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  1. Marrowfrost

    Marrowfrost's (New and Improved) Art

    More art! I have been bored recently. Here's an animation I made recently (a week ago):
  2. Marrowfrost

    A Giant Dump of Fanfictions (Non-DQ)

    So basically, this is like my other thread except these aren't DQ related at all. I'll post what I have for my stories once I get around to posting more on this thread.
  3. I prefer the remakes better, especially the ones on DS and 3DS. I've never gotten to play the originals first, so I had to start with DQ5 DS, DQ4 DS, and DQ6 DS first. I later got to play the originals (okay but not 5 because I don't have that one) and I still think the remakes are better. Same with DQ7 3DS and DQ8 3DS (okay but for DQ7 I played the original first but I gave up. I've never played the PS2 DQ8). Call me biased, but the remakes had a lot more to offer with added content. DQ4 DS had that post-game added onto it, which kept my attention since if it had just ended there, then I probably would've just stopped playing/delete save file and replay the game. As for the graphic debate, the DS remakes just ripped off of the PS1 games. I checked- there is literally no difference at all, so I don't get how one is 'better' or 'worse' than the other.
  4. Marrowfrost

    Marrowfrost's (New and Improved) Art

    I've drawn some more! I'll try to draw more DQ tomorrow/on the weekend as it's 12:24 am right now where I live (I need sleep but it won't come) and I wanted to post the ones I've done today/yesterday. Here's yesterday's art (put in spoilers because space reasons): Today's:
  5. Marrowfrost

    What RPG's are you currently playing?

    I've been going off and on between Miitopia and DQ5. But I'm honestly just grinding my characters unnecessarily in both, so...eh. Not really progressive, but it's something. Currently in Miitopia (I restarted my game, don't judge) I'm at Greenhorne Castle and now on a mission to escort the Prince of a Nearby Land. My team consists of: Violet, a level 12 cautious thief. Tristan, a level 11 laid-back warrior. Holly, a level 11 stubborn cleric. Silverfire, a level 11 airheaded mage. To sum up the relationships, I made sure everyone had at least 6 so they could at least help each other attack in battle. I feel like grinding some more, since I know what's coming up soon... (Tbh I also like the spicy drama going on between Violet, Tristan, and Silverfire. My game appears to ship both Violet/Tristan and Violet/Silverfire at the same time. Strange, that didn't happen last time- nevermind, it did. I remember now.)
  6. Yeah, I'm trying to help her with animating but she keeps rejecting my offers. Eventually I'm just going to have to force her to learn properly at some point. My parents don't really look at our stuff (I don't want them looking at my animations) but I'm sure my sister's going to show them at some point. Once I get a chance I'm going to help her with anatomy with more animalistic creatures and then help her with drawing humans (heck, I still have trouble but I'm slowly getting there through drawing comics). Currently I can't do anything on my channel(s), since my chromebook decided it was a wonderful time to have the mousepad stop working and that I've tried to get it fixed multiple times, and I've gotten nothing so far. The only reason I know that she animates is because I have to use her chromebook for my animations (I used it once, and even then it was for a school project). At this point I'm going to try helping her myself, but if that doesn't work I'm going to find some youtube videos to help her draw/animate properly.
  7. Marrowfrost

    I have an issue with DQ VI.

