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  1. ignasia

    Orchestral Mod Copyright Notice

    Oh, I see. Then it's valid. I thought the mod was separate and you were supposed to download the tracks yourself. Still sucks, it's not like it isn't the best way to play the game. Offers the best experience or anything, and it isn't like 90% of us wouldn't buy the CD or anything, or that it can be used outside the bounds of the mod can it?
  2. ignasia

    Orchestral Mod Copyright Notice

    I'm hoping this goes to court. This goes above and beyond the bounds of international copyright laws. They're fully legal to mod for. It's unlikely SE filed this, but someone working for Sugiyama keeping track of the game releases, and noticed the mod. It's an easy win in court, but could be an extended legal battle, so if it came down to it, it would be asking for a lot, and it could tarnish Dragon Quest's name, but likely only in light of Sugiyama himself. Though I think most likely just Sugiyama's brand name would be tarnished. I don't think it will, but this should go forward. This crosses the line of acceptability and control, especially when the mod itself contains no copyright material. If SE had filed, it would be a direct cease and desist from them, and likely one sent directly to steam. It's probably why Steam hasn't removed it, as I'm sure they were sent a C&D, and likely know full well mods are 100% legit so long as no copyright material is present within them, and any lawsuit could be counter sued for libel and damages. I am PRAYING that Koichi Sugiyama disappears from the scene with some dignity soon, and gives his chosen heir the right to pick how he/she wants the music represented in games going forward. He is a videogame player, so maybe he should just focus on that, live out his last years in fun and leave the world alone.
  3. I couldn't care less about the first live stream. Still no new info, but given this will be a series, and Horii's emphasis on "special" back in October...should be fun to see what pops up in the following streams. Definitely corresponds with Builders 2 sales winding down though, just as I thought.
  4. ignasia

    Happy Birthday Redneckpride4ever!

    Is it really that time of the year? Time flies fast. I could've sworn it wasn't that long ago we celebrated redneck's birthday. Wild. Anyway, good drinks, food, friends, fun, and family! May the drinks flow freely and be smooth and buttery as the go down. Buttery tasting beer is where it's at (at least for me), lol! Cheers mate, and many more happy birthdays!
  5. ignasia

    Probably going to stop.

    Chin up, ears up buddy. I wasn't looking to put you down, just correct so you know. If anything, you should be happy because DQ1 actually started off strong. Not nearly as strong as Nintendo hoped for, but a good starting foot. Plus all the people who have only played DQ1 (a lot), have fond memories (never liked the game, but the music...the music was awesome, and there were dragons, and Axe Knights, and Gold Golems, and the Golem guard to a particular town that required a particular whistle as it hit like a freight truck). If it makes you feel any better, my tone of voice was matter of factly, not scolding or anything like that. You're a good guy, I just wanted to assure there was ample evidence to support my claim. Bro hug?
  6. ignasia

    Probably going to stop.

