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  1. Bururian

    what are you playing?

    Been playing Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise. I'm enjoying it a lot. It really take a while to get going though.
  2. Is there a FaQ out there that lists every item and what it does in the game? The best I've been able to find are some shop guides, but that diesn't necessarily give a full list of items the game has to offer. The Items list in the resources on the Den here are just pulled from a gameFaQ submission that in itself is copied from the manual that doesn't list all the items.
  3. Bururian

    Grandia I and II HD Remasters heading to the Switch

    You know, I hear that all the time yet I played it and never had an issue. I wonder if it was because it was on a slim PS2 or I just got lucky. I played through the DC version and then the PS2 version years later, the only thing I noticed was the PS2 colors were a bit muted. Other than that I never had any issues with Grandia 2 on the PS2.
  4. Bururian

    What's New with you?

    I'm not from an Orthodox family, but I keep mine up until Epiphany anyways because I like Christmas decorations. Tonight I'll start taking the lights down and disassembling the tree.
  5. You're not kidding. That was a really hard shift. Breaking news: Old man says controversial #$*!. That reminds me of a Bill Burr bit.
  6. Bururian

    What RPG's are you currently playing?

    @Bururian, don't know if you've seen my excitement all over, but the original Japanese DS version of Ni No Kuni got a fan translation earlier this month. I'm so so exited to try it and it's purely turn-based battle system. Oh good. I'll have to give that a go since I have a flash cart for my DS. I don't get it either. It looks nice, but it stops there.
  7. Bururian

    Dragon Quest Best Songs Selection ~Loula~

    @Fates I just saw this on Mandarake the other day for $40, It's probably gone by now, but go do a search to see if you can find it. I'd have let you known sooner if I saw this thread.
  8. Bururian

    What RPG's are you currently playing?

    My hot takes no one actually cares about: Ni no Kuni II: Didn't play it. After the lackluster combat system of the first game coupled with the stupid AI, trying to progress got infuriating after a while. Visually pleasing though. I like looking at it, just not playing it. Lost Sphear: I loved Lost Sphear. It's very retro, which is my aesthetic. It doesn't need a gold standard story like so many people think it needs. The baseline story is 100% acceptable. I like the combat system/Equipment upgrading and enjoy the artifacts that you place on the world to help you with combat. Trying to find certain items for the restaurateurs at the Inns was probably the only part that made me sigh. Octopath Traveler: I played about 10 hours of the demo through one of the character paths. I loved the combat, and I enjoy the visuals. It's how I imagined next gen games would look when I was a kid playing the NES in the 80s. Radiant Historia: Lots of Time Traveling, Trying to figure out the next thread was fun at times, not so much at other. I liked the combat system a lot here as well. Made you think. Dragon Quest Builders: I've put a lot of time into this game. Building stuff is fun, but making it Dragon Quest themed made it so much better. Minecraft has nothing on this. Secret of Mana Remake: I enjoyed it. I've played both the remake and the original version. It's completely acceptable. The Alliance Alive: I loved this game. The whole character cast, combat, world, music. Everything about this game is very cozy to me. Dark Souls Remastered: I only like Dark Souls when I can play with a friend. I don't much care for it otherwise. Dragon Quest XI: This is my personal game of the year. I'm probably halfway through the game now, and so far it's rivaling Dragon Quest 5 for my favorite DQ game. We'll see how the game ends before I make any further decisions on that front. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom: I had never heard of this one. Sega Genesis Classics: I bought this on the PS3 solely for the Phantasy star games.
  9. I've heard several people in person say they won't buy Dragon Quest because of Sugiyama, and that his music has gotten more and more terrible as the franchise has gone on. Some have said they couldn't even play DQXI because of this. It's sad to hear that, of course. I wish they could look past it because of what Dwaine expanded on above. edit: I've found at least twice that the "bad music" stance is just a strawman for how they feel though.
  10. Bururian

    DQ IV, V and VI DS Guides PDF

    @King Zenith Could you send those guides my way as well? I'd very much appreciate it. Thank you!
  11. Bururian

    What anime are you watching?

    Been watching Getter Robo Armageddon. The SO got it for me a while back and I'm feeling it right now.
  12. Bururian

    What's New with you?

    Got this bad boy in.
  13. I got my copy in. The art is fantastic, but the hardcover was damaged, so I'm getting an expedited replacement for it. The Hardcover has been torn and separated at the spine right there and is covered with dings all over the edges and backside. I don't know how this made it past the shipper.
  14. I ordered it back on Amazon when it first went up and caught it for $20 through some strings I pulled. It delivered today so I'm ready to go home and flip through it.