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  1. I wish I had the time. I'll definitely test out DWII and DWIII though when that gets started.
  2. I'm going to get a DQXI Edition of Lost Time and a Bring Arts Luminary figure.
  3. Welp two for two. I can officially say that I have won EVERY DQ contest now lol.
  4. This has potential: http://www.infiniteneslives.com/nesmaker.php
  5. Yeah there should be a service that does it. There's a camera shop nearby my place that converts pretty much every type of video tape to DVD. I had them do a bunch of family films. See if you can find something like that around you.
  6. Thats actually pretty cool. Do you remember which commercial it was? Because if you have the original tape, then it must be pretty high quality.
  7. Here's what it says on gofundme's website. We could probably set it at 1400 and just keep collecting if the bid increases by then.
  8. Yeah, everyone gets a copy of the rom. I pitched the idea on Twitter and people were interested in chipping in. DQ fans are out there.
  9. Finally we can play this thing without needing to use a mobile VPN.
  10. In OBS, make sure the game screen fills up the entire window while recording. You can drag the window around and adjust it to your liking. You should use the "Game Capture" window to select the application you're using.
  11. Yeah everyone gets their money back if we don't meet the goal. The auction also ends in 5 days. If you do it, I'll make sure it gets around.
  12. I always try to encourage DQ content creators, but oh boy you have some work to do lol. How did you mess it up so badly? Fix the screen next episode and the quality will be MUCH better. Other than that, you want to cut out extra fluff like grinding and stuff. I have my own DQ1 LP series and there's a lot of grinding in this game. Also maybe try 20 minute episodes.
  13. I love how we're so used to DQ never showing up to these things that we didn't expect it and they just dropped a megaton and completely surprised us this time.
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