    ... The first installment sold 500k copies. It never sold poorly, that was strictly rumour. That wasn't why they gave it away. They gave the game away because Nintendo really felt that due to the enormous success of Dragon Quest III, which had already released in Japan, they could potentially emulate it. Dragon Warrior released in August of 1989 in the US Dragon Quest III released in February of 1988 in Japan <- so they already knew Dragon Quest was a hot item, and Howard Lincoln talked openly about wanting to see success and believing in both Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy as brands within the US...which is why both were pushed so hard through Nintendo Power. Actual giveaway + sales is anywhere from 1.5m to well over 1.5m depending on how you want to read into NP's own article discussing the giveaway, which incidentally was their largest growth period for subscriptions ever: https://www.pressthebuttons.com/2014/08/how-did-nintendo-handle-the-great-dragon-warrior-giveaway.html The way they talk about it suggests millions were given away. This was based on a former Dragon Warrior fanbase that tracked actual sales numbers: https://web.archive.org/web/20071021081552/www.planetnintendo.com/alefgard/dqhistory.asp Sadly DQNN doesn't exist anymore, and there's no archive in the database I've been able to find to show original post and source links, but I will vouch for its authenticity, but here... https://www.usgamer.net/articles/the-new-dark-age-of-dragon-quest For a NES game...that's not modest. That is phenomenal. Though it's REALLY hard today to find good sales data and original source material on NES era sales, but commonly 250k was considered a resounding success, like numbers that literally built companies in the late 80's. Even in the SNES era 500k would be considered astoundingly high. FF4 sold only about 340k in the US, and FF6 only about 450k (yeah I was shocked to learn that was the real number). http://vgsales.wikia.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy ---- Until Persona 5, none of the Persona games, not even 4, hit 500k outside Japan. Not just America, but everywhere outside Japan. Tales? 350k is considered very successful for Bandai Namco. 150~250k is fairly typical, and their higher selling games go into the 300~400k units, but it's rare. Yet Namco classifies 250k as a success story. So you get the point. Sorry, as I usually do, I'm hammering it home pretty hard...making sure that nail doesn't pop up again.
  7. ignasia

    Happy Birthday, RyuKisargi!

    We've had 5 separate repeated statements DQ11 S is going westward. Once prior even to the official announcement of DQ11 PS4. The only game we knew was coming out for sure was the Switch. Then on the announcement day back in March 28, 2018. Then once again at e3 (though that one is REALLY hard to find it's so buried with other statements. Once from Horii in an interview with I think IGN, but he's done 3 interviews with them since DQ11's announcement. Once more from SE sometime after that as a reminder, though I don't recall how, if it was a tweet, a response to a reporter, or part of the October teaser. I really don't feel like tracking these down. Google, Bing, even bloody DuckDuckGo and other 3rd party search engines are the shittiest they've ever been. It's so buried now it took me over 2 hours to find ONE link for someone else, the March 28th announcement. Even then I had to sort through three of them, as two sites didn't mention Switch, nor quoted SE, nor linked to the interview/statements. Then you have this recent bit that Dakhil linked to a few days ago: https://nintendosoup.com/report-dragon-quest-xi-s-launches-worldwide-in-2019/ In all 5 of the original posts we were reminded the Switch version is "made with Western gamers in mind." This is literally a mantra they want to push (and frankly they also mentioned this about the PS4 version, which makes sense as a lot of QoL additions to the series are very much with Western audience preferences considered). https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/03/28/dragon-quest-11-ps4-and-pc-release-date-announced-switch-coming-much-later-no-3ds-version
  8. ignasia

    Probably going to stop.

