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  1. The other DQ is giving away Ice Cream Tomorrow.

  2. This is one of the reasons I use an ad blocker the other reason is malvertising.
  3. I do like SMT and the DQM games better then the Pokemon games and for some reason I didn't really like the Yo-Kai Watch or Monster Hunter Stories games.
  4. Hopefully you subscribed to this topic so you can get this and sorry for the late reply. The code that I have is E20001B000000038,E1D00EF2E59FC014,E59CC004E1DCC0B0,E31C0C04159FC008,158C0000E12FFF1E,022322C4020001E8,E59F8008E3580C02,21DA80B0E12FFF1E,52043488EB06576F,02043490EBFEF350,D000000000000000,5221467CE59F0030,02214680EBF7AECA,D000000000000000,94000130FCFF0000,020001E8FFFFFFFF,D000000000000000 ;ENCOUNTER LIBRARY MONSTER press x on monster. Desume format so the , are supposed to be new lines. Edit: Other codes that go with Encounter Library Monster 94000130FFFB0000,E21C0A0400000078,BFFFFFFEFFEFDF7F,FFEFFFF7FFFFFFFF,BFFFFFFFFFFDFFFD,FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF,FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF,FFFF002FFFFFFFFB,FFFFFFFF3FFFFDFF,0000010800000000,AFFE3FFEFFEF0020,0FE77FE1F0FFFFFF,BFDFFFFBFFFD84BD,85BFFFFFBFFF3FFF,3FFFE07FEF97FFFF,40000007F9BDFF13,FEBF7FCF1CA5901F,E21C0A8400000038,20B605FE1AAF0000,00601BC0E0441DF7,364F01F9007C8001,80828BFF227F00FD,003A6000038126FE,00000000182CFE02,0A12154D10808000,D000000000000000 ;Full Monster Library 1/2 [Select] 94000130FFFB0000,E21C0AC400000038,BFFFFFFEFFEFDF7F,FFEFFFF7FFFFFFFF,BFFFFFFFFFFDFFFD,FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF,FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF,FDFF002FFFFFFFF9,FFFFFFFF3FFFFDFF,E21C0B0400000038,AFFE3FFEFFEF0020,0FE77FE1F0FFFFFF,BFDFFFFBFFFD84BD,85BFFFFFBFFF3FFF,3FFFE07FEF97FFFF,40000007F9BDFF11,FEBF7FCF1CA5901F,E21C0B4400000038,20B605FE1AAF0000,00601BC0E0441DF7,364F01F9007C8001,80828BFF227F00FD,003A6000038126FE,00000000182CFE00,0A12154D10808000,D000000000000000 ;Full Monster Library 2/2 [Select] If I remember correctly I got these off the cheat forum that GBATemp used to have though I can't remember the persons username who posted them.
  5. Definitely! One thing I'm absolutely over is 1 vs. 1 battles in Pokémon. Over it. Done with it. DQM games have full 4 vs 4 battles and it's like a party in a DQ game, but instead of human, they're monsters. I love it! The pokemon games do have limited 3 vs 3 battles though I don't remember seeing them in the more recent games and they also have pointless restrictions.
  6. I wouldn't pay that much for a localized copy. I was scared to hack my 3ds but wound up doing it. As long as you follow the instructions to the t you should be fine or if you know someone well enough that has a b9s hacked 3ds it makes it easier.
  7. So far I've only seen one topic. Which is the What's new with you? topic could be others but haven't found any.
  8. I went to view new replies on a post and it is not letting me go past a post made June 22, 2018 most recent post is from earlier today. At the bottom of the page I see "200+ new replies Show first 20 new replies or Go to first new post" but when I click on it reloads the page but nothing after June 22, 2018 gets loaded. edit: Disabled all browser extensions no change also tried a different browser same thing. edit 2: Posted a test post and got posts for the June 26, 2018. Reloaded the page and those posts disappeared.
  9. Announcement was for main series game. Don't know if I'll be able to get a switch and the game.
  10. Had an appointment today for an upper endoscopy and found out I have GERD. Last night was horrible around town. The neighbor behind us put a metal roof on his house the wind ripped some of the metal off the roof. Thankfully none of the pieces caused any damage.
  11. With the recent update on Android for Pokemon Go I decided to be bad(Not to bad though did not want to cause mass panic). https://photos.app.goo.gl/1Hvy4DKioyAFqX4N8
  12. I wonder what the differences between the PS4 and Switch version of Builders 2 is going to be. Builder 2 for PS4 is also releasing on the same day as the switch version.
  13. You know what would be fun to see is a gif of Kalderasha saying something like "What... It's not Coming!".
  14. It could very well be that each disk has a list of potential rewards that you can get. What level is the disk you created?
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