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  1. Today is the last day to vote for TGA. Dragon Quest XI has been nominated for Best RPG.

    Please vote, every vote counts in the end!


  2. Imutone

    Possible Western DQX?

    "Downgraded" An offline version sounds like a blessing. No "LF DRAGON QUEST GF" or "U SUX AT THIS RAID KYS." Yes, it comes down to taste but to say an offline version is a downgrade is a subjective statement.
  3. Imutone

    Possible Western DQX?

    Would the offline version be a test to see if the investment would be worth it for a online version? That's what it seems like to me. Test the waters with an offline mode, ya know?
  4. Imutone

    Happy birthday Ignasia!

    Happy birthday!
  5. Imutone

    The Dragon Quest XI Anticipation thread!

    Even if DQ11 doesn't sell amazingly well on Steam, it's alright! I still have you guys and my friends on Twitter to talk about the game with!
  6. Imutone

    Quest #178 - Pre-Order & Buy DQXI for the West

    This should be good enough right?
  7. Imutone

    The Dragon Quest XI Anticipation thread!

    So the PC port is pretty good. If you have a Nivida account, you can most likely use Ansel. Ansel is a neat free camera mode.
  8. Imutone

    New adventure begins

    Wow! A fan from France! Nice to meet you!
  9. Imutone

    Playable NPCs in Dragon Quest Heroes III.

    Talk about timing! I was on some other fourm board and they were talking about NPCs as well. There's not much room left for characters outside of NPCs, so I can see it happening!
  10. Imutone

    The Dragon Quest XI Anticipation thread!

    I forgot to mention yesterday but I'm making some cute little count-down doodles. https://twitter.com/imutones/status/1034848583135244290
  11. Imutone

    System requirements posted

    I have a PC that can support the recommended features so I'm fine with it. My real worry is the usage of Denvo. Heard some troubling things about Denvo like how you will need to be online and it can cause performance issues.
  12. As a fan? Pretty nice, the convention stuff was cool. But I didn't see any marketing that would get someone outside of the JRPG community interested in it. Gonna bet that sales will be okay but Square Enix blew too much on marketing.
  13. Imutone

    Yuji Horii Coming to CRX

    Let's pretend Yuji Horii has fallen in love with America and decided to visit again instead of Square Enix saying, "Hey go to this event and be a judge." Maybe its a mixture of both.
  14. Pretty much. "I was going to buy DQ but..." "I was thinking about buying it but..." In the end, most folks were on the fence. As the consumer, I'm fine with weeding out any potential fans who cannot understand that DQ is the work of many people, not just some old man with nasty views. All I'm worried about is Square Enix looking at the sales and saying "WELL I GUESS DRAGON QUEST IS A FAILURE IN THE WEST, FANS DIDNT BUY ENOUGH COPIES!!!"
  15. Well, I'm glad Square Enix said at least something! I'm very used to silence from them after all. My stance? I wish there was an option to own a version of CE w/o the orchestra CDs. I think most people would be okay with this as well considering the CDs are the main reason why the CE is so darn expensive! Two birds with one stone, you feel me? Being upset over Sugiyama's views is valid and 100% understandable. If you don't touch the series or "boycott" because of Sugiyama? Now, you're being ridiculous.