    Sometimes I think overload can do that to you. Also depends on what JRPG games you picked. Some have a lot of Western influence in different ways: Xenoblade Chronicles 1, X, or 2 Etrian Odyssey Shin Megami Tensei (actually I'd say Atlus in general borrows heavily from Western games even today). Though it's all based on preferences. Personally I don't like Western RPGs as much these days. I find them to be hollow shells of what they used to be, with a handful of exceptions (bare handful). Most of what used to be real choices are now pretend choices steered down narrow hallways towards skinner box rewards. It's not just Bethesda either, but even Bioware has taken more and more influence from skinner-box design. Try playing Fallout 1 and 2, then New Vegas, then go to 3 and finally 4. Then Elder Scrolls from Daggerfall through Skyrim. Watch the directional changes and reductionist approach with each game, especially after Oblivion. 1, 2, and NV really feel alive and 3 and 4 feel like dead worlds with carbon cutout NPCs you're either forced to help or forced to kill, no matter how many choice options are offered, the game always picks which path you'll take, as it doesn't allow for any other choices (like Fallout 3's beginning is impossible without killing half if not all the other vault members, no matter what you do). I have yet to find a game like KOTOR in terms of real dynamics in character development. That game is legend. KOTOR 2 is a bit of a step backwards. While we're at it, one funny Japanese influence on Western RPG's is FF12 heavily influenced Dragon Age origins and 2. Inquisition dumps on DA and while DA 1 and 2 are part of Bioware's shift since Neverwinter Nights 2 of giving a false impression of choice, but really steering the player down a funnel of same outcomes, there is a bit of range in options and outcomes, and the first two do a far better job (like Neverwinter Nights 2) of masking this funneling element. You feel like you have choices and there are real outcome alternatives. Inquisition does not. It's so blatantly fixed in directly and forced character progression it's even less open than most standard JRPG's. It actually makes Bethesda's dumping on what made Fallout 1 and 2, as they never understood actual character development (actual RPing). Then again few studios really grasped true RPing and attempting to make a real DnD or Whitewolf game in a videogame experience quite like Interplay did. Some did get it, like Sierra was great. Witcher 3 isn't bad, it's actually a decent game, though there are points with lots of empty space, but not quite FF15 level...voids of nothingness. Better character development as well. If you want a good transitional game that doesn't just borrow, but is a Japanese take on Western RPG's, and yet with more story focus: Dragon's Dogma. If you've never played any of the Soulsbourne then I do suggest it. It's another Japanese game system heavily influenced by Western RPG's (and Dragon Quest for that matter...well that's the only specific game series mentioned as an influence, but clearly it borrows from a plethora of Western RPG's). If you ever get a chance to...look into System Shock. ESPECIALLY the second game. The original build is nothing short of amazing. It has mystery, adventure, rpg, and shooter elements. Lots of crazy story bits, lots of psychological elements thrown in...it's really layered. In anycase, after you've taken some time off, consider asking about JRPG's that you might want to get into. There are a surprising number of series that you would probably be able to get into. Also a break does the mind good. You might find you miss some elements in JRPG's that aren't inherent in WRPG's, especially given complexity is different. JRPG's tend to be more layered in terms of stacking elements, while WRPG's tend to be more layered in terms of preparation and foreknowledge. OH...If you haven't, maybe you have, but look into Divinity 2. It borrows heavily from Bioware's best days. Heavily. Baldur's Gate (especially 2), Neverwinter Nights (some say 2, I say 1), Dragon Age 1 and 2 (I'm not sure which I prefer), and Icewind Dale. OH right, three last game name drops: Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura Beyond Good and Evil Anachronox Except some of them do come back, and usually are still playing, just busy with life, or stopped posting. This site isn't exactly a good gauge on the DQ community.
  9. I guess it's like DQV, given Gemma and the Hero grew up together, and all the statements indicating she wants no one else, and wants her Luminary to come back to her, Gemma is in a way a far more strongly connected Bianca. Though given the events that transpire, it isn't like Horii didn't write in each female as though there could be a stronger connection due to their travels and surviving trials and tribulations together. I am surprised that the option for multiple wives wasn't available from the start, nor a greater emphasis, like actually witnessing a wedding. It isn't like he didn't set the story up for this to happen. There's at least 3 different points foreshadowing the likelihood of such an event. Then the way it works out is a little ridiculous. I mean it isn't like after having saved the day Gemma would need a wish to marry him...that made no sense. Literally no sense. It also takes away the idea of a fun fiesta in between the first set of major events in Act 3, and right before the true final boss reveals himself. That could easily have been written in. Or wait