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  1. eal

    Items of Interest

    A co-worker showed this to me today:
  2. eal

    What anime are you watching?

    I can’t speak for his creepy attitude towards young fans because I was unaware of that. I was familiar with his being a dickhead though just from being an anime fan on the Internet and seeing accounts over the last couple years. People have been trying to tell others about the kind of guy he is but it always gets handwaved away as a bunch of Tumblrettes, or whatever people call them, that are butthurt because he won’t sign yaoi fanart. So this stuff is out there long before all this blew up if you look. As for industry people, my understanding is that he’s a fairly prominent figure, and the fact that he appears at 10 billion cons every year (well, used to) and that he has his own fansite devoted to him and the dude sells CDs of his music and stuff seems to point to that. Therefore, it stands to reason a lot of these people feared for their jobs or that they’d lose credibility if they didn’t speak up. You can go back well before #metoo and see accounts of how big an #$*! he is. Even if you remove the allegations of him being a creeper, a guy who’s a dick to con staff shouldn’t get to have his way like he has been. The running theme for his behavior that I’ve seen accounts for online is that his attitudes and behaviors are the industry’s worst kept secret. Everyone knew and I think it was #metoo that just made people feel like they should say something, and the Broly movie being hot seemed like the best time to do it.
  3. eal

    What anime are you watching?

    Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi have shared personal stories about their own encounters with him and a couple voice actors apologized for not speaking up or being better allies and stuff like that. Every so often I’ll see people in forums or where ever share a Twitter thread where someone is detailing their history with, being someone who claims he assisted them or was just a general dick to them when they were staff at a con. It’s been a trip to read.
  4. I just go where the wind takes me. For whatever reason I had a drive to play Pokémon games for the last month or so so that’s what I did. Now, I want to play a visual novel so I’ve been playing a visual novel.
  5. eal

    What anime are you watching?

    I thought it was funny seeing his fellow voice actors turn against him. I also find it weird that such an age-old reputation long before #metoo was a thing and yet people are still running to his defense because they don’t like #metoo.
  6. eal

    What anime are you watching?

    @Bururian, I saw you’re back on a different thread. So I gotta know, how you feeling about what happened to Vic Mignogna, considering you said you had to deal with him at a con you worked before?
  7. I’m actually struggling really hard with Builders because I can get it immediately for PS4, but that’s the format I want it in. I’d prefer a handheld option. So as a Vita fanatic I could get that version, but I don’t like digital only. And the Asian English copies are gone from Play-Asia. So I could get the Switch version but I don’t have a Switch. Truly the realist struggle.
  8. Just as a related story, there’s a bunch of songs from an unreleased Rilo Kiley demo tape out in the wild to download somewhere because a fan forum discovered it up for auction and assigned someone who could get the songs online to bid for them, and members donated towards it. That was a bit different though. Everyone got something out of it, and the person who did the legwork got a memento for their troubles. How can we be sure the community at large would benefit from this?
  9. https://m.ign.com/articles/2007/04/05/mikami-alive-and-well ^ If you trust IGN’s translation of a Famitsu article. Regardless, Mikami quite infamously said he’d “cut off his head” if RE4 went anywhere but GameCube. Whether that was meant literally or was mistranslated to mean “leaving the company,” the meaning is still the same. And it does hurt the bottom line for Nintendo if they’re trying to boost sales for their flagging console and after Capcom comes out and says that they’re working on five games exclusive to the GameCube backpedals shortly after and says all but one, Resident Evil 4, could potentially end up on other consoles. (https://m.ign.com/articles/2003/01/16/cgd-03-capcom-five-not-gcn-exclusive) Only to then say, two months before release that it would be coming to PS2 as well. Difference is Dragon Quest XI never promised console exclusivity. Killer7, along with RE4, Viewtiful Joe, and two other games, were all initially announced as GameCube exclusives and were meant to boost sales for the console. Edited for clarity.
  10. Honestly, I don’t mind if they decide to include the extra content as paid DLC. I think that’s plenty fair. I don’t see it happening, but stranger things and all that.
  11. The same reason people were upset that the 3DS version wasn’t coming and wanted to play that specific game, but still wanted to play Dragon Quest XI so they settled for the PS4 version.
  12. I will say, I’m not one to defend “gamer” entitlement, but something being common doesn’t mean it’s okay. It might have happened with Oblivion and Skyrim, but if the last couple months have taught us anything, it’s that the things we were okay with defending that company for has resulted in a situation where we’re no longer willing to accept those practices. The PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia never came to the US so people didn’t really have much of an opinion on the added content. They were too busy being annoyed it didn’t come at all. Resident Evil 4’s PS2 port was met with so much negative criticism Shinji Mikami has to apologize for not keeping it a GameCube exclusive. It undercut GameCube sales. RE4 was a part of the Capcom Five, which were all promised exclusives for the GameCube. The situation is admittedly different because RE4 was promised for one console and ended up on others, and that’s not the case for XI, but there was definitely criticism. Just because it’s standard practice, doesn’t mean it’s something we should accept as a standard. I do think maybe fans should have been informed of some things to expect. It’s easy to forget that, as fans of this franchise, we’re willing to double dip and play it again. I’ve defended franchises that have done that that I shouldn’t have just because I love it enough to be okay with it. But some people might’ve been willing to hold out for the Switch port had they known about the additional content. There was a huge stink about the 3DS version not coming on here and other places. There was a huge stink about the music on here and other places. And this game essentially fixes those problems. There are people that settled for the PS4 version because their preferred version never came. I wouldn’t defend entitled behavior, the idea that they’re owed something, but I think it’s justifiable to be upset about it.
  13. Only took, what, 18 years for me to complete a Pokémon game but I did it. One minute shy of 210 hours of Diamond and I have every non-event Pokémon.