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  1. Oh come on eal, you should have known I was talking about the click bait articles they produce. Now whether Kotaku is worse than IGN or the other way around...that would be interesting to figure out.
  2. I ask that question whenever someone posts a link to Kotaku.com. That website is awful and shouldn’t be given any attention.
  3. YangustheLegendaryBandit

    What RPG's are you currently playing?

    The argument is usually between 2 or 8 being “the worst,” but then you have people who are more vocal about 13 and 15 being the worst. 2 I can look past since it was only the 2nd game of the series and did have some good ideas, while I have no opinion of 8. It’s like my approach with Suikoden 2: I knew going in people really enjoyed the game, but I didn’t want to go in thinking “Oh yeah, this is gonna be the best!” and instead tried to stay neutral until the game really clicked with me.
  4. YangustheLegendaryBandit

    What RPG's are you currently playing?

    I do have have the HD version. Next will either be 8 or 10. I’ve been wanting to play 8 just to see if I fall into the love it side or hate it side. But I could end up playing 10 next.
  5. YangustheLegendaryBandit

    What's New with you?

    I read this as Prawnhub for some reason.
  6. Yeah, the “backlash,” on the bunny girls, especially the puff-puff in Gallopolis, was ridiculous. It was a funny nod to DQ3 for longtime fans, and just a humorous turn of events for first time players/newcomers. Horii has said he wants the series to gain traction in the west, which makes sense since DQ is his baby. He’s aware it doesn’t have quite the same nostalgia for the west as Final Fantasy does for a lot of people, but I imagine despite that he still knows there are plenty of overseas fans who love and support the series. I’d imagine his influence would explain why we got the PS4 spin-off games (Heroes and Builders). Perhaps if the series had gotten English releases sooner back in the NES days, the series would have more ground here in the west. It’s hard to say with certainty, but it’s a thought.
  7. That would be for the best. Who the hell knows what would happen if the west actually started influencing DQ games and their development.
  8. I doubt Sora will get in Smash. From what I’ve heard Disney owns the rights to Sora and other characters, so a Kingdom Hearts rep may not happen. But anything seems to be possible with Smash Bros. nowadays, so who knows? We could very well see it happen.
  9. Personally I’d have been happy if the game ended at Act 2. Act 3 was nice and it was good for something different regarding Dragon Quest post game and continued the story alright, but IMO it was hard to follow Act 2 and what goes on plot and character development wise.
  10. YangustheLegendaryBandit

    What RPG's are you currently playing?

    I’ve randomly started playing Final Fantasy III again on my Vita in between getting ready for Christmas today. I’ve gotten past the point I originally quit the game at on my DS (the Goldor Manor), and I’ve found myself enjoying the game. I think I’m finding it more enjoyable now because I’m being more “careful” as I play, to put it one way. Basically I’m not switching around job classes a lot and instead have the four characters focused on specific types of jobs, like the main dude Luneth being support damage classes like the Thief and Ranger. This seems to be working alright, and everyone does good damage unless I’m trying to level up a new class. We’ll see if I finally finish FF3. So far FF3, 7, 8, and 10 are the only Final Fantasy games I haven’t finished and/or played yet that I care about. FF7 will probably be the last one I get around to finishing....whenever that is. I don’t see it happening anytime soon by any means.
  11. Oh come on, you can put stuff in spoiler tags! Asking someone to leave the topic just so you can talk about something is ridiculous.
  12. Don’t worry about it. You’ll get the answer soon enough as you keep playing.
  13. That’s why people assume Joker was announced: to help promote an impending Persona 5 Switch port. Same with why Corrin was added to Smash 4, to help promote Fire Emblem Fates. Smash Bros. is a big promotion for games, and as eal pointed out, it did its job by raising awareness and interest in Fire Emblem. So Erdrick being added for the upcoming Switch version would make sense. Personally I want this to be true, as I’m sure a lot of us do, since we’re all Dragon Quest fans. But I want to keep my expectations in check and if ends up being true, all the better. I’ve believed in leaks and “leaks,” in the past and have gotten burned for it, so I’ve adopted my Nintendo Direct philosophy: go in expecting nothing of interest, then be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected. (Oh, and if this IS true all I ask for is a color scheme resembling DQ4’s hero.)
  14. Same. Until it’s proven/shown off officially by Nintendo, I don’t believe a thing.