until Cobblestone is complete, then top it off with a wedding celebration. It's not like Cobblestone's mayor doesn't double down on the Luminary marrying his daughter "when" he returns or anything. Or his adoptive mother indicating that your character and Gemma are essentially a married couple already given how close you two are, and obviously wanting to make that a reality so you'd have extra reason to return or anything... So given that it would make sense to do a whole setup, have a special event, and you pick your wife under certain circumstances in the midst of it. Maybe another night restless night under the tree... It really surprised me especially given 11 takes a lot from 8 as well, and there's even more foreshadowing for marriage in 11 than 8 ever had! Long before I spoiled myself on it, just walking back into Cobblestone in Act 2, seeing everyone alive, and the language and dialogue has a lot of hints and focus on marriage...and how great it is that Gemma has the Hero...and how you two should get together, and how Gemma's waiting for you to return and will keep the village in great shape until your return...to her, specifically her, not the village, not his mum, but HER! I want to shake Horii, ask him wtf he was thinking making it a wish. That would have been so much fun seeing a proper wedding party.
  10. That's literally how forgettable she is. Until a certain event in Act 2, she never struck a cord with me. Always a tad off-key, and a bit too plucked and not finely tuned for my taste.
  11. Well...Maribel was spoiled by her parents. Veronica was instilled with a sense of responsibility. It speaks volumes about the types of women Horii tends to attract to himself, and his experiences with each one and likely their backgrounds, as I'd imagine that's the inspiration for a lot of those characters given how often he places headstrong pretty tomboys in his games as core characters. Starting with Alena. That was obvious by just prior to Arboria. Her party chat is very flirtatious by that section. The top of First Forest...that was telling indeed. She clearly had fallen head over heels for him at that point. No projection there. We're only given an understanding of this more fully with the Arboria quest about the love letter their first incarnation wrote about the first Luminary. Seems that based on all accounts, Veronica absorbed most of Serenica's personality and with that, her sense of desire for the Luminary which is rekindled over the course of the game. Serena isn't sure what to do with herself half the time if Veronica isn't present.
  12. I really detest the 3DS handling of Maribel. They went overboard in making her as mean as possible. She was far more practical and considerate in the PSX rendition. Especially towards the middle and end. You're absolutely correct though. Veronica belittles people now and again like Maribel does, but it's based on practical application from her sense of things. She's far more willing to dish out compliments and show a level of respect once earned. Plus she rarely reminds people of past mistakes, only those made in the moment, and she's more willing to accept personal responsibility. So similar, but far more toned down and aware of herself...a wiser and more experienced version of Maribel. I wouldn't say it's what people pretend Maribel to be. Again I would say the 3DS rendition does poorly by her. Even her humble moments are greatly toned down so she has an air of arrogance laced in every word, which was never present in the PSX. I would say that Veronica at the start is Maribel by Hubble. Veronica by Octagonia is Maribel by end-game, but you do have to admit their personalities are very similar. I think some men get way too turned off by tsundere-type women, assuming they're #$*!es, rather than just laughing at their attempts to mask their true feelings, which is always the best approach. It's how a lot of strong-personality women tend to be to in some respect. More like Veronica and late Maribel but as a child Maribel. Used to be called "headstrong," and a type of tomboy. The type of girl who, if she likes you, until she's ready to let you know, will make sure to pick on you an insult the most to mimic what boys do to one another, only her version of it. Plus, one has to factor in two elements: 1) Maribel is 16, Veronica is I think 18. 2) Maribel grew up pampered, spoiled, with nothing to do, no weight of responsibility except to not sneak on board the boat. Veronica grew up with the weight of responsibility, and studying how to handle herself alongside Serena, for when both enter the world in search of the Luminary, and the training they would need after having found him.
  13. Of everything stated in this topic, unfortunately, this is the only one that is never going to happen. Maybe a fan patch at some point. Every DQ release is intentionally unique in some way, even if it's minor (DQ1~3 having exceedingly minor adjustments to things for the 3DS/PS4 versions, for 2 and 3 it's cosmetic changes to sprite models).
  14. ignasia

    Happy Birthday, RyuKisargi!

    Plus the Switch is going to have some unique content the other versions won't. Should be interesting to find out what form that takes whenever they do a full disclosure.
  15. If I could, I would heart that post 10,000+ times. Veronica is my favourite DQ lass. Just needs her body restored to match her sister, and I'll be a happy man. It would be really odd in the Switch version to pick her as my wife and not have her age to normal.