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  1. I just don’t want to see it hoarded away into someone’s basement lol. It should be shared. It would be great if we could actually inspect the game and see if there was any changed content from the Beta like Dwaine said. I have never seen something like this before so I can’t tell tbh. But there really can’t be many of these out there.
  2. Hey guys, I found something I wanted to share with the community. https://comics.ha.com/itm/video-games/dragon-warrior-prototype-nes-nintendo-1989-wata-certified/p/7204-216001.s?ic4 Heritage Auctions has a listing for one of the prototype cartridges for Dragon Warrior on NES starting February 1st. This is an individually numbered NES cart used in the production of DW1's localization and is definitely an important part of Dragon Quest history in America. There can't be more than a dozen of these in existence and it seems authentic. I would really like to see one of you guys win this item, because I most likely can't. Something like this belongs to the DQ community, and I would much rather one of us get our hands on it rather than some slimy game collector who doesn't appreciate the series. Anyone up for it lol @Dwaine @Michi
  3. If it’s Erdrick, the stage should definitely be Charlock Castle. And you could have Zoma or the Dragonlord as stage hazards.
  4. Sackchief

    Probably going to stop.

    Yeah, Dragon Warrior is the very definition of a cult classic video game, if that's a thing. The biggest problem is that Nintendo saw DQIII selling like a million copies in one day and thought they could replicate that, so the supply far outweighed the demand. DWI is one of the most common NES games on the retro gaming market, you could build a house out of all the DWI carts in the country. If you guys want to read more about DWI's launch, I'd recommend checking out this book called "Power-Up: How Japanese Games Gave the World an Extra Life". Its written by one of the better guys over at Kotaku, its well researched. Also those are cool artchives ignasia. I haven't seen those sites before.
  5. The character class for DQ heroes is Yuusha in Japanese which quite literally means Brave if you put it through Google translate. I can't believe how much these Sora fanboys are denying it lmaooo.
  6. I think I’ll pick that up. The author looks like he has some experience.
  7. Sackchief

    Probably going to stop.

    Nice story. I think along with the fact that DQV and DQVI missed out on localizations during the most important time for JRPGs, the name change to Dragon Warrior is a cause of a lot of the series misfortune in the West. I know many retro games fans who are nostalgic about DW and have no idea it became DQ. My first DQ game was VIII when I got the demo from Shonen Jump and I immediately fell in love with the massively detailed and immersive game worlds and the rest was history. The online DQ community is awesome. It’s such a small niche community, I see familiar faces all across social media. DQ is absolutely a game series I am proud to call my favorite.
  8. Sackchief

    Probably going to stop.

    I don't think I'll ever stop being a DQ fan lol. This game is my LIFE.
  9. Sackchief

    Probably going to stop.

    Well that's unfortunate. There's enough room in my life for tabletop and computer role playing games. You could very well play DQIII and "roleplay" given the way the game is set up. I'd say DQIII and DQIX are the closest a video game will ever get to being like D&D especially IX with its social elements. So... mind telling us which games you're selling?
  10. We can hope he changes his views in the future. You shouldn’t wish he dies, this man is an integral part of the franchise. He’s been with DQ for decades and he’s created some brilliant compositions. He can change still and you should just hope he does and separate the artist from the art.
  11. Is that sound consistent throughout the series? I mean I could boot up an emulator and record it if you want. Just depends which game you want it from.
  12. Now that you mention it I notice that and it makes sense that Veronica loves the Luminary. It’s so weird that we’re basically forced to marry Gemma which would probably break her heart. This is why we’re getting multiple options I guess lol.
  13. Also I’m pretty sure Veronica likes the Luminary. She gets all pissed when she sees you with Gemma.