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  1. I mean, they do produce a ton of clickbait and I make fun of them all the time, I’ve done it on here, in fact, but if an article is good, it’s good. Good content shouldn’t be disregarded because it’s on a bad website. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
  2. I mean, the guy who covered Dragon Quest XI for Kotaku said it was one of the best games of all time, said he played the Japanese version for over 300 hours, and wrote an exhaustive review of the game, and said that a number of Dragon Quest games are just as good as Chrono Trigger, which is frequently touted as the best RPG ever made. Should we ignore that?
  3. eal

    what are you playing?

    That’s the Steelbook Edition. The Wizard’s Edition came with a book:
  4. eal

    what are you playing?

    I believe they made a physical version of this for the collector’s edition of the PS3 game. Why is a fan translation of a game that’s been out for 6 years coming now?
  5. Alarming? Dude's name is literally Petty. What douchebag website does he work for? IGN as I mentioned above. He’s the guy who gave the game a 8.8 out of 10 and had almost nothing but nice things to say, but the video review had an overwhelming amount of dislikes because he made minor mention that he didn’t like the bunny suit side quest with Jade.
  6. I highly doubt one IGN reviewer’s minor criticism of bunny girl costumes is going to result in stripping out a classic Dragon Quest costumes just because he has spoken to Horii and Horii likes the US. People made a cartoonishly bigger deal about that one small detail in that review then it deserved.
  7. Skyrim is a Western game for a Western audience. Dragon Quest could never possibly get popular enough for the West to have any say in how Japan develops what is one of the most popular and successful IPs Japan has.
  8. eal

    What's New with you?

    Man, this sucks. Super Best Friends just disbanded. I’ve been watching their videos and listening to their podcasts since 2013.
  9. Luckily there’s no Geno or Banjo on that list so there’s a stronger chance then usual that this leak is real haha.
  10. eal

    Happy Birthday, Eal!

    Thanks, gents!
  11. This part was interesting to me, “to the benefit of overseas marketing for the DQ series.” We all know what Smash did for Fire Emblem. That being said, when it comes to leaks as they pertain to Smash, I’ll believe it when I see it.
  12. eal

    what are you playing?

    Couple scattered thoughts on Spider-Man so far: * I love the way the characters look. Seeing Doc Ock and Mary Jane was especially surprising. Mary Jane is a cute girl next door instead of a red headed bombshell and Doc Ock looks like he could be someone’s uncle. Norman Osborn looks like a scumbag politician (because he is), and Yuri looks like any ordinary Japanese woman. Peter probably looks the worst of the bunch, honestly, and he looks like any ordinary guy. Basically, I like how they look like normal people instead of comic book people. * The joke about Red Dead Redemption 2 is how they put so much work into the game that they animated the horse balls. Spider-Man doesn’t have any goofy headline-grabbing meme examples, but I really appreciate that, if you’ve got Peter swinging around fast around New York while he’s taking a call, he’ll sound out of breath while he’s talking. And I also like that, when he’s talking to someone on the phone, if I go to the menu to look at the map or something, he’ll call them, apologize and continue the conversation organically. * Turning J. Jonah Jameson into an Alex Jones-type podcast host is maybe the most hilariously on-point modern adaptation of Jameson I’ve ever seen. * Even when I’m putzing around during fights, the combat mechanics do their best to make what your doing look cool and stylish at all times. * I’ve spent like 75% of my time doing side content, and I’ve only just recently got to play as Miles. * I do wish they had better suits. I’ve been wearing the Noir suit pretty much since I’ve been able to craft new suits.
  13. eal

    What RPG's are you currently playing?

    I forgot to mention, you might be interested in looking into Little Dragons Cafe. It’s by the Harvest Moon guy, I hear.
  14. eal

    Free theme and avatars on PSN for the game

    The second picture looks like the cover of a punk rock album by a second-rate band.
  15. eal

    Items of Interest

    Here’s Morgana reviewing a Cool Cat movie: