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  1. @ignasia I'm not going to quote you here, as your post was so long. So they definitely changed more than one puzzle. Anything that involved picking up and throwing objects has been replaced with step on a button/buttons in order. This makes the game less interesting, forced minor logic simplifications to some puzzles, and completely negated the significance of the statues in the Sphinx.
  2. Erdrick The Hero

    DQXI Monster Wiki Broken

    It's a mighty useful tool, is there anything I can do to help get it up to date?
  3. Ooh, the 5 spell! I love that one.
  4. Hmm. I'll put my response in a spoiler just because it's a long, off-topic rant. Wow, what a de-rail. Well, s**t. Why would they do that? (Don't actually answer, it's sure to spoil.)
  5. Hey, how is the stage supposed to be Alefgard? That's mighty big for a single stage. Is the stage flying on Ramia's back or something? In that case, it seems a little small. (Although I think she carried an entire Fortune Street Portable board, so that may be a moot point.)
  6. How long is post game story? I kind of stopped right after the credits as I don't really have the time to play anymore, for the time being. The little bit of RPG time I've had (not much) I've been putting into finishing Dragon Quest X's second offline mode story (I *think* I'm almost done with it, but I'm not entirely sure - the PC version lost offline mode before I actually beat it).
  7. Uh, what? I haven't touched DQXI's post game yet, but Erdrick himself was never mentioned throughout the main story, despite every other character's name rhyming with it. (Unless there's an NPC I missed or something?)
  8. Erdrick The Hero

    Perler Platty

    A few years ago I made an 8-bit themed Christmas wreath for my mom. I recreated a bunch of sprites (mostly from Dragon Quest, a couple from SMB, etc.) and tied them to a wreath with fishing line, securing it with hot glue.
  9. Erdrick The Hero

    USB 3.0 Issue

    Makes sense. I'm on Windows 7.
  10. Hey! We'll get an official English name for Anlucea! (She's a character from Dragon Quest X).
  11. Erdrick The Hero

    New Topics Section of Home Page

    Yeah, but sometimes the title isn't the first part you see. (Theoretically it should be, but it doesn't always work out that way).
  12. Erdrick The Hero

    USB 3.0 Issue

    I don't have many USB 3.0 devices (just my phone and a couple of Seagate USB HDDs), and I only have one computer with USB 3.0 ports, but I've never had any sort of issue with them.
  13. Erdrick The Hero

    New Topics Section of Home Page

    Would it be possible to restore the New Topics section, but make it hide-able? Perhaps there could be some sort of "Topic contains spoilers" tickbox when creating a new topic that could be used to hide the first post of the topic in the New Topics section?
  14. Erdrick The Hero

    Dragon Quest XI - New Items Added

    Hmm. Considering Sugiyama being Sugiyama and that stupid message on the main menu, I can't blame you, @Woodus. I guess my thought process was that I took it from the Japanese 3DS version that is now almost 2 years old. I played the PC version with the Orchestral Overhaul Mod, so it never occurred to me that most of the soundtrack would be identical to what just released a couple months ago, here. But yeah, I see now. Still, at least half the music is re-used from older games anyway and pretty much identical recordings can be found in the mobile remakes; the 3DS version also has some Famicom version music which would be identical to the NES version music we've got. Of all the NES Dragon Warrior games, the only bits of music I'm aware of that are different from the Japanese version are the new title screen music added for Dragon Warrior III, and Dragon Warrior IV's Ending theme. (It was sped up and looped once because the English credits are longer than the Japanese.)