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  1. Just finished "goodbye, halcyon days," very good volume. I like most of the fights in the Arrancar arc and it's fun getting to see the characters in a more slice of lifey setting for a bit until Hueco Mundo. Orihime is a much more compelling character than I remember, I dunno what it was that I disliked back then. Maybe it was shipper bias? I was a big Ichiruki guy. I think Kubo did a good job with her so far. Also looks like Ichigo went to the Kaneki Ken school of "MUST PROTECC."
  2. I´m not sure it´s so easy to tell, everything seems pretty good when it comes to foreshadowing and planning ahead. Might change later but I think it´s fine. I finished volume 21 today. That was basically through the end of Soul Society to the very beginning of Arrancar. Ichigo vs Byakuya was still an amazing fight and the full color chapter ¨Black Moon Rising,¨for Ichigo´s bankai was hype. The Aizen reveal was as great as I remember. I know a lot of people just flat out dislike Bleach after Soul Society and I haven´t read it in quite a while, so with this reread I´ll see if that dislike holds water. I generally love Bleach´s aesthetic and hype moments, but there´s a strong thematic core in it as well, I feel. Mainly in Ichigo´s changing perspective when it comes to ¨protecting,¨people. Though that´s typical of Shonen. Saw this video on vengeance in Bleach, thought it was good, especially using Kubo´s poems to connect everything.
  3. Cool. How far are you? I finished volume 15 today.
  4. Thanks. Almost missed this thread. Picked up a Nintendo Switch with Smash Bros 😮. It was a good birthday.
  5. I finally beat all of the Data Organization XIII members in KH2 Final Mix. Lingering Will here I come!

  6. Well it was announced that Melee won't be at Evo this year. I was kind've sad to hear it to be honest, but the game has had a good run at the tournament. Happy that other communities get to have their game at Evo now though, like UNIST.
  7. Finished Volume 7 of Bleach. First off, nostalgic as hell. Those early chapters have a certain pulpy feel to them. It's a very strong introduction arc in my opinion, especially the memories in the rain volume. Rukia is as amazing as I remember her to be. I think it's like one volume until I move into the arc everybody loves, Soul Society. Also I like the little poems Kubo has at the beginning of every volume. Favorite being, "If I were the rain, could I connect with someone's heart, as the rain connects the eternally separated earth and sky."
  8. I’m making good progress in Gintama. Plus, it’ll apparently be continuing in the Shōnen Jump app, so I have no need to feel rushed now. Still though it does kinda suck to have yet another long running series in my reading that doesn’t seem to have a definite end. With that said. I’ll be starting my reread of Bleach tonight! It’s a pretty brisk read so I should be able to get though it faster than, say, Gintama. Kubo has a lot of white space.
  9. I finally got Platinum in Bloodborne.

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      That is a good one to end on since it’s the secret ending. Personally I’m not a fan of that ending, but that’s a discussion for elsewhere so it isn’t spoiled haha.

      How long did it take for you to get the hidden Chalice Dungeon boss trophy? That was one of the last ones I went for and man, you have to be real precise with the order you do when going for that trophy/boss! Good boss fight though, so the payoff was worth it.

    3. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      It took me a long time. Probably the trophy that I found to be the most tedious. Especially the second to last boss, Bloodletting Beast, which had no business being as difficult for me as it was. But the pay off was worth it,

    4. solo


      i am working on it 

  10. I don't actually have any idea what's in that book btw. I thought it made a good reaction image though. You know like, someone says something deep and another person pokes fun at it with a tfw too smart or Galaxy brain meme. It's in that vain of humor. No offense meant by it. And I don't really dislike 4chan. I'll even hang out on /a/ sometimes. Also, for the record, no, the person in the picture is not me.
  11. Noragami has filled a certain hole in my heart. Despite the slow pace of recent chapters the current arc is top tier for me. Gintama has been good. I dunno if I'll catch up in time for the ending this month but I'll keep reading it. Also think I'm gonna reread Bleach soon.
  12. Guess who’s just insane enough to try and read all 77 volumes of Gintama before it ends in February.
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