    My main problem is that I lose interest in playing a certain video game quickly. It might be different for you, but whenever I play a video game, I need to be doing something else related to it so I can keep my interest. That's why I'm replaying DQ5 so I can get more of a feel for it as I write- but I'm just grinding at the moment and not progressing in the plot. I'm probably going to take a break from 5 however, only so I can focus on 6 and Miitopia more. It's hard for me to stay invested in a single plot for too long, which is why I haven't picked up 8 in three months and 7 in a good six months. Grinding isn't much of a problem for me, as I can usually just find somewhere with overpowered monsters compared to my party's current levels and use that. It worked fairly well for 6 until I reached the Dread Realm. Since I'm a fanfiction writer, I might have a different perspective than yours. Simply, since I'm writing both a DQ5 fanfiction and a DQ6 fanfiction I need to replay both so I can accurately remember the events and actually beat both of them for once. And I don't really play two at once either, it just depends on my mood. If I'm more in the mood for writing my DQ5 fanfic, I play DQ5. If I'm in the mood to write my DQ6 fanfic, then I'd start 6 over again since my story starts dab-smack at the start and I remember nothing. For Gamefaqs, I can't really access it on my chromebook since it's a school computer, meaning they block tons of websites that they deem inappropriate. Gamefaqs is one of those websites. Although my parents have their own computers, they're almost always on them so I don't have a chance to get on Gamefaqs at all. So Gamefaqs wouldn't really help me at all in this case.
  8. And it's become her favorite thing in the world, despite not playing any of the games. I think she's gone crazy with it, actually. Why? My proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9pC3BYHY4I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAkY_otJSys As you can see, she's making Dragon Quest animation videos without knowing how to draw people, so she just draws them as pokemon(?). Do you guys think she's taking it too far or no, because she's in the process of making a DQ AMV/PMV as well and has been working nonstop on it since last week. Currently she's obsessed with DQ11.
  9. Marrowfrost

    Dragon Warrior 7 vs DQ7?

    I prefered the 3ds version more, since it's on the 3ds and I can actually finish it on my own time. I have played the PS1 version though, but that was 5 years ago and the furthest I made it to was Rexwood. Then I gave up. I have no clue where it is now, so I'm not going to be finishing that version anytime soon. One day, but not today.
  10. Now I actually like this game, and I actually want to try beating it for once. But I have a problem- scratch that, make it two. Currently I'm just switching back and forth between multiple games, explaining why I still haven't finished DQ 8 and finish replaying DQ 5. (And I'm still replaying Miitopia and grinding like crazy) I'm at a loss for sticking to one game. The only way that I'm able to keep my interest in a game is if I'm making a fanfiction for it or listening to music in that game. (Hence why I actually feel like playing 5 and 6 right now- I'm making fanfictions for both and listening to the soundtracks while I exercise.) I don't know if I'm going to play through it all the way in a few days, since my brain is like that. On to my main problem. You see, I've replayed this game a lot and there's always one reason why I delete my save file and start over. It's always that portion when you follow Rod through the cave without being spotted. A few years ago after 5-7 tries I just gave up and started my save file over (everyone on my party was around level 30+ since I had no idea on how to complete that portion and that I absolutely love grinding for some reason). Somehow I managed to make it through once, and that was only when I went on YouTube and followed through a video walkthrough that took place during that segment. I'd do it again, but the video's probably blocked by now and I use a school owned chromebook, so that's something I can't fix. And yes, I've used the guide book and it's not really that helpful for me. Now I'm going to have a panic attack if I go through that again. (That's an exaggeration, but my point still stands...) I've somehow made it to the Dread Realm, and honestly, the only thing that's bugging me is how I built up my characters. (It wasn't smart at all, long story short. Seed-wise and job-wise.) So now I want to start my game over, so I can build up my characters properly and not get my butt kicked in the Dread Realm all the time. (Note, I've gotten to Mortamor's Dreadlair. SOMEHOW.) And since I'm making a Dragon Quest 6 fanfiction, I honestly want to restart it so I can get more of a feel for the beginning, since I'm already writing chapter one. (Halfway through it now) I do this with all of my fanfictions, and I'm not going to remember the events beforehand. So to recap, I'm indecisive whenever I play video games, I can't get past this one part that's incredibly easy for most people, and that I wasn't very good at planning my characters out. Help?
  11. Marrowfrost

    A Giant Dump of DQ Fanfictions

    Okay, I've gotten more done for the DQ V fanfic. The name I'm currently going with is Press On, but it sounds really...bland. Any suggestions? Anyways, here's the next part: Put it in a spoiler so the block of text doesn't kill your eyes. I'm going to do the same with the others in a minute. On another note, I'm dropping some heavy SilverViolet vibes here...hopefully that's enough to show one of the main pairings in this fic. (My lovely OC pairing and I have no hecking clue what to do for the Main Hero of 5...eh, I'm playing the game right now, I'll figure out eventually.) EDIT: I did it now.
  12. Marrowfrost

