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  1. Some guy challenged our podcast to do an episode about some since (and I'll admit I started it, but in a positive way) some members of the cast were talking trash for multiple episodes about Compile Heart/IF games. So I started playing Re;3 and then this sale popped up. Nothing amazing, but solid battle system. I actually do intend to review Re;3 and U says it's a 10 hour game, so that too likely! I've got nothing else going for review.
  2. Haha. Other things that didn't catch my attention this week: Politics & whatever dumb Google gaming thing that I won't get for a decade or more becuase it doesn't seem like it'll last. Google glass Google + Google hangouts Half of Google's ideas... I'll stick to Vita.
  3. That's weird. No matter what copy of what US games I have, they always seem to update fully, digital or physical.
  4. I definitely enjoyed my time with Joker 3. The fan translation was excellent, and the only little problems I noticed playing through last year were fixed by a recent patch. Don't think I'd go back for a Pro version though. Perhaps if I had it physically on a 3DS instead of emulating on PC, I'd feel differently, but I tend not to play games twice.
  5. P5R did not catch my interest, so I won't post about that.
  6. Up past 40 hours now in Yo-Kai Watch 3. Both protagonists have met, got my watch up to Rank B, and I'm in Chapter 7. I'm doing so so so many side quests and stuff it's insane. It's rediculously rich with side content, this game. Love it. Started up Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;3 V Generation. Really do enjoy the battle system, wish I could ditch 80% of the dialogue. It's pretty funny, but it's just so freaking long! About 6 hours in, Chapter 2.
  7. Shrek memes? I don't believe I've ever seen one.
  8. So I finally got to Chapter 1. Since I bought these Neptunia games from PSN recently they came with all the DLC. Apparently I have like every character ever in these games. It's a bit odd starting with 13ish characters.
  9. Never saw the trailer. Honestly I rarely if ever see trailers period. Don't have cable, pay for no commercials on Hulu and avoid YouTube like it's Reddit or Pinterest.
  10. Just watched How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World. I've got some serious questions about resource management in this movie. No freaking way those ecosystems could provide the food for both humans and dragons. Geeze, do your homework DreamWorks.
  11. That I know the answer to: nope. The other I'm clueless about.
  12. Spring Break is turning into a semi-bummer. My youngest got a pretty bad double ear infection two days before we were to leave and had a 103 fever the morning we were going to take off. Ended up canceling and doing a staycation instead (lots to bribe the older kid with around Orlando - Disney, SeaWorld,...). Then Sunday I got the first ear infection I can recall in 25 years. Two days later and it's still occasionally a real #$*!. Pain/itching in my ear that spreads down the side of my face into my teeth and neck. I wanted to claw my cheek off before dinner tonight. The kid is better, but damn if this isn't the fun, relaxing week in the mountains we'd planned for months.
  13. Wow, if only "someone's" savestate shrine from a decade ago wasn't gone.
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