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  1. I just read the recaps here.
  2. Plattym3

    Steam 2018 Top New Release

    Cool! And deleted double post.
  3. Plattym3

    DQX on switch

    Congratulations on persistence working out!
  4. Plattym3

    Etrian Odyssey Discussion Thread

    Haha, I just used "swan song" in my preview of the game. Got tagged to get a review copy, and while I can't say anything more until Tuesday morning, you're going to to want to play through it, yes! No EOV cop-out Also I just discovered all the free themes, and the fact that I can shuffle them. Got that all set up today!
  5. Plattym3

    What RPG's are you currently playing?

    So something exciting happened this week I wasn't quite expecting. Put 5 hours into P5 and was getting ready to keep going when all of a sudden I got tagged to play Etrian Odyssey Nexus for review. Put 10 hours into it within my 48 having it and wrote a 1,000 word impression last night that will go live once the first embargo lifts next week. Going to be fortunately playing this game for the next month. Maybe I'll interspace some P5 in there too. Hoping to finish both by Spring Break in 2 months, but that might be too ambitious. Not gonna bring a gaming system on spring break so I can force myself to get back into Ni No Kuni DS. Not a bad game, but P5 and Nexus are shinier!
  6. Plattym3

    Items of Interest

    That's old news.
  7. Plattym3

    Trails of Cold Steel 3 coming Fall 2019!

    Dragon Quest VII translation team dodged a bullet with their shorter job, I'm sure!
  8. Plattym3

    Happy Birthday, RyuKisargi!

    Haha. That bottle reminds me: my dad got handed this 200 oz bottle of Jack Daniels Black Label about 15 years ago. He wanted to finally open and have some this Christmas, but we started Googling the price of such a thing. Incredibly worthwhile to sell likely as people were selling the empty bottle with nice label and stand (which he has) for over $100. Sadly we couldn't figure out how to sell such an item. Stupid liquor license laws. So, it still sits around unopened.
  9. Plattym3

    What Do You Like on Netflix?

    Just in case anyone older was wondering, nope, teens still don't talk like that. I've had 2 dozen or so from nerds to jocks to goth to... whatever mix of the above come through and volunteer with me each summer. They're all still as awkward and confused as we were at their age.
  10. Plattym3

    Probably going to stop.

    Fixed that a bit for you. I mean, even considering just English releases, there are dozens.
  11. Meh, not enough is getting Switched for me to buy this. Commence countdown for Builders 2 & await news on new DQM game.
  12. Plattym3

    What Do You Like on Netflix?

    It was good. Really good. Well-written (the reviews are good). The kids are just regular kids, it's not like Dawson's Creek or Gilmore Girls where they all talk like walking encyclopedic-thesauruses. Also, I've now binged 3 full seasons of Netflix shows in about 12 days. I really am annoyed by their 8-episode seasons. Sex Education - excellent A Series of Unfortunate Events - excellent Friends From College - better than the first season. I still liked it. Back to The Ranch. I need more bull semen-based TV.
  13. The authors angle is unprecedented. That's... something.