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  1. Duran

    What's New with you?

    It was. The place had some really good stuff... I know my company is taking us to a classy Chinese restaurant to celebrate the end of the year
  2. Duran

    Is Dragon Quest IX beatable in single-player?

    The game is definitely more fun with others. However, like everyone has said, the game is still playable and beatable, as it was meant for single play. Connectivity was an added bonus. Other players could join your game, via local wireless, and vice versa. But what everyone else did NOT mention was Map Trading, as you could've traded treasure maps with other players. They had no connection with the story whatsoever, but they were a fun thing to do on the side. i actually had a couple friend who got the game as well and when he hung out one time, I trolled them by having them join my game and fought Lv.99 Dracolord (whom I've previously beaten) and we all got wrecked. As consolation, I gave them the Masayuki Map and ran them through it a couple times. My only regret is that I never got Kawasaki's Locker.
  3. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    Still in the same spot. I took some time to catch up on the side-quests. I'm currently missing 2. One is time locked until I beat the game, the other, I cant finish because I don't have the ability yet. At the very least. I got +3 Metal Slime weapons for most of the party, with the exception of the spellcasters and Sylvando. I have Sylvando on whips, and I need to get him upgraded. Right now, I think he's got the Demon Whip.
  4. Duran

    Free theme and avatars on PSN for the game

    Sylvando? REAL men use avatars of Veronica!
  5. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    Oh yeah, that's a ton of fun.
  6. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    I cleared Battleground, and with Gallopolis and Hotto already cleared, I was able to forge the legendary sword. At this point I'm 90% sure that I have to fly to that giant ominous castle in the sky.
  7. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    Fought Tetsunaga...nearly kicked the crap out of me, but I beat him... ...Then I FINALLY decided to go to Arboria, like I was supposed to. Now everything is weak...
  8. Duran

    Dragon's Den Discord server?

    Thanks guys, I didn't know that DD had one.
  9. Does Dragon's Den have a discord server? If not, would it be possible to set one up in the near future?
  10. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    Okay, that makes more sense.
  11. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    This is act 2!? But yeah...I'm just exploring right now trying to earn some gold while looking for crafting materials and recipes. I don't even have Erik or the twins back yet.
  12. Duran

    What's New with you?

    Thankfully, I got a short work week this week and on Wednesday, the company I work for is having a Thanksgiving lunch at an all you can eat Korean BBQ place.
  13. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    So I'm currently back in Gallopolis... ...not sure if I'm supposed to be here yet.
  14. Duran

    Stan Lee has passed away at the age of 95

    This was tragic, when I got the news yesterday. I wish I could've met him while he was still alive.
  15. Duran

    Dragon Quest XI Progress

    I'm still playing through the main story. I just got Jade back into my party and I've upgraded her gear.