    Name Changes

    May I have my name changed to Marrowfrost please? Using Dark Ember here and using Marrowfrost everywhere else is getting confusing for me.
  13. Marrowfrost

    A Giant Dump of DQ Fanfictions

    Okay, so far I have about 1071 words for the prologue, which is waaaaaaay to many for a prologue, but I'm actually planning the plot out for this story, so...whatever. Here's what I got so far: And that's what I have so far, and this is only half of what I planned for the prologue...I'm not the best at this, since my chapters would've been 1500-2000 words each, but I guess I'll just up it to 2000-3000 words per chapter for now. I've also been working on a crossover fanfiction for Dragon Quest 6 and Warriors, and maaaaaaaaybe it has elements of Miitopia in it too...anyways, what I decided to call it is: Sovereign Spirits: An Untold Tale. I've finished the prologue and I'm currently working on chapter one, which is good. I plan to publish it on Ao3, Wattpad and FFN once it's completely finished. This one isn't planned at all, so we'll see how this one goes. Here's the prologue: That's the finished prologue, and I'm quite proud of it. Started chapter one a while ago, but I'm probably not going to work on it for a bit in favor of the Dragon Quest V fanfic above.
  14. Marrowfrost

    Okay, so I'm back.

    Yep, Dark Ember is back. So for those of you who don't know, I joined the den around like...I dunno, I forgot actually. But basically, I'm a member who hasn't been too active recently. During that time I've been gone, I've matured on the internet quite a bit if not a lot more. Being on Fanfiction takes guts, lemme tell you. Especially if you're willing to go through drama that is dumb and unnecessary. Such as me calling someone out on their behavior (who shouldn't be on the site since they're underage.) and then their parent cussing me out about it. Yes, that happened to me recently and it sucks. Gah, some people... anyways, I feel like I should explain. I haven't been on the den recently because, well, life and I've started to sorta drop out of the fandom a little bit. Don't get me wrong, I still love Dragon Quest. Currently I'm replaying Dragon Quest IX on my 2ds, and it's a nice distraction from Miitopia and Tomodachi Life. (Speaking of Tomodachi Life, I haven't picked it up in weeks. If any of my OTPs had a divorce, I will delete my save data and start over... for the third time so far. Why must the relationships be so hard to keep stable? WHY?! And whoever decided that couples can get divorced while the game isn't being played deserves to get fired, no questions asked.) But with my current fanfictions being mainly Violetsbane and Flames of Fury, I never really had the time to work on any of my DQ stuff. And DQM: Dark Winds? That I shall redo at some point. Trust me- I'm a much better writer now. At the moment I've also started 8th grade, which is both great and irritating at the same time. Algebra homework each day, a new project in science/history, writing assessments in English...ugh. So I've been pretty booked, and I also decided to start writing my own original novel as well, since I currently have my sights set on becoming an author one day. (My pen name is Marrowfrost, in case if you're interested. Search it up and my stuff is on the first page.) So I've been trying to keep my touch with the DQ series, but it's hard at the moment. So then I decided to make a Dragon Quest 5 fanfiction to see if that'd lift my spirits. And it turns out it's helping, since I wrote a good 400-600 words today for the prologue, which is far better than I usually do. It's in the writings section, if you want to read part of the prologue so far. (Eh, I'm not going to bother with planning it out too much. That's a lot of work, you know. And it's not one of my novels, so I don't need to in any case.) I've also drawn some better artwork, like actual DQ artwork as well. I have it somewhere, I just need to find it since it's on paper...it's a DQ pic with Miitopia elements in it too, since I got a little too bored with it. Anyways, I'm glad to be back and I hope I can stay active more often on here. But if not, then I blame life and school for my absence.