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  1. Liamland

    What's New with you?

    First American Christmas this year with the family. Last year we were in Japan for my wedding (one year ago, tomorrow). For Christmas we spent it in Japan with my visiting parents and brother's family. We went to Atami. Somehow we found a Japanese Catholic church for Christmas mass. My wife and the baby bowed out, so it was the Americans traversing to fins a random, small church through the hills of Atami. The parish was super nice and they gave us English translations of the Japanese mass, to follow along. Afterward they invited us to a dinner they were throwing in the rectory. There was a language barrier, but one of the parishioners spoke English, so she was able to translate. Later that night at Christmas dinner my dad inadvertently tried wasabi for the first time when he ate a chunk of it at once. We were all laughing to hard to ask him if he was okay. I always say that was one of my favorite memories of Christmas last year, and then I have to caveat that with "...besides the wedding," lest I invoke a stank-face from The Mrs.
  2. Liamland

    Liamland's DQVC

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/153290250658 Dragon Quest Universal Studios Osaka King Slime mug, 1 day left on the auction.
  3. Liamland

    Perler Platty

    Nice work. I bought a bunch of these (not Perler, I don't think, but a smaller kind) awhile back. I'm waiting until my son is old enough not to eat them, in order to break these out.
  4. My avatar in the game was the male Zenithian hero (Yuril / Solo) from DWIV. But if there were classes or anything like that I don't remember. I do remember some funky bugs, though, like you could walk through walls that were supposed to be solid, sometimes and admins could show off by warping straight to points on the screen that were visible, but inaccessible to other players.
  5. Liamland

    Can I play Dragon Quest IX's multiplayer on a 3DS?

    Yes. We have a few people in our Dragon Quest NY group who play in multiplayer on 3DS. The game's multiplayer can connect various DS devices simultaneously. I primarily play on DSi XL with other 3DS players, when I play DQIX with the group.
  6. Liamland

    Liamland's DQVC

    I have 4 DQ items up for sale at the moment with more to come soon. https://www.ebay.com/sch/liamland/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= I'm going to post a bunch of soundtracks and other merch sometime soon. Ships from the US.
  7. Liamland

    8bitdo Controllers

    I forget what brand of controllers I have for my RetroPi, but they're SNES styled with a USB connector and they work really well. I'll check for you when I get home. Good excuse to setup the RetroPi again, too.
  8. What doesn't make sense to me is that the poll is specific to Japanese speakers only with no English translation. And if the reaction to the poll is a xenophobic fear that gaijin will flood their servers, it's not likely an influx of new players will be playing at the same time as Japanese players. With daylight savings in effect we're currently looking at a 14 hour time difference from the US. Maybe in the UK there would be some overlap, but in the US we're looking at early morning and late evening, and that's it, really. Most of the reaction to the poll or DQX in general among DQ fans in the US seems to also be "Well, I don't care about MMOs," or "I hate subscription gaming," but I think that's the wrong reaction to have given DQ's struggle to break ground beyond the niche in the west. It's MMO, it's subscription based, it's still DQ. This is the type of game that would make me forget all of those completely logical arguments just to try it. I don't know if you remember the Byond game Dragon Warrior Online by Silk Wizard, but it predated DQX by about 12 years. It was a fan-made 8-bit MMO featuring NES sprites from Dragon Warrior I-IV. It was buggy, but also pretty versatile in what you could do with it. You could connect, pick your sprite, and play with a large number of other fans on multiple servers. Just like any other DQ game you could build your character's level, shop for weapons, armor, and items, explore fields, caves, towns, and castles. You could interact with NPCs or other players. It was a really a pretty flexible and fun experience. Plus, back in 2000 it was a great way for fans on The Enix Forums to connect with other fans, as we all awaited the release of Dragon Warrior VII. The closest I ever came to that shared experience again was when I went to Nintendo World (now NintendoNY) in Rockefeller Center to play DQIX local multiplayer. If I could recreate the fun of that experience, but not have to show up in person, that is something I'd pay a subscription for--at least for however long it continues to be fun. And if it's any indication among the vast amount of Japanese gamers on Instragram there's still an audience for it as they continue to build out expansions, over 6 years and counting, and as fans continue to use DQX not only as a game, but to connect and hang out with other fans. Finally an MMO (even a DQ one) would attract other fans as well, who might give other games in the series a shot. We saw a lot of that with how DQXI performed, outside of Japan. Basically I suggest that we support this poll even if we don't like MMOs in concept. Support it anyway, for DQ.
  9. Liamland

    Is Dragon Quest IX beatable in single-player?

