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  1. I find the backwards R in Story looks pretty dumb myself.
  2. Orchestra music for XI is a nice surprise (though Nintendo is specifying it's just field and battle music? Pretty lame if it's just a small handful of tracks :/ Included 2D mode is the big megaton here. Also excited for Builders 2!
  3. Yeah, I really hope they bring this out here. I quite liked Bianca's VA in Heroes too.
  4. I'm SO glad I just beat V for the first time recently. GREAT PICK!
  5. Ha! Didn't even notice the lack of gloves. With how elaborate Smash camera have gotten (Rayman leak for Smash 4 and the recent Grinch leak) I wonder if whoever made this thought "I'll remove the gloves because if I make a little change like that it'll be more believable than if I copied the art exactly!"
  6. A totally legit photo appears. 😛 Honestly, it looks off, plus I don’t buy they’d go with “kid” Erdrick because it’d be hard to incorporate the other alts including Female Erdrick.
  7. Hey thanks man. It makes me happy I can do this for people. Believe me, I'd LOVE to jump ahead and do the SNES remakes. I think you're right in that if I did do that, the other games wouldn't get done. I'm still a novice to rom hacking so I like to stay with what I know and what I'm used to, learning as I go, than jumping systems and having to learn new procedures, tools, etc. And I know people aren't exactly foaming at the mouth to play Dragon Warrior 2 of all games, but I don't want to leave gaps for possible newcomers who insist on playing the originals. Sounds great! I honestly don't know much about that stuff, just keep in mind with the rom expansion needed to accompany the script this definitely won't work on the original cartridge. Anyway, progress update. The script is pretty much finished and updated DW2's strange dictionary system mentioned a few posts back. The intro is definitely a conundrum for me. It's not just the text (DW2 had the third person narration, the monsters speaking) that's completely different, but the "choreography" of the sprites. I'm thinking of dumping the third person narration just for the intro and use the modern style *: labeling (there's no parenthesis in the game like DW1 so I'm going to use the asterisk for the various emotes in the game like sob or sigh). I hope to really capture and compare both versions side by side and see if it's possible to match them up. Oh and if you haven't checked, version DW1 1.3c featuring a ton of fixes based off reports and feedback is out. I think there's one little typo and another little title screen tweak by Chicken Knife for a future update otherwise it's pretty final.
  8. Yeah came across that post. I doubt it’s a direct, intentional hint, but it really supports “Brave” being Erdrick. I feel the opposite, let them be salty. I hate the “WAHHHHH Anime Swordsman” whining. Funny enough I’ve seen people pushing for Goku now supporting Erdrick since it’s the next best thing. It’s also crazy (and humorous) peeking in on 4chan and seeing stuff like this:
  9. Ah! I know these guys. They’re based in France, but translate their books in English. I bought their FFVI book because that’s my favorite FF. To be honest I hastily bought it confusing it for the Ultimanias (actual development info straight from the devs, exclusive art/photos) But it’s basically like one of those extensive “analysis” or essay videos you see on YouTube in book form. It does bring up some rare Japanese interviews and it might go into detail on things you never noticed or thought of before. But I think the lack of visuals and the whole third person perspective makes it feel somewhat lacking (especially for something that’s ~30 dollars.
  10. Choppasmith

    Dai confirmed for Jump Force

    Direct feed screens from Twitter Also agreed @Sackchief
  11. Well the rumor for Erdrick in Smash stated that S-E wants his inclusion to help promote DQ in the West. IIRC, some countries in Europe got a new copy of Dai's Manga as a pre-order bonus for DQXI. Maybe this is part of serious big push for DQ on multiple fronts.
  12. So this is a pleasant surprise. Accidentally leaked via Instagram Kinda funny with all this talk about Erdrick in Smash. Since its developed by Bandai Namco (same company as Smash) what if they negotiated the rights to DQ characters for both games on one go?) Anyway, I might pick this up now.
  13. If true, imagine a big Direct announcing DQB2 for the West, DQXI S, and then a teaser for Erdrick for Smash.
  14. Man, I don't why I keep getting reply notifications sent to my Spam folder... Finishing up on a 1.3 update. A little bit of being sick here and spending the little free time on Smash/DQXI there among other things sort of took me out of it. I've been getting a lot of great input on stuff that needed fixing that I completely missed. Or some stuff that I kinda mulled over but never did anything about (the two identical guards in Galenholm and the Merchant in Rimuldar who don't have lines in the remake). Hoping to get that out by the end of the week. Also been starting work on DW2's script revising.
  15. Not a rumor, verified datamining https://mobile.twitter.com/jam1garner/status/1080961830825193473? There’s even stats. https://mobile.twitter.com/_Mizumi/status/1080971781790416896? Stats place “Brave” as being about as heavy as Cloud and as fast as Young Link. No wall jump or fast jabbing. I mean sure, it’s still not 100%, it could be a Bravely Default character for all we know. But it’s starting to lineup with the leak.