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  1. My sentiments on the animation, especially in DQ3...I'm just praying that if we get the PS4 (and perhaps even the 3DS...unlikely as it would be) release of 1~3, they add in animations (highly unlikely, unfortunately). We don't know for sure though. Hell with the amount of time they have left, there's a potential 2~5 months of development time they have. Plus it isn't like they're going heavy yet on reveals. Just the same bits as before, with emphasis on certain elements, and yet it's clear that they've already spent 2 years of development time on this game (so it's already a major expense as is). I realize Japan is very funky as well with nostalgia elements, but I think SE has let the DQ3 mobile numbers in Japan get into their heads and confuse them as to why "free" = high numbers, especially when the Wii sold like ass compared to all other previous releases in Japan, and the PS4/3DS have sold even worse, to the point where it took me hours to find any number related to actual sales a few months ago, and it's bad...potentially under 100k for each game between both systems. So there's potential time. Plus if they really want it to be "definitive," it would behoove them to add in animations to the 2D models, which would define it as the next level beyond the 3DS and something the Japanese audience hasn't experienced for this mode as of yet, and one that would be readily experienced up front. What I really hope to hear about, is the Yochi Village sidequest makes it in, in some capacity, with expanded elements. I just can't qualify the term "definitive" without it. It would seem hollow, as the 3DS would still be on par for me (especially as I prefer the 3D graphical style of the 3DS to the PS4).
  2. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq73ds/luckypanel1/ I know you're busy, so whenever you can get around to it. For some reason the actual game application is working now (it wasn't before). So kudos to that.
  3. Excellent. Now to begin manipulating to create my ninja army to use to take over the world!
  4. Very nice Aust. I love finding this stuff and looking back at the level of corn and fluff padded into the message of "buy me please." That's a treasure. Great someone was collecting them. There were some really funky 80's VG commercials, lol, I should check out the main thread and see what's there.
  5. No, it's not that noticeable unless you're looking for it for most tracks. Some of them are a bit jarring though. The boss battle themes aren't, but the main battle theme is. Luckily most battles end long prior to the loop trigger.
  6. Just remember that the Symphonic Suite for DQ7 3DS is full of holes. Every track has something cut from the end, so when it loops, it intentionally loops from an odd point, rather than the formal completion of the track. Sugiyama's revenge! That said, I'd still prefer that to the good quality, but less than PSX, 3DS midi remix. DQH 1+2 is unlikely atm: 1) First game to use 32 GB carts, and so far only one of two games to use it. Making it super expensive. It's possible DQ11 S may also use that cart size (so far only SE has the balls to use those cartridge sizes and risk the hit in profit per sale, as FF12 ZA will use it, and for both Japan and the SEA region, both FF12 ZA and FF10 will use it, while the US/EU will see FF10 use the 16GB cart and a downloadable version of FF10-2). 2) DQH isn't exactly popular given the style is Mussou, and thus is risky without assurance of a Switch fanbase. Which currently there is nothing in the West but Builders 1 and SE hasn't split the sales for Switch. DQ11 S will be that testing ground. This is especially significant given #1. If the Switch version of 11S does well, I fully expect we'll see DQH1+2. 3) DQH2's Western numbers were never released, and the DQH1 numbers weren't exactly spectacular (not compared to Builders anyhow). They seriously should have gone with a different format for Action-style RPG to draw in more crowds, but it's sad given it's a fairly competent game. .... Switch per digital sales aren't as competent as PS4 given system space limitations. It's not like anyone wants to own a micro SD per game release, or every 3~5 at max. Though it is surprising that DQH 1+2 didn't just release here as a pure digital experience, if they're concerned with the Carts. I wouldn't count on it. We still don't have DQ7 Mobile, and that I see as far more likely. Maybe if we see a new official Monsters release outside Japan, and if the numbers do well so they feel confident, as the original Monsters does have a surprising amount of story text.
  7. Plus the enemy graphics for 3 3DS/PS4 are just awful, maybe if they looked like Toriyama's art style I could accept them, but only about half do. I'd actually prefer the un-animated mobile ones, as they're at least copy-pasted from the SFC.
