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  1. Have a look at some of Erik, Veronica and Sylvando's slick abilities in #DragonQuest XI #DQXI Find out more at: http://sqex.link/drago59cec pic.twitter.com/fIyFZinIou View the full article
  2. Join us next week for our Very Special Draconian Holiday Livestream! Tune in on December 20th at http://twitch.tv/squareenix for multiple chances to win multiple prizes, and multiple ways for us to be embarrassed by shypox. #DragonQuest #DQXI pic.twitter.com/6xjsJOvDDp View the full article
  3. Deck the halls with #DragonQuest XI PSN goodies, FREE for all and available now! Theme: http://sqex.link/dqxitheme Avatars: http://sqex.link/dqxiavatars #DQXI pic.twitter.com/UnvZOfhjkr View the full article
  4. Experience first-hand the thrill of Octagonia's battle arena, if you dare! #DragonQuest #TravelTuesday Download this postcard as a wallpaper here: http://sqex.link/dqxitravel #DQXI pic.twitter.com/ZtWNBI9J1m View the full article
  5. Wishing you #HappyHolidays this season from the #DragonQuest team! #DQXI pic.twitter.com/5jbGakX46h View the full article
  6. Snowy area Fire ability Easy win Find out more at: http://sqex.link/drago5880a pic.twitter.com/CdCUPXD9Bj View the full article
  7. The world of #DragonQuest XI isn't just inhabited with cute monsters - take a look at these brutes! #DQXI Find out more at: http://sqex.link/dragob6179 pic.twitter.com/ODnFgQg1v7 View the full article
  8. #TravelTuesday around the world of #DragonQuest XI! Beautiful Gondolia is the largest port in Erdrea and host to the Signor Universo tournament. Download this postcard as a wallpaper here: http://sqex.link/dqxitravel #DQXI pic.twitter.com/Fd2RXnXruE View the full article
  9. @DragonQuest @coffeetan My raffle prizes came today! Thanks DQ team. I’m very excited for the early Christmas gift. The game was the only thing on my wish list too. Now I need to figure out how to get my 4 year old to farm like Neal does. pic.twitter.com/ukkKxLa4uM View the full article
  10. Your face when we announced that the #DragonQuest VIII Hero's costume is available in DRAGON QUEST XI! #DQXI pic.twitter.com/VNvjDodEFq View the full article
  11. 'Dragon Quest Illustrations' Book Review: A Glorious Celebration Of Akira Toriyama's Artistic Talent - @ForbesGames - https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2018/12/02/dragon-quest-illustrations-book-review-a-glorious-celebration-of-akira-toriyamas-artistic-talent/ … pic.twitter.com/oj3jxFky2o View the full article
  12. Got my incredible Dragon Quest XI prize pack from @DragonQuest today. I’m still over the moon about having a copy of a game from my all-time favorite series signed by Yuji Horii. Thanks so much @SquareEnix @coffeetan @NealPabon!!! pic.twitter.com/6Sx3a4NlVt View the full article
  13. Cutting down the hours until you can go home to play #DragonQuest XI like... pic.twitter.com/heQSJ63WKy View the full article
  14. Straight from Yuji Horii himself: Veronica is ⚬ Small ⚬ A tomboy ⚬ An outstanding mage #DQXI pic.twitter.com/aJK4ypfYQX View the full article
  15. Make your way to the desert oasis of Gallopolis! You may even be lucky enough to get a glimpse of the courageous Prince Faris. #DragonQuest #TravelTuesday Download this postcard as a wallpaper here: http://sqex.link/dqxitravel #DQXI pic.twitter.com/svhC9sOkRL View the full article