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  1. YangustheLegendaryBandit

    Etrian Odyssey Discussion Thread

    I’ve finished the 4th labyrinth. I ran into some...complications, but after finishing the whole labyrinth I got my party back to the way I wanted it. I barely beat the boss of the 4th labyrinth, and got really lucky by the end of the fight. Never forget the importance of status ailments in Etrian games, especially paralysis. If the boss hadn’t been affected by that, I would have lost for sure. It was nice exploring the (new version of) Waterfall Wood. I don’t have a lot of nostalgia for Etrian 3 despite it being my first Etrian game, but I do remember what it was like to explore for the first time in the series. The music, the environment, the enemies/FOEs...seeing all that again in Nexus was nice.
  2. YangustheLegendaryBandit

    What's New with you?

    HOLY CRAP, the art book for Etrian 5 is FINALLY getting a stand alone release! It seems it will become a dual visual artwork book that combines the art of Etrian 5 and Etrian Nexus, similar to what they did with the Untold games. I know, big shock I’m excited for something Etrian related, but originally the only way to get the Etrian 5 artbook was the special edition of the game Japan got. That’s pretty sweet it’s finally getting a stand alone release along with the new artwork from Nexus. Definitely need to pre-order this. https://www.amazon.co.jp/世界樹の迷宮-アートミュージアム-characters-SQV-SQX/dp/4047333875/ref=pd_aw_sim_15_of_8?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=4047333875&pd_rd_r=8fea5adb-3668-11e9-9760-453686056020&pd_rd_w=YL44A&pd_rd_wg=pA3g2&pf_rd_p=616d93c3-5b4e-4c94-9acd-302cf03ce1a6&pf_rd_r=B3QKBZC29MJQ1SFZFF96&psc=1&refRID=C668SDHGYDDHATG8RAZH
  3. YangustheLegendaryBandit

    What's New with you?

    Here. Now you can sneak around without being noticed. Ya know, cause of the camo. I also found this one. It’s like yours now but animated.
  4. World 7 in Super Mario Bros. 3 is one of the most frustrating places in a Mario game, let alone platformers. I forgot how much of a bastard that whole world is.

    1. The Dog of Zahan

      The Dog of Zahan

      I been there, friend.  I remember the one stage in that world where you can only cross by scrambling across the mouths of invincible piranha plants under the power of a Super Star, and you always have to reach the next block before the power runs out or, instead of another Super Star, it'll only be a coin and you'll die.  That's easily the most annoying stage in the entire game.

    2. Bururian


      That's why I just wrong warp in 7-1.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      I would have skipped world 7 entirely, but since I was in a race where you couldn’t use warp whistles I HAD to play it. I was doing okay but then I hit the level Zahan was talking about. I wanted to save my clouds for levels in World 8, but...well, that didn’t happen.

      I’ve always had trouble with World 7 for as long as I’ve played SMB3.

  5. I’ll be surprised if you do end up buying Builders period. Seriously man, it’s been 2 years since it came out. Pick one.
  6. I’ve done that with DQ Builders. First was PS4 where I got that one as a Christmas gift and was the first PS4 game I got. I bought the Switch version and I don’t even have a Switch yet! And I bought the Vita version too since I enjoy playing building type games on a handheld. I’m cuckoo for Builders I guess! I’ll probably do the same with the PS4/Switch versions of Builders 2.
  7. YangustheLegendaryBandit

    Music stuck in your head?

    I’m impressed with these updated versions of Waterfall Woods and The First Campaign (of Armoroad). The acoustic guitar really works for Waterfall Woods in its arranged version. I admit I like the Mystery Dungeon rendition of the song more, but the Nexus version is top notch still. And I like how Koshiro extended both songs too.
  8. I’m aware of how it is in the Japanese release. However, the only track that was the worst offender (IMO) was the celebration song you hear during the Pilchard Festival, Emberdale festival, and so forth. That one was them just straight up being lazy and should have been the one song that needed a midi version. When playing the JP version and reaching parts where that song played I would mute my 3DS. Otherwise I didn’t think it was so bad.
  9. Personally I’n hoping we’ll see Dragon Quest VII with the symphonic suite intact from the Japan 3DS release. That would be awesome. Maybe we’ll finally get DQ Heroes 1+2 now. I’m kind of surprised Square Enix hasn’t released that here already since they have the translations done excluding anything new added to the Switch version.
  10. I hope it’s not just copy pasted mobile ports, especially in 3’s case. While it’s nice to have it on my phone, the lack of certain features from the other versions is disappointing.
  11. YangustheLegendaryBandit

    Movie thread

    I always assumed I was. I do have a goatee, and as TV and movies have taught us it’s that everyone with a goatee is the evil twin.
  12. YangustheLegendaryBandit

    Movie thread

    That’s what I thought. 😈
  13. YangustheLegendaryBandit

    Movie thread

    Saw this on Facebook and I’m happy to hear there will be another year of this. Is it bad I want to see just about all of these in theaters even though I already own most of them? Haha
  14. I hope the village is in as well, mainly so the little spirit guys get some more background. I played the 3DS version and got to the village, but since I can’t read Japanese I had no idea why it was important/why you went there. I was disappointed you had to wait so long on the PS4 version just to learn some info about the spirits. I don’t know of the Yocchi Village does talk about what exactly the spirits are early on in the 3DS version, granted, but I’d bet some of the dialogue at that point did. If we don’t see the village in the Switch version, I’m at least hoping we’ll get an explanation for the spirit guys sooner rather than way later in the game.
  15. YangustheLegendaryBandit

    Etrian Odyssey Discussion Thread

    I’ve finished the 3rd labyrinth! The boss fight with the Wyvern was kind of tough. I beat it first try, but I ran out of TP for everyone by the end except for Eagle Eye and Forrest. Health wasn’t too big of a problem, but the random hits lightning attack nearly took me out at one point. Having lighting protection at that point would have helped, but the other time it happened he was blinded so I lucked out. By the end of the fight my burst gauges had replenished for a few party members, and fittingly The Bard killed him off with the Hero’s burst attack. The EO1 protagonist going for the kill on an EO1 boss was just right. One thing: I wish they would have kept the HP and TP Up passive skills from past games as a universal option for everyone. That would helped out with my Nightseeker at least. He’s been my major damage dealer, and thanks to Shadow Bite he can do a good deal of damage provided a status ailment is in play. I have to say, I’m starting to get really intrigued by Nexus’s story. Princess Persephone, after the mission, reveals some interesting facts about the Lemurian race you’re trying to learn about: apparently a lot of their ancient treasures are pieces of technology and the like seen throughout the series! The airships of the Tharsis region, the means to teleport from place to place (aka the Geomagnetic Poles), a formula for eternal life much like what you learn about in High Lagaard...many notable bits and pieces seen in the other games/from the series. It seems they are trying to connect all the games together with that and the Lemurians, and I hope more of this information will be revealed as you go. No doubt because I’m just a big fan, but this is REALLY REALLY AWESOME to see happening. Etrian Odyssey may not be the biggest Atlus series, but the development team do a hell of a job making the games investing one way or another.