  8. The release window means the game is in development until anywhere from June to September, maybe even as late as early October for printing copies for December, which while classified as Christmas, is still Fall, and even in retail is still part of the Fall season, even if it's considered Christmas...but then Christmas season includes the whole of Fall (October through December). Anyway, there's a LOT of time to both finalize the game, and to leave plenty of room for revealing special content. It's still possible, even if potentially unlikely. Though given the terminology is "definitive edition" it would be hard to justify the name without it. It shouldn't take up that much extra space on the cart, and the nature of the sidequest offers a lot of room for development. They could even remove the Yochi dungeon element and make the maps something found throughout the world by talking to specific Yochi as the game progresses. Like the Dreamscapes in DQ6 mobile. I wouldn't count on it, but I think there is a fair shot they just haven't revealed it yet, nor should they. Why reveal everything up front? They didn't even do that for the Japanese release initially. Bits and pieces of major revelations, just to showcase what to expect. Plus, if it is in, it will likely be expanded to cater to Japanese tastes, and further help entice secondary purchases from 3DS owners, and add that much extra incentive for PS4 owners who haven't purchased the game, or who did and might have a Switch, or are considering it. Plus, there's all that talk about "Switch made for the Western market," and given certain additions and changes, and other statements made since 2015, they do pay attention to the fanbase. I also do not doubt they are aware of the petition for the 3DS game (it's near 3k signatures now, which is much greater than DQ10 in much less time, though nothing like DQ7's), and the constant demands on their social media feed from a decent number of gamers for the 3DS version, even now. So it would really tack on that extra salivating incentive for us if not just the 2D mode, but the major 3DS sidequest is in. So I'd like to think so. Plus the idea of a Definitive Edition already breaks precedent of "each version being unique," and having no definitive version of any release until this point.
  9. Eal, Shinji Mikami apologized for RE6, NOT RE4. There was no absolute exclusivity for the Gamecube. It was temporary, and always billed as such. At no point did RE4 PS2 hurt RE4 GC sales given the time lapse between them assured 6 months when sales trickled to nothing before PS2 pictures came out. By that point sales had dropped off considerably (well before actually). I cannot find backlash anywhere regarding RE4 PS2 in relation to the GC from any official sources. The only complaints I do find are modern complaints that RE4 somehow set the stage for RE5 and 6, and is now a terrible game, from people who praised it openly until RE6 or the most recent remake of RE2. Like Alpha Omega Sin.
  10. It's also common practice even in Western countries. Though to a lesser degree than in Japan, but it's a well understood element of releasing the same thing later on. Even record companies do this with rereleases. They do enhancements, add an extra song or two that never made it to tape, maybe a special booklet with drawings...a dvd, something. Bethesda's PS3 release of Oblivion and Skyrim were superior, and had built in extras that were paid-for DLC in the 360, and included some exclusives. Tales of Vesperia had new content on the PS3 (a LOT of new content). Ni No Kuni was totally rebuilt from scratch going DS to PS3...no need for that, but they did. Turn-based to Action, altered the entire storyline, added a ton of new content (like 30% of the game). All remakes and enhanced ports do this. Even general ports often add something, even if minor, beyond just bug fixes. Working Designs...how many games did they release over here with added content (often changed content)? Even Falcom pulls this with new releases on different systems...though Steam for Ys3 was a downgrade from the PSP, that's because for Western audiences they could get away with it as there was no original PC release...and it did have SOME additions beyond the original PC release of Oath in Felghana. I don't recall people complaining about RE4 PS2 adding on a ton of new content. Nor the Wii altering most of it, improving gameplay, and adding a few extras...mostly changes though. Due to certain downgrades with the PS2 however, at the time, the GC was classified as superior. I don't recall Capcom releasing a GC version with all PS2 content...that's technically the Wii version, nor people demanding it. I do not get the entitled mentality over something that has been an industry standard since the 80's, as even the console ports of PC games often added elements (ultima for example, but even Might and Magic made obtaining certain equipment much easier, and built in intentional exploits...I forget the changes made with Ultima). Granted it wasn't huge until the 90's and remakes/enhanced ports, and then we saw drastic overhauls and additions to improve games, but wow. Some...really it's a small vocal minority of complainers, just do not get it. How else can they sell this game. We should be thankful they're creating a superior version that accounts for almost every possible complaint I've so far seen from the US side. Likely quite a few in Japan, or at least potential desires of Japanese gamers. If you can, why wouldn't someone who actually cares about their audience? Would you rather they not add anything and just make everything a plain jane carbon copy version with downgraded graphics (or updated depending on the system) graphics?