    DQIX* 😀
  10. Liamland

    Dragon Warrior 7 vs DQ7?

    Even if the sprites and graphics are the same, it's how I feel about the game overall. During its release in 2001 it frustrated me that the graphics weren't better for a late-release PSX game and that DWVII wasn't solid enough to be a stand-out title in the gaming industry for the PSX. It's still a DQ game and I enjoyed it as a fan because no DQ game is bad. But I was originally disappointed that we waited 10 years for a new mainline DQ series game and we didn't get something better, something on par with PSX's arguably more notable titles. The 3DS version of DQVII was a better version, IMO. Better look, faster pace, and I also dug the cosplay improvements made to the class changing. I even found Maribel more tolerable in this version for some reason. I think graphics are a significant part of the gameplay and the marketing. I don't always agree that remakes are better, but I do think graphics can affect one's enjoyment of a title--good or bad. If more newcomers bought DQXI simply because of graphics then that's good for the series. I bet it blew their minds to find the characters, content and gameplay were excellent, too! 😁
  11. Liamland

    Dragon Warrior 7 vs DQ7?

    Well there are a lot of them and they flock to buy Final Fantasy in droves. For DQVII I'd have preferred a smaller game with less repetitive gameplay and better graphics--essentially what the 3DS version is today (except without the past vs. present islands). I would argue that just as graphics alone don't make a game neither does focusing on packing in content to spite other aspects of the game. Marketable DQ titles (IMO) find better balance between content and graphics like DQVIII or more recently DQXI. Look at how many newcomers played DQXI, for example. The graphics are the first thing people see, and it had a solid content balance to match it (from what I hear, as I'm still playing through, myself.) Erdrick, I'd have to look at a side by side comparison. I don't remember sprites being virtually the same between PSX and DS versions. I remember the DS/Mobile sprites being pixelated, but crisper. I remember DWVII's being kinda fuzzy or blurry. I may be misremembering, but I'll have to look that up later.
  12. Liamland

    Dragon Warrior 7 vs DQ7?

    Hey @YangustheLegendaryBandit, I don't get the same Fisher Price Little People vibe from the DS character sprites that I do with the PSX sprites. I think the PSX sprites look shorter and stockier, which gives it that feel, but it's also low quality graphics overall for a PSX game, particularly a PSX game that was released so late in the console's run that the PS2 was already out in both Japan and the US. I get that graphics aren't everything, but it was part of the reason I didn't enjoy DWVII as much as I'd hoped I would, back in 2001. In contrast DQVIII-PS2 was a giant leap forward for character sprites & design, map design, battles, and overall gameplay and the original (despite some improvements made by the rereleases) still holds up today.
  13. Liamland

    Fan Covers of DQ Songs

    Not sure. There are enough Western people in Japan and enough Japanese people in the West that it's plausible she may have imported or bought it in the US, though. My wife has quite a few friends from Japan who now live raise their kids in New York. Sometimes they move back to Japan after awhile. She may have spent time in the US or just wanted to own all iterations of the original version of Dragon Quest-FC/NES.
  14. Liamland

    Dragon Warrior 7 vs DQ7?

    I was never a huge fan of the original. I thought the 3DS version cleaned up a lot of problems nicely. Mainly how slowly it paces. It's a notoriously lengthy game, but you have to go through an extensively long puzzle in the beginning of the game and could spend 1-2 hours before you even see your first battle. The godawful sprites looked like Fisher Price Little People. One of my problems with the original and the remake are the amount of repetition of going through past and present versions of the same towns over and over again. In the 3DS version the battles are better, Maribel is somehow less annoying, and the graphics are a noticeable improvement. I think to play and enjoy DW7 you have to be a DQ fan to get beyond its flaws (how long the game was, how poor the graphics were despite being the tail end of the entire PSX era), but a new player could pick up DQVII-3DS and enjoy it having never played the series before (wouldn't be my recommendation as an entry-point to the series, but it's still way better IMO than the original.) It is a much more modern experience and better overall quality game. My one disappointment in the whole remake is entirely minor in that it's missing the Shepherd's Slumber (or Rest) spell, where you can recoup MP by "rest-walking," but once battle begins your rested characters begin battle asleep. It's something that was introduced in the original DQVI and was really helpful in the original DWVII where you can run out of MP easily, grinding for monster hearts.
  15. Liamland

    IP block lifted in the future?

    Awesome. Thanks for asking that. If it has been a week earlier I would have been able to attend. I was in Tokyo from 11/6-11/8.