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  1. I need to watch and download all of these.
  2. Feliz Birthdayaños, my friend! May the light shine upon this brave birthday warrior.
  3. I'm still friends with the digital video guy who did the work on it originally. I'll start there. I wouldn't want to buy a BetaSP player just to rip one tape.
  4. I don't remember. It was 14 years since I ran the ads on MTV.com. It's probably more than one commercial, because they'd typically have :15 and :30 versions, but I can't verify it without watching or digitizing the tape.
  5. I actually have a Beta SP of a Dragon Quest VIII commercial that ran on MTV in 2005. I worked there at the time and when the commercial came in I know we typically junked tapes after they were digitized, so I asked the video team to return the tape to me when it was complete. I don't have a Beta SP player or a means to record the footage, though. At this point the tape is just some random DQ swag in my collection.
  6. Thanks guys! I didn't get any DQXI time in like I'd hoped, but it was a good day/weekend. March and April will be good, productive DQXI months.
  7. Dream game for me would be a localized DQX MMO. But if I had a second dream DQ game it would be the original four Famicom/NES Dragon Warrior titles remade in the 3D world anime style of Dragon Quest VIII-PS2 and DQXI. I wouldn't even add anything extra into the game outside of remaking everything into a 3D landscape, adding backgrounds to battles, animating the monsters in battle, adding 3rd person battle perspective, and rendering the map in a 3D landscape. Okay, maybe also enable online multiplayer so you and up to 3 friends could play co-op. Fully orchestrated music and voice acting a plus.
  8. It would be interesting if you could Twitch stream from a RetroPi, but the work-arounds and software installs to do it natively (without hardware) sound really labor intensive. https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/1962/is-it-possible-to-stream-retropie-to-twitch/16 I might try the USB capture card route that was also suggested on the thread in this URL.
  9. I did this on my own with one of the staff sitting in as Priest to my Gladiator. It was fun and I was out of breath after the first battle. They wouldn't let me in with a camera, though. This footage is a unique look at what it's like to be inside the VR room. Pretty cool.
  10. I started replaying Sword of Mana on my phone. Design-wise it's superior to Secret of Mana-SNES, but it's not as fun, which is the same vibe I got from Legend of Mana-PSX. Sword of Mana does make me nostalgic for that Shinichi Kameoka art style, though. They really got away from that with the Secret of Mana PS4 remake.
  11. Platty Birthday to gooo. Platty Birthday to gooo. Platty BIRTH-day dear PLA-TEE Platty birthday to goooooooo!
  12. I think he was alluding to the drawings with the giant pink lips looking somewhat like characters from old minstrel shows.
  13. People taking extreme offense to Sugiyama's personal politics to the point where they hate the music out of spite make up the tiniest portion of gamers who even know what Dragon Quest is. I don't think they make any type of impact at all, and their arguments that try to connect musical quality and game quality to politics are completely trivial. If the actual quality of the compositions for mainline DQ games have wavered recently it's because the man is extremely old and is well past his prime as a composer. This is evidenced further by his or the developer's willingness to reuse tracks from older games in larger quantities rather than use new compositions: beginning with DQVIII and gradually increasing to the numerous reused compositions found in DQXI. Bottom line: Hate the guy. That's fine. I don't agree with his views either. But his views have nothing to do with the music composition, the music quality or the game. If you don't play DQ because of the music composer's personal politics that's entirely your choice and your loss.
  14. As long as Enix still has a Heartbeat... *drum fill*
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