  11. People will say anything when they feel cheated. Discussing the clear point that 2.5 years of development for the Switch version REQUIRES SE assure Switch sales are high. That's a huge expenditure. Regardless of whether there is a patch or not. Mentioning that the main audience is Japan, and if we just consider Japan, a simple port would never suffice, while in the US, too many asshats believe in "muh equality" like they have some right to extra content released on another version to make things equal. I get willingness to pay for DLC, but again, it would damage Switch sales up front, making the whole point of the spending that much time and energy on the Switch pointless, and further, making the partnership with Nintendo to assure the highest quality in return for Nintendo handling the worldwide release that much more a necessity to guarantee high sales. Especially when they couldn't start development until 2016, and by that point the 3DS/PS4 were so far along it would have hurt the development of those two if they split the team further for the Switch, so they wisely waited until 2017 to start that up. The only thing they didn't count on is UE4 not being ready back in 2015 or 16, whenever they initially planned on a Switch release, and would have known insider word was UE4 WOULD become Switch compatible as Nintendo and Epic Games made it clear the tool kit WOULD become Switch ready at some point. I guess in a way SE created the conditions for this attitude given they announced the Switch so early, and re-announced it with the International release announcement, but again, they were a victim of bad circumstance, that in the end will benefit DQ gamers even more. The only negative being no 3DS release, which most of us would purchase anyhow. @Tiael Not quite. UE4's engine changes wouldn't require any new learning so much as switch specific development. Syntax, built in functions and objects, built in structure of the code would be nearly identical and wouldn't itself require any further learning curve above and beyond what it was for the PS4. It's just what they're able to do on the Switch and methods to downgrade the game while maintaining a pretty design aesthetic and the 30 FPS. That said...initially, definitely, but only because it took Epic an extra year after announcing UE4 for Switch, to get it working. I mean if they wanted to they could have started up in 2016, but at the time it would have slowed PS4/3DS production, or reduced quality due to stealing manpower, forcing delays in overall production. So this benefits us all greatly, and frankly I'm rather happy we're getting anything remotely close to a definitive version of a DQ game. I know you too welcome that concept. I'm just hoping they have yet to reveal the Yochi Village stuff, but hey there's plenty of time for that. Here's to hoping.
  12. Each and every one of them is a buffoon. Half of them cite "greed," as though double dipping is a big thing (it's not outside of fanboys of a series or a particular game), and the exploitation of gamers for more cash in double dipping is only about profits like they don't have expenses to account for. DQ11 PS4/3DS took 3 years to complete (just under I think), and DQ11 Switch will be about 2 years and 5~7 months depending on when in the fall the official release date is (subtract a month and a half to two months and that's the finalization date..."gold" date). They also brought in Nintendo to help finalize the product, and assure maximum quality graphicals and a consistent 30FPS. That's a LOT of goddamn money to spend on a port. Nevermind Voice Actors for Japan to account for as well (and well, we're getting that too, which is cool but it will satiate only a few extra tastes at little cost in terms of space). No company could justify a port so far out after release. Especially for Japan, given their tastes, it's virtually impossible to satisfy the need for a new experience. Plus they need the numbers to likely surpass DQ9, given just a single console release alone has seen DQ11 with the lowest numbers since DQ2 if we compare console to console. Even DQ4 NES outsold DQ11 3DS. So it isn't like the game really banked out on going multiplatform, even considering the different experiences between both versions. Though in studies of audiences, the 3DS is mostly youth, the PS4 mostly older gamers (by far). So the Switch having 2D is even more significant, as the Switch audience is mostly adults (less of a % compared to the PS4). Meaning there are more gamers who are adults to consider for Japan alone. Even without demographics to consider, the idea of spending that long in development for a port definitely requires some serious consideration for how to sell the game and assure maximum profit potential. Same with any company. It isn't like they throw it together. It isn't like they're charging for extra DLC. I don't see a single loot box. I see only stupid complaints about a perfectly justifiable and necessary element. My God it's not like they're forcing people to buy it. It's by choice, and everyone who asked was told explicitly by anyone in the fanbase who isn't named eal, that the Switch would have new content unique to it. That was the only given, as to the nature of that content, no one would know. So if you're looking at or own a Switch, and prefer content to graphics, get the Switch if you're only planning on a single purchase. It's also possible that if the Switch sales are significantly high they might release a patch for the PS4/PC (though honestly I think this is more to gently let PS4/PC gamers down given Nintendo has its contractual claws all over this, and that means either permanent "definitive edition" status, which wouldn't make sense given the branding scheme, and at no point has any statement used the term "temporary.") It's possible though given certain long-standing conventions have been broken over the years: 1) No ports, only remakes (2004 for mobile, 2011 for console) 2) Main releases only on the most popular home console (2008 for handheld) 3) Only a single console, no multiplatform (DQ11) 4) Midi only...though this is highly inconsistent, and even Japan suffered Sugi's protestation and wrath with DQ7 and 8 3DS having partial tracks (2005 with DQ5) 5) Online game would be an offshoot of the main series (broken with 10)
  13. This is a new one. I have never heard of this problem before. I'm curious as to which version you're patched with. v1 or 1.1?
  14. Pretty soon they'll have walkers with AI that connect to your personal cloud server, hosted by Google or MS or Pizza Hut or Pepsi, subsidized by the US federal government (and totally NOT tapped into by anyone but yourself *whistles*), then you won't have to worry about 'membering anything.
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