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  1. So, I have two physical copies of DQM Terry's Wonderland 3D on two separate Japanese 3DS/2DS systems and one digital copy on my main Japanese 3DS LL, and have been attempting to trade monsters/battle between the digital copy and the two physical ones. For whatever reason, the games don't seem to recognize each other. I notice that the digital copy is updated to version 2.0 (via the eShop), while the physical copies only update to version 1.1 (also via the eShop). Is there something I'm missing?
  2. It's probably an easy fix, but the headline on the DWM Traveler's Gates page reads: Here are some of the SPICES of monsters that are found in the various Traveler Gates, the numbers in parentheses are Hit Points and Magic Points (HP/MP). I'm sure this is meant to be "species."
  3. I've finally Platinum-ed the game, and am sending Woodus the last update I'm going to do for my various lists, tonight. All the monster and item names have been (or should be) properly translated and their locations specified, along with all Quest information and rewards, Mini Medal locations and rewards, Casino information, and Crossbow locations.
  4. So, I'm not going to lie - after I finished the Bowgun Adventure minigame, I was a little annoyed at the prize: a HAPPY HAT?! Really. A Happy Hat. After all that, you give me a Happy Hat. I mean, at least give me some Mini Medals so I can give them to the inexplicably French Medal King, Monsieur le Principal Maxime Médaillé, in exchange for items of actual value.
  5. I just shot you an E-mail with my lists - Bestiary (being updates), Bowgun Adventure locations (not screen shots - ugh), Quests, and Mini Medal locations and rewards. It's all a work in progress, and I just made it to the Champs Sauvage region (clocked in at 104:04).
  6. I definitely set the Music volume down to 1 or 2 for most of the game. The overworld "march" theme is just...mind-numbingly bad music composition (from a music comp. professional who studied it for over a decade). To date, VIII's orchestral soundtrack really set the standard for how JRPG (and RPGs, in general) soundtracks should sound. It's the 21st Century, Square-Enix - it's time to get with the program and ditch the shitty MIDI nonsense.
  7. Heya! I'm working on updating the Dragon Quest XI Monster list that I worked on for the 3DS version, updating the list for the PS4 version. Also, as I play through, I'm working on simultaneous lists of Mini Medal locations and Quests (with solutions). I'm playing my way through the game with the aim of 100%-ing it on the first run, so please bear with me as I work through it.
  8. I mean, it's sandbox mode, so it's essentially directionless. It's where you get to build whatever you want...right after you spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy hunting down the materials to build it. Luckily, you can reset the unlocked islands to gather more materials more quickly and easily. I highly suggest focusing on getting Gold, Zenithium, Mithril, and Shot Silk. And LOTS of Stones. And endless supply of Stones, is what I'm getting at...
  9. I Platinum-ed the game when it was in Japanese (Using the PS Vita version, because I didn't have my two-television setup, at that point), and even still, I enjoyed 100%-ing it on the Switch, this past month. Even the Terra Incognita section, which I personally found feckless and boring at the time, was fun, this time around.
  10. Has anyone else had trouble gaining access to all of the GameStop Exclusive DLC items in Terra Incognita? The only things I've been able to build are the small Slime Light and Healio. The King Slime Light, Slime Eyes, and Slime Smile aren't showing up, and I've 100%-ed all the Chapters. Anyone have any insight or fixes?
  11. The timed challenges were replaced with finding 200 unique items in Chapters 2-4
  12. Like I said, I still have the patterns, if you'd like to order a set for yourself. It ain't cheap, but the quality is SUPER high.
  13. I MIGHT have a slight obsession...
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