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  1. Honestly? I'd prefer a remake of one of the previous games that haven't been remade yet or XII. As for remakes, I'd really like to see I, II, III, or IX get remade. Preferably on both portable and home consoles, but you know that's just my bias speaking because I only own a 2ds As for XII, I'd like it to be a mixture of the previous games. But I'd really like the class system to be in place for too, but it seems unlikely imo. *** For a more valid answer, I'd want a DQ fighting game like how Dragon Ball FighterZ played out. It'd just seem really cool tbh. That or a Heroes 3.
  2. I'm going to try playing Dragon Quest 8 and seeing how far I can keep at it before I get bored lol. (Don't be surprised if I do get bored tho)

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    2. Marrowfrost


      No, it's just that I've been losing interest in playing video games in general / not having the time to. (I feel like it's more of me not picking up the game in a while and then forgetting where I am in the plot but ehhhh)

    3. ignasia


      Whenever that happens to me, I typically take breaks.  Maybe give that a try for a good period.  Like just spend time working on your drawing skills.  When I was in 9th grade, this was the first of many drawings I made:


      I never finished it...it took a very long time, and by the time we were required to start a new project, I just put it aside...the air brushing came way later when an art teacher in 11th grade suggested other methods of adding some flare to it...the original work was in soft pencil, and I wanted to make it misty looking, which is really difficult after the fact with pencil, so I spray painted the top lightly with white paint.  LOL.  It looked better then.

      Anyway, growing up, I was heavy into games...pretty heavy.  Though I preferred spending more time outdoors doing other things, mostly shooting hoops, and playing pickup games with friends, or riding a bike, or hiking up a hill just to see the top (despite being afraid of heights I love being in high places).  So I guess what I'm saying is focus on other pursuits for now.

      Are there any books you like to read, or any genre you like to read?  I find when games become way too much, but I feel like spending time indoors, it's either a movie or a book, and I tend to prefer books.  If you like Fantasy or Sci-Fi, I can give you some options to look into.

      Then when you feel more comfortable, come back to games, and they'll be more fun again.  It's kind of cool how that happens.  Similarly to being cooped up indoors for too long, taking a long walk or hike, then coming back and it feels really nice to be home again.

    4. Marrowfrost


      Yeah, recently I've just been writing and drawing and briefly playing video games when the mood strikes me. Tbh I prefer writing DQ fanfics at the moment instead of playing the actual games, but that may change eventually. That and roleplaying but the only DQ-ish rp I'm in is mine and it's pretty much dead atm so that's fun

  3. I'm kinda just in a really bad mood, so I'm going to rant about the current happenings in my life if that's okay. It's really long, though since it's over the course of this month. ^_^' So yeah...January has not been a fun month for me lol and my parents are acting like huge jerks. I really want to get away from them, but...*sigh*
  4. Marrowfrost

    A Giant Dump of DQ Fanfictions

    Alright, here's some more DQ content: My DQ7 AU and DQ9 story! DQ7 AU: Shadowing Tides Chapter 1 (so far): Okay, this one probably needs some explanation: I was reading Warriors recently and one of the main characters/POVs is named Jayfeather, a blind medicine cat (healer cat). Since in the games Auster seems to have an affinity with healing spells and is a main character, I thought, What if he was blind?? And cue the creation of this story. I bet he's very upset about it but doesn't like being babied, which is why he insists on going somewhere by himself. Plus, I can imagine Maribel being his body-guard because he's "blind and needs protection" and is slightly arrogant about it, yet it shows her hidden kindness. The two argue often but are close friends. I BASICALLY JUST WANT TO SEE THE TWO BICKER FOR ONCE, ALL RIGHT??!! DQ9 Story: The False Apprentice Summary: Victoria is the newly pronounced Guardian of Angel Falls, now tasked to watch over her flock as their shepard. However, when Yggdrasil bears its fyggs, a mysterious force ravages the Protectorate, scattering the fyggs down to the land along with Victoria herself. Surviving a brutal blow from the fall, Victoria must find her way back home… Chapter 1 (so far): It's about my lovely DQ OCs, my favorite of them all (I only have a few). The main POV is Victoria, and the latter ones I'll share now: Sandee the thief, Olga the warrior, and Gabriel the priest. It's just a matter of introducing them properly. And I made the crash do more damage to the MH because who doesn't love torturing their own characters, right? (Sure know I do.)
  5. Marrowfrost

    Music stuck in your head?

