but I’d love to be thorough by just going in release order. Anyway, one game down 6 to go... http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4237/
  9. Sorry, been busy with work at my Full-ish time job. Been using the little time I have to play DQ XI. Please keep in mind while I intend to keep at it progress will be slow. I think doing each game will take at least a couple of months. I should get some time this week that I can finish up and release DW1 and get started on 2.
  10. Via official documents. Not too much of a surprise, but this is pretty much 100% confirmation for the West. https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2018/181030_3e.pdf Listed on page 7.
  11. Well to be honest, neither do I, I've gotten a bunch of gracious help from someone who happened to be doing a lot of work on Dragon Warrior this past year or so (it's why i'd rather not push my luck and risk more headaches getting something I feel is really minor to work). It was really a matter of fortunate timing. Dragon Warrior II looks a LOT crazier (from a programming/community knowledge standpoint) so I don't think my overhaul there will be as robust as this. But I did look through and fix the menu titles. To be honest, the originals were a little off anyway (SPELL and COMMAND are odd-numbered words, don't you DARE ask to add an S just to make it even ), so it didn't really bother me (gives off a file folder vibe to me), but it was a great learning experience as I wasn't sure if I even COULD fix that. Just for educational fun, I'll share what I've learned. Here's part of my dump for the menu text <80>5im8x<8B>COMMAND<88><81>TALK<84>SPELLS<80><81>STATUS<82>ITEMS<80><81>STAIRS<82>DOOR<80><81>SEARCH<82>TAKE<80> There's some info here on the Rom Hacking Wiki http://datacrystal.romhacking.net/wiki/Dragon_Warrior:ROM_map#Menu_Format But basically 80 sets window as double spaced with a cursor, the 05 is Window height, the i (12 hex) is the window width (it was previously 10), the m (16 hex) is x,y position of window, the 8 is second column cursor position, and the x (21) is starting cursor position. I had only JUST discovered that the 8B is how long the line before COMMAND is. And the 80 numbers you see between the Menu words are basically the number of spaces between (80 is new line, after that it's basically 8x and x is the number of spaces, can only be 1-7, anything over that are for the menu borders) each item on the menu. Had a devil of a time making sure everything was spaced properly after expanding the window.
  12. It already is for dialog, but you’d have to reprogram the menus to point to the new space (not as easy as it sounds) and I don’t think it’s worth the hassle figuring out tbh.
  13. For your first bit, just FYI, it does display the full name when you cast it. The thing is things get kinda messy in battle if you do too much with the windows (monster sprites always appear on TOP of the windows). I already moved the spell window all the way to the right to keep it out of the way of the monster sprites. What sucks, there's a little bit of code before each bit of window text that says how big the window is and where it is, and where the cursor should be, etc. Like normal dialog, there are pointers that the game looks for that points to where the window codes and text are. There are SEPARATE pointers for spells inside and outside of battle but they point to the same code. If I had a little more space, I could at least make it work outside of battle but I can't. Besides, I tried it right now. Thought it'd be easy to just add Holy<Line break>Protection, but it doesn't seem to work that way. Will have to see how DW2 works. There's many MORE long spells in that game (not only Holy Protection, but Safe Passage and Hocus Pocus at least) Speaking of space, for your second bit, I don't disagree, but space is INCREDIBLY limited in that area (when I uploaded my patch I discovered LAST MINUTE that menus were messed up and had to spend another couple hours rearranging menu data for it to work again. It's incredibly frustrating, as you have to make sure it's "padded" enough so other text/data doesn't spill over into other menus). The spells menu I just mentioned AND that are part of the same block of text after some rearranging I got it to have literally 3 bytes of space leftover). If it were up to me and I had the space, the main menu would all have ADVENTURE added to LOG.
  14. Thanks for reminding me. I planned to that early on, but wasn't sure if I would be able to. Now I've gotten to learn how DW menus work. Notice the British spellings and extra S added to SPELL and ITEM. Still not sure if I should keep the ALL CAPS for things to retain that classic feel or if it would be better to implement proper case. In any case these new tweaks and several bugs and script fixes were added into a second test release in the first post!
  15. Choppasmith

    Dragon Warrior Title Screen font?

    Wow Awesome! Thank you so much! Considering I still want to do the logo for 2 and 3, this should prove handy! (The font itself looks cool too)