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  1. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    I flew to Puerto Valor, and did Sylvando and Hendrick's power-up quest (I'm assuming each character has one). After that, I stopped by Phnom Nohn and saved that town...again. I still haven't ventured into town yet, since I saved at the dungeon save point after fighting the boss.
  2. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    I'm currently at Angri-La, working on the Wheel of Harma trials. How many of those do I need to do before I can move on?
  3. Duran

    What Do You Like on Netflix?

    I, personally, don't have netflix, but I have friends who do, and I see regularly. Castlevania was amazing, as well as Little Witch Academia and the Fate series.
  4. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    Gotta get back in time! *cue Huey Lewis music*
  5. Duran

    Maribel Sucks

    She actually is genuinely a good character. The reasoning behind the dozen different versions is not to "make her more interesting," but rather the studio capitalizing off her immense popularity. That same studio even points it out in a lot (among their other tropes) whenever they're given a chance to have fun and be more comedic.
  6. Duran

    Maribel Sucks

    When did this turn from Maribel hate to Fate hate?
  7. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI S Trailer

    Is the switch version going to have anything special compared to the PC/PS4 release?
  8. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    He DID mention Octagonia when we left Arboria, so I could check that out.
  9. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    Evil bad guy = Defeated! Evil bad guy's sword = Taken ...okay, now what?
  10. Duran

    What's New with you?

    It was. The place had some really good stuff... I know my company is taking us to a classy Chinese restaurant to celebrate the end of the year
  11. Duran

    Is Dragon Quest IX beatable in single-player?

    The game is definitely more fun with others. However, like everyone has said, the game is still playable and beatable, as it was meant for single play. Connectivity was an added bonus. Other players could join your game, via local wireless, and vice versa. But what everyone else did NOT mention was Map Trading, as you could've traded treasure maps with other players. They had no connection with the story whatsoever, but they were a fun thing to do on the side. i actually had a couple friend who got the game as well and when he hung out one time, I trolled them by having them join my game and fought Lv.99 Dracolord (whom I've previously beaten) and we all got wrecked. As consolation, I gave them the Masayuki Map and ran them through it a couple times. My only regret is that I never got Kawasaki's Locker.
  12. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    Still in the same spot. I took some time to catch up on the side-quests. I'm currently missing 2. One is time locked until I beat the game, the other, I cant finish because I don't have the ability yet. At the very least. I got +3 Metal Slime weapons for most of the party, with the exception of the spellcasters and Sylvando. I have Sylvando on whips, and I need to get him upgraded. Right now, I think he's got the Demon Whip.
  13. Duran

    Free theme and avatars on PSN for the game

    Sylvando? REAL men use avatars of Veronica!