    Put in spoilers because it's too many to list normally (and I myself prefer putting everything in spoilers for some reason). Most of the music is video game music, something fanmade (most likely Warriors), or some other random genre. It's been a mixture of these 14 lately, with half of them being Miitopia battle themes (it's not my fault the music's good).
  6. Why must roleplaying be so hard for me when writing fanfiction is so easy at the same time? Especially when it comes to the fictional kitty cats that kill each other (Warriors)? *sigh*

  7. Marrowfrost

    Dragon Quest XI S Trailer

    True, although I've never used Steam but it's always an option.
  8. Marrowfrost

    Dragon Quest XI S Trailer

    This just reminds me of how salty I am about not getting the 3ds version lol. But in all seriousness, I like the graphics and even though I'm not really a fan of the switch, I might try it out when it's released (I'm behind on this stuff but I'd rather play the PS4 version instead tbh).
  9. Marrowfrost

    Maribel Sucks

    I find it hilarious that this thread has being going on for a little bit over 2 years. But as for Maribel herself, she's not my favorite DQ character any more (ahem that title is tied between Gabo/Ruff and Alena excuse mE), but I do rather like her flaws and strengths. Okay but I am writing a DQ7 AU fic so I'm a little biased anyways.
  10. Marrowfrost

    A Giant Dump of Fanfictions (Non-DQ)

    Here's what I have for The Phantom Calling - Dragonwood so far: Prologue: Silverfire's POV I'll rewrite the prologue at some point, but not now. My main goal is to get Draft #2 done and then begin Draft #3. Chapter 1: Violet's POV Some things need to be rewritten, especially the beginning half. Chapter 2: Holly's POV Eh. Chapter 3: Tristan's POV: That's all the complete chapters, but in the meantime I might begin posting some of Chapter 4.
  11. Marrowfrost

    Marrowfrost's (New and Improved) Art

    Okay. So. I drew some DQ. But my sister has the art since I drew her favorite DQ character on her chromebook (her favorite character's Terry btw). So, here's a DQ theme-ish picture she sent me that she drew alongside putting her OC in it: And some others: That should be it for now.
  12. Marrowfrost

    Marrowfrost's (New and Improved) Art

    More art! I have been bored recently. Here's an animation I made recently (a week ago):
  13. Marrowfrost

    A Giant Dump of Fanfictions (Non-DQ)

    So basically, this is like my other thread except these aren't DQ related at all. I'll post what I have for my stories once I get around to posting more on this thread.
  14. I prefer the remakes better, especially the ones on DS and 3DS. I've never gotten to play the originals first, so I had to start with DQ5 DS, DQ4 DS, and DQ6 DS first. I later got to play the originals (okay but not 5 because I don't have that one) and I still think the remakes are better. Same with DQ7 3DS and DQ8 3DS (okay but for DQ7 I played the original first but I gave up. I've never played the PS2 DQ8). Call me biased, but the remakes had a lot more to offer with added content. DQ4 DS had that post-game added onto it, which kept my attention since if it had just ended there, then I probably would've just stopped playing/delete save file and replay the game. As for the graphic debate, the DS remakes just ripped off of the PS1 games. I checked- there is literally no difference at all, so I don't get how one is 'better' or 'worse' than the other.
  15. Marrowfrost

    Marrowfrost's (New and Improved) Art

    I've drawn some more! I'll try to draw more DQ tomorrow/on the weekend as it's 12:24 am right now where I live (I need sleep but it won't come) and I wanted to post the ones I've done today/yesterday. Here's yesterday's art (put in spoilers because space